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Even Gods May Die [SU] PG-13

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by SoulMuse, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. brawlfan1

    brawlfan1 Brawl

    Alright, post edited. Sorry about that. My writing skills can be a bit (see: very) choppy when utilised 2 hours past midnight.
  2. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Name: Mikaela "Mia" LeBlanc

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Section 51: Yes

    Container: Yes, just became Darkrai's container.

    Appearance: Mikaela is tall for a woman, standing at about six feet tall, and looks like what one would call a "snow maiden", with long, straight, pale blonde hair reaching her hips, either worn down or fixed into a simple braid to keep it away from her face, steel-gray eyes framed with lashes often coated in dark mascara, and pale white skin. Her nose is pointed and rather prominent, her lips are pouty and her face is slightly gaunt-looking as opposed to round and full. Her body is lean and slim, with large breasts and long legs. Mikaela's ears have several piercings, and her navel is also pierced. After absorbing Darkrai's crystal, small changes have been occurring in her features. Her hair is slowly but surely changing color from blonde to white, and her gray eyes have turned into an icy aqua color.

    While on duty for Section 51, Mikaela wears the standard-issue night camoflage in a lighter, less covered style: a cropped tank and sturdy shorts, as she is less accustomed to warm climate, being originally from Snowpoint City. She wears a black military-style beret, black knee-high motorcycle boots and black fingerless gloves. Around her waist is a black belt that holds her Pokeballs. Out of duty, she usually dresses in a dark, revealing style, her usual outfit being a black zip-up minidress with a skull buckle belt, pleated skirt and fishnet puff sleeves decorated with thin leather belts on each side, black leather boots decorated with studs over black socks that go over the knees and black fingerless gloves that go until just below the elbow. She wears several hoop earrings in her ear piercings, and a silver skull stud in her navel.

    Personality: Mikaela is an outgoing and sociable, if rather blunt and crude young woman who enjoys the company of others, especially men. Fiery-tempered and aggressive, she can be rather easy to anger, though it's not as if her anger can actually kill people. She is also a known flirt, knowing exactly what boys like and having her own ways with them, most of them far from what a proper young woman should do, which sometimes gets her into trouble. Disliking ideals of modesty and prudishness, she enjoys being the bane of the more conservative people and enjoys it if others give her disapproving glances and head shakes because of the way she is. Despite her lack of educational accomplishments compared to most, she is street-smart, practical, and quick to understand most situations at hand, though she could sometimes be a bit reckless and does things before she thinks, being inexperienced. Also protective of her comrades, she cares deeply for them and even puts them before herself. Though she could be rather sarcastic and could be short-fused at times, with a tendency to use rough language a lot, she is overall a good person and friend once you get to know her.

    As Mikaela is relatively new compared to most Section 51 soldiers, she is often seen as a bit less rigid and strict and a little more likely to be considerate towards co-workers' mistakes, though she does have her "moments" where her temper would surface and can be terrible towards those who personally annoy her. She is a person who cares more about many things than she often lets on, be it in training Pokemon, other people and learning. A determined individual, she is one who perseveres in whatever she does...or tries to do. However, Mikaela does not take criticism very well, especially when it's towards her own work. Truth be told, she has a slight inferiority complex towards others in terms of accomplishments, having dropped out twice in her Pokemon School career and thus, often seeing herself as stupid deep down, and feels as if her own criticism is enough criticism. Thus, don't be surprised if she lashes out, it's is her hidden lack of confidence that makes her do this.

    History: Mikaela's childhood is one thing that she wished never happened. Born in Snowpoint City, her life was fine at first, until she turned nine, when her mother died in a car accident. Her father, who at first mourned for some time and took care of her, slowly slipped into alcoholism, which started his abusiveness. At first it was only occasionally and only when he was drunk, but as the years went on, it became worse and worse for her. She was often forced by her father to go out and buy his drinks for him, and whenever she bought the wrong drink, she was beaten up. Mikaela became both traumatized and resentful. Here was her father, the man who was supposed to be loving her and taking care of her, doing exactly the opposite. At the age of thirteen, she ran away from home, unable to bear it any longer. She was however, caught by the authorities and sent back home, where she was beaten black and blue. This however, did not break her. In fact, it was her first step to freedom.

    Enrolling in Trainer's school a few months later only because it was compulsory, she met some people who eventually became instrumental in helping her escape. They were part of a youth gang, and they helped Mikaela successfully escape from home two years later, though they were forced to leave Snowpoint and settle in Hearthome. For more than a year, they went on different escapades, though they often targeted affluent Hearthome citizens. This eventually led them to suspicion and trouble with the local authorities, who knew that youth gangs frequented the big city, and they were almost sent to Juvie, if not for the cunning of their leader. Splitting their assets, he gave each of the five their share, including Mikaela, and instructed them to go their separate ways so they will never be identified. Mikaela took his instructions to heart and moved away from Hearthome, using her share of money to rent a small living space for herself in Veilstone City, as well as apply for a Trainer's license. Now sixteen years old, she thought herself to be a good enough age to be a trainer and before receiving her license, managed to catch her first Pokemon, a Houndour, with the help of a few friends in Veilstone.

    Completing her set of Sinnoh badges in about one and a half years, she opted not to tackle the League first, deciding that she would give it a go after earning three complete badge sets. She then set out for Unova soon after, earning her second set of badges in another one and a half years, as she tried to complete and fill up her team alongside her goal. Ever since she first had Houndour, Dark-types became her favorite and her team consisted of such, which proved to give her several difficulties at first. Mikaela was patient in training however, and her team grew stronger, possibly even able to handle a Fighting-type team, though she still loses on occassion. After earning her last Unova badge, Mikaela started thinking about where to go next. Before she could make any further moves though, she was unwittingly caught up and involved in an attack in Castelia City, where she was later on suspected to be part of Team Eclipse, though in reality, she hadn't done anything except be there.

    Mikaela was no longer safe. Now mistaken for a criminal and possibly a fugutive, she felt that she had no choice but to turn to the other side, joining Section 51. As one of the newest recruits, Mikaela at first was intimidated by those who trained her. Schedules, all sorts of training, all of them were new to her and she at first, did not like it and questioned her decision. After a few months passed however, she persevered and thus, grew more accustomed to life in the military. Her already-good aim became deadly, she gained more endurance and learned to do many more things. In the span of eight months, she was trusted by many and was given her first promotion, allowing her to go on field missions to find the crystals.

    Though she had rotten luck going on what seemed to be a wild-goose chase in Sinnoh, she somehow stumbled upon Darkrai's crystal. When she touched it, it somehow vanished. Mikaela did not know it at first, but the crystal definitely changed her in more ways than one, and she only realized it when she looked at the mirror and saw her eyes change color.

    Powers: Mikaela is capable of hypnotizing others to sleep just by staring at them intently, while looking into her eyes for a short period of time would make one drowsy. While she still remains mostly human, this hypnosis tires her out, but as she becomes Darkrai, she would be able to use it more frequently. She is also capable of levitating and cloaking herself with shadows, rendering her invisible so long as it is dark. Mikaela is also capable of manipulating shadows and darkness to harm and attack her foes.


    Name: Noctis
    Species: Houndoom
    Appearance: Noctis is a slightly smaller than average Houndoom, being about four inches shorter than most Houndoom. While most Houndoom have red irises, Noctis' are a deep midnight blue, which is where she got her name from.
    Personality/History: Noctis is Mikaela's first Pokemon, who was caught near Valor Lakefront before she began her journey. She is a tomboy who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, and could even be violent. She doesn't mind battling and does so with a combination of Special moves and Physical moves, never supporting. She is extremely sadistic, enjoying it when her opponents suffer, whether it be from her attacks or from burns, especially her burns, which is why her signature move is Inferno.

    Name: Nyx
    Species: Zoroark
    Appearance: Compared to most Zoroark, Nyx has a slightly tamer-looking mane, with the end of her ponytail having a slight curl to it.
    Personality/History: Nyx was one of the Pokemon Mikaela caught in Unova and remained on her team ever since. While she is a good battler, she is also rather vain, caring about her looks as much as she cares about battling. One can often see her grooming herself whenever she is out of her Pokeball and not fighting. Don't underestimate her though, as she is a powerful fighter in her own right.

    Name: Amon
    Species: Hydreigon
    Appearance: Amon is a Hydreigon whose body is a slightly deeper shade of blue compared to most.
    Personality/History: Inarguably Mikaela's strongest Pokemon, she first caught Amon as a Deino training in Victory Road in preparation for earning her next set of Badges. He is also the most recent evolution, having only evolved a mere six days before Mikaela stumbled upon Darkrai's crystal. Amon, as expected from a Hydreigon, is the most aggressive member of her team in battle, though out of battle, he seems less likely to blow up, being a bit of a loner compared to her other two Pokemon.
  3. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Brawlfan, you are accpeted.

    *Jean Grey*, Excellent work. Accepted.

    Alright, the RP thread is UP! A link can be found HERE!
  4. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Is this still open? If so, may I reserve Raikou?
  5. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Sign up are still open, yes. I will pust down your reserve.
  6. Name: Nicholas "Nick" Darkstone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16 years old
    Section 51: Nick is not a current member, but would no doubtedly accept if given the chance.
    Container: Zekrom Container

    Appearance: Nick is about 5'11" and weighing near 170 pounds. He is decently muscled, as much as anyone who spends their time training and running would be. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, his face is usually void of any emotion and it is hard to try and guess what he is thinking of. He is usually seen wearing the same clothes; a black t-shirt with a Pokeball on it, a grey hoodie with the zipper undone except at the bottom over that. He has dark blue jeans and black running shoes. He wears a backwards black baseball cap with a lightning bolt on it and has an iPod in his pocket with the headphones in case he ever gets bored. After Nick finds the crystal, a few notable changes appear. Nick's brown hair slowly turns black and his eyes become red. He becomes a bit more muscular and fit. He wears a black belt with clips to hold the Pokeballs of his team.

    Personality: Nick is bored easily, if you talk to him long enough then he will often focus on something in the background such as a bird Pokemon or a forest. It is rare for him to show any emotions, and the only time he does is when he is with his Pokemon. He is quick to anger and will resort to violence if he is angered any further. He hates people who abuse Pokemon, with a special hatred for the evil teams such as Teams Rocket and Galactic. If he is in an especially bad mood then he and his Pokemon will chase them down. He has a mild intelligence, enough to let him get through in the world, and most do not think of it. He cares deeply for his Pokemon and protects and cares for them as family. Nick does not make friends easily and does not really try to make them in the first place. He often gets into arguments with people who disagree with him, which happens quite alot. Nick and his Pokemon share a special bond that strengthens with every moment. Nick is as home in the wild as he is in an actual home, in ways even more than that. He will stay in the forest, training and caring for his Pokemon, for days on end before returning back to civlization.

    History: Nick was born in the Johto region. His mother died when he was three years old of a disease. His father died when he was seven years old when there was an explosion in the mines where he worked. Nick learned to care for himself, and when he reached ten years old Professor Elm gave Nick the choice of the 3 starter pokemon; Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita. Nick chose a Cyndaquil and named her Ember. She had troubles lighting the fire on her back and Nick decided to try and help her with that. After countless battles and training sessions, Ember could light up her back with ease. Nick started the gym challenge of Johto and slowly obtained more and more badges. One day, by the Lake of Rage, Nick encountered a Team Rocket grunt and battled him, after the battle was through with Nick as the victor the grunt tried to steal Ember from Nick. With Nick's other pokemon at his side he got Ember back and left the grunt beaten and unconscious. Nick finished the gym challenge but decided to not challenge the Elite Four as he knew with his level of skill the task was too much.

    After he decided to not challenge the Elite Four, Nick went to the Unova region. He caught more Pokemon and challenged more gyms. He raised his Pokemon higher and the bonds only became stronger and stronger. One day, Nick went to Chargestone Cave and found a small hole in the all. There was a faint blue glow inside and when he went inside and walked around for a bit he found the source of the glowing; a large crystal sticking from the ground. The moment Nick put his hands to the crystal, it disappeared leaving Nick with a new found sense of power. Nick slowly began to change, physically and mentally. He began to understand things about Pokemon that he wondered about before. Nick halted his Unovaa gym challenge, after obtaining 5 badges, to find the extent of his new powers.

    Powers: Nick can levitate, at most, a foot off the ground and move around for up to 10 minutes. His physical strength increased greatly and he has been working on a new skill; making electricity come from his fists. He has almost mastered Thunderpunch, he will have a few sparks come from his fist before falling to the ground, but he is close enough that it can do some damage.


    Name: Ember
    Species: Typhlosion
    Appearance: Ember has much for prominent fire on her neck and her fur is lighter in color. Her eyes are a dark blue and she has pure white teeth that sparkle in the sun.
    Personality/History: Ember and Nick share a bond that Nick's other Pokemon occasionally envy. She protects Nick and Nick cares for her. She does not care for being inside a Pokeball, but will go inside if the need arises. But she is mostly seen walking at Nick's side. Ember is slightly smaller than other Typhlosions, but with all her training she takes pride in her power. She and Nick will most likely share their bond until they die.

    Name: Draco
    Species: Seadra
    Appearance: Draco has more prominent spikes on his fins than other Seadras. He has dark blue skin instead of a light blue, and has yellow eyes.
    Personality/History: Draco has no personality of his own. He envys the connection between Ember and Nick and thus he copies Ember's personality. He is often humiliated when this does not work as well as he planned. Draco is Nick's go-to Pokemon if something happens to Ember, and is a powerful Pokemon. Having moves such as Hydro Pump and Dragon Pulse at its arsenal, it will not be long until it is to evolve.

    Name: Ruthless
    Species: Tyranitar
    Appearance: A large battle-scared Tranitar with red-eyes.
    Personality/History: Ruthless is a raging Pokemon, and when he is in battle he will not stop fighting until he or his opponent faints. He has a bond with Nick, who is the only person that usually sees the calm side of Ruthless.

    Species: Braviary
    Appearance: Talon is a shiny Braviary and is scarred from battles.
    Personality/History: Talon is the newest Pokemon on Nick's team and used to pretend to not care of Nick's attention. One day a Team Plasma grunt found Talon while he was out gathering food and attempted to capture him in a cage to bring to Ghetsis and N. Nick came and rescued Talon, then locked the grunt in the cage. After that Talon became closer to Nick and is a strong member of his team.

    (God, I had to re-type all of this because my internet shut off while I was typing this. >.<)
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  7. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Name: "Misos"

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Section 51: No; Team Eclipse

    Container: Giratina (Origin)

    Appearance: Misos appears utterly monstrous, at least in size, standing 6'6" tall. His facial aspects would usually be described by a person as being angelic, although, whenever losing control of his rage and hatred or committing any sort of atrocity, his visage changes and appears to be absolutely beastly, abominable, and desolating. He has jet-black hair and his skin is a sickening pallid shade of gray (even slightly green); it becomes a dreadful red color whenever he feels irate. His physique and hairstyle resemble that of Steven Stone. He is terrifyingly strong and weighs 175 lbs.

    Misos wears simple clothes. He always has a plain black t-shirt and khakis on. He wears gray and black running shoes. The only thing other than ordinary clothes which he wears is a pair of black gloves. He keeps two .45 magnum pistols with a semi-automatic and self-repeating (fully automatic) switch in each of his pockets. He wears a black jacket occasionally, and sometimes keeps his sidearms in there. He carries a .223 caliber 45-round-magazine fully-automatic assault rifle with him all the time, and usually brings a few charges of plastic explosives.

    Personality: Misos is a total abomination by choice, and has never felt guilty, wrong, apologetic, or repentant in the least. He believes that everyone deserves to be punished, tortured, and brutally murdered. He recognizes that it should apply to him as well, but doesn't really care. He's a polyhistor, and is so horridly intelligent that he has convinced people (even those who work alongside him) to kill themselves and torture their loved ones after only a minute of conversation, and has used countless other methods to ruin immeasurable people's lives. He abhors everyone. His solution to everything is torturing someone, and he aims to become what he deems to be transcendental by becoming Giratina. Misos is sadistic; there is no doubt of that. He is high-ranking; one of X's Generals, and has extreme hubris and conceit as a result. He is still extremely careful to ensure that his pride doesn't cause him to screw something up. He never share what's on his mind; he only talks when demanding something from his subordinates and responding to people higher than (X) or equal to (another General) him in rank; he sees that more can be done by having more people to work for you. Misos believes that everyone should just burn in hell, and knows that there are several ways disregarding rules and the law which can be used to achieve what he wants. He likes engaging in vicious, imaginative, destructive, and criminal behavior entirely out of impulse. In a summary, saying that he's spiritually, morally, emotionally, and mentally like the Marquis de Sade mixed with Professor Moriarty, Hannibal Lecter, Carnage, the Joker, Gravemind, Truth, the Primordial, the Master Builder Faber (if you know Halo), and all the vicious nihilist Final Fantasy villains, only kicked up to 999 multillion, is an understatement; he's not to be taken lightly. He gets satisfaction out of knowing that all other people are suffering and in pain. Misos knows what he is doing, and has considered it deeply before; he hasn't ever felt the slightest quantity of love, guilt, sorrow, regret, contrition, penitence, or remorse. He hates all.

    History: Misos never shares much about his history; he changes the story of his life too frequently for anyone to know what the truth is. From what he has told everybody, it can be (and has been by several intrigued Team Eclipse members who have pieced together their knowledge of his description of his former life) inferred that he was born in Viridian City. He claimed once that his father was a drunkard and his mother had a drug obsession, which led to him running away and committing a few vehement crimes (mostly the violent murder of all the people who he knew from childhood to keep anyone from having any clue of where he went); on other occasions, he stated that his family had a shoot-out with the city's Mafia which resulted in both of his parents being killed.

    For whatever reason, Misos ran away (he said it was at the age of 16 just once) and enlisted in Team Rocket. Over the years, he rose in authority and ended up being one of the Team's top executives. By the time he was 18, he was running most of the Team's activity under the alias "Don"; he was at the head of the Team as it was assimilated into Team Eclipse, and his high position coupled with his aptitude for general efficiency (not merely in leading, but also in conducting his own personal operations) lead to his becoming one of the highest-ranking, strongest, and most effective officers under X.

    Powers: Misos has the capability to distort, warp, alter, and eventually completely stop space and time. In addition to this, he is able to move between this existence and the Distortion World. On top of this new ability, he can control some extent of Dragon-type and Ghost-type energy, and can gradually warp more people and things at the same time from different places from this reality into his new world. He can alter his world however wants to, and will usually make it total h3ll for people who he decides to interrogate (or sometimes just torture); that is, if he comes within a close enough proximity to take them there. He will sometimes conceal himself to prepare a shadowy and unpredictable attack.


    Name: Diabolos
    Species: Tyranitar
    Appearance: Diabolos is gray with a sharp red chest plate coloration.
    Personality/History: Diabolos is Misos' first Pokémon caught from before he was even part of Team Rocket; they have remained with each other for who knows how long.

    Name: Atrocity
    Species: Gyarados
    Appearance: Atrocity is completely normal in appearance.
    Personality/History: Atrocity was caught in a visit to the Lake of Rage. Whereas Misos' other Pokémon have a propensity for being a bit more reserved in nature, Atrocity expresses himself furiously, impulsively, and violently.

    Name: Therio
    Species: Weavile
    Appearance: Therio's left ear feather is a bit longer than usual.
    Personality/History: Therio is vicious; he's a thief and an arrogant prick. He has a propensity for stealing things from absolutely everyone, whether they should be allies or enemies, and always attacks them (he tries to murder them excessively violently) whenever he's caught in the act. He was caught at Mt. Silver.

    Name: Azrael
    Species: Honchkrow
    Appearance: Azrael's right wing is scratched from a violent previous battle.
    Personality/History: Azrael was caught at Route 7. He likes to leave other Pokémon to carry out his dirty work.

    Name: Hades
    Species: Houndoom
    Appearance: Hades' skin is a deep red color instead of the usual dark orange hue.
    Personality/History: Hades is completely demonic. He finds entertainment in brutally and slowly torturing all other sentient life to death, and makes an abhorrently strong use of his ability to attack others with fire which causes severe and endless pain. He was caught somewhere between Veilstone City and Valor Lakefront.

    Name: Barabbas
    Species: Spiritomb
    Appearance: Barabbas is shiny.
    Personality/History: Barrabas was a gift to Misos for becoming the executive leader of Team Rocket, at which point he was known as Don. He holds no good intentions for anyone whatsoever. He always wants to see how much he can get away with in robbing, murdering, and desolating.
  8. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    If Jirachi is still open, may I please reserve?

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