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Event Trading Thread


No Angel
Post your Event pokes that you have up for trade or the ones that you're looking for in here.

Remember to follow all the general rules of Serebii Forums and the rules of the Trade forum . (Including not trading hacked items or posting too often)

For a full list and info on all event pokes that have ever been released , use the Event Database.
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Trading Torchic, have ditto eevees poke virus etc please pm me

Looking for zoroark (Japanese) in a luxury ball. Please help



Off and On Trainer
Willing to trade 2 torchics of different nature for pokerus pokemon


New Member
looking for these events

Spanish VER2012 Pikachu 07012 lv100 UT (shiny)
Italian EST2012 Pikachu 07012 lv100 UT (shiny)

French ÉVNMT11 Zoroark 09161 lv50 UT

ROCKS Metang lv30 02005 UT

German World Championships 2013 WORLD13 Smeargle (Farbeagle) lv50 08113 Jolly UT
French World Championships 2013 WORLD13 Smeargle (Queulorior) lv50 08113 Jolly UT

Spanish/Italian Pokétopia Magmortar PKTOPIA 12077 lv50 modest UT
Spanish/Italian Pokétopia Electivire PKTOPIA 12077 lv50 adamant UT

French XY 10123 torchic (Poussifeu) lv10 UT
German XY 10123 torchic (Flemmli) lv10 UT

10 aniv events

please feel free to pm if you got one. Thanks


Event Collector
will offer events on 4th gen and 5th gen for these on 6th.
scizor(just the pokemon)
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Once it becomes available, I will be offering an untouched event Torchic (WITH Blazikenite) to anyone with a Japanese Diancie. My Nintendo 3DS Friend code is 1590-4718-9659. User Name: David.
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Active Member
Just a quick question was going thru my games and found an NPower Pikachu its not on the list is it really a hacked event one?


Active Member
Hey guys, Im looking to trade my Charizardite Y for a Charizardite X, it really doesnt matter who you trade it with I just really need the X stone.

Friend code: 1075-1853-8377 name is Josh


New Member
Can someone please trade me a Pokemon w/ the Japanese event move? I'll take anything that has it, even Smeargle. I think it's called Celebrate.


New Member
FC 5429- 7910 - 4351

Friend Safari = Flying (Fletchinder, Hoothoot and Doduo I believe)
Lookinf for Electric with Helioeptile please.


Hi 5s & stage dives
Trading my timid event blaziken for a flawless ditto. Pm me if you can help!


Reputable Trader
Offering a Japanese Event Hasty Speed Boost Torchic WITH mega stone, pm me of offers if interested


Salamence Trainer
Looking for: Event HH Inkay
Offering: Shiny Protean Timid Froakie 4IV + Ability Capsule + 2 5IV 'mons of your choice


New Member
I'm not sure if Event moves does under here, if not i'm sorry ><
For trade:
Smeargle with Happy Hour Move!
For those who dosen't know what Happy Hour is:
Happy Hour doubles the amount of prize money earned at the end of battle. It stacks with the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense, such that the prize money will be quadrupled if both are used.


Pokemon Breeder
Event Inkay with Happy Hour UT

5 IV Fennekin with wish and hypnosis


New Member
Looking for: Inkay with Happy Hour

Offering: PM me what you would like, and I will try to breed it for you. I don't trade legends, and I don't IV breed, due to it being too frustrating to get perfect IV's


New Member
Hello everybody, I have some happy hour smeargles for trade if anybody is interested. For those who dont know what happy hour is:

It's an event move which doubles your money after a battle, it can stack with an amulet coin and your o power as well which is pretty nice. It's originally an event move only for inkay and a japan exclusive.

The smeargles I have are not IV bred they're just regular smeargle with happy hour

I'm mainly looking for IV bred pokemon (preferably 5 IV) or BP items (Leftovers is appreciated too ) for these money making smeargles.

Have these 5 IV already

Pairs: Froakie, Scatterbug, Elektrike, Noibat

-Males: Hawlucha, Larvesta, Skarmory, Aron, Pinsir, Larvitar, Honedge, Eevee, Elekid, Bergmite, Dratini, Abra
-Females: Absol, Kangaskhan, Gastly, Goomy, Klefki