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Event Trading Thread


Koffing and Weezing
Anyone have any extra Arceus codes (NA) they would be willing to trade me? I've got exactly 2 volcanion codes that I can let go of to offer for it, not much else though.


The Starter Lover
Hi, Looking for a Volcanion. I have extra event Pokemon eg Diancie, Shiny Rayquaza etc. Hit me up with a PM. Thanks!!!


Looking for:

- unused Genesect code (PAL region)
(I offer 2 for 1 code.)

These Pokemon should be caught in ORAS and UT:

- Raikou, Entei, Suicune
- Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regigigas
- Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf
- Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion

Note: I want all Pokemon listed together with the same original Trainer and in the same kind of Ball. (Regigigas not necessary but preferred)

For trade:

- Hoopa (JPN)
- 2012MAY Darkrai
- E4ALL Manaphy
- Movie14 Victini
- SPR2013 Meloetta
- GAMESTP Shiny Raikou
- GAMESTP Shiny Entei
- GAMESTP Shiny Suicune
- 10ANNIV Lugia
- 10ANNIV Ho-Oh
- 10 ANIV Latios
- 10 ANIV Latias
- Oblivia Deoxys
- SUM2013 Shiny Dialga
- SUM2013 Shiny Palkia
- SUM2013 Shiny Giratina
- TRU Regigigas
- MICHINA Arceus (Adamant, 6x31 IVs)
- SPR2012 Reshiram
- SPR2012 Zekrom

Please PM/VM me if you want to trade or have questions about the Pokemon. :)

Frost Valley

Frost Valley
LF: Volcanion codes, Genesect codes. These are just some stuff from 2015-2011 I'd be interested in as a reference, I do accept cloned pokemon for trade, would like to be told whether it's cloned/not though. Pm me some offers

World16 Starters
World15 Starters
World14 Starters
All-Stars Korean Diancie
Pika Pika SPA Pikachu
Taiwan GF Mew
Birthday Events
PGL Deli
PGL Pika
PGL Amuara
World Sharpedo
Gamestop Dragonite
PGL Tyrunt
World Aegislash
Pinsir wifi Event
Heracross wifi Event
stevens Beldum
SUM-2013 trio
dog trio Event

For trade I have Cloned Pokemon obtained via trade, probably 50+ br pokemon, 40+ shinies, events include 2011 Entei, 2014 Hope Diancie, 20th Anniversary legends, a HP ice Zapdos, I have Arceus codes, taking offers.

Poke Ball Serperior ★ Contrary Timid 31 30 31 30 31 30 3 Leaf Storm Substitute Hidden Power Glare 4 ♀ FIRE
Poke Ball Florges ★ Flower Veil Bold 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Calm Mind Synthesis Moonblast Aromatherapy 4 ♀
Nest Ball Beedrill ★ Swarm Jolly 31 31 31 31 x 31 5 U-turn Poison Jab Protect Drill Run 4 ♀
Poke Ball Ferrothorn ★ Iron Barbs Relaxed 31 31 31 31 31 0 5 Stealth Rock Leech Seed Gyro Ball Power Whip 4 ♀ ICE
Poke Ball Bidoof ★ Moody Modest 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Tackle Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Ice Beam 4 ♂
Heal Ball Abra ★ Magic Guard Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Teleport 1 ♂ Synchronize
Dream Ball Clefable ★ Magic Guard Modest 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Calm Mind Moonlight Moonblast Flamethrower 4 ♀ 252 Hp/252 Spa
Dream Ball Scraggy ★ Intimidate Careful 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Quick Guard Fake Out Ice Punch Drain Punch 4 ♀
Level Ball Arcanine ★ Intimidate Jolly 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Flare Blitz Extreme Speed Morning Sun Close Combat 4 ♀ 252 Att/252 Spe
Dream Ball Espeon ★ Magic Bounce Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Grass Knot Wish Psyshock Dazzling Gleam 4 ♀ 252 Spa/252 Spe
Poke Ball Gardevoir ★ Trace Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Psyshock Calm Mind Focus Blast Hyper Voice 4 ♂ 252 Spa/252 Spe
Poke Ball Garchomp ★ Rough Skin Jolly 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Sword Dance Dragon Claw Earthquake Stone Edge 4 ♀ 252 Att/252 Spe
Poke Ball Hawlucha ★ Unburden Adamant 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 High Jump Kick Acrobatics Hone Claws Roost 4 ♂ 252 HP/252 Att
Poke Ball Honedge ★ No Guard Adamant 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Aerial Ace Sword Dance Shadow Sneak ♀
Poke Ball Weavile ★ Pickpocket Jolly 31 31 31 20 31 31 5 Knock Off Icicle Crash Ice Shard Low Kick 4 ♂ ELECTRIC 252 Att/252 Spe Lng:SPA
Luxury Ball Umbreon ★ Synchronize Careful 31 31 31 31 31 x 5 Toxic Payback Curse Moonlight 4 ♂ 252 Hp/252 SpD Nicknamed:Blacky

Dusk Ball Noivern ★ Infiltrator Timid 31 21 31 31 31 31 5 Dragon Pulse U-turn Air Slash Flamethrower 4 ♂ DARK 252 SpA/252 Spe
Poke Ball Gliscor ★ Poison Heal Impish 31 31 31 22 31 31 5 Knock Off Toxic Ice Punch Earthquake 4 ♂ 252 Hp/252 Def
Dusk Ball Gardevoir ★ Trace Modest Psyshock Focus Blast Hyper Voice Calm Mind ♀
Poke Ball Charmander ★ Solar Power Timid ♂ 5iv - SpA
Poke Ball Nidoking ★ Sheer Force Timid
Friend Ball Kingdra ★ Swift Swim Icy Wind Outrage Muddy Water Dragon Pulse
Fast Ball Ponyta ★ flash fire 31 31 31 31 31 22 Double-Edge Hypnosis Low kick Morning Sun
Eelektross ★ Levitate Quiet Thunderbolt Flamethrower Aqua Tail Drain Punch
Empoleon ★ Torrent Calm Stealth Rock Scald Ice Beam Defog
Dream Ball Weezing ★ Levitate Bold "Will-O-Wisp Sludge Bomb Stockpile Pain Split
Net Ball Drapion ★ Sniper Adamant Cross Poison Toxic Spikes Night Slash Earthquake
Poke Ball Heliolisk ★ Solar Power Timid 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 Hyper Voice Grass Knot Thunder Bolt Dark Pulse
Dream Ball Gliscor ★ Poison Heal Impish 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Earthquake Knock Off Hyper Cutter Sand Veil Poison Heal

Cherish Ball Jirachi Serene Grace Jolly 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 0 DARK OT GF 04016
Cherish Ball Xerneas ★ Fairy Aura Modest 31 5 31 30 31 31 4 0 ELECTRIC Fairy Aura - -
Cherish Ball Yveltal ★ Dark Aura Timid 31 21 31 29 31 31 4 0 DARK Dark Aura - -
Cherish Ball Celebi Natural Cure Timid 0 0 Idr the ivs
Cherish Ball Yveltal ★ Dark Aura Rash 31 31 29 31 31 31 5 0 DARK 29-30 def
Cherish Ball Entei ★ Pressure Adamant 0 0
Cherish Ball Diancie Naive 0 0 OT:OCT2014 10274
Cherish Ball Manaphy Bold 0 0 Hydration - - 5iv ofc
Volcanion 5iv Modest


I have a code for genesect for the US which I got when I was in NYC last week, but I got back to Ireland and wont work on my DS... any chance anyone with a US game might be able to redeem it and trade it over to me? would really help as its the last legend I need


New Member
LF - An EU/UK Volcanion code and an EU/UK Genesect code
FT - A few events, shinies and a load of HA / bank ball Pokémon I can breed for you.


New Member
region NA

FT 3 lvl 100 arceus codes (august 2016)
LF any other event pokemon

codes expire on the 30th of november
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I am currently searching for the following event pokemon
Shiny Rayquaza

I have the following available to trade (all event, all self obtained):
L100 Keldeo
L100 Victini
L100 Meloetta

These pokemon are all events, uncloned etc. Please PM me if interested in trading!
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The Snivy Fairy
I'm looking for A) A serena's fennekin (Not really expecting to find one, as most people probably don't have it or evolved it.) and B) Pokeball Pattern Vivillon. I don't have much to offer, but I have the Black and White (or maybe it was black 2 and White 2...? IDR.) Shiny Palkia event from SUM2013 with aura sphere, Spacial Rend, Hydro Pump, and Draco meteor and the Johto Legendary Beasts shiny which unlocked the Zoroark in Black and White (although I don't know which of my games they are on currently so I'll have to check.) I also have spare GF celebi from earlier in the year thanks to having multiple copies of the game. I'm mainly searching for the pokeball pattern vivillon and I am willing to discuss this elsewhere if anyone is interested.


New Member
Hi all,

I posted previously that I have spare Genesect codes (USA/NA Gamestop event) to trade. I am looking for the following:

Palkia, Dialga, Reshiram, Zekrom, Thundurus, Tornadus.

The codes are good through February 28, 2017, and I am looking to help people who need Genesect and haven't been able to get one.

PM with offers.


IV Breeder
Looking for:
NA Volcanion code

Have for trade:
Shiny Galileo Rayquaza for trade, Japanese 5IV Jolly Tyrogue /w EM Bullet Punch+MachPunch, Japanese XYZ Shiny Xerneas and XYZ Shiny Yvetel, ENG 5V Female Bold Bulbasaur /w EM AMnesia+GigaDrain, 5IV Female Timid Drought Vulpix.


Well-Known Member
I have a spare Volcanion, Diance or Hoopa not after anything special just really need HA Luvdisc, HA Rampardos, HA Stoutland (so those three for either Volcanion/Diance/Hoopa)

I also have spares of all the monthy giveaways from this year except for Arceus if you need th


New Member
Hey all - I am looking for the US shiny xerneas or shiny ylvetal event. I have most of the event pokemon from this year, I am missing these two. Thanks!


Event Collector
kor eevee with proof
kor common code events all lang with proof
all 6 pc boss events with good proof
2016 tanabata jirachi both ots other lang with proof will do 2-3 proof event per jirachi or 5-10 non proof event per jirachi(1 for 1 if rto or vrto is picked)
Pika Pika Pokémon Spa Pikachu other lang with proof will do 2-3 proof event per pika or 5-10 non proof event per pika(1 for 1 if rto or vrto is picked)
other lang of repeat pika and vivillion with proof
other lang of kor shiny mewtwo with proof
pgl landorus other lang with proof
repeat gengar other lang with proof
other 2015 birthday events with proof
kor league gyarados other lang with proof
hiroshima repeat charizard all lang with proof
hiroshima repeat rayquaza other lang with proof
eng lab charmander with good proof
jp kanto lab starters with good proof
johto lab starters other lang with redemption proof
taiwan hoopa and arceus all lang with redemption proof
kor movie legends all lang with redemption proof
other lang of korean shiny teeter dance pika with redemption proof
FRE,JP guidebook mareep with redemption proof
korean megabattle charizard other lang with redemption proof
korean pikachu with proof
SPA watertribe manaphy with redemption proof
other lang of vega and altair jirachi with redemption proof
saytay pikachu other lang with redemption proof
eng,ita,jp,spa guidebook shaymin with redemption proof
other languages of current/new events with proof


New Member
I hope someone here can help me out I've been looking for these events for ages and would love to get them they are listed in order of priority

LF Cythina's Garchomp, Shiny Yeveltal (Not needed anymore), Shiny Xerneas

FT Spare 20th Victini, Keldeo, Gensect, Darkrai and Volcanion I am willing to trade more than one legendary for them as I have 2 or three of some of them

PM me if you are willing to trade
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