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Event Trading Thread


New Member
LF: ♥♥Pika♥♥ Pikachu, ut TRU shaymin, ut liberty pass victini, 5-6iv shiny treecko, 5-6iv shiny axew, and 5-6iv shiny hidden ability torchic (all must be ut).
FT: 3 gamestop diancie codes and gamestop shiny gengar (not recived from delivery lady yet).


Icy Mudkipz Breeder
I have 1 unused Dianice code from US.

I also have FEB2012 electro ball Mewtwo.

I also have 2 event Fancy Vivillon.

I also have Mesprit, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Latias, Giratina, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Cresselia, Mewtwo, Zekrom, and Kyurem all caught by myself in past games.

Mainly looking for Shaymin.

Secondary concerns are Deoxys, Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus.

Will consider other offers, I will also take breed requests.

Everything I offer is not cloned nor hacked and everything I offer is untrained as well so I expect the same.

PM me please.
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Well-Known Member
I have a Japanese movie event Diancie and I am in need of Charizardite Y and Mewtwonite Y.


Well-Known Member
Hello everyone!

I have a card with an unscratched Shiny Gengar code.

I will gladly trade it for a Diancie US code (the current one) because my Gamestop is all out. Please PM me , ok?

thanks! <3

--- Chica


Well-Known Member
i'm looking for the gengar event. a clone is ok.
the only thing i can offer is the current diancie code for it.
or art, but that's all i got.

got one!! if i ever find my original code i'm willing to trade it. but so far no go.

Did you still need Shiny Gengar code? because I am willing to trade you for the Diancie code :)


I got my hands on US Diancie code, looking for the same event code, however for Europe :)


New Member
I'm looking for an unused US (or English) Diancie. I don't care if it's cloned or not.
I'm willing to trade:

Liberty pass Victini,
Plasma Genesect,
Summer 2012 Keldeo (Spanish),
Shiny Kyrurem
Toys "R" US Arceus,
Shiny Shaymin (Oak's lettre)
Shiny Gengar (not event)
some more shiny's and event legendaries.

PM me if you're interested
Looking for all UT (level in bracket) and ENGLISH:
FAL2010 Mew (5)
Plasma Deoxys (100)
SMR2010 Jirachi (5)
TRU/E4ALL/NWS Manaphy (50)
2012May Darkrai (50)/Oblivia Darkrai (50)
Oblivia Shaymin (30)/TRU Shaymin (50)
TRU Arceus (100)
Movie14 Victini (50)
WIN2013 Keldeo (50)

For trade:
Vivillon - Icy Snow, Tundra, Continental, Garden, Meadow, Modern, Sun
UT Dratini - Adamant: Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Aqua Jet, Extreme Speed (Marvel Scale)
UT Larvitar - Adamant (Guts)
UT Phione - Quiet (Hydration)
UT Larvitar - Adamant: Dragon Dance, Stealth Rock, Pursuit (Guts)
UT Gible - Jolly: Outrage (Rough Skin)
UT Torchic: Relaxed (Blaze)
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little crumb :3
Hey :)

I am looking for Tretta Rotoms.

for Trade (Clones!)

• JAP Mega Kick Pikachu – modest – 15.06.2014
• JAP Mega Kick Pikachu – bashful – 15.06.2014
• JAP Birthday Pikachu – timid – 21.01.2014
• JAP Birthday Eevee – naïve – 22.11.2013
• JAP Birthday Flareon – hasty – 26.11.2013
• JAP Birthday Jolteon – rash – 14.01.2014
• JAP Birthday Vaporeon – mild – 22.11.2013
• JAP Birthday Espeon – gentle– 3.1.2014
• JAP Birthday Umbreon – sassy – 31.10.2013
• JAP Birthday Leafeon – docile – 26.11.2013
• JAP Birthday Glaceon – impish – 12.10.2013
• JAP Birthday Sylveon – lax – 3.1.2014
• ITA Jessies Wobbuffet – jolly – 22.6.2014
• JAP Tretta Wobbuffet – adamant – 21.1.2014
• JAP Christmas Gengar – timid – 21.12.2013
• FRA Pokéball Vivillon – timid – 4.6.2014
• FRA Pokéball Vivillon – gentle – 4.6.2014
• GER Pokéball Vivillon – docile – 2.9.2014
• GER Pokéball Vivillon – jolly – 28.8.2014
• GER Pokéball Vivillon – docile – 28.8.2014
• ENG Pokéball Vivillon – relaxed – 11.8.2014
• ENG Pokéball Vivillon – modest – 6.8.2014
• JAP Pokéball Vivillon – modest – 28.8.2014
• JAP Pokéball Vivillon – brave – 11.8.2014
• GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – sassy – 8.7.2014
• GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – relaxed – 8.7.2014
• GER Fany Pattern Vivillon – adamant – 7.7.2014
• GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – serious – 7.7.2014
• JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Mawile – adamant – 16.6.2014
• JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Tyranitar – timid – 10.6.2014
• JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Kangashkan – hardy – 1.6.2014
• JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Scizor – bold – 21.5.2014
• JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Gyrados – gentle – 12.5.2014
• JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Gengar – naïve – 2.6.2014
• KOR VGC14 Garchomp – adamant – 13.4.2014
• JAP XY Garchomp – timid – 16.1.2014
• GER Pokémon Bank Celebi – quiet – 4.2.2014
• JAP CoroCoro Charizard X – adamant – 17.3.2014
• JAP CoroCoro Charizard Y – modest – 15.3.2014
• KOR 0lleh TV Charizard X – quirky – 19.4.2014
• KOR 0lleh TV Charizard Y – naughty – 30.4.2014
• GER GAME 2014 Charizard Y – gentle – 14.7.2014
• GER GAME 2014 Charizard X – careful – 14.7.2014
• GER GAME 2014 Charizard X – gentle – 15.7.2014
• GER VGC14 Shiny Mamoswine – adamant - 3.5.2014
• ENG Winter2013 Scizor – impish – 27.1.2014
• ENG Winter2013 Garchomp – mild – 29.12.2013
• JAP Film 17 Darkrai – impish – 19.4.2014
• JAP Film 17 Darkrai – rash – 1.6.2014
• GER XY Torchic – relaxed – 13.10.2013
• KOR WCS14K Tyranitar – jolly – 5.7.2014
• KOR WCS14K Manectric – timid – 5.7.2014
• KOR WCS14K Houndoom – timid – 6.7.2014
• KOR WCS14K Aggron – brave – 6.7.2014
• KOR WCS14K Pinsir – jolly – 5.7.2014
• KOR WCS14K Heracross – adamant – 6.7.2014
• JAP Movie Diancie – modest – 19.7.2014
• JAP Movie Diancie – relaxed - 20.7.2014
• JAP Pre-release Diancie – adamant – 6.7.2014
• JAP Shiny Tanabata Jirachi – relaxed – 7.8.2014
• JAP Shiny Tanabata Jirachi – sassy – 1.8.2014
• JAP Shiny Tanabata Jirachi – timid – 1.8.2014
• GER GAMESTOP14 charizard X – timid – 2.9.2014
• GER GAMESTOP14 Charizard Y – bold – 2.9.2014
• KOR Wishing Star Jirachi – quirky – 27.8.2014
• TAIWAN MovieTheater Diancie – hardy – 29.8.2014
• TAIWAN Wonderland Darkrai – sassy – 9.8.2014
• GER Trick or Treat Pumpkaboo – hasty – 1.10.2014
• GER Trick or Treat Pumpkaboo – mild – 1.10.2014
• GER Trick or Treat Pumpkaboo – jolly – 1.10.2014

And other Events from the link in my signature :)


New Member
Trade complete.
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New Member
LF: Acreus, Genesect

- NA Diancie codes

- I have every non-legendary pokemon and would be willing to trade a maximum of 24 for 1. (that will take some time and I will only be trading the breeded pokemon but would help evolve any pokemon afterwards)

- I have a few extra legendaries for trade Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Regirock, Regice, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Rayquaza, Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, Heatran, Cresselia, Yveltal, Zygrade I would be willing to trade 6 for 1.

- I have a few event pokemon Ash's Pikachu, Spooky2014 Pumpkaboo, Fancy Vivillon, SUM 2014 Pinsir. These would only be 1 for 1.

- Lastly I have some shiny pokemon like Gyarados, Shedninja, Kricketune these would also be 1 for 1.

I am very open to offers and mixing some of these if need be so don't be shy to pm me. None of the pokemon above are hacked/cloned to my knowledge, I don't care about natures/stats. I need these pokemon to fill my pokedex and would prefer non hacked/cloned pokemon as I would like to be able to bring them forward with me. (I had a few of them before but was very disappointed when they were stuck in my old games.)

I have a Japanese Mew and Deoxys and would love to trade them for english ones.
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Event Collector
gamestop diancie all nature and language
more singapore gengar xy 10244
more tretta rotoms
more korean pre-order shiny gengar
europe diancie and gengar
trick or treat halloween pumpkaboo all nature and language
taiwan diancie all language
germany gamestop charizard all language
vgc14 aegislash all language
taiwan charizard x and y ot XY id 07274 all language
Korean pré release Wishing Star Jirachi 소원의 별 08144
Korean WCS ( different language)
Hong Kong charizard x and y(all language)
Olleh TV charizard second release (all language)
movie diancie all language
Italian VGC Mamoswine 5/31- 6/1
USA VGC Mamoswine 7/5-7/6
Australian VGC Mamoswine 7/13
Landmark Tower Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed ランドマーク
Cosmo World Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed コスモW
Red Brick Warehouse Pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed あかレンガ
Captain Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed せんちょう
Pacifico Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed パシフィコ
landmark plaza pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed ♥♥ピカ♥♥

other languages of events i have
other natures or characteristics of gen 6 events
gen 6 events i don't have

link to my shop in my sig

also have a diancie code. only looking for any of these for it
unused singapore gengar code
korean preorder gengar french,german,italian
singapore gengar other language besides english and korean
taiwan diancie other language beside japanese
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Just Monika
looking for fly event pikachu

offering shinies and these events
15th anniv v-create rayquaza
tanabata jirachi


keeper of elements
Ft- event diance, fancy & pokeball vivillion, shiny giritina, meloetta

Lf- shiny hoenn trio rayquaza, groudon, kyogre


Icy Mudkipz Breeder
I have FEB2012 electro ball Mewtwo and 2 event Fancy Vivillon.

I also have N's Zorua and the hiker from Pokemon X's Magikarp nicknamed Carpe Diem.

I also have Mesprit, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Giratina, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Cresselia, Mewtwo, Zekrom, and Kyurem all caught by myself in past games. (Will Do 2 for 1 or 1 of these and 1 event)

Looking for Deoxys, Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus.

Will consider other offers, I will also take breed requests.

Everything I offer is not cloned nor hacked and everything I offer is untrained as well so I expect the same.

PM me please.
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New Member

FT (all shinies):
6iv umbreon
6iv gastly
4iv dratini with EM

PM me if you have what i'm looking for, maybe we can work something out.