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Event Trading Thread

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I have the shiny dragon trio and am looking for the shiny dogs trio legit and UT pm me if interested.


I have event MICHINA arceus, pm me for offers


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Recently received yet another WIN2011 Celebi, which I am naturally looking to trade. If interested, shoot me a PM. Looking for events pre-2011, and shiny pokemon. Obviously this is in Gen V....


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I have multiple uncloned/ original/ self-obtained RUBY and SAPHIRE Zigzagoon up for trade. In exchange, I am looking for any of the following: any one uncloned event Pokemon; any two Unova DWFs; any one of Genesect's Drives; or any one uncloned shiny Pokemon. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.


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Offering all of these for touched or untouched genesect has to be unhacked and unclonned and not flawless, prefer nature that doesn't affect attack or sp attack or speed in negative ways

Offering all these for only genesect: lonely shiny giratina, female magician modest fennekin on my y version,, and my trash events(have something wrong with them) shaymiin legit with hcked/default strand pokerus, mew (cloned hundreds of times but legit I think) flawless cloned deoxys, and flawless cloned genesect

Genesect(purple) and mew are my last events so help me.out
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I took a long break from Pokemon but now that X and Y are out I'm back in and back into looking around for more shiny/event trades

Shinies for trade:

Groudon lvl 100 quiet nature
Metagross lvl 91 adamant nature
Absol lvl 20 untouched bashful nature
Absol lvl 20 untouched modest nature
Charmander lvl 1 untouched adamant nature
Vaporeon lvl 1 untouched serious nature
Ninetales lvl 47 jolly nature
Milotic lvl 30 hardly touched modest nature (Received though GTS from France)
Golem lvl 42 untouched docile nature
Vulpix lvl 16 untouched lonely nature
Eevee lvl 17 untouched Hasty nature
Eevee lvl 1 untouched Rash nature
Eevee lvl 1 impish nature nicknamed Haku (recieved from Germany through GTS)
Growlithe lvl 2 untouched naughty nature
Snorunt lvl 34 untouched timid nature (both female) x2
WCS Eevee evolved into Umbreon lvl 54 Hardy nature (also listed under events)
Gyarados lvl 30 untouched Lax nature
Leafeon lvl 100 Adamant nature EVed in Atk and Spd
Glaceon lvl 100 modest nature EVed in SpAtk (252), HP (208), and Spd (48)
Jolteon lvl 100 timid nature EVed in SpAtk and Spd
Gengar lvl 100 quiet nature Eved in SpAtk and Spd

and these events for trade:
10ANIV Entei lvl 74 docile nature
10ANIV Raikou lvl 76 lonely nature
Mystery Mew lvl 46 bashful nature
10ANIV Tyranitar lvl 70 untouched gentle nature
ALAMOS Darkrai lvl 50 untouched lonely nature
WISHMKR Jirachi lvl 28 and lvl 46 both sassy nature
WCS Eevee evolved into Umbreon lvl 54 Hardy nature (also listed under shinies)
10ANIV Suicune lvl 70 untouched quiet nature
TRU Dragonite lvl 50 untouched mild nature
ALAMOS Darkrai lvl 50 untouched modest nature
TRU Manaphy lvl 50 untouched quirky nature
SPR2010 Pichu lvl 30 untouched Jolly nature
Three OT Ash Pikachus lvl 50 untouched Naughty nature
FAL2010 Mew lvl 5 untouched Bold nature
Four untouched GAMESTP shiny Enteis
Two untouched GAMESTP shiny Suicunes
One untouched GAMESTP shiny Raikou
Whatever the Mystery gift Torchic is called x1


Shiny Hunter
up for trade:
all Kyushu Super-Powerful Pokemon
all Japanese Pokemon Center distribution Pokemon
Ruby Sapphire Anniversary Groudon & Kyogre
Fukuoka Groudon & Kyogre
Nobunaga's Rayquaza
All Korean YOTD Pokemon
Korean 10/12 Shiny Giratina, Dialga & Palkia
Dutch Spring Zekrom & Reshiram

looking for:
(all shiny)
Kanto starters

flawless & UT would be a big +, but we'll see
PM me if you're interested & maybe we can work something out.


New Member
Kinda new here and Looking for:

-WIN2011 Celebi
-TRU Arceus
-2012MAY Darkrai
-Any event Deoxys

Must prove legitimacy.

I have:

-SUM2013 Palkia (Hardy)
-SUM2013 Giratina (Modest)

up for trade.

PM for details/FC.
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Shiny Hunter
Looking for cloned/uncloned legit shiny events. I can infect pokerus in return. Or, I also have some shinies and foreign pokemon to offer in my sig.


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I have Two Summer event Dialgas and two Summer event Palkias, as well as one Summer event Giratina, as well as some extras of other legendaries. I am primarily interested in finding a Jirachi, Darkrai, or Celebi, but Manaphy, Shaymin, and Arceus are also fine. Please PM me if any of these interest you or if you would like to see what else I can offer.


looking for a calm/bold/impish/careful summer '13 giratina, sorta good IVs would be nice. PM me if youve got one youd like to trade. spent a bunch of time soft resetting for the first two legends and completely forgot to go to gamestop and get the giratinas :(

ive got 3 dialgas and 3 palkias with preferred natures and interesting IVs that i soft resetted for that id be happy to trade for a giratina, but ive got other interesting things as well.
I have an Hasty, Jappenese Event Celebi, Untouched


*hugs Absol*
I have some events that I can trade. All are legit and UT.

-WISHMKR Jirachi
-WIN2011 Suicune
-WIN2011 Celebi
-FEB2012 Mewtwo
-SPR2012 Zekrom
-SUM2013 Dialga
-SUM2013 Giratana

Gen VI offers:
-XY Torchic (Adamant)
-Shiny Growlithe
-Shiny Eevee
-Shiny Gothita
-Shiny Audino
-Shiny Swirlix

Mostly looking for a legit UT Timid TRU Shaymin with decent/good IVs (willing to trade multiple events for it), but might also take other events (must be legit and UT).
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Have a level 42 touched event victini
Looking for: mew and jirachi/arceus


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Have a very high iv modest jirachi, need any deoxys that you can guarantee legit and uncloned
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