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Event Trading Thread


Event Collector!
[Ft] Sejun Park's Pachirisu Event [LF] European or Australian Dianice codes of Pokescrap codes. PM if interested! I have 14 Pachi's left.


I have an english language pachirisu from today's event that I would trade for any of the new birthday events.


Shiny Hunter!
LF: Diancie or US Diancie code

FT: Gamestop shiny Dialga and shiny Palkia. I also have a lot of other shinies I'm willing to trade, and some 5-6 IV Kalos born Pokemon.

EDIT: Trade completed.
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Event Collector
birthday eeveelutions 10014
more Se Jun Park's Pachirisu and not edited to korean impish somewhat vain one
charity code shiny jirachi
gamestop diancie all nature
more singapore gengar xy 10244
more tretta rotoms
more korean pre-order shiny gengar
europe diancie and gengar
trick or treat halloween pumpkaboo all nature and language
taiwan diancie all language
germany gamestop charizard all language
vgc14 aegislash all language
taiwan charizard x and y ot XY id 07274 all language
Korean pré release Wishing Star Jirachi 소원의 별 08144 all language
Korean WCS ( different language)
Hong Kong charizard x and y(all language)
Olleh TV charizard second release (all language)
movie diancie all language
Italian VGC Mamoswine 5/31- 6/1
USA VGC Mamoswine 7/5-7/6
Australian VGC Mamoswine 7/13
Landmark Tower Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed ランドマーク
Cosmo World Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed コスモW
Red Brick Warehouse Pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed あかレンガ
Captain Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed せんちょう
Pacifico Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed パシフィコ
landmark plaza pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed ♥♥ピカ♥♥

other languages of events i have
other natures or characteristics of gen 6 events
gen 6 events i don't have

link to my shop in my sig


New Member
Hi all,

I have a UK Game Shiny gengar event code for trade. Looking for other events. PM me if interested.

Edit: Trade completed. Thank you

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LF: Australian Diancie Code

FT: Event Legendaries (Shaymin, Keldeo, etc)
Shiny Legendaries
Shiny Mega Evolutions
Various Random Shinies
(PM for full list of any category)

Please consider.


New Member
I need:
Pokémon Center Birthday Events (ID: 10014)
Sejun Park Pachirisu
Super Smash Bros. Geninja
Pokémon Scrap Keldeo,Shaymin and Victini
Mega Tokyo Opening Shiny Charizard and Shiny Pikachu
Festa 2015 Linoone

Aura Mew - Impish - [GER]
10JAHRE Charizard - Hardy [GER]
Auroraticket Deoxys - Docile [JAP]
CHANNEL Jirachi - Mild [GER]
MYSTRY Mew - Quiet [ENG]
WISHMKR Jirachi - Lax [ENG]
Ageto Celebi - Rash [JAP]
Hadou Mew - Naughty [JAP]
Hadou Regirock - Jolly [JAP]
Hadou Regice - Modest [JAP]
Hadou Registeel - Jolly [JAP]
Old Sea Map Mew - Lax [JAP]
10th Deoxys - Modest [JAP]
Saikyou Milotic - Bold [JAP]
Saikoyou Salamance - Naughty [JAP]
TRU Dragonite - Mild [ENG]
Saikyou Dragonite - Mild [JAP]
SOM2013 Shiny Giratina - Adamant [ENG]
Frü2010 Shiny Pichu - Jolly [GERMAN]
GAMSTP Shinys Suicune - Relaxed [GERMAN]
CoroCoro Charizard X - Adamant [JAP]
CoroCoro Charizard Y - Relaxed [JAP]
Olleh TV Charizard X - Brave [KOR]
Olleh TV Charizard Y - Quirky [KOR]
PCBC (Battle Champion) Gengar - Timid [JAP]
Christmas Gengar - Timid [JAP]
PCBC (Battle Champion) Kangaskhan - Hardy [JAP]
FRÜHL. 2014 Electabuzz - Lax [GERMAN]
FRÜHL. 2014 Electabuzz - Naughty [GERMAN]
FRÜHL. 2014 Magmar - Impish [GERMAN]
FRÜHL. 2014 Magmar - Bold [GERMAN]
PCBC (Battle Champion) Gyarados - Impish [JAP]
Birth-Day Eevee - Naive [JAP]
Birth-Day Vaporeon - Mild [JAP]
Birth-Day Jolteon - Rash [JAP]
Birth-Day Fleareon - Hasty [JAP]
Birth-Day Espeon - Gentle [JAP]
Birth-Day Umbreon - Sassy [JAP]
Nuketta Woingenau - Adamant [JAP]
PCBC (Battle Champion) Scizor - Jolly [JAP]
Christmas Scizor - Adamant [JAP]
PokéCen Scizor - Adamant [JAP]
PCBC (Battle Champion) Tyranitar - Quiet [JAP]
PokéBank Celebi - Careful [GERMAN]
PCBC (Battle Championship) Mawile - Adamant [JAP]
CoroCoro Garchomp - Calm [JAP]
XY Garchomp - Mild [JAP]
VGC Korea Garchomp - Adamant [KOREA]
Birth-Day Leafeon - Docile [JAP]
Birth-Day Glaceon - Impish [JAP]
Arash Shiny Mamoswine - Adamant [GERMAN]
PokéBall Vivillon - Timid [FRA]
PCTB (Pokémon-Center Tokyo Bay) Inkay - Adamant [JAP]
Birth-Day Sylveon - Lax [JAP]
Pre-Release Diancie - Adamant [JAP]
Movie Diancie - Lax [JAP]
WCS14K Manectric - Timid [KOR]
WCS14K Tyranitar - Jolly [KOR]
WCS14K Heracross - Adamant [KOR]
WCS14K Aggron - Brave [KOR]
WCS14K Pinsir - Jolly [KOR]
WCS14K Houndoom - Timid [KOR]
SUM2014 Vivillon - Modest [ENG]
Special Distribution Vivillon - Calm [JAP]
Special Distribution Vivillon - Brave [JAP]
PC Tohoku Tanabata Festival Shiny Jirachi - Bold [JAP]
PC Tohoku Tanabata Festival Shiny Jirachi - Careful [JAP]
PC Tohoku Tanabata Festival Shiny Jirachi - Relaxed [JAP]

Or my full Event List [in my signature]


Purduuuu Says Amphy

-GAMESTP Touched Suicune, Entei, and Raikou
-DW Exclusive Arceus Touched (Nicknamed Neo)
-Jungle Tour Celebi Touched
-WIN2011 Gamestop Celebi Touched


5-6 IV Foreign Pokemon, preferably Johto Pokemon, but will consider all other regions. 2 6 IVs:1 Event or 3 5 IVs: 1 Event.

Edit Reason: To Update LF info.
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Well-Known Member
2 US Dianice codes

powerful 5-6 IV competitively trained pokemon, also EV trained in the right way
(something like Lucario, Blaziken, or other things which are useful in battle)

Feel free to PM me if interested!

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Active Member
LF: EU Diancie code or just a Diancie any nature or iv is fine but good ones are preferable

FT: I have lots 4-5 iv pokemon to offer in return, some of them with HA and most with competitive egg moves also some with matching poke balls, (absol HA, oddish, keckleon HA, poochyeena HA, clamperl, magikarp, bagon, charmander, deino, aron, gible HA, HA bulbasur, Honedge, Scyther, mawile, tropius, weedle and electrike, rotom, treecko, trapinch, HA eevee, pawniard, chinchou (theres probably a couple I'm forgetting)
I can also breed HA dratini, HA tangela, HA shroomish
Spare events for trade: arceus, shiny beast trio, jirachi, mew (from emerald) think I have spares of a few more but I will have to check
Shinies: Tangela with 2 perfect ivs

PM me for details/trade
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New Member
Hi there!

Looking for: EU Diancie(English) with Modest nature and good IV: Defence, Special Defence and Special Attack.

For trade: Hatched level 1 shiny starters with 5IV, also have Larvesta and Noibat as shinies, both are level 1 and daycare hatched pokemon!



Elite Trainer
Looking for: Diancie with a Naive or Hasty Nature (However, I will accept any Diancie with a Nature that does not hinder its speed, attack, or special attack stats)

For trade: I have a Relaxed Diancie that I received from Gamestop. I originally was going to make Diancie into a defensive Pokemon, but then I decided that I would like to use its Mega form and utilize it as more of an offensive Pokemon.

If anyone is interested, please send me a message. Thank you!


New Member
Ft: diancies
Lf: shinies or darkrai or specifically shiny landorus


New Member
I'm not good at the EV/IV things sorry!

Looking for a Diancie of any kind (not the ones nicknamed with swears)

willing to trade almost anything for it!! I have the following shinys: Klefki, Drifblim, Mienfoo, Stunfisk. I know it isnt much but im in need to complete my dex and the gamestop around me doesnt participate in events =(


New Member
FT: Diancie with either Relaxed or Docile Nature your choice. Both Unotuched.

LF: prefer Entei (shiny preferably), Reshiram. will consider Xerneas with a beneficial nature.


Update: Both Diancie Traded, Thank You
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