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Event Trading Thread


New Member
Hello everyone! I've been searching for many Eevee/lution events and have quite the collection. However I still am looking for legit Eevee/lutions.

10014 Pokemon Center Birthday Vaporean, Jolteon, and Umbreon
10015 and 10016 Pokemon Center Birthday Eevee/lutions
161118 Pokemon Center Birthday Eevee

Everything in here: https://goo.gl/tk7seY

Think any of you guys can help an Eevee fan out?

Edit: I have recently obtained a legit 2017 Birthday Eevee, and 2015 Birthday Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Umbreon.
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New Member
I got the 2011 event entei (shiny with extremespeed and flare blitz adamant nature) and I would like a timid shiny latias for it
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New Member
I'm looking for some old gen events and can offer almost any gen V or VI event, in most languages. AFAIK all events I can offer are legit.

Events wanted:
Stantler - LV 10 - OT: トウキョー or オーサカ or ナゴヤ or フクオカ or ヨコハマ or サッポロ - ID: 60505 - Gotta Catch 'Em All Event 6
Houndour - LV 10 - OT: トウキョー or オーサカ or ナゴヤ or フクオカ or ヨコハマ or サッポロ - ID: 60505 - Gotta Catch 'Em All Event 6
Mantine - LV 10 - OT: トウキョー or オーサカ or ナゴヤ or フクオカ or ヨコハマ or サッポロ - ID: 60114 - Gotta Catch 'Em All Event 3
Milotic - LV 50 - OT: VGC09 - ID: 05099 - Video Game Championships


Well-Known Member
LF: Anniversary Mew/Celebi/Jirachi/Manaphy/Victini

FT: 20th Anniversary Genesect.


Ghost Master
I've got all the new Easter Egg events hatched as shinies.

Looking for any older events I don't have. Make me an offer or send me a list.


Has anyone went to the TCGWC 2007 in Hawaii and obtained this Pikachu event and still have it unclaimed in their Gen 4 games?

Level : 50
ID : 08107
Nature : Hardy
Gender : Male
Ball : Cherish
Item : Light Ball
Ribbon : Classic

If yes PM me please.


Well-Known Member

i'm looking for a manaphy or even a manaphy egg if anyone has one

i love manaphy and so, i've been wanting one soon

;manaphyegg; ;manafi;


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New Member
I would love to get the event pikachus thats going on in japan. I've got all the event pokemon from last year for trade and can get you any non legendary shiny as well.


Well-Known Member
I am currently looking for the following items (I am working on a complete item collection in Y). Except for the Mulches and Fossils, these are items that are exclusive to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Amaze Mulch
Boost Mulch
Rich Mulch
Surprise Mulch
Damp Mulch
Gooey Mulch
Growth Mulch
Stable Mulch

Regional Full Heal Items:
Rage Candy Bar
Shalour Sable

Jaw Fossil
Sail Fossil

Blue Scarf
Green Scarf
Pink Scarf
Red Scarf
Yellow Scarf

Rarer Items:
Sacred Ash
Soul Dew

In exchange, I can offer one or more of the following:

- Various 20th Anniversary Pokemon (self-obtained, uncloned, and soft-resetted for favorable natures)
- ANY breedable Hidden Ability Pokemon
- Any B.P. item (except for the Ability Capsule)
- Pokedex completion help and/ or evolution assistance
- Various other things

Please feel free to contact me if you have any of these items available for trade, and I would be happy to work something out with you.


New Member
Looking for a Genesect for my Living Dex. Could be from any event, but the one from the 20th Anniversary would do just fine.

- Other 20th Anniversary Event Pokemon (with the Delivery Girl, Nature not set yet):
= Celebi
= Jirachi
= Manaphy
= Shaymin
= Victini
= Keldeo
= Meloetta
- XYZ Shiny Yveltal (Nature also not set)
- Extra Legendaries from ORAS: Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Giratina, Deoxys

I have about 2 of each 20th Anniversary pokemon mentioned, so if anybody wants to make up for one they missed, feel free to PM me an offer!

EDIT: Got Genesect!
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I love turtwig!!!

Shiny collector
Looking for two Europe event Meowths with Happy Hour. Natures don't necessarily matter but I would love Adamant on at least one.

Shinys (UT for ones that are untouched):
Shiny Steelix Female *Nicknamed GoldGolem* French lv. 70 Careful nature, Sturdy ability
Shiny Excadrill Female Japanese lv. 58
Modest nature (Attack stat is still very high), Sand Force ability
Shiny Zangoose UT Male lv.9
Relaxed nature, Immunity ability
Shiny Exploud Male lv. 48
Relaxed nature, Soundproof ability
Shiny Scraggy UT Male lv.1 *Has egg moves*
Jolly nature, Moxie ability
Shiny Audino UT Male lv. 30
Lax nature, Klutz ability
Shiny Ponyta UT Male lv. 23 *Name is set to Ponyta, was probably nicknamed in an earlier generation Will Not Change*
Docile nature, Flash Fire ability
Shiny Dratini Male lv. 25
Hardy nature, Shed Skin ability
Shiny Druddigon UT Male lv.30
Rash nature, Sheer Force ability
Shiny Skiddo UT Male Spanish lv. 8
Bold nature, Sap Sipper ability
2 Shiny Glooms UT Both Males Both lv. 30
Both Naughty nature, Both Chlorophyll ability (Not clones)
Foongus UT Female lv. 18
Naive nature, Effect Spore ability

Xerneas UT lv. 50
Docile nature, Fairy Aura ability
Xerneas lv. 100
Timid nature, Fairy Aura ability
Yveltal UT lv. 50
Naive nature, Dark Aura ability
Mewtwo UT Lv. 70
Impish nature, Pressure ability
Tornadus UT Male lv. 40
Impish nature, Prankster ability
Reshiram Japanese lv. 100
Modest nature, Turboblaze ability
Zekrom Japanese lv. 100
Calm nature, Teravolt ability
Victini UT Japanese lv. 15
Modest nature, Victory Star ability
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New Member
Lf: Mew, Jirachi, Shaymin
I have: Keldeo, Arceus, Darkrai, Volcanion, Victini, Meloetta, happy hour meowth
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Blue Bisharp

Need More Silvally…
I am looking for...

A Pikachu with a Modest or Timid Nature that knows the move Surf.

And the 20th Anniversary Jirachi.


Well-Known Member
LF: Legit Pokeball Patterned Vivillon (OT: SUM2014, ID: 08064)

FT: Legit 20th Anniversary Victini (OT: GF, ID: 09016) and Manaphy (OT: GF, ID: 06016)

PM if interested.


New Member
LF: Diancie needs to be legit. IV's and nature don't matter.
FT:Mewtwo, Deoxys, Hoopa, Victini, Darkrai, Keldeo also have Shinny Xerneas AND Yvetal


Can someone help me transfer 4 Pokemon from Alpha Sapphire to Y? I want to restart Alpha Sapphire but I don't want to lose my event Pokemon.


-- EDIT: I got them transferred. --
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Well-Known Member
FT: 20th Anniversary (OT 06016) Manaphy, Best Wishes (OT 07013) Japanese Jirachi

LF: GF (OT 10016) Keldeo

PM please.