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Event Trading Thread


New Member
Hey guys, i am currently trading 2 20th anniversary victini, 20th anniversary meloetta, QR code distribution magearna ( obtained by me ) and a pokemon ranch mew. im looking for shiny offers and other events, thanks!
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New Member
I hope someone here can help me out I've been looking for this event for ages and would love to get it

LF Cythina's Garchomp,
FT Spare 20th Victini, Keldeo, Gensect, Darkrai, Meloletta and Volcanion I am willing to trade more than one legendary for it as I have 2 or three of some of them

PM me if you are willing to trade


New Member
Have been looking for Christmas Wristband Shiny Jirachi. Not hacked please.
Adamant, Careful or Jolly if possible.

I have:
Traded on PSS but all legit information:
Victiny 3IV Hasty
Hoopa 3IV Lax
Jirachi 3IV Lonely
Genesect Shiny 6IV Hasty

From Game:
Kirlia Shiny 1IV Quiet
Kyogre 3IV TImid
Zygarde 3IV Adamant

Some Hacks people traded me on PSS...
Jirachi Shiny WISHMKr (weird r at the end) 3IV Modest
Diancie 3IV (Seems legit, but japanese OT in non-Japanese poke with english name) Relaxed


New Member
hi Everyone:

i have 2016 events for trade including:
Hoopa x5
Arceus x3
Darkrai x2

I also have a few shinys I can trade.

Im looking for shinys:
Trapinch or vibrava
burmy male

I want the shinys level 40 or lower and legit. please. thanks!


Event Collector
gen 6 event with proof i don't have yet
other lang of gen 6 event with proof
gen 7 event with proof i don't have yet
other lang of gen 7 event with proof


New Member
I'm looking for a hoopa. I need it to complete my pokedex.

My up for trades are
*Giratina, OT SUM2013, ID No 09303
*Palkia, OT SUM2013, ID No 09093
*Dialga, OT SUM2013, ID No 08193
Genesect, OT GF, ID No 11016, year 2016
Darkrai, OT GF, ID No 05016, year 2016
Manaphy, OT GF, ID No 06016, year 2016

I also have at least one of every Pokémon. Let me know if you got a trade.

Friend code: 5069-3948-3682

PM me
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The Lost one.
I have GameStop Marshadow code for trade.
Lv 50
Ability: Technician
Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, and Shadow ball
Will also be given Marshadium Z

Looking for 2017 event Shiny Silvally, Ho-Oh, or Lycanroc.


New Member
*trade complete*
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New Member
Hey, everyone :)
I got a few Mashadow-Codes (Europe) that I would like to trade here :)
I'm looking for any Events on the 6.Gen and as well I'm looking for older events (old sea map, ranger etc.)

(hopefully i did obey the rules... :/ If not Im sorry...)

Greeting from germany :)


New Member
For trade:
- Shiny Charmander
- Shiny Rayquaza
- Shiny Cobalion
- Shiny Umbreon
- Shiny Latios
- Shiny Event Glaceon
- Shiny Event Gardevoir
- Shiny Event Gyrados
- Shiny Event Mew
- non-Shiny Event Mew
- Shiny Event Jirachi

Looking for (Priorities)
- Shiny Xerneas
- Shiny Silvally code
- Other untouched shiny events

Open to any trade offers


New Member
Many events (150+)
Many marshadow-codes (pal)

Any kind of events i dont own
Hi All,

I have started playing again pokemon games recently. Finished X/Y/OR/AS, now need to complete the pokedex. Desperately looking for Diancie. Anybody can help me?

Events that I can trade: many GEV IV and of GEN V:

-GameStop Suicune
-GameStop Entei
-GameStop Raikou
-European Winter 2011 Celebi
-European Michina Arceus
-UK Video Game Championships 2009 Milotic

-Winter 2011 Suicune
-Winter 2011 Entei
-Winter 2011 Raikou
-Fall 2010 Mew
-Summer 2010 Jirachi
-Aura Mew (10th anniversary)

-Movie Arceus
-Movie Regigigas
-Movie Darkrai
-Movie Shaymin

-Darkrai from games member card
-Shimin from games oaks letter

-Manaphy from Ranger
-Phione from My Pokemon Ranch
-Phione breeded from Manaphy

-Victini from liberty pass
-Summer 2013 Shiny Dialga, Palkia, Giratina
-Spring 2013 Meloetta
-Summer 2012 Keldeo
-Video Game Championships 2012 Larvitar
-Winter 2011 Darkrai
-Summer 2011 Zoroark

-Plasma Deoxys
-Winter 2013 Keldeo
-Plasma Genesect
-May 2012 Darkrai
-Spring 2012 Reshiram and Zekrom
-February 2012 Mewtwo
-Movie 14 Victini
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New Member
Hello. I am looking for a Volcanion for X/Y or OR/AS. I had gotten the card with the codes last year, but didn't realize they expired and I missed out on the chance to download the mystery gift. I'm really trying to complete the Pokedex in gen 6. I have multiple Marshadow and Shiny Silvally codes for Su/Mo that I am willing to trade, but if you are looking for anything in particular hopefully we can work something out.


Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for one Hoopa and one Volcanion for X/Y/OR/AS. nature or IVs don't matter, as long as they are legit and UT.

Events I have to offer:

- NOV2014 Diancie
- NWS Manaphy
- Movie14 Victini
- Japanese movie Victini (OT 04161)
- Plasma Genesect
- Japanese Scrap Shaymin (OT 12014)
- TRU Shaymin
- Shiny movie Genesect (OT 07133, will only trade for both Hoopa and Volcanion together)

Note, will only trade one of each individual species

Please PM if you're interested.
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I have 4 dialga/palkia codes. Accept most gen VI/VII events


I'm looking for a Helen Volcanion, untouched if possible. I can offer several events including Gamestop Deoxys, Jirachi, and Celebi. PM me.