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Event Trading Thread


little crumb :3
- Hongkong Charizard X + Y
- (Shiny Tanabata) Jirachi jolly/modest with 5 or 6 IVs and HP ice or fire
- Minato Mirai Pikachu: ランドマーク Landmark/ コスモW Cosmo W/あかレンガ Aka Renga/
パシフィコ Pacifico
- VGC Aegislash (starting 8/15/2014)

(please note: I’ll clone my events, so I accept clones, too.)
JAP Mega Kick Pikachu – modest – 15.06.2014
JAP Mega Kick Pikachu – bashful – 15.06.2014
JAP Birthday Pikachu – timid – 21.01.2014
JAP Birthday Eevee – naïve – 22.11.2013
JAP Birthday Flareon – hasty – 26.11.2013
JAP Birthday Jolteon – rash – 14.01.2014
JAP Birthday Vaporeon – mild – 22.11.2013
JAP Birthday Espeon – gentle– 3.1.2014
JAP Birthday Umbreon – sassy – 31.10.2013
JAP Birthday Leafeon – docile – 26.11.2013
JAP Birthday Glaceon – impish – 12.10.2013
JAP Birthday Sylveon – lax – 3.1.2014
ITA Jessies Wobbuffet – jolly – 22.6.2014
JAP Tretta Wobbuffet – adamant – 21.1.2014
JAP Christmas Gengar – timid – 21.12.2013
FRA Pokéball Vivillon – timid – 4.6.2014
FRA Pokéball Vivillon – gentle – 4.6.2014
GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – sassy – 8.7.2014
GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – relaxed – 8.7.2014
GER Fany Pattern Vivillon – adamant – 7.7.2014
GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – serious – 7.7.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Mawile – adamant – 16.6.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Tyranitar – timid – 10.6.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Kangashkan – hardy – 1.6.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Scizor – bold – 21.5.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Gyrados – gentle – 12.5.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Gengar – naïve – 2.6.2014
KOR VGC14 Garchomp – adamant – 13.4.2014
JAP XY Garchomp – timid – 16.1.2014
GER Pokémon Bank Celebi – quiet – 4.2.2014
JAP CoroCoro Charizard X – adamant – 17.3.2014
JAP CoroCoro Charizard Y – modest – 15.3.2014
KOR 0lleh TV Charizard X – quirky – 19.4.2014
KOR 0lleh TV Charizard Y – naughty – 30.4.2014
GER GAME 2014 Charizard Y – gentle – 14.7.2014
GER GAME 2014 Charizard X – careful – 14.7.2014
GER GAME 2014 Charizard X – gentle – 15.7.2014
GER VGC14 Shiny Mamoswine – adamant - 3.5.2014
ENG Winter2013 Scizor – impish – 27.1.2014
ENG Winter2013 Garchomp – mild – 29.12.2013
JAP Film 17 Darkrai – impish – 19.4.2014
JAP Film 17 Darkrai – rash – 1.6.2014
GER XY Torchic – relaxed – 13.10.2013
KOR WCS14K Tyranitar – jolly – 5.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Manectric – timid – 5.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Houndoom – timid – 6.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Aggron – brave – 6.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Pinsir – jolly – 5.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Heracross – adamant – 6.7.2014
JAP Movie Diancie – modest – 19.7.2014
JAP Movie Diancie – relaxed - 20.7.2014
JAP Pre-release Diancie – adamant – 6.7.2014
JAP Tanabata Jirachi 2013 – adamant, 6IVs!
JAP Shiny Tanabata Jirachi – relaxed – 7.8.2014
JAP Shiny Tanabata Jirachi – sassy – 1.8.2014
JAP Shiny Tanabata Jirachi – timid – 1.8.2014


Well-Known Member
shiny untouched extreme speed genesect- legit (please send me iv in a message, though i don't care if he has high ivs or not)
shiny ut legit tanabata jpn jirachi

(can offer 2 of those, and they are kb):
shiny pansear
shiny female pyroar
slightly touched pokebank celebi
slightly touched pokeball french vivillon- cloned (has the date 6.4.2014 but i received it before the powersaved version came out, and it matches a legit one from other shops)

(non kb, and i offer 1):
ut tru arceus clone


Well-Known Member
I am seeking a Genesect of any kind. Nature and IVs really don't matter for me. I can offer any of the following in trade:

SPR2012 Reshiram (USA) - Lv. 100, Impish Nature, IVs: 29/5/25/17/10/23

Shiny Dialga (JPN) - Lv. 100, Quirky Nature, IVs: 26/31/29/23/14/23
Shiny Chimchar (USA) - Lv. 1, Jolly Nature, Iron Fist Ability, IVs: 31/XX/31/31/31/31
Shiny Petilil (USA) - Lv. 17, Naive Nature, Own Temp Ability, IVs: nothing noteworthy

Shiny Klefki (JPN) - Lv. 66, Naughty Nature, Prankster Ability, IVs: 25/25/14/7/19/0

Naive 3IV (JPN) - XX/31/XX/31/XX/31
Quirky 3IV (JPN) - XX/XX/31/31/XX/31
Docile 4IV (JPN) - 31/31/XX/31/31/XX
Impish 4IV (USA) - 31/XX/XX/31/31/31

Please PM me if you would like to make a deal of any kind. Thank you for your time and consideration. :)

Update: Got my Genesect! :D I'm open to offers now for what I have left. PM me if you want something!
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Holon Cartographer
Looking for:

Pokémon Center Touhoku - Tanabata Festival Shiny Jirachi, UT, non-powersave, cloned is fine.
Pokémon Center - Special Distribution Japanese Female Vivillon, UT, non-powersave, cloned is fine.

I can offer:

Various North American Pokéball Vivillon, available in all languages, non-powersave, UT and uncloned.
Various Fancy Vivillon, available in all languages, non-powersave, UT and uncloned.
Various Bank Ball Females

Please PM me if interested, many thanks!


Hoenn Destroyer
Minato Mirai Event Pikachu, untouched, non-power saved, cloned is ok.
Movie Diancie, untouched, non-power saved, cloned is ok.

6IV Ditto
5IV Imposter Ditto (no speed)
6IV Modest Shiny Latias from White 2
3IV (SpA, SpD, Spe) Shiny Latios (JAP)
SUM2013 Quiet Palkia
SUM2013 Hardy Giratina
SMR2012 Timid Keldeo (lightly touched)
Movie Hasty Genesect (probably cloned)
6IV Shiny Tyranitar (bred)
SUM2010 Impish Jirachi (heavily touched for competitive use)
Various 6IV Pokemon

PM me if interested please!
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#1 Lanturn Owner
Looking For: Any Diancie. Also looking for Tanabata Jirachi.
For Trade: Shinies, Events, Legendaries, etc.
Please PM me for trades.


New Member
I was traded one of each of the outbreakchu, minato mirai event pikachu, by a Japanese guy but I'm not a fan of their natures, so I'm looking to switch them for any other nature but preferably adamant or relaxed. They are all untouched with the event moves which obviously include surf and hold hands.
Landmark tower pikachu 08094-lonely
Cosmo world pikachu 08094- modest
Red brick warehouse pikachu 08094- jolly
Sea parks pikachu 08094- naive

I don't know if they are particularly competive as that isn't something I do I only collect. I'd really only like to trade them for other natures of this event, but I would be willing to trade them for the character event pokemon or the day of the dragon events.
Pm me if interested, thanks.


Newb Shiny Hunter
I am looking for a SURFING Minato Mirai Pikachu!!! I have event pokemon like the recent Jirachi and Diancie events, as well as IV breeding and pokebank services. For more info, you can check my shop out. Thanks!


New Member
Hi everyone I'm looking for
Japanese pokemon centre pokeball vivillon.
Shiny tanabata Jirachi that was not obtained on the following dates 08/07/2014 , 8/8/2014 and 08/01/2014.
Minato Mirai Event Pikachu
I also might consider other events

I do accept clones but no hacks.

I have the following events for trade
FAL2010 Mew
Susumu Mew
Tanabata shiny Jirachi (Sassy)
SMR2010 Jirachi (Touched)
NZ Jirachi
PC Shaymin (Touched)
TRU Shaymin
Touhoku Victini
Movie14 Victini
10th Anniversary Groundon (Touched)
Korean Regigigas (Touched)
Movie Regigigas (Touched)
Birthday Sylveon
Eigakan Meloetta
WIN2011 Entei
Pre-release Diancie
Movie Diancie
Movie 17 Darkrai
ALAMOS Darkrai
Milos Island Tornadus
Shiny Genesect
Pヒルズ Mewtwo
Shokotan Keldeo (Touched)
Palcity Manaphy
Nobunaga's Rayquaza (Touched)
V-create Rayquaza (Touched)
Mega kick Pikachu
WCS Eevee
WCS Milotic
Gamestp Deoxys
Oblivia Deoxys
10 ANIV Celebi
Ray's Metagross

Please PM me if you are interested.


Why? Well, wynaut?

People need to notice in doing a two for one deal.
I dont mind if theyre rng'd or powersaved.
But I only want them if they are named or nicknameable or have a Japanese name.

Looking for these shinies
Event jirachi
Nicknameable buneary
Nicknameable beldum
Nicknameable bagon
Nicknameable audino
Nicknameable swablu

I have everything below ft, and nothing is hacked as far as I know.


3iv nicknameable zygarde
Dreamball lvl 51 regenerator ho oh
Lvl 15 event genesect
Lvl 50 event meloetta

Pm me
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The Pikachu Master
For Trade:
Gen 6 Events
XY Blaziken with Blazikenite - Male - ID 10123 - Lv53 - Speed Boost - Impish nature - Slash, Double Kick, Brave Bird, Ember
Paris Poke Ball Vivillon - Male - ID 06014 - Lv12 - Compound Eyes - Gentle nature - Stun Spore, Gust, Light Screen, Struggle Bug

Past Gens Events
MICHINA Arceus - ID 02010 - Lv100 - Multitype - Lonely nature - Judgment, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball
Plasma Deoxys [N]- ID 05083 - Lv100 - Pressure - Hasty nature - Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Recover, Psycho Boost
Plasma Deoxys [A] - ID 05083 - Lv100 - Pressure - Naive nature - Psycho Boost, Dark Pulse, Superpower, Extreme Speed - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Fully Trained (Sp.Atk + Spd)
Plasma Genesect - ID 10072 - Lv15 - Download - Hasty nature - Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, Solar Beam, Signal Beam - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untouched
SAPHIRE - Male - ID 30317 - Lv5 - Pickup - Adamant nature - Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip - 31/x/x/x/x/x - Untouched
SMR2012 Keldeo - ID 08272 - Lv15 - Justified - Naive nature - Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick, Bubble Beam - Untouched
SMR2010 Jirachi - ID 06030 - Lv5 - Serene Grace - Lonely nature - Wish, Confusion, Rest, Draco Meteor - Untouched
SPR2012 Zekrom - ID 03102 - Lv100 - Teravolt - Docile nature - Bolt Strike, Fusion Bolt, Haze, Outrage
TRU Manaphy - ID 09297 - Lv50 - Hydration - Timid nature - Heart Swap, Icy Wind, Ancient Power, Heal Bell - 31/x/31/x/31/31 - Untouched
TRU Arceus - ID 11079 - Lv100 - Multitype - Hasty nature - Judgment, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untouched
TRU Regigigas - ID 03089 - Lv100 - Slow Start - Adamant nature - Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Drain Punch, Crush Grip - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Fully Trained (HP + Atk)
WIN2011 Entei - ID 02141 - Lv30 - Pressure - Adamant nature - Flare Blitz, Howl, Extreme Speed, Crush Claw - Untouched
WIN2011 Suicune - ID 02211 - Lv30 - Pressure - Relaxed nature - Sheer Cold, Air Slash, Extreme Speed, Aqua Ring - Untouched
WORLD12 Pikachu - Female - ID 08122 - Lv50 - Lightning Rod - Timid nature - Fly, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Protect - Untouched

Looking for These Events:
Minato Mirai Pikachu with Surf and Hold Hands - Preferably with good nature and IVs - Main Want
Movie Diancie (Not Pre-Release) - Must have good nature and/or IVs
Tanabata Shiny Jirachi - Must have good nature and/or IVs

Also Looking For Shinies:
- Must be Kalos-native and able to be nicknamed.
Duskull - Female - Levitate - EM: Pain Split - Main Want
Mawile - Female - Intimidate - EM: Fire Fang
Staryu - Natural Cure

Also looking for any other Kalos-native Shinies that can be nicknamed, especially competitive ones!

Not interested in any events other than what I've listed above. I don't care if they're cloned. I also have some Shinies I can offer as well. Everything I'm offering is legit as far as I know, so I expect legit Pokemon in return. Also not interested in any Legendary Pokemon not listed above.

PM me if interested!


New Member
10th Anniversary Kyogre and Groudon UT
the outbreak pikachu UT
RUBY and SAPHIRE Zigzagoon UT
Birthday Eeveelutions UT

SPR2013 Meloetta
Movie14 Victini
FAL2010 Mew
Gamestp Deoxys [N]
Gamestp Deoxys [D]
TRU Regigigas
TRU Manaphy
Articuno [Platinum]
Zapdos [Platinum]
Zapdos [SoulSilver Fast Ball]
Moltres [Platinum]
Mewtwo [LeafGreen]
Mewtwo [X]
Mewtwo [Y]
Mew [Emerald]
Lugia [Emerald]
Ho-oh [Emerald]
Regirock [Platinum]
Regirock [Hoenn (exact game unknown-passerby gave me it)]
Regirock [Emerald]
Regice [Platinum]
Registeel [Platinum]
Registeel [Emerald]
Latios [Emerald]
Kyogre [Emerald]
Groudon [Emerald]
Rayquaza [Emerald]
Deoxys [Emerald]
Uxie [Platinum]
Mespirit [Platinum]
Dialga [Platinum]
Palkia [Platinum]
Heatran [Diamond]
Regigigas [Diamond]
Regigigas [White 2]
Giratina [Platinum]
Cresselia [Platinum]
Phione [Hatched in Sinnoh]
Phione [Hatched in Unova]
Phione [Hatched in Kalos]
Darkrai [Platinum]
Terrakion [White 2]
Virizion [White 2]
Virizion [Unova (exact game unknown-passerby gave me it)]
Thundurus [Dream Radar Caught]
Reshiram [White 2]
Zekrom [Black 2]
Landorus [White]
Kyurem [White 2]
Yveltal [Y]
Zygarde [X or Y (got from passerby)]
Zygarde [Y]

EDITS: Forgot to say PM me but i guess you have to, not sure
I also forgot to put my shinies that are FT:
Friend Safari Trevenant
Horde Trevenant x2
Spoink (origins are unknown but is from hoenn)
Horde Gulpin
Fish Chain Basculin
Unova Pelipper
Fish Chain Huntail (was a clamperl but i evolved it)
Loudred (same as spoink- both came from same person)
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New Member
hi at all
i'm looking for the Minato Mirai Pikachu-set (means all five ones: landmark tower, cosmos world, red brick warehouse, captain and pacifico) clones are fine poversaves not.

i can offer:
some UK GAME charizards x (uncloned)
some US pokeball vivis (uncloned)
some GER FRÜH2014 electrabuzz or magmar (uncloned)
shiny tanabata jirachi from 8/7/2014 relaxed
pre-relase diancie in adamant 7/6/2014
PCTB inkay
Movie2014 Darkrai
Birthday vaporeon
(they are all in stock now, lots of older events like movie11 Janta's Golurk, Carlita's Hydreigon, shiny nagoya magikarp, singing pikachu, ANA darkrai, Lance's Dragonite and so on needs to be cloned or ask for.. means: if you looking for a special event ask me if i have it. i don't own ALL events, but a big bunch)
pls pm me


Well-Known Member
I don't know if I'm posting at the right place, but I think it is !
I'm looking for a Sunkern with Earth power, a move that only can be obtained in the Dream world of the previous generation.
I can breed every pokemon that is breedable for this pokemon with this move !


Event Collectionist
FT: minato mirai Pikachu (Cosmo World & Sea Park) and A LOT more, PM if interested

Click "For Trade" for my list of event Pokemon, ignore the shiny sheet, it's far from ready:
For Trade

I am offering originals, so I expect originals I don't care about EVs and IVs or if cloned, but hacked are no-no.

They must be, absolutely UNTOUCHED which means no Pokerus, or other moves etc etc

now, I am Looking for:

* Yamamoto's Tournament Pokémon

* unotuched Genesect (not that shiny one from the movie)

* Golgo's Octillery

* Pika Pika Carnival Pikachu/Strongest Class Pikachu 2013

* Mega Kick Pikachu

* Birthday Pikachu

* 7-Eleven Pikachu

* Pokémon Center Tohoku Victini
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New Member
Hey everyone, if anybody interested i have the following up for trade:

tru dragonite(event)
gamestop jirachit(event)
shiny genesect(movie event)
i also have a lv 100 shiny mew
and a shiny deoxys.
if interested i am looking for:
movie diance,
shiny tanabata jirachi
minato mirai pikachu
Atsuto Uchida Pikachu.

thank you =)


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
Looking for 6iv rash Diancie.

Evil Elf

Sand Burial Trainer
Looking for a FLAWLESS CALM Wish Chansey, let me know what you want, I want to be able to use this in Random battles, although I can't use it in championships, I would like one so that I COULD use it in one, no hacks, (if it is, not noticeably so)

Am I asking to see behind Odin's eye patch? No... But I know this is a tall ask

If it's cloned, could I ask for a 2nd one please? (So I can have a Wish Blissey... If you wanted to know)


New Member
I have for trade:
Flying pikachu 08122
Extreme speed pikachu 03012
Ash's pikachu 01301
World Cup pikachu 00022
Rckt meowth 12072
World08 luciaro 08178
Palcity luciaro 07157
World09 weavile 08159
World11 scrafty 08141
Janta's golurk 06171
Carlita's hydreigon 06171
VCG12 tyranitar (larvitar) 03032
VCG08 milotic 05309
Golgo's sableye 09153
Win2011 suicune 02211
Win2011 entei 02141
Win2011 raikou 02071
Nobunaga's rayquaza 03172
Popular rayquaza 02102
Gamestp deoxys 06218
Plasma deoxys 06013
Smr2010 jirachi 06260
Gamesto jirachi 02270
Nz jirachi 06199
Touhoku shiny jirachi 08014
Sum2013 dialga 08303
Sum2013 palkia 09133
Sum2013 giratina 09303
2012may darkrai 05092
Movie darkrai 04194
Tru arceus 11079
Movie14 victini 12031
Tie-in thundurus 12161
Spr2012 zekrom 03102
Win2013 Keldo 01163
Spr2013 meloetta 03013
Movie meloetta 07142
Plasma genesect 10072
Extremespeed genesect 07133
Jessie's wobbuffet 06214
Birthday charmander 07208
Korean world championship series tyranitar 07054
Korean world championship series manetric 07054
Korean world championship series heracross 07054
Korean munchlax 07049
Winter2013 garchomp 11153
Pokemon Sunday tropius 02027
Movie diancie 07194
French pokeball vivillon 06014
VCG10 eevee 05080
Game electabuzz 04014
Game magmar 04014
Game charizard 07114
Corocoro charazard 03154

GameStop entei 01171
GameStop suicune 01311
GameStop raikou 01031
Korean mega evolve gengar 07074
Pokemon smash! Mewtwo 09262
1st anniversary mewtwo 02112
Palcity mew 07157
Sasumu mew 11219
GameStop pichu 01300
World games 2010 crobat 08150
Goone's Scizor 06180
Pokemon center Scizor 02014
Win2011 celebi 01211
Movie celebi 07100
World 09 milotic 10128
Decoloura jirachi 07013
Birthday chimchar 09120
Tru manaphy 09297
Pokemkn centre shaymin 12191
Movie 2011 victini 04161
Birthday audino 11041
Ash's scraggy 01281
Pokemon smash zoroark 01161
Lances dragonite 11219
Nagoya Magikarp 03203
Pokemon centre tyranitar 06094
Pokemon centre kangaskhan 05264
Pokemon centre Scizor 02014
VCG14 manoswine 05034

Happy hour Tokyo bay inkay 11223
Pokemon centre battle championships mawile 06164
Repair programme shiny zigzagoon 21121
Korean world championship series houndoom 07064
Korean world championship series aggron 07064
Pokemon centre battle championships gyarados 06234
Pokemon centre battle championships Scizor 06234
Birthday event sylveon 10123
Birthday event espeon 10123
Birthday event umbreon 10123
Birthday event eevee 10123
Birthday event glaceon 10123
Birthday event pikachu 10123
Nuketta wobbuffet 12063
Year of the dragon horsea
Year of the dragon dieno
Year of the dragon swablu
Year of the dragon druddigon
Year of the dragon bagon
Year of the dragon trapinch
Blues pidgeot 02276
World13 smeargle 08113
Concert pilpup
Pc chandelure 05072
Wish Chansey
Kyushu trains kyogre 03172
A-nation for life singing pikachu 07301

I'm looking for any other event pokemon that aren't legendary, but especially

Stevens metagross 11212
Cynthia's spiritomb 09286
Iris's haxorus 06232
Alders volcarona 09180
Pikachu festival pikachu 03232
Anything from an event will be considered, I love any and all events but would give anything for the one listed above. Also willing to trade shiny pokemon if that's what you like!! Pm me if interested, thanks.
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