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Event Trading Thread


Mew/Mewtwo Lover
Offering Keldeo, Molleta, Mew, Jirachi and Victini for Kalos Shinies.
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I have a shiny event lvl 100 Entei.
I want to fill my Dex and don't really care about having event Pokemon or not, so I'm willing to trade the event Entei for the 3 non-event legendary beasts.


Really? Come on now.
Shinys FT
Adament poke Sanctuary Haxorus Male Rivalry 5-6ivs
3x Adament insomnia/frisk shuppet male with 5-6 ivs
Adament female mawile intimadate 5-6 ivs
2x Adament female gible rough skin 5-6 ivs
2x Impish Male venipede speed boost 5-6 ivs
Impish gemale swarm venipede 5-6 ivs
2x Adament male overgrow turtwig 5-6 ivs
Adament male hippopotas sandstream 5-6 ivs
2x Modest male overgrow bulbasaur 5-6 ivs
Modest female synchronize ralts 5-6 ivs
Impish female immunity gligar 5-6 ivs
Adament male sturdy aron
2x modest female static mareep 5-6 ivs
timid male gastly egg move disable 5-6ivs

Event pokemons
3x Movie timid keldeo 5-6 ivs
Movie timid darkrai with special moves 5-6 ivs
6iv timid Meloetta
5-6iv adament Meloetta
2x jolly v-create rayquaza 5-6ivs
Dream radar mild telepathy giratina
Dream radar gentle multiscale lugia
Dream radar bashful regenerate Ho-oH

gen 6 shinys/5-6 ivs shinys that i don't have.
Competitive items(3 for 1)

Will do 2-3 for a Ho-oh or Lugia with its HA and a better nature and ivs
or a (non shiny) foreign language scatterbug line male with 5-6ivs , a monsoon pattern vivillon
and lastly a timid foreign ditto with 6ivs


Trainer in training
In search of the dog trio from gamestop, Meloetta, Jirachi, Shaymin and Genesect. I'm willing to trade Victini (liberty ticket), Reshiram (white 2 game), a bunch of trophy shiny and special items for those. Plus trying to special breed in some cases.


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In need of an event Mew, so I know the thing is legit :p Had one on my B2 game that turned out not to be so I was unable to transfer it (Surprisingly, my Jirachi which I thought was hacked wasn't! Go figure.) Can offer-
Victini (Caught with Liberty Ticket)
LV. 1 Giratina (from HG/SS event, triggered by an event Arceus)
Arceus with TRU OT
Darkrai with 2012MAY OT
Genesect with Plasma OT

Ideally would love to trade Arceus or Darkrai, since I have two of each.


I have a Shiny Milotic (Event) for trade

Looking for other shinies or event shinies


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Here are all the event pokemon i have i'm willing to trade

Shiny raikou-level 30-gen 4 to 5 event shiny beast

4 Shiny entei same level same event

2 celebies level 50 from the gen 4 to 5 event

2 each of shiny dialga palkia and giratina level 100 shiny dragons event from gen 5's closing months.

4 level 15 genesects from the gen 5 black 2 white 2 event.

What do i want?

Shiny fennikin, Shiny snivy, and Shiny Squirtal, gender does not matter, Iv's do not matter But if you have a proven 5 or perefect IV one i'll be willing to give up more then 1 or 2 for each. 2 to 4 depending on which ones you want. Private message me what you want


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Offering level 30 far away island mew, shiny yanma, and shiny rayquaza level 70 pm me if interested


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I thought this might interest some people on this site. To make a long story short I have a Japanese Pokemon Emerald with a legit old sea map. I have now started the process of SR'ing (3,100+ atm) to get a shiny Mew. I will then be doing a giveaway for the Mew (I don't really have any interest in shiny legends). However I do realize how extremely RARE this is, and I cannot pass on the opportunity to not try for a shiny.

I have a video, that I can post if anyone is interested in seeing me legitimately use the old sea map! Just post comments if interested :)

This is how the giveaway works: Comment in this thread/PM me:
1. Why you would want the shiny Mew
2. Why I should pick you!

Thanks and good luck!


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Trading plasma deoxys lvl 100 serious nature fully ev trained in sp atk and spd can reset evs if needed for an arceus pm me


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Looking for: any event Genesect

For trade events: Mew, Mewtwo (psystrike), Meloetta, Jirachi(draco Meteor), Victini(liberty pass),
Shiny Raikou, Shiny Entei, Shiny Suicune, Manaphy, Shiny Giratina, Shiny Dialga, Shiny Palkia, Shaymin, Arceus

For trade legendaries (non events): Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Regigigas, Kyurem, Zekrom, Ho-oh, Lugia, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groundon, Rayquaza

Willing to trade more than one of any of the above for a shiny event Genesect, and I am also willing to trade more than one for an UT Genesect.


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I have a Mew (MYSTRY) Lv60 with PKRS and/or Arceus (TRU) Lv 100 on Pokemon Black and
I have Mewtwo (FEB2012) UT, Mew (FAL2010) UT, Celebi (WIN2011) UT, Jirachi (GAMESTP) UT, Deoxys (Plasma) UT, Manaphy (TRU) UT, Darkrai (2012MAY) UT, Victini (Movie14) UT, Zekrom (SPR2012) UT, Keldeo (SMR2012) UT, Meloetta (SPR2012) UT, and Genesect (Plasma) UT, and Mew (MYSTRY) for trade on Pokemon Y. I'm looking for the following:

Dialga (SUM2013) id:08193 lv100 and Arceus (TRU) id:11079 LV 100

It has to be untouched and legit. Send me a PM if you want to trade. I will trade multiple pokemon for it but don't get too greedy. I might be willing to even take a clone but we will see.

I will also be willing to do trades for the following listed below but I’m looking for those two first!!!


Milotic Lv 35
Seviper Lv 18
Zangoose Lv 18
Kingdra Lv 50
Crawdaunt Lv 100 or Lv 50
Wailord Lv 100 or LV 50
Aggron Lv 100 or Lv 50
Exploud Lv 100 or Lv 50
Duskull Lv 45
Shuppet Lv 45
Cacturne Lv 45
Shedinja Lv 50
Salamence Lv 50
Altaria Lv 45
Flygon Lv 45
Seadra Lv 45
Staryu Lv 50
Gloom Lv 50
Pikachu Lv 50
Latios Lv 50
Latias Lv 50

Vulpix Lv 18
Tauros Lv 25
Staryu Lv 18
Slowpoke Lv 31
Shellder Lv 24
Sandshrew Lv 12
Psyduck Lv 27
Oddish Lv 26
Machoke Lv 38
Haunter Lv 23
Growlithe Lv 32
Ekans Lv 14

Absol Lv 35
Seviper Lv 30
Flygon Lv 45

Zigzagoon Lv 5

Metang Lv 30

Zapdos Lv 70
Umbreon Lv 70
Tyraniter Lv 70
Typhlosion Lv 70
Suicune Lv 70
Raikou Lv 70
Pikachu Lv 70
Moltres Lv 70
Latios Lv 70
Latias Lv 70
Entei Lv 70
Espeon Lv 70
Dragonite Lv 70
Charizard Lv 70
Bulbasaur Lv 70
Blaziken Lv 70
Blastoise Lv 70
Articuno Lv 70
Absol Lv 70

Deoxys Lv 70

Manaphy Lv 50 OT: E4ALL
Manaphy Lv 50 OT: NWS
Manaphy Lv 50 OT: TRU
Pikachu Lv 50 OT: TCGWC
Magmortar Lv 50 OT PKTOPIA
Electivire Lv 50 OT: PKTOPIA
Pikachu Lv 10 OT: PKTOPIA

Pikachu Lv 20 OT: Nzone
Dragonite Lv50 OT: TRU
Lucrio Lv 30 OT WORLD08

Arceus Lv 100 OT TRU
Weavile Lv 30 OT WORLD09
Milotic Lv 50 OT VGC09
Regigigas Lv 100 TRU
Shaymin Lv 50 OT TRU

Crobat Lv 50 OTWORLD10
Jirachi Lv 5 OT SMR2010
Eevee Lv 50 OT VGC10
Pichu Lv 30 OT SPR2010
Pichu Lv 30 OT GAMESTP

Zoroark LV 50 OT EVENT11
Scrafty Lv 50 OT WORLD11
Celebi Lv 50 OT WIN2011
Suicune Lv 30 OT WIN2011
Entei Lv 30 OT WIN2011
Raikou Lv 30 OT WIN2011
Celebi Lv 50 OT WIN2011
Pikachu Lv 50 OT Ash

Pikachu Lv 50 OT WORLD12
Larvitar Lv 5 OT VGC12
Reshiram LV 100 OT SPR2012

Smeargle Lv 50 OT WORLD13
Dialga Lv 100 OT SUM2013
Palkia Lv 100 OT SUM2013
Giratina Lv 100 OT SUM2013
Garchomp Lv 50 OT WINTER2013
Scizor Lv 50 OT WINTER2013


Well-Known Member
I am offering the following Event Legendaries.
-Crown Entei[2]
-Dream Radar Dialga

I am currently looking for the following.
Ability Capsules
Y Exclusive Mega Stones
X Exclusive Mega Stones


New Member
I have many event pokemon

Genesect (four of)
shiny entei (four of)
shiny raikou
shiny dialga palkia and giratina (two of)
event zekrom
celebi (two of from gen 4 to 5 transfer)
and several non event legendaries

All i want: Shiny snivy, fennikin, and squirtal, Gender, Nature, Iv's Do not matter! I want to do an all shiny team run on Y so. PM me if you have an offer
I have tons of RNGd events. Pm me what you're looking for, I'll most likely have it