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Event Trading Thread


H: 5 GAME Darkrai codes (May be able to get a hold of more at some point). I can redeem any/all of them for people if they would rather have the poke'mon directly (In this case, I am happy to SR for the right 3IVs, but will not SR for a 4/5/6IV poke'mon).

LF: Shiny competitive poke'mon mostly. correct Egg Moves, IVs, Ability and Nature are a must, Kalos/ORAS born is a bonus.
I am especially looking for the following, or any evolutions of them:

Will consider other offers.

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Looking for European Diancie and HA Tyrunt codes!

Up for trade:

Japanese Contrary event Serperior
PokéScrap Keldeo
Tanabata Jirachi
Christmas Charity Wristband Jirachi
Event Heart Stamp Pikachu from 6th gen
Shiny ORAS Giratina
Shiny event Genesect
V-Create Victini
Shiny Timid Gengar KB with 6 max IV's
Shiny Timid Vulpix with 5 max IV's and HA, KB

And many more shinies and event Pokémon. Just ask me if you're looking for anything in particular, and I'll check if I have it (pretty big chance xD)

Willing to trade multiple things.

Also looking for:

-) Shiny Giratina caught in ORAS, nicknamable, in a nice ball with good nature
-) Mega Steelix from the ORAS demo WITH the mega stone, nicknamable
-) Shiny Chinchou/Lanturn, nicknamable, in a Love Ball with the ability Volt Absorb and an ok nature


New Member
Have: will be cloned
Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo Pokémon Charizard 12124 Bashful Untrained Blaze Japanese Highly curious 12/13/2014
Korean Movie - Diance Cocoon of Destruction 01155 Quirky Untrained Clear body Korean Likes to hrash about 1/15/2015
Pokémon Scrap Campaign - 7 Codes Redeemed Keldeo 12014 Hardy Untrained Justified Japanese Capable of taking hits 12/1/2014
Pokémon Scrap Campaign - 16 Codes Redeemed Victini 12014 Adamant Untrained Victory Star Japanese Somewhat vain 12/3/2014
Contrary Serperior English event 01225 Brave Untrained Contrary English Nods off alot 1/23/2015 Obtained by me
English Emboar event 01295 Quiet Untrained Reckless English Strong willed 1/29/2015 Obtained by me
Demo event Steelix 52027 Adamant Untrained Sturdy Japanese Sturdy body 12/1/2014
Birthday event Umbreon 2014 10014 Modest Untrained Synchronize Japanese Capable of taking hits 11/15/2014

Birthday event Glaceon 2015 10014 Adamant Untrained Snow cloak Japanese Somewhat vain 11/19/2014
Present Samurott 02105 Modest Untrained Shell Armor English Loves to eat 2/9/2015 Obtained by me
Feb 2015 Darkrai 02135 Modest Untrained Bad dreams English Takes plenty of siestas 2/13/2014 This is the new darkrai event one

Different natures/date/languages of the same or events I do not have I have more event then what is listed above
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Looking for the new Darkrai and Shiny Rayquaza events.

I have around 25 Shinys for trade and some non hacked event pokemon.

Just PM me if you're interested.


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hi guys
i redeemed theese italian darkrai

Often dozes off
13/02/2015 (dd,mm,yyyy)

Likes to thrash about
14/02/2015 (dd,mm,yyyy)

i'm searching for UT 6th gen events with different language (for exemple korean birthday eevee) without powersaves date
i can't provide a list of my events in this moment but try to make an offer

plz tell me pokemon, OT, ID, nationality and date when you make an offer
i'm not interested in characteristics or natures


Shaymin Collector
I have a GAME Darkrai for trade. OT is FEB2015. ID is 02135. Nature is Timid. Characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas. Date met is 2/13/2015 (first day of the event). It's cloned.

I would like to trade for other Game's event Darkrai. Different nature or date met. I'm also willing to trade for current gen events I don't have.

Please don't offer past gen events as I have a lot of those already.

Current gens that I have (not interested in these):
OCT2014 Diancie
Korean movie Diancie
Eigakan Diancie
All of the present Unova starters
Halloween Pumpkaboo
Bank Celebi

Please feel free to PM me!
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I am looking for a UK GAME Darkrai Code or UK GAME Darkrai (FEB2015)

FT: a lot of 6th gen events, kb shiny(competitive) or legend

pm me interested.


Obsessor Collector
Calm or Careful 31/xx/31/xx/31/31 Mew
Bold 31/xx/31/xx/31/31 Jirachi
Bold 31/xx/31/xx/31/31 Celebi
Modest 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Victini

Shiny 6IV Hardy Infiltrator Spiritomb
Shiny 6IV Modest Marvel Scale Milotic (Not KB)
Shiny 5IV -Sp.Def Adamant Huge Power Diggersby
Shiny 5IV -Def Brave Iron Fist Golurk
6IV Adamant Terrakion
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I have four unused PAL region Diancie codes left that I would like to trade. These codes are usable until the 25th of february.

I am currently looking for Shaymin and Manaphy with no specific requests regarding IVs and natures, as long as they're UT.

PM with offers or questions. :)


Pokemon Nerd
WIN2011 Shiny Entei
Pokemon Movie 14 Darkrai
SPR2013 Meloetta
Extreme-speed Shiny Genesect
FAL2010 Mew
SMR2010 Jirachi
TRU Manaphy
TRU Shaymin
TRU Arceus
Pokemon Movie 14 Victini
SMR2012 Keldeo
OCT2014 Diancie
PokeLink Celebi
Battle Of Hoen Tyrunt

Any other Genesect event
Dream Radar HA Legendaries
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FT: UT Ranger Manaphy LF: Mew, Celebi, Meloetta or Genesect
Also have a SHINY UT Ranger Manaphy that I'd be more then happy to part with for an intriguing offer, PM with offers for either one of interested


New Member
Hoenn Battle Competition Tyrunt PAL or JAP


Event Uncloned with proof

- Greninja Super Smash Bros (2 date differente)
- keldeo PokémonScrap
- Victini PokémonScrap
- Shaymin PokémonScrap
- Rotom Tretta
- Pikachu Minato Mirai - Red Brick Warehouse - せんちょう (3 date)
- Pikachu Minato Mirai - Captain - コスモW (3 date)
- Pikachu Minato Mirai - Landmark Tower - ランドマーク (3 date)
- Pikachu Minato Mirai - Cosmo World - あかレンガ (3 date)
- Jirachi shiny Tanabata (2 date)
- Tyranitar Korean World CHampionship 2014
'- Heracross Korean World Championships 2014
- Aggron Korean World Championships 2014
- Pensir Korean World Championships 2014
- Magmar Printemps 2014
- Electek Printemps 2014
- Charizard X ou Y game14
- Charizard X ou Y Gamestop
- Clamiral Winter Get TV PAL or JAP
- Roitiflam Winter Get TV PAL or JAP
- Majaspic Winter Get TV PAL or JAP
- Diancie Movie Theater Taiwan
- Gengar Singapore Jalan Besar Stadium
- Darkrai Wonderland Taiwan
- Charizard Hong-Kong Y (inferno/ fire fang)
- Charizard Hong-Kong Y (Dragon Rage / Dragon Claw)

Serial Code
120 scrapcode
6 Shaymin code
6 Victini code
6 Keldeo code


New Member
Looking For:
Battle of Hoenn Tyrunt
Gather More Pokemon Fifth Campaign Meditite

For Trade:

Willing to do multiples for Tyrunt codes :3
PM me? XD
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Beginner Collector
LF: unused Tyrunt HA Code

Events: XY Torchic (Blazikenite included), GTS Vivillon (Fancy), SUM2014 Vivillon (Poke Ball), Spooky2014 Pumpkaboo, SUM2014 Pinsir, SUM2014 Heracross, Poke Bank Celebi, GAME 2014 Charizard (with Charizardite X), Wishmkr Jirachi, Hayley Mew, Hayley Phione, SPR2012 Reshiram, WIN2013 Keldeo and Movie14 Victini

Shinies: Ponyta 5IVs and Wooper (3-4IVs) nickname-able

Competitive 6IVs not shiny: Anorith (HA); Cottonee (All Abilities); Dratini (HA); Eevee (HA); Ekans (HA and Intimidate); Pachirisu (HA); Pilplup (HA); Ponyta (HA); Scraggy (HA and Moxie); Scyther (HA); Sentret (HA); Shinx (HA and Intimidate); Smeargle (HA); Tirtouga (All Abilities); Totodile; Turtwig (HA)

PM-me for offers!


New Member
looking for:
UK GAME-Darkrai download-codes
wifi-Battle of Hoenn-codes or pokemon itself
pokemon center tokyo egg events
world hobby fair rayquaza all languages without date 1-18-2015
korean diancie ot 영화관 id 01155
pokemon cafe pikachu
birthday eeveelutions 10014
PKLATAM Jirachi, NOT lonely

pls, no cheats, hacks, ps-dated oder cyber gadgets!

- Kyushu Bullet Train/ Kyūshū Shinkansen railway / ExtremeSpeed Pikachu
- Pokémon Get☆TV / Megakick / WM2014/ Atsuto Uchida Pikachu
- VGC 2012 Lavitar GER
- Olleh-Glurak X
- Shokotan / Pokémon Sunday Company Tropius
- Coro-Coro Glurak X
- Birthday-Pokémon-Set (evoli, aquana, flamara, blitza, nachtara, psiana, folipurba, glaziola, feelinara, pikachu) 1st set
- Christmas Gengar 2013
- Pre-Order-Darkrai / Fushigi no Kuni /Movie2014
- Nuketta-Woingenau
- Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay (PCTB)/ Happy Hour- Inkay
- Ash’s Pikachu ENG
- nobunaga shiny rayquaza
- nagoya shiny karpador
- Plasma Deoxys*
- WISHMKR Jirachi
- Channel Jirachi
- PokéBank Celebi *
- FRü2010 Pichu (T)*
- PokémonRanger Manaphy*
- WIN2013 Keledo
- EUKALIA Manaphy +
- Bunders/Blumenparadis Shaymin ENG
- WIN2011 Celebi (T)*
- PokéBank Celebi SPA
- VGC10 Eevee ENG
- VGC10 Evoli (T)*
- Neumondinsel / Angel shiny Darkrai
- SPR2013 Meloetta ENG
- Plasma Genesect ENG
- MICHINA Arceus, sassy, strong willed
- FILM14 Victini
- WIN2013 Keledo ENG
- XY Flemmli
- XY Torchic ENG
- Pokeball-Vivi OT Paris, ID 06014, 6/4/2014
- Pokeball-Vivi OT SUM2014 +
- Jessie’s Wobbuffet
- Negaiboshi Jirachi
- PCBC Mawile
- PCBC Kangashan
- VGC14/Arash Mamoswine GER
- SMR2011 Zoroark GER
- FRÜHL.2014 Magmar (some without Ribbon) *
- FRÜHL.2010 Electrabuzz *
- Birthday2007 Charmander ID 07207
- PCBC Scizor
- PCBC Gyarados
- Christmas Scizor 2013
- KOR VGC14 Garchomp
- Blumenparadis Shiny Shaymin OT RYAN
- UK GAME Charizard X (diverse, 1x GER, 1x ITA)
- GTS Vivillon (diverse)
- R-dan / Team Rocket Meowth
- KOR Shinsegae Department Store Pokémon Munchlax
- Anime Tie-in Thundurus (T)
- KOR Eevee House Sylveon
- Pre-Order Diancie
- Hong Kong / XY Sylveon ENG
- Hong Kong / XY Garchomp ENG
- ANA Darkrai
- Kyushu Trains Event Gardevoir
- 10th Anniversary Concert Chatot
- Pokémon Game Show - Lance's Dragonite
- Pokémon Movie 2011 - Carlita's Hydreigon
- Pokémon Movie 2011 - Janta's Golurk
- KOR Year of the Dragon Horsea
- WCS14K Houndoon
- WCS14K Tyranitar
- Nintendo of Korea Mew
- 10 ANIV Suicune ENG
- Dreamworld Arceus
- VGC09 shiny Milotic
- Ray’s / VGC13 shiny Metagross
- Pokémon Centre Touhoku Opening
- Ruby & Sapphire 10th Anniversary - Pokémon Centre
- Wi-Fi Cubchoo 2010
- Strongest Pokémon Milotic
- Strongest Pokémon Salamence
- Strongest Pokémon Dragonite
- GC-Pokéball-Vivillon OT SOMMER 2014 GER 8/15/2014
- TRETTA3-Rotom
- Korean WCS14 Pachirisu ENG
- Jump Festa Linoone
- Christmas Jirachi
- Mysterious World Darkrai
- SSB Quajutsu §
- Neueröffnung Mega Tokio PC Pikachu§
- Schließung Tokio PC Froxy §
- Schließung Tokio PC Plinfa §
- Wish-Absol §
- korean Summer Character Fair Seoul shiny Milotic §
- korean shiny gengar, sanft/docile §
- jap keldeo with ID 12014 pokescrap §
- jap. victini with ID 12014 pokescrap §
- korean Jirachi with ID 07173 character fair jirachi
- jap. Winter-vf-Serpiroyal
- jap. Neueröffnung Mega Tokio PC s-Charizard
- eng. 10ANIV Psiana
- eng. 10ANIV Dragoran/ Dragonite
- BLTGRÜN s-Deoxys
- McDonalds/ N-Zone Pikachu
- eng. VGC13/Toler Kappalores/Ludicolo
- eng. WORLD13 Farbeagle/Smeargle
- eng. PCNYc Kingdra
- eng. PCNYb Duskull
- eng. PCNYb Shuppet
- eng. VGC13/Abram’s Cloyster
- jap. PokéScrap Shaymin
- jap. World Hobby Fair Manaphy
- jap. Gotta Catch ‘em all Torchic
- jap. Pokémon Jungle Tours Celebi (T, healed Pokerus)
- ger. NOV.2014 Diancie, mild,
- ger. OKT.2014/Halloween s-Gengar
- kor. Wishing star Jirachi
- jap. Nagashima Spa Land Kabuto
- jap. Nagashima Spa Land Galapaflos/ Tirtouga
- Hadō Regis:
- Regirock, froh/jolly
- Regice mäßig/modest
- Registeel froh/jolly
- Red’s Metagross mutig/brave
- Meloetta's Sparkling Recital Plinfa/Piplup, mäßig/modest
- Kyushu Trains:
- Guardevoir/Gardevoir in shiny, female
- Kappalores/Ludolico in shiny
- Sumpex/Swampert in shiny
- WORLD10 Iksbat/Crobat
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Here what im looking for

UT Serperior IDno. 01225 OT.Present

UT Victini IDno. 12031 OT.Movie14

UT Charizard IDno.07274 OT.XY (Looking for both move sets)

UT [JPN] リザードン Non-Shiny Charizard IDno.03154 OT. コロコロ (Looking for both move sets)

UT Torchic IDno.10123 OT.XY

UT 10ANNIV Lugia IDno.06227 OT.10ANNIV

UT 10ANNIV Ho-Oh IDno.06227 OT.10ANNIV

Mewtwo IDno.02112 OT.FEB2012

UT [JPN] ( バンギラス ) Tyranitar IDno.06094 OT. ポケセン

[JPN] ( ゲノセクト ) Non-Shiny Genesect IDno.01113 OT.P2ラボ

UT [JPN] ( ケルディオ ) Keldeo IDno.12014 OT.Pスクラップ

Zekrom IDno.03102 OT.SPR2012

UT Movie 디안시 (Diancie) [KOR] IDno.01155 OT.영화관

UK Darkrai IDno.02135 OT.FEB2015 (Adamant Nature)

Here what i got For Trade

UT NZ ジラーチ (Jirachi) [JPN] IDno. 06199 OT.NZ
UT Shiny Jirachi IDno.08014 OT.たなばた

Movie 디안시 (Diancie) [KOR] IDno.01155 OT.영화관 Lv.53
UT Movie ディアンシー (Diancie) [JPN] Idno.07194 OT.えいがかん w.Pokerus

UT ダークライ (Darkrai) [JPN] IDno.04194 OT.ふしぎのくに
UT ダークライ (Darkrai) [JPN] IDno.12270 OT.ANA
Darkrai IDno.05092 OT.2012MAY Lv100 w.Pokerus

UT Shiny ジュカイン (Sceptile) [JPN] IDno.03172 OT.こくら

Shiny Suicune IDno.01311 OT.GAMESTP Lv.38
Shiny Raikou IDno.02071 OT.WIN2011 Lv100

ビクティニ (Victini) IDno.11252 OT.トウホク
Moive Victini IDno.12031 OT.Movie14 Lv100

UT Meloetta IDno.03013 OT.SPR2013
UT [KOR] 메로엣타 (Meloetta) IDno.12192 OT. 영화관

Shiny ゲノセクト (Genesect) IDno.07133 OT.えいがかん
UT Plasma Genesect IDno. 10072 OT. Plasma

UT Surf ランドマーク (Pikachu) IDno.08094 OT.みなとみらい

UT Birthday Event Glaceon/Jolteon/Umbreon/Sylveon IDno.10014 OT.ポケセン♪

[KOR] 아르세우스 (Arceus) IDno.12249 OT.영화관
[GER] Dream Ball Arceus

Pkmn Ranger Manaphy Lv11

UK Darkrai IDno.02135 OT.FEB2015 (Modest/Timid/Hasty/Naive)

PM for any trades
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