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Event Trading Thread

Armored Mewtwo

Unrepentant Pokefan
Seeking: Fancy and Pokeball Vivillon.
What I've got: A Victini with V-Create and a Meloetta.

mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
Trade completed
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Hero of Truth

Lillie Fan
Looking for EU Diancie code.

I can trade some extra legendaries for it, PM me for more details.


Active Member
Looking for an EU Diancie Code.
I can trade a 5 IV shiny Deerling, 3 IV shiny Skiddo, 2 IV shiny Dedenne, and any item from Maison minus Capsule.
PM if interested.


Form afficionado
I don't know where else to post this... I have an extra ORAS North American demo code for someone who wants it. I'm looking for someone with an Eevee and/or Togepi Friend Safari, or if you have a Manaphy (preferably) or a Darkrai event. Let me know!
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LF European Diancie code (I'm from Holland), offering Arceus or Meoletta or a Shiny Darkrai. Or any Shiny Kalos pokemon (non legend) you want.
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Event Collector
birthday eeveelutions 10014
Se Jun Park's Pachirisu
charity code shiny jirachi
gamestop diancie all nature
more singapore gengar xy 10244
more tretta rotoms
more korean pre-order shiny gengar
europe diancie and gengar
trick or treat halloween pumpkaboo all nature and language
taiwan diancie all language
germany gamestop charizard all language
vgc14 aegislash all language
taiwan charizard x and y ot XY id 07274 all language
Korean pré release Wishing Star Jirachi 소원의 별 08144
Korean WCS ( different language)
Hong Kong charizard x and y(all language)
Olleh TV charizard second release (all language)
movie diancie all language
Italian VGC Mamoswine 5/31- 6/1
USA VGC Mamoswine 7/5-7/6
Australian VGC Mamoswine 7/13
Landmark Tower Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed ランドマーク
Cosmo World Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed コスモW
Red Brick Warehouse Pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed あかレンガ
Captain Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed せんちょう
Pacifico Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed パシフィコ
landmark plaza pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed ♥♥ピカ♥♥

other languages of events i have
other natures or characteristics of gen 6 events
gen 6 events i don't have

link to my shop in my sig


European Diancie/Diancie code

Can offer:
Pokerus infected-
Blaziken, level 37, Jap, Speed Boost
Golurk, level 30, No Guard
Vivillon, level 13, Sandstorm pattern, Compound Eyes
Noivern, level 48, Infiltrator
Froakie, level 5, Protean.

Terrakion, level 45, Masterball
Cobalion, level 45, Masterball
Virizion, level 45, Masterball (All 3 legit)


Well-Known Member
FT Gamestop Gengar Code
LF 5-6IV KB Competitive shinies or 6th gen events I don't have


I have a question i have a us diancie but i am gonna buy a pal version game of omega ruby/alpha sapphire can i still get the event in the games??

i mean the mega stone event
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New Member
Looking for shaymin (any kind but i will give more for a shiny)

FT: many 6iv shinies and shiny legendaries: cobalion virizion rayquaza kyogre groudon (if the shaymin is shiny) or meganium metagross beedrill camerupt snorunt and many more!!

Pm me to set up a trade!


For trade

Shiny Dialga
Shiny Rayquaza
Shiny Lugia 2x
Shiny Latios 2x
Lugia met Multiscale abillity
Ho-Oh met Regenerator abillity
Mewtwo met Y megastone
Mewtwo event
Surfing Pikachu event
Keldeo event
Pumpkaboo Trick or Treat event Europa
Pokeball Vivillion 2x Europa event


Shiny Tentacool
Shiny Skiddo
Shiny Mienfoo
Shiny Goldeen
Shiny Meganium
Shiny Carnivine
Shiny Seaking
Shiny Gyarados x 3
Shiny Remoraid

Looking for

Shaymin Movie event
Genesect event
Deoxys event
Mew Season event
Victini Movie event
Meloetta event
Blue's Pidgeot
Lance's Dragonite
Flying Pikachu
Heartstamp Pikachu


The Lost one.
I have a these event Pokemon:
Jirachi (Lv 5- OT GAMESTP)
Shiny Suicune (LV 30- OT GAMESTP)
Shiny Entei (Lv 30- OT GAMESTP)
Vivillon (pokeball- Lv 12- OT SUM2014)
Gourgeist(Lv 50-OT Spooky2014-Rocky Helmet)-Traded from Y game so the Pumpkaboo evolved but nothing else has been done with him.

Not looking for really anything now. Just PM me.
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