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Event Trading Thread

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Show me the Munna!
Victinis up for trade

Hey all,

I have a couple Victini up for trade. I've listed their data below:

1) Lv 15 Victini~Bold/Alert to Sounds...Stats: 55, 31, 40, 36, 37, 38
2) Lv 15 Victini~Hasty/Proud of its Power... Stats: 56, 38, 31, 38, 35, 40

At this time, I still haven't beaten the game, so I'm only looking for 5th generation shinys and legendaries. I don't really have a preference, as long as it is NOT HACKED or CLONED in any way. PM me your offers and I will reply as soon as I can.
Just looking for someone with a UT WIN2011 Celebi. I am willing to trade my bred Zorua that knows Detect, Suckerpunch, and Snarl(TM 95). This is NOT hacked, just bred.


The Dance Commander
I want a celebi (any) and i am offering a event dog (1 of 3) on platinum or HG

FC HG 1935/4018/8592

ive got a gamestop one they gave away a few weeks back and i missed out on the shiny raikou because i thought i had until midnight EST not realizing it was midnight GMT...so id do Raikou for it


Pokémon Ranger
Looking for: event celebi from gamestop

Offering: event suicune, entie and raikou for it. Also a shiny bagon.
Looking for a UT Fall 2010 Mew
I can breed all of the following:
[spoil] Snivy with Iron Tail, Natural Gift and Magical Leaf
Oshawott with Air Slash, Night Slash and Trump Card
Tepig with Thrash and Superpower
Zorua with Dark Pulse and Snarl
Cranidos with Hammer Arm and Crunch
Archen with Steel Wing and Dragon Pulse
Deino with Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang and Dark Pulse
Timburr with Comet Punch, Detect, Mach Punch and Drain Punch
Pansage with Magical Leaf
Riolu with Vacuum Wave, Hi Jump Kick, Bullet Punch and Blaze Kick
Lilipup with Ice Fang, Thunder Fang and Fire Fang
Minccino with Mud-Slap, Aqua Tail and Iron Tail
Pansear with Fire Spin, Fire Punch, Low Kick and Heat Wave
Totodile with Thrash, Metal Claw, Ancient Power and *Superpower

*Please Note: I am aware that Superpower is not an Egg Move for Totodile, I had to raise a male and female that both know it to get this Move Set[/spoil]
I also have a slightly trained (lvl 53) WIN2011 Celebi
Please PM with offers
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Looking for some female DW pokemon (not Musharna or Darmanitan, though), DW Totodile(Jolly), DW Bulbasaur (jolly), or Bold DW Vaporeon.

I have the event Suicune, and Event Suicune for trade. I also have some Gen 4, 3, 2 and 1 legendaries. Just ask and I'll see what I can do to get you what you want.


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im willing to trade event celebi for a tornadus (not hacked)

FC for White: 0561 6063 7573

Mega Typhlosion

Well-Known Member

WIN2011 Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Celebi

Looking for:

Any 5th Gen Event (except the Mystery Egg ones)

PM me for offers!


I'm looking for a legit, uncloned WIN2011 Celebi. Must be UT.

I'm offering a legit, uncloned FAL2010 Mew. It is at level 80.


looking for ash's pikachu, iris's kibago, satoshis mamepato dento's yanappu, RNG'd pokemon, pokemon with multiple full ivs, DW gligar and maybe a few other things.

will trade for:
DW poliwag/vulpix/others
Cross-gen starters
Shiny Magnectric (UT)
Shing Golem
Shiny Groudon
Shiny Rayquaza
Alamos Darkrai
Almia Darkrai
Mystery Mew
10 Anniversary Celebi
NWS Manaphy
TRU Manaphy
EUSMR09 Regigigas
Poketopia Magmortar
Black/White exclusives
Zorua eggs
Pokemon with multiple full ivs
Almost any pokemon from gen 1-4 (excluding gen 4 legendaries)
Pokeshifting service

and my bred pokemon with good ivs:

axew (31 hp, att, sp def)
purotooga (31 hp, sp def, speed or 31 hp, att, speed)
zorua (31 sp att, speed or 31 hp, sp att)
moguryuu (31 hp, sp def, speed or 31 hp, sp att, sp def, speed, or 31 hp, att, sp att, sp def, or 31 hp, att, speed)
tesshiido (31 att, def, sp att, sp def)

PM me if you're interested.


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Anybody have a gamestop celebi for the Zorua event...ill give it right back


1993 Fan Since 90's
Offering shiny beasts events.

;243;;245;;244; offering any one of these guys for Either a Tornadus or a Thundurus. PLEASE PM me if you want to negotiate a trade.

pie is delish

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Looking for an Event Suicune, the recent shiny beasts. PM me, Thanks


No Day but Today
I'm looking for the following Events:
Birthday Audino - JAP (11040) [♀] [Nature "Calm"]
DW Charmander
DW Turtwig
DW Chimchar
DW Piplup
Pokemon BW Searcher Training Centre Axew

I can offer the following events:
Satoshi's Scraggy - JAP
Satoshi's Pidove - JAP
Iris' Axew - JAP
Cilan's Pansage - JAP
Smash Cubchoo - JAP (10220)
Smash! Zoroark - JAP (01161)
ANA Darkrai - JAP (12270)
All DW Eevee Evolutions
All Trade for Evolution! events
DW Arceus
DW Croagunk
DW Mamoswine
Japanese Shiny Beasts that can still be used for Zoroark
Japanese Celebi that can still be used for Zorua
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I'm looking for the following event pokemon.

I can offer the following.
zorua with extrasensory move
Pokerus pokemon
Lv 100 Ditto
Lv 50 Shiny event dogs entei and suicune
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I would like to ask if anyone have the event celebi, and shiny entei/ suicune/ raikou. I would give them back immediately after i got the pokemon Zorua and Zoroark. I have Palkia, Dialga. I know it's not much. but i would definitely give you back the pokemon right after i get the legendary one.


Pokemon Master
I would like to know if anyone has Ash's Pikachu, the event Celebi, and any of the shiny dogs so I can get Zorua and Zoroark.

I have almost every starter pokemon(except for mudkip and a few evolved forms) and quite a few legendaries to trade for them.
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