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Event Trading Thread


Event Collector
corocoro garchomp コロコロ 11153 hasty sand veil draco meteor dragon claw dig crunch
walmart scizor WINTER2013 11153 Adamant Swarm x-scissor night slash double hit iron head
walmart garchomp WINTER2013 11153 Jolly sand veil slash dragon claw dig crunch
walmart garchomp WINTER2013 11153 Adamant sand veil slash dragon claw dig crunch
japanese birthday espeon ポケセン♪ 10123 gentle synchronize celebrate tail whip sand attack confusion
tokyo bay inkay PCTB 11223 brave suction cups happy hour foul play hypnosis topsy-turvy
korean pokebank celebi 61403 docile natural cure recover magical leaf ancient power hold back
japanese birthday vaporeon ポケセン♪ 10123 rash water absorb celebrate tail whip sand attack water gun
japanese birthday jolteon ポケセン♪ 10123 rash volt absorb celebrate tail whip sand attack thunder shock
japanese birthday sylveon ポケセン♪ 10123 lax cute charm celebrate helping hand sand attack fairy wind
gengar クリスマス 12213 timid levitate psychic confuse ray sucker punch shadow punch
japanese birthday pikachu ポケセン♪ 10123 hasty static celebrate play nice thundershock quick attack
japanese birthday glaceon ポケセン♪ 10123 careful snow cloak celebrate tail whip sand attack icy wind
japanese birthday leafeon ポケセン♪ 10123 10123 docile leaf guard celebrate helping hand sand attack razor leaf
tretta wobbuffett ヌケッタ 12063 hasty shadow tag counter
scizor クリスマス 12213 Adamant technician aerial ace false swipe agility fury cutter
hong kong movie sylveon XY 01044 Naive Cute Charm Disarming Voice Baby-Doll Eyes Quick Attack Draining Kiss
japanese birthday flareon ポケセン♪ 10123 jolly flash fire celebrate tail whip sand attack ember
japanese birthday umbreon ポケセン♪ 10123 hardy synchronize celebrate tail whip sand attack pursuit
japanese birthday eevee ポケセン♪ 10123 calm run away celebrate tail whip baby-doll eyes swift
looking for others. not torchic or other natures of events i have. need cloneback trades for those i have one of
will not trade for shinies or pokebank pokemon. only other gen 6 events


True Love Never Dies
Looking for any legitimate, unhacked, uncloned Shaymin, Manaphy, or Arceus. I can offer:

Keldeo (I have 2, so there's a choice of natures and IVs)
Shiny creation trio
Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, DW Lugia & Ho-oh, HA Tornadus + Thundurus + Landorus, Meloetta
I also have spare X version mega stones, Battle Maison items, and can breed all Pokemon. Cheers.
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FT: original event victiny, event shiny palkia, event shiny giratina, event shiny dialga, pokevirus

I would like in return a darkrai.


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FT: 6V shiny darkrai, shiny event genesect, shiny 6v adamant lugia

LF: 6v shiny entei is instant accept, will look into all other offers.

Dragonz Reborn

New Member
Looking for 6th gen pokemon, pokemon event

Have a bunch of events for trade just let me know which you need.

Have on me now for trade:
10th anniversary Latios, Latias, Lugia, Shiny Pikachu
Gamestop jirachi (touched)
Gamestop Celebi
Alamous Darkrai (touched but still has roar of time and spacial rend)
Movie event reshiram
Movie event Kyurem
KEldeo summer 2012
Fly Pikachu
Ash's Pikachu
Happy hour PCTB Inkay
Movie 11 Shaymin
winter 2013 Garchomp

ONLY looking for 6th gen event if what u seek isnt listed let me know i can supply it within 24 hours (if its a 5th gen or before event)

Hailstorm Metagross

Steel-Type Trainer
Lf: Jirachi and Darkrai.
Ft:SUM2013 Shiny Dialga (modest),Shiny Palkia (timid) and Shiny Giratina (modest).Darkrai and Jirachi are the only 2 legends I need left.
Pm me if you'd like to trade.
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shiny hoarder
ive got a japanese shiny 6IV ditto adamant nature, and a shiny 6IV modest mew
ive also got a shiny genesect and unnerve mewtwo, aswell as shiny: rayquaza, mewtwo, cobalion, and thundurus therian form
looking for kalos bred competitive shinies


New Member
I am currently looking for....


I am currently offering...

Lugia x2
Kyurem x2
Gamestop Event Shiny Dialga
Gamestop Event Shiny Palkia
Cobalion x2
Virizion x2
Terrakion x2

Shing Gyarados x3
Shiny Dragonite
Shiny Gible
Shiny Haxorus
Shiny Pelipper
Shiny Braixen
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Reputable Trader
Looking for
Speed Boost Event Torchic ***with Blazikenite*** UNTOUCHED NO EXPERIENCE ONLY
5-6IV bred shiny ccompetitive pokemon


Shiny Lugia lv70 Impish in a Heavy Ball Pressure
shiny Dragonite lv100 Male Multiscale Careful Thunder Wave, Dragon Tail, Roost, Dragon Dance 252 HP, 4Atk, 252 sp.def
Unnerve Mewtwo the Japanese movie event Timid Psystrike, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Calm Mind 252 sp.atk, 4 sp.def, 252 speed
Sheer Force Landorus from my dream radar serious perfect speed lv40
Shiny timid Itimidate Stantler perfect sp.def lv58
Mild Own Tempo Shiny Smeargle lv16
Shiny jolly treecko lv1
Shiny relaxed Mudkip lv1
Shiny quiet female Intimidate ExtremeSpeed, Flame Charge, Close Combat, Solar Beam 31/31/xx/xx/31/31 lv44
Impish Shiny 31/20/31/31/31/0/xx Natural Cure Trevenant Horn Leech, Curse, Leech Seed, Phantom Force 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Atk lv50 nicknamed Deku Tree
Self caught timid 5IV Timid Mewtwo 13/31/31/31/31/31 Psystrike, Aura Sphere, Fire Blast 8PP, Ice Beam 16 HP, 240 Sp.atk, 252 Speed
Have some other stuff if no one wants these but will need to transfer and have these all on gen6 at the moment ready to trade pm me offers if you have an UT event pokebank celebi, speed boost event torchic or 4-6IV Bred shinies, still need to transfer most of my 5-6 iv shinies
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I leik Pokemon
I do not know if this is the correct thread to post this in but I'm looking for a Calm Celebi from the Pokemon Bank event only. Preferably, I would want one with a perfect HP and Spec Def IVs but that is not necessary. Message me if you have one and we can probably work something out.


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I have a shiny gallade and meganium kalos bred and am looking for a moletta keldo and other legendaries, if your interested just pm me.


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I am currently looking for an Event Shiny Entei.

Things I have:

Shiny Whismur
Shiny Timid Landorus-I

Japanese Deoxys
Win2011 Celebi
Bank Celebi
Shiny Suicune
Plasma Genesect

5IV Calm Frillish, Jolly Drilbur
4IV Slowpoke, Espurr, Daramuka, Axew, Goomy, Dratini, Evee, Tyrunt, Shuppet

Some Megastones (ask if interested)
Black Sludge
Dusk Stone
Shiny Stone
Choice Scarf

A few random Legendaries

Please PM me for offers or questions!
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looking for any red genesect! and any manaphy ( no nickname ) PM me to sort something out :)


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looking for arceus,meloetta, and keldeo PM me if interested have mostly other legends, need these three to finish dex


Steel-Clad Wonder
Looking for Happy Hour Inkay/Malamar. Can offer Lv. 100 Groudon, Lv. 100 Shiny Rayquaza, Lv. 100 Timid Milotic etc.
Please PM me if interested, thanks
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