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Event Trading Thread


Pokemon Master
LF : Manaphy or Shaymin
FT : 1 AU Diancie Code

Trade complete
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New Member
Gengar codes (preferably EU codes) / Gengar with a FRE tag
Diancie (only EU codes) / EU or US Diancie of various language tags
Alternatively, someone who could reset me a FRE or SPA Diancie with my US Diancie code and trade it back to me. Would also trade a pokemn from FT or clone it as a 'thank you' (there's not much left until they'll turn useless...)

Diancie US Code
Heartstamp Pikachu
German Gamestop Charizard (X and Y)
WCS Aegislash
VGC Mamoswine (all languages)
PCBC & WCSK14 sets
Tanabata Jirachi
European Pumpkaboos (all languages except Italian)
European Shiny Gengar (SPA and ITA)
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New Member
I have a few NA Diancie event codes, completely unused and ready for new owners. I would really like other event pokemon/legendaries from past generations or shinies with good IVs and untrained!

Would like:
Shiny Bulbasaur (lv1)
Charizardite X

Eitherway PM me if interested, would hate to see these go to waste. (>^_^)>


Well-Known Member
I have ONE US Diancie code left. I will trade it for the first acceptable offer (with priority given to any response in the next 2 hours from edit time, as I'll be available for immediate trade).
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New Member
Have some 6iv diancies and some shiny legendaries like groudon kyogre and rayquaza. Pm me for offers.

Also looking for shiny darkrai.
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New Member
I have a few NA Gengar and NA Diancie codes. Looking for other event legendaries. PM me offers. :)


Shiny Hunter
Hi. I am looking for an European Diancie code. D*ckheads in Dreamland won't give me one because I haven't preordered the game in their shops.

*EDIT:* Got one myself. Went back and pre-ordered the game, got the code, redeemed it, went back inside and cancelled my pre-order :D. Hate these forms of distributions, and forcing you to buy a game in their shop just for a free code is scandalous.
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Fancy Pattern Vivillon


Australian Diancie code

Got the Vivillon and no more Diancie code. Although I'm going to try and pick up some more Diancie codes tomorrow.
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Event Collectionist
LF: Champion's Day Pachirisu & other KOR events. FT: codes and +230 events

PM if interested! || Clones are perfectly fine, hacked ones are a no-go (+4IVs and such)

What I offer is UT (Untouched) so I ask for the same in return:


* KOR Pokémon Champion's Day Pachirisu, OT 박세준

* KOR Cinema Celebi ID 12230

* KOR Eind Victini ID 12221

For Trade:

I'm also open to offers of other events I don't have

PM me for dates or natures, since it would be too long here. I'll pm you the spreadsheet since we can't link them anymore in posts :/
(ordered by generation, not release date)

Text in bold are the most recent ones (Gengar, Tretta Rotom, Diancie, etc)

* x1 European/Australian November Diancie code
* x2 US Diancie Codes

* Sticker Promotional Kanto Bulbasaur
* Birthday Charmander 2008
* Sticker Promotional Kanto Charmander
* JPN "CoroCoro March Gift Charizard X" Adamant
* JPN "CoroCoro March Gift Charizard Y" Naive
* KOR Olleh TV - Charizard X
* KOR Olleh TV - Charizard Y
* 10th Anniversary Charizard
* Sticker Promotional Squirtle
* 10th Anniversary Blastoise
* Blue's Pidgeot
* ANA Flights Pikachu 2004
* ANA Flights Pikachu 2011 Adamant
* ANA Flights Pikachu 2011 Jolly
* KOR Character Fair Pikachu
* "Pokémon World Championships 2012 - Pikachu"
* "Outbreakchu - Minato Mirai Event Pikachu PacificCo"
* "Minato Mirai Pikachu - Cosmo World"
* "Minato Mirai Pikachu - Red Brick Warehouse"
* "Minato Mirai Pikachu - Landmark Tower"
* Outbreakchu Female Pikachu Event
* ENG Ash's Pikachu
* a-nation For Life Pikachu 2011
* Atsuto Uchida Pikachu
* Pika Pika Carnival Pikachu (Singapore) 2012
* "Pokémon Center Birthday Pikachu 2013"
* "Pokémon Center 2009
* Sleeping Pikachu"
* 7-Eleven Pikachu
* 10 Anniversary Pikachu
* Summer 2012 Pikachu
* Nintendo Zone Pikachu
* "World Championship TCGW 2007 - Pikachu"
* PKTOPIA Pikachu
* "Pokemon Centre Birthday Pikachu 2009"
* JPN McDonald's Pikachu
* "Kyushu Trains ""Sakura Shikansen"" -
* Extreme Speed Pikachu"
* JPN Yukina's Meowth
* ITA Team Rocket's Meowth
* KOR Battle Series 2009 Arcanine
* 10th Anniversary Alakazam
* "Trade for Evolution! Pokémon Kyoto University Machoke"
* Hayley's Ponyta
* Winter Regional Championships 2013 "Abram's Cloyster"
* "Trade for Evolution! Pokémon Kyoto University Haunter"
* ENG October 2014 Halloween Gengar Modest (10/13/2014) I personally got it
* JPN Halloween White Gengar Modest (9/13/2014)
* JPN Halloween White Gengar Relaxed (9/14/2014)

* JPN "Pokémon Center - Mega Evolution Distribution Gengar" Timid
* JPN "Pokémon Center Repeat Event Gengar" Rash
* JPN "Pokémon Center Nagoya Event Chansey"
* JPN Year of the Dragon Horsea
* ENG Super Tough 2014 Pinsir
* KOR "WCS14K Pinsir (South Korea event)"
* "Video Game Championships 2010 Shiny Eevee"
* "Pokémon Center Birthday Event Eevee"
* "Pokémon Center Birthday Event Vaporeon"
* "Pokémon Center Birthday Event Jolteon"
* "Pokémon Center Birthday Event Eevee"
* Pokémon Center Nagoya Magikarp
* Lance's Dragonite
* ""Strongest Pokemon 2008" Dragonite
* ""Strongest Class Single Battle Pokémon 2012" Dragonite
* "Mewtwo Awakens - Pre-Order Event Mewtwo" 2013
* "Black & White - 1st Anniversary Mewtwo" 2012
* KOR Nintendo of Korea Mew 2009
* JPN Hadō Mew 2005
* "Toys 'R' Us UK Aura Mew" 2007
* Fall 2010 Mew
* Osaka Pal City Mew 2007
* Hayley's Mew
* "Old Sea Map Mew 2005


* "World Championship 2010 Crobat"
* Pokémon Stamp Ruby & Sapphire Contest "Teeter Dance" Pichu 2003
* FRE Spring 2010 Pichu
* JPN "Shokotan Pikachu-colored Pichu" (Movie 12 Pichu)
* JPN "Pokémon Smash - Yamamoto's Tournament Politoed"
* JPN "Pokémon Center Birthday Event - Espeon"
* JPN "Pokémon Center Birthday Event - Umbreon"
* ITA Jessie's Wobbuffet
* JPN Nuketta Wobbuffet
* JPN Goone's Scizor
* JPN """Strongest Class Single Battle Pokémon 2012"" - Scizor"
* ENG Super Tough 2014 Heracross
* KOR "WCS14K Heracross (South Korea event)"
* JPN Chief Golgo's Octillery
* KOR "WCS14K Houndoom (South Korea event)"
* JPN "Pokémon Smash - Yamamoto's Tournament Kingdra"
* ENG "Pokémon VGC 2013 Finals - Ultimate Smeargle"
* Gamestop Shiny Raikou
* JPN Crown Shiny Raikou
* Winter 2011 Shiny Entei
* JPN Crown Shiny Entei
* Gamestop Shiny Suicune
* JPN Crown Shiny Suicune
* ENG 10th Anniversary Tyranitar
* KOR "WCS14K Tyranitar (South Korea Event)"
* JPN Movie Celebi "Zoroark Master of Illusions"
* Winter 2011 Celebi
* 10th Anniversary Celebi


* ENG XY Torchic Adamant
* ENG XY Torchic Careful
* JPN Kyushu Trains Sceptile
* JPN Kyushu Trains Blaziken
* JPN Kyushu Trains Swampert
* JPN Berry Fix Zigzagoon 2004
* JPN Kyushu Trains Ludicolo
* JPN "Pokémon Centre 5th Anniversary ""Wish"" Ralts female" | Careful 2003
* JPN "Pokémon Centre 5th Anniversary ""Wish"" Ralts male" | Naive 2003
* JPN "Kyushu Trains Event - Gardevoir (female)" | Trace Modest, 2013
* JPN Aikayama's Slaking
* JPN Pokémon Box 2004 - "Pay Day Skitty"
* JPN "Pokémon Smash Chief Golgo's Sableye"
* KOR "WCS14K Aggron (South Korea event)"
* KOR "WCS14K Manectric (South Korea event)"
* Year of the Dragon Trapinch
* "Pokémon Ranch - Wanted Pokemon Baba's Flygon"
* "Pokémon Centre NY - Dragon Week" Flygon 2003
* "Pokémon Centre NY - Monster Week" (PCNY) Cacturne 2003. ID 00001
* Year of the Dragon Swablu
* Pokémon Center NY 2004 - Seviper
* "Pokémon Sundays Whiscash ""Yamamoto's Whiscash"""
* KOR Shinsegae Feebas
* ENG "Video Game Championships 2009 Milotic"
* FRE "Video Game Championships 2009 Milotic"
* Wallace's Milotic
* JPN "Pokémon Stamp Ruby & Sapphire "Wish" Absol" 2003
* JPN "Pokémon Centre 5th Anniversary ""Wish"" Bagon female" 2003
* JPN "Pokémon Centre 5th Anniversary ""Wish"" Bagon male" 2003
* Year of the Dragon Bagon
* JPN """Strongest Pokemon 2008"" Salamence" (knows Hydro Pump)
* "Pokémon Centre NY - Dragon Week Salamence 2003"
* Kyushu Trains Salamence
* "Pokémon Rocks America Metang" 2005
* Steven's Metagross
* Red's Metagross
* "Single Battle - Strongest Pokémon Metagross"
* "Pokémon VGC Nationals - Ray's Metagross"
* Hadō Regis - Regirock
* Hadō Regis - Regice
* Hadō Regis - Registeel
* 10th Anniversary Latias
* 10th Anniversary Latios
* Kyushu Trains Kyogre
* Kyushu Trains Kyogre
* "Ruby & Sapphire 10th Anniversary - Pokémon Centre Kyogre"
* Kyushu Trains Groudon
* "Ruby & Sapphire 10th Anniversary - Pokémon Centre Groudon"
* Pokémon Popularity Poll - "V-Create Rayquaza" Naive
* Pokémon Popularity Poll - "V-Create Rayquaza" Adamant
* Nobunaga's Rayquaza (shiny) Gentle
* Nobunaga's Rayquaza (shiny) Hardy
* JPN "Tanabata Jirachi 2014" (08/01/2014) Timid
* JPN "Tanabata Jirachi" 2014 (08/08/2014) Relaxed
* KOR Wishing Star Jirachi (08/27/2014)
* KOR Character Fair Jirachi
* KOR Chilseok Jirachi
* Nintendo Zone Jirachi Lax
* Nintendo Zone Jirachi Hasty
* ENG "Pokemon Colosseum Jirachi Wishmaker"
* JPN Tanabata Jirachi 2005
* ENG Space Center Deoxys
* ENG Gamestop Deoxys


* Birthday Chimchar 2010
* BW Searcher 2012 Piplup shiny
* Meloetta's Sparkling Recital Wi-Fi Giveaway "Recital Piplup"
* Concert Chatot 2006
* Cynthia's Spiritomb
* "Strongest Class Single Battle Pokémon 2012" Garchomp
* JPN "CoroCoro December Gift Garchomp"
* Winter 2013 - Walmart Garchomp
* KOR "Spring Carnival Garchomp WCS 2014 Qualification Tournament" (4/13/2014) Adamant
* "World Championship 2008 Lucario"
* JPN PalCity Lucario
* "World Championship 2009 Weavile"
* KOR Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth
* KOR Pikachu Café Electivire
* "Strongest Pokemon 2008" Electivire
* PKTOPIA 2007 Electivire
* KOR Pikachu Café Magmortar
* "Strongest Pokemon 2008" Magmortar
* PKTOPIA 2007 Magmortar
* JPN "Pokémon Center Birthday Event - Leafeon"
* JPN "Pokémon Center Birthday Event - Glaceon"
* Prof. Oak's Rotom
* JPN Pokemon Tretta Rotom Quirky (10/15/2014)
* "United States Summer 2013 Creation Trio - Dialga"
* "United States Summer 2013 Creation Trio - Palkia"
* TRU Regigigas
* "United States Summer 2013 Creation Trio - Giratina"
* KOR "Cresselia (WCQ Senior Division Cresselia)"
* JPN Hayley's Phione
* TRU Manaphy
* JPN Pal City Manaphy
* JPN 2014 Movie Darkrai (6/1/2014)
* Wonderland Darkrai Taiwan (8/19/2014) JPN Taiwan
* May 2012 Darkrai
* TRU Shaymin
* KOR Cinema Arceus
* JPN Movie Arceus
* ENG TRU Arceus


* ENG Movie 14 Victini
* JPN Pokémon Center Tohoku Victini
* "Pokémon Center Best Wishes Tie-in Cilan's Pansage"
* Birthday 2010 Audino
* Birthday 2011 Audino
* Worlds Championship 2011 Scrafty
* KOR Station Zoroark (Master of Illusions)
* JPN Iris' Axew
* Year of the Dragon Druddigon
* JPN Movie 14 - Janta's Golurk
* KOR Movie 14 - Janta's Golurk
* Year of the Dragon Deino
* JPN Movie 14 - Carlita's Hydreigon
* KOR Movie 14 - Carlita's Hydreigon
* Alder's Volcarona
* KOR Nationals 12 Volcarona
* Milos Island Tornadus
* Milos Island Thundurus
* "Pokémon Movie 2011 - ""Satoshi's Reshiram"""
* "Pokémon Movie 2011 - ""Satoshi's Zekrom"""
* "Second Chance Event" Keldeo 2013
* """Second Chance Event"" Keldeo (Resolute) 2013"
* "Kyurem vs The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo - Movie Meloetta"
* Spring 2013 Meloetta
* "Pokemon Black/White 2 Launch Genesect"
* "Mewtwo Awakens Movie - Extreme Speed Shiny Genesect"


* Pokeball Pattern Vivillon (8/6/2014)
* FRE "Pokémon Center Paris - Pokeball Pattern Vivillon" (6/5/2014)
* Fancy Pattern Vivillon [8/7/2014]
* GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon [7/8/2014]
* "Pokémon World Championships 2014 - Aegislash" (8/16/2014)
* "Pokémon World Championships 2014 - Aegislash" (8/17/2014)
* Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay "Happy Hour Inkay" (1/3/2014)
* "Pokémon Halloween Celebration Pumpkaboo" (10/1/2014)
* "Pokémon Center Birthday Event Sylveon" (1/16/2014)
* KOR Eevee House Sylveon (1/12/2014)
* ENG "Taiwan XY Sylveon Hung Hom Station" (1/18/2014)
* JPN Pokemon Movie 14 Diancie (7/6/2014)
* ENG Pokemon Movie 14 Diancie (Singapore) [7/19/2014]

* ENG OCT2014 Diancie (29/10/2014) which I personally obtained
* UK NOV2014 Diancie Quiet (11/4/2014)

the list is quite long, but since I can't link my spreadsheet anymore in posts, I can link you to it via PM if interested
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Active Member
Hello there!

I have a spare French Diancie code, and I'm looking for most previous gens legendaries. Pm me :)


I have two Diancie codes left. Both are for US version.

PM with offers. I'll accept any offer but I'll give priority to those who offer Darkrai or Arceus in exchange. Don't care with nature or IVs as long as it's legit.
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New Member
Heyy guys, I'm gonna cut to the chase all I'm really wanting/needing is:
Pokemon ranger shadows of almia: aura spere riolu
Pokemon ranger guardian signs: eruption heatran
And Pokemon movie exstream speed genesect: shiny Japanese gensect
I only collect legit stuff not clones, hacks ect so the stuff I trade is also not cloned or hacked
all legit and I can give details of how I got ect for each,
The stuff for trade is
2 x FAL2010 mew
3 x WIN2011 shiny Raikou
3 x WIN2011 shiny Entai
3 x WIN2011 Shiny Suicune
2 x WIN2011 Celebi
1 x pokebank Celebi
2 x SMR2010 jirachi (with Draco meteor)
4 x GUardian signs Deoxys
1 x PLASMA Deoxys
3 x SUM2013 shiny Dialga
3 x SUM2013 shiny Palkia
3 x SUM2013 shiny Giratina
2 x Pokemon ranger Manaphys
2 x 2012MAY Darkrai
2 x MICHINA Arceus
2 x TRU Arceus
1 x SPR2012 Reshiram
2 x SMR2012 Keldeo

Thank you for reading please pm me about the trades
if you need anything/want or have any of the stuff I need and we can chat and bargain

Woba Fett

Hi I have a Diancie code I was hoping someone could redeem for me. I would be willing to trade other event pokemon like meloetta or deoxys for this

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PKMN Legend Anthony

Water Gym Leader.
Events for Trade

TRU Set -Complete
TRU Regigias UT
TRU Shaymin UT
TRU Manaphy
TRU Dragonite

Movie Events
Movie 08 Regigias UT
Movie 08 Shaymin UT
UK Alamos Darkrai UT
US Alamos Darkrai UT
Shokotan Pichu UT
10th Deoxys

Saikyou Set - Complete
Saikyou Milotic UT
Saikyou Magmortar UT
Saikyou Dragonoite UT
Saikyou Salamence UT
Saikyou Electivire UT

Game Events
Almia Darkrai UT
Kyle Riolu UT
Ranger Manaphy UT
Agateo Celebi UT
Hayley Phione UT
Hayley Mew UT
Almia Darkrai UT
Red Metagross UT
Golgo Octillery UT
VGC Shiny Milotic UT

Pikachu Events
Sleeping Pikachu UT
Birthday Pikachu UT
Hayley Pikachu UT
Poktopia Pikachu UT
Mack Pikachu UT

Other Events
Gamestp Deoxys UT
VGC09 Shiny Milotic UT
World08 Lucario UT
10ANNIV LUgia lv100
Mystery Mew UT
Placity Manaphy UT
Concert Chatot UT
Poke'festa Jirachi lv10
JEREMY Tauros lv100
10 ANNIV Alakazam lv100
10 ANNIV Celebi Lv100
Jap. Diancie (adamant) UT

Looking for:
Surf Pikachu
Shiny Gengar event
3x Lucky Eggs
Competitive Items
Pokemon X Mega Stones (apart from Mewtwo and Charizard)
Lv100 Ev trained and competitive Keldo and Melloetta
Lv100 EV trained and IV trained competitive Pokemon
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Looking for all UT and English:
Plasma Deoxys (100) English
TRU/E4ALL/NWS Manaphy (50) English
2012May Darkrai (50)/Oblivia Darkrai (50)
Movie14 Victini (50)
WIN2013 Keldeo (50)

For Trade:
UT Plasma Genesect
UT Fancy Vivillon
UT Poke Ball Vivillon
2 US Diancie Codes
2 US ORAS Codes
Shiny Eevee (2 events for this)
Vivillon - Garden, Modern
UT Dratini - Adamant: Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Aqua Jet, Extreme Speed (Marvel Scale)
UT Larvitar - Adamant (Guts)
UT Phione - Quiet (Hydration)
UT Larvitar - Adamant: Dragon Dance, Stealth Rock, Pursuit (Guts)
UT Gible - Jolly: Outrage (Rough Skin)
UT Totodile - Metal Claw, Ice Punch, Aqua Jet, Crunch
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Gamestop shiny Entei UT


Well-Known Member

Pokeball vivillion
Fancy patter vivillion
Halloween pumpkaboo

Shiny Ralts female lvl 6
Shiny absol lvl 61

Looking for:
Shiny pokemon - see sig but also accepting offers.


Well-Known Member

pokeball vivillion
Fancy vivillion
Halloween pumpkaboo
Shiny Ralts lvl6
Shiny absol lvl61

Looking for
shiny male Ralts/Kirlia/gallade
Shiny joltik/Galvantula
Shiny magnemite/magneton/magnezone
Shiny HA drattini
Shiny groudon
Shiny azuril/maril/azumaril Huge power
Shiny Latias

Open to other offers. Happy with two4ones for the right pokemon.
Possibly threes or fours for certain pokemon just ask.