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Event Trading Thread

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I'm looking for the event Celebi that unlocks Zorua, I don't need to keep it permanently, just a simple trade back will do. If anyone is willing to do this, please pm me.
I have a few events to offer; looking for shinies, preferably 5th gen but taking any interesting 4th or lower~.

MOVIE Arceus
UT JAP Pikachu-Colored-Pichu
UT ENG Pikachu-Colored-Pichu
UT Gamestop Draco Meteor Jirachi
UT Poketopia Electivire
Poketopia Electivire
Poketopia Magmortar
UT Poketopia SURFING Pikachu
10 ANIV Tyranitar
UT Shiny ANIV Celebi
Shiny ANIV Latios
Shiny ANNIV Entei

The shiny ANIV/ANNIV are tested on PBR WiFi to be legit, but I'm not sure about them. Otherwise all are legit!


Leader of Jirachi's
Looking for a tornadus, have shiney's and events to offer, check below :) PM if interested
I now have a shiney ursaring and shiney magikarp to offer


New Member
Need events

Hello if there is anyone that would kindly give me just a few events for free i would be very grateful. I have not played pokemon in many years and have just recently bought white. The events im looking for are these listed

All 3 Legendary dogs from GAMESTOP

Untrained and from their first release dates
clones are PERFECTLY FINE!!!

Fall2010 MEW
October 15 UT

Gamestop jirachi

UT February 17 2010

TRU arceus and shaymin

UT and both on first date released
November 7 2009 and February 8 2009

TRU Dragonite

UT November 8 2008

ALAMOS Darkrai

UT May 31 2008

Once again if anyone would be so kind to help me with these i would be very grateful... P.S Again clones are PERFECTLY FINE!!! JUST WANT THEM UT AND AT THEIR FIRST RELEASE DATE

I will post my pkmn white friend code later so anyone just pm me if youd like to help :) thank you


New Member
Looking for Shaymin, Darkrai, Zorua/Zoruark, Arceus, Deoxys event pokemon/key items for Diamond/Pearl or Black/White. PM me if interested, I have little to trade, but the key items would be appreciated if no longer needed.


My little Pwny!
ashisghey, I'd be fine to trade you my zoroark for a Golurk lvl 70-86 :p or anyone else. I have Zorua, Zoroark, Event Entei and Suicune, and Event Arceus for trade. Remember, looking for Golurk lvl 70-86 :D


Pretty Much Ballin
First Post! I've got a UT zoruark, a slightly trained Victini, and a slightly trained shiny event raikou as well. Ive also got a terrakion, cobalion, and virizion all UT.

Looking for any interesting shinies or a legit event arceus

PM me for details
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I'ma Firin' Ma Flame
I Have An Oblivia Deoxys,
Send Me An Offer I Cannot Refuse!


I'm a girl, dangit!
because i didn't know the Relocator takes all the events off your 4th gen games, i had way too many shiny dogs & celebis on white. they're all legit. this is what i have left...

1 gamestop raikou
1 gamestop entei
3 win2011 suicune
2 win2011 celebi (1 bold, 1 calm)
there is also another shiny dog set on hold to be possibly offered at a later date, i'll repost in a few days...

looking for female 5th gen starters & female elemental monkeys...for now...PM with offers.
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New Member
Looking For(Untrained, Legit and No Nicknames Please):
Given as a Gift in the Beggining of the Game:
Given As a Fossil(Not Bred):

In-Game Trades(For White):

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Have: Zorua and Crown Raikou (sorry it wasn't sent through the relocator)

Want: Bred Snivy or Renniculus


BrushFire Elite
Hi! I'd like to borrow a Event Celebi to unlock Zorua. Anyone?


Well-Known Member
I'm kinda look forward to completing my DW females...so...

I'm offering any Dream World Female pokemons in my sig. Looking for Dream World females that I don't have yet. PM me with the offer.

PS. Dream World pokemons seriously need an exclusive thread...-_-"


New Member
Looking for any of the event dogs, and event celebi if possible.

Can offer many legendaries, including:
legendary dogs (non-event)
all regis
Shiny deoxys
legendary birds

PM me if you are interested ^_^


New Member
I have to time travel celebi one Japanese and one American, have all three crown beasts, have victini, Gamestop jarachi, shaymin. I'm looking for shines or legends like palkia,giritina,mew<------(PLZ CHOOSE THIS ONE). Also, I don't loan crown beasts. If you really want zorua that bad ill give an egg.


I plead the 5th!!
I have a legit, almost untouched modest celebi (haven't trained it, just taught it a move).

I'll be willing to trade it for all of the following (last four before nat dex is completed):


if you can help me finish the nat dex tonight, i'd be very greatfull.
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