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Even Gods May Die [SU] PG-13

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by SoulMuse, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Ioneos

    Ioneos Well-Known Member

    I would like to reserve Meloetta, please. Thank you.
  2. Alliance

    Alliance Re-Arrival

    While I was working on my SU - still not done, sadly :p - I had a thought.
    Say your character was a Container, and they removed the Crystal so they were human again and not turning into that legendary. And then someone else - a bad guy maybe - got their hands on the crystal. I was wondering what would happen. Would the new person with the crystal start from square one, or from where the original container left off, or might it reject the new person entirely? And would it have any effect on the original container?

    I was just having a weird thought process when I thought of this.
  3. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Reserve accepted.

    Well, the new person who obtained the crystal would have to start from the begining. It wouldn't really have any adverse effects on either party.
  4. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    I fixed what you needed.
  5. Chthonic Flames

    Chthonic Flames DepressionEscapist

    Name: Marleena Sonntag
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Section 51: No; Team Eclipse
    Container: Deoxys (Container not found yet)

    Appearance: Though she can change minor details of her appearance at will, she normally can be described as the following. She's moderately tall for a girl her age, standing just under 6 feet. Her body is unnaturally shaped because of the way that her feelings were when she started tweaking with her appearance. Her hair is jet black and runs down to her shoulders. Her body is skinny from being a non-combatant, though her hands are starting to callous and she's obtained a few fresh scars from the training that's been involved in grunt work.

    Personality: Before the attack of Team Eclipse, she was happy, go-lucky, and bubbly. She was full of life and always looked out to life with a positive outlook. However, none of that matters anymore. Now that she has been impressed into Team Eclipse, she is dark, withdrawn, and scared most of the time. She now has very large trust issues, tending to not trust anyone at all. She takes orders silently and obediently out of fear, though doesn't really harbor any true allegiance to anybody. She's just doing what she needs to in order to meet the bare requirements that keep her safe. She is very protective of her pokemon, as they are all that remains of her family, and will even endure heavy punishment in order to keep them safe. Her overall goals are simply to stay alive and stay safe, no matter which side of the war starts winning.

    History: Born and raised in Fortree City in Hoenn, her goal in life was to become a master at pokemon contests. She never was interested in battling, though the fanciful style and grace put into contests was something that appealed to her. She obtained a Shroomish as her first pokemon, who became her closest pokemon and the star attraction of most of her contests. Training for contests was always something that occupied her time, and so she took to the forests with her Breloom to practice new move combinations and flair tactics. Eventually she travelled around Hoenn to seek out all the pokemon that she would have for her contests; Char the Torkoal, Urthwyte the Lairon, and Rizzo the Azurill. She had participated in contests all over, and was usually a quarter-finalist coordinator, though she often made it to the finals.

    However, all that changed when Team Eclipse launched their attacks on all the major cities in Hoenn. Because of the easy access from Lilycove and Mauville Cities, the terrorists of Team Eclipse swooped in around the forest-city and set the forest on fire. It was chaos, people were screaming and trying to save what they could. Fortunately Marleena's parents had more common sense, and only took their pokemon and their child with them. However, Team Eclipse members had already blocked off all the major exits to the city. Marleena's parents found themselves at the mercy of sub-machine guns with their owners pulling the triggers at anything that moved its way away from the burning city. Although both parents were instantly killed, the grunts took the girl by the hair, and made her a simple offer. She could join the team and fight for the destruction of the gods.

    Or she could die.

    Naturally, she chose to live, and so was impressed into becoming a Team Eclipse grunt. Her first assignment, after acquiring a new uniform and some leftover weapons, was to search the town and kill any survivors, human and pokemon alike. She went, reluctantly, knowing that Kei and Banshee were the only pokemon of her earlier party left. All the others had been taken from her by Team Eclipse grunts, and the "weak ones" were executed on the spot. She fingered the two pokeballs that kept her last two pokemon alive, and the third empty one that had previously belonged to Urthwyte, her Lairon. Passing through the burnt town was like walking through a nightmare, and now she was even wearing the uniform of the people responsible. Nervously holding the rifle which had been thrust into her hands, she looked around all the burnt trees and buildings that she had grown to know so well. Among the wreckage she found a Loudred who was barely alive. She "captured" it in her spare pokeball, and proceeded to confirm with her new commander.

    Since then, she has scratched together a semblance of normal life between trying to stay alive, and not do anything that would destroy her already broken spirit. She has become proficient with handguns and rifles, though is far from a good or accurate shot. She has gotten a grasp on how to battle pokemon against each other to kill, though she still adds flair into her battles as a force of habit. Although she doesn't know it yet, she is about to become the heir to the power of Deoxys, through chaos and accident.

    Powers: When she finds the container she will have weak telekinesis and minor-body alteration. She can then disguise/change minor appearance traits to her whim. Her arms and head will also adapt slight changes when she (unconsciously for now) changes to a different Forme. At the start she will have access to the Normal, and Defense Formes.


    Kei - F - Breloom

    Marleena's first pokemon and longest partner. Given to her by her parents for her tenth birthday, Kei quickly bonded with her trainer, and the two were inseparable. Despite the fighting-type coming naturally to the Breloom, she is rather timid and won't attack other pokemon simply because she's never had to before.

    Forte - M - Exploud

    A normal Exploud, though slightly bigger with fading burn-scars around his back blow-ports. His upper left tooth is also chipped significantly. He was found abandoned as a Loudred on the outskirts of Fortree after the attack by Team Eclipse, and Marleena took him in and cared for him. Heavily scarred, and with no sign of a trainer anywhere, he quickly bonded to Marleena as well, taking up the unwished role of bodyguard whenever she left the safer areas of town. He is fiercely loyal to Marleena, and is her primary battling pokemon. He often tries to prevent other Team Eclipse pokemon from intimidating any of his family members.

    Banshee - F - Skarmory

    Captured along Marleena's partial adventure as a pokemon coordinator, and the only other pokemon in her team to survive the attack on Fortree, Banshee is a reckless fighter. Most of the metal on her wings are scorched black from a fire. Still struggling with the loss of former teammates, she rarely listens to orders, and will just directly attack anyone who threatens Marleena. She holds a reservation towards trusting Forte, often seen as her constantly glaring at him and watching him.
  6. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    So there is a actual RPG ready to have my stories of Hedge Goldenwood on it right?
  7. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Alright Chili you are accepted.

    Chthonic Flames: Looks good. Accepted.
  8. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Where is the thread?
  9. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Not up yet.
  10. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    D: I thought you told me it was. Oh well I'll wait.
  11. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Could I reserve a spot for Groudon?
  12. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Yeah sure. I need to pudate the OP as well.
  13. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Alright, thanks. Ill have my SU up tonight, if not then in the morning.
  14. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Got a late start on my SU. Be up later.
  15. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Sorry, but I got to pull my reservation. I just can't seem to get my SU up. And plus ill be busy in three future. With school coming up, and babysitting next week. Id like to participate in this rpg, but just wont be able to.
  16. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Alright that is fine.
  17. Agent Tectonic

    Agent Tectonic From Ashes, I Come

    Cancel my reserve on Giratina. I don't foresee any time freeing up on my schedule to dedicate to this, unfortunately.
  18. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Reserve canceled. Alright, if you still have a reserve outstanding, please try and get finished soon. I am aiming to start this tomorrow, or Monday.
  19. brawlfan1

    brawlfan1 Brawl

    Name: Henry Reagan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Section 51: He does not belong to the Section, however, he'd likely join if asked.
    Container: Dialga (s'il-te-plait!)

    Appearance: Henry stands fairly tall, if a bit bulky, at 6 feet tall and about 190 pounds. He’s built himself to be a fighter, he’s fairly muscular, and would describe himself as sturdy, if naught else. His ruddy complexion is topped off by messy wiry red hair, a hefty smile, and his deep blue eyes, which leak the hope and determination he holds inside himself.

    He’s known for bringing his large, red hoodie with him almost everywhere, which bears a large orange gear symbol in the center, beneath which can a white undershirt can always be discovered. At the waistline a brown belt eternally holds up a pair of jeans of some variety, along with an average sized hammer. His outfit is completed with his well-worn white and blue running shoes.

    Personality: Henry is hopeful, he may not believe a perfect world, but at least one where joy can outweigh sorrow and rage. He likes to laugh and make laughs, when the time fits. He likes to see people happy. He may seem simple, but beneath the service, gears are turning, he thinks about what he does, and tries to be prepared for things before they come. Henry believes in laws and good, but he takes the former with a grain of salt, some things make sense. but there are times when rules must be broken. He has a strong sense of right, he believes in the good in most people. He is very trusting, and he is very empathetic.

    Henry wants a bright future - whatever the cost.

    History:Henry was born and raised in Lilycove to a very supportive family. He gained a love of knowledge In his younger years; he studied and read as much as he could. By the time he was eleven, he had gotten his first Pokémon, a Torchic, and began training. However, things changed one day, when he was approached by a man in black, a large red “R” in the center of his uniform.

    The organization this man was part of was fairly unknown in Hoenn at the time, and before Henry had realised it, the deranged man had knocked Henry unconscious, and stolen all but one of his Pokémon, as well as all of his badges. Henry accepted that the man who attacked him was not like most people, and he never let the incident destroy his views. He didn’t let himself break. He turned the defeat into a reason to make himself better. To that end, he keeps himself in training, along with his trio of Pokémon, who he cherishes as his closest friends.

    One day he came across a crater holding a strange crystal beside what had just recently been a stream he crossed along his running route. He knelt over, and with but one touch, the crystal disappeared, and he felt a strange power in him. Soon enough, he started noticing some strange effects in the world around him.

    Powers: He's noticed time morphing a bit around him, clocks ticking slower, or short walks seeming to take twice as long as they used to.


    Name: Flary
    Species: Blaziken
    Appearance: Upright, strong-legged, and clear-headed, Flary is well trained, but his feathers are not overly ruffled. He shares the deep, hopeful eyes of his trainer.
    Personality/History: Flary has been with Henry 9 good years, the two are incredible companions. The two care for each other, Flary works hard every day, he wants to be a part of Henry's dream, and is glad to have gotten to be with him; as opposed to a mindless young one simply after a title.

    Name: Grace
    Species: Umbreon
    Appearance: Grace gives off a brighter glow than most other Umbreon, she looks gives off a cherful vibe, but always acts and looks as graceful as possible.
    Personality/History: Grace takes her name. She is could be described as dapper, but a brighter personality, a creature of the day. It way by pure chance she evolved when she did. However, it was within good reason. One night, after Grace had been with Henry for a couple years, and felt truly to have warmed up to the young man; a deranged flock of Woobat attacked. Grace stepped up and defended her trainer. When it was all over, it happened, and she found herself as an Umbreon.

    Name: Augustus
    Species: Metang
    Appearance: Augustus seems more stoic at first than the rest of his group, but clearly shows joy, as much as he may not look it. He seems more battle worn than the other two as well, despite being the newest addition to the team.
    Personality/History: Augustus goes in with all he's got, and he learned before he evolved that taking down foes would always end in him getting hurt. So he stopped caring, and bashed 'till he could bash no more. He's a brawler, and he's proud.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012
  20. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Alright. The parts I can read look okay, but you have a lot of spelling mistakes. The second paragraph of your appearance seems a bit disjointed, I think you missed a period or something in there. Your history needs some more work as well. If you can fix this stuff, you will be accepted. For now Pending.

    Name: Ian Blackwood
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Section 51: Yes
    Container: Mewtwo

    Appearance: Ian cuts an imposing figure, despite his lithe build. Standing at six feet four inches tall, with close cropped black hair, and pale skin, with a perpetually blank facial expression, Ian appears almost like a broken man. His eyes are a dull muted green, a visual testament to what he has seen and in some cases, done. His face never deviates from a completely blank expression even in the face of unspeakable horrors. One of said horrors gave him a rather nasty scar on the left side of his face, which stretches from the base of his neck up and under his ear to the corner of his left eye.

    No matter what, Ian can always be found wearing complete black. Starting from the bottom, Ian is clad in a bullet proof vest, covered by a long sleeved black shirt, and black pants, rounded off by combat boots. Over his street clothing, Ian wears matte black combat armor, providing him remarkable protection. The armor is modified to allow him to carry an MP5, and M4 carbine strapped to each his thighs. Ian also carries a pair of pistols into combat, one in a holster over his left hip, and the other holstered over his right shoulder. The final piece of clothing Ian wears is a black hooded jacket, woven from bullet proof fiber.

    When out in public, Ian is clad the exact some way, except for he doesn’t wear the MP5 and M4.

    Personality: Ian is very much a no nonsense sort of person, and doesn’t like taking flak from anyone, including the World Council. He is strongly of the opinion that bureaucracy has no place in military operations, besides giving the orders. Ian typically takes a very methodical approach to any problem presented to him, and is not one to act rashly.

    This methodical approach to any decision means that Ian often appears very cold to the untrained observer, a fact reinforced by his lack of facial expression. In reality, Ian simply keeps his emotions locked up tightly showing through a variety of nonverbal and more subtle ways.

    When working out in the field, or as a regular person, Ian makes an attempt to appear slightly more normal. He puts up a excellent façade of being a normal person, having emotions, cracking terrible jokes, and generally appearing to be a happy married man, with a rather boring desk job. The blank faced, unshakable soldier is lost behind the façade of a regular man, allowing Ian to often fill the unpleasant role of a spy, or something of that nature.

    History: Ian was born into a relatively happy family. His father worked for Silph Co, and his mother in Celadon City Department store. For a while, Ian had a normal life, although he did have a bit of an unhealthy fascination with firearms, starting at around age five. Life only really started to become difficult for Ian when he turned nine.

    Four days before Ian’s ninth birthday, his mother had left for work, and Ian had just arrived at school, when a pair of police officers arrived, and asked to see him. Confused, Ian when with them, and was taken to a police station, where he was confront with his mother, who was crying. When she saw Ian, she told him that they would be leaving for the Sinnoh region in an hour. This of course left poor Ian even more confused than before.

    On the plane to Sinnoh, Ian’s mother gave him several Pokéballs that had belonged to his father, telling him that Ian should have them. When they arrived in Sinnoh, and later Celestic Town, Ian’s mother suggested that Ian go on a Pokémon journey the next year, and finally finding something that didn’t confuse him, Ian agreed. The next year, he set out, keeping the Pokémon that had once belong to his father by his side. His journey was wonderously successful, and Ian defeated the gyms in record time, owing to the fact that his fathers Pokémon were all fully evolved and rather powerful. However, the Elite Four utterly defeated him.

    Content with that result, Ian returned to Celestic town, and arrived just as a group of strangely clad people were attacking his mother’s house. Ian tried to defend his mother, who was killed, at which point the men simply left. Ian, the roughly thirteen, holed up in the house, and wasn’t seen for nearly four years. Most of this time was spent mourning the passing of his mother, and training with his Pokémon. When he stepped out of that house, Ian was has reached the ill advised decision to avenge his mother. Nearly two years, and numerous shady deals later, Ian was pointed in the direction of Section 51.

    As it turned out, Ian never got his revenge. No sooner had he received this information, that a team of Section 51 commandos stormed the building, taking everyone prisoner. After being taken to an unknown location, everyone in the building was interrogated, and Ian took the chance to mouth off, and demand to know why Section 51 had killed his mother. At first this was confusing, until Ian ranted at them, in detail about the event.

    As it turned out, Section 51 was not responsible for what happened, and Ian was being fed false information by some criminal. Since Ian was found to be relatively uninvolved in what happened, and wanting to keep Section 51 a secret, Ian was offered a place in Section 51, a offer that was made more politely after seeing his marksmanship.

    Ian accepted the position, and quickly ended up in the role of spy, thanks to his connections to various underworld figures. During a series of raids just after he turned twenty-two, Ian received the scar on his cheek. Of the course of this series of actions, Ian was distinguished, not only for his skill in infiltrating groups, and acting, but also for leadership ability, and ability to come up separate emotion for duty. By the time he was twenty-eight, Ian had become the liason between the World Council and Section 51, meaning he listened to them blather on and conveyed their instructions.

    Currently Ian still fills that role, as well as being in charge of the Sinnoh region’s branch of Section 51.

    Unlike most Section 51 members, Ian’s has a life outside of the organization as well, making his occasional job of spy easier.

    Powers: Ian is gifted with the limited rang telepathy/ability to read minds. The rest of his powers grow stronger as he become more emotional: Ian can manipulate objects psychically, and create weapons out of pure energy. Also for a very short time, he can make himself levitate.

    Pokémon: Ian’s Pokémon do not have nicknames.

    Name: Gallade
    Species: Gallade
    Appearance: A normal Gallade
    Personality/History: Gallade originally belonged to Ian’s father, and became Ian’s after his mother took him to Sinnoh. Calm and Collected, Gallade to his change of master easily, and is quite loyal to Ian. Being a psychic type, Gallade often plays translator for Ian, relaying his Pokémon’s thoughts.

    Name: Umbreon
    Species: Umbreon
    Appearance: Normal Umbreon
    Personality/History: Umbreon belonged to Ian’s father, in fact it was his starter Pokémon, and has extreme distaste for his new trainer. Umbreon will occasionally disobey orders from Ian, if he feels they are stupid.

    Species: Altaria
    Appearance: A normal Altaria
    Personality/History: Altaria is the compassionate member of Ian’s team, and most willing to help others. This means that she tends to drive Ian up the wall, wanting to play nice when that really isn’t advisable.

    Name: Salamence
    Appearance: A regular Salamence, with a scar on his right wing
    Personality/History: Salamence belonged to Ian’s mother, and was a gift from her first boyfriend. He is somewhat violently inclined, and but and not exactly prone to listening to orders.

    I am writing the first post now, so the RP thread will be up by tonight, at which point, I will make sure the OP is up to date.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012

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