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+Evening Shadows+


Wow, my first topic in the Non-Pokemon Fics section. I don't often write poems and I'm not that great at them, but I'd like to post this because I thought some people might be interested in it. Also I don't want people to be angry at me for being so slow on Love and Loyalty. *hides under table* Well, here it is...

+Evening Shadows+

Mingle with the light and joy
But don't hide from the bad things
Because hide-and-seek
Is scary in the dark
If you want to be alone, remember
That things happen no matter what
Cause and effect
So there is always
Something, even in the darkness
Live life your own way
But don't stop for too long
Because they'll always run ahead
Not waiting for the evening sun to set
Going down the road of life
Always running and running and running
A race to the finish line
And no one wants to get there

Haha, it's not that great, I know. I hope it's not too short, but I didn't want it to be long. It sounds a little better this way, in freeform. So, C/C is greatly appreciated! ^__^
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Very good job. I really like how you described your poem. I thought it was excellent since there is great significance and has a developed theme. Great job! ^_^


Thank you! Glad you like it. ^__^ I haven't been writing poetry for very long, but I've read quite a bit and I'm working with it. I might post some more later.


^That's great! I used to not like poetry since I thought I was bad but lately, I got into it again. Now people appear to like it! XD


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I like it, Faerie. I actually appreciate poetry more than people would think, but no one seems to appreciate my poetry. XD

I like how it starts more optimistic, then slowly gets darker. Suits the title well.

But I have a question. Is "Going down the road of live" a typo or intentional?


Thanks. Yeah, not a lot of people here seem to like poetry very much. There's actually not very much of it on the forums. There should be, though.

And yes, 'live' is a typo. xD I'll fix that.


Help me find myself
Wow, that was really good. I liked how you described it and how it didn't rhyme or have a rythym. That makes it feel alot more serious. I also like how you end with one word.

I know, There should be alot of Poetry here, but there is only stories.


Thanks. I didn't want it to have a rhyme because, really, that would ruin the intention of the poem itself. It has a rythm, somewhat, but it's not as uniform as other kinds of poetry, such as what I used for the Interlude of LaL. I like this kind better.