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Event Trading Thread


New Member
LF korean 6 gen events i don't have and different natures of events i already have
not looking for magmar/electabuzz and pokes with powersave date

VGC Garchomp 04124 Adamant Alert to sounds 4/13/2014 [Kor]*only for KOR events
VGC Garchomp 04124 Mild Nods off a lot 4/13/2014 [Kor]*only for KOR events

Korean eMart Scizor 02014 Adamant Somewhat vain 1/23/2014 [Kor]*only for KOR events

Olleh TV Charizard (X) 02014 Brave Likes to fight 4/18/2013 [Kor]*only for KOR events

VGC Shiny Mamoswine 05034 Adamant Likes to fight 5/3/2014 [Ger]*only for other nature or KOR events

Birthday Pikachu 10123 Timid Likes to run 1/21/2013 [Jpn]
Birthday Pikachu 10123 Hasty Likes to trash about 1/30/2013 [Jpn]

Birthday Eevee 10123 Naive Capable of taking hits 11/22/2013 [Jap]

Birthday Vaporeon 10123 Mild Somewhat vain 11/12/2013 [Jap]
Birthday Vaporeon 10123 Bold Mischievous 1/30/2014 [Jap]

Birthday Jolteon 10123 Rash Likes to thrash about 1/14/2014 [Jap]
Birthday Jolteon 10123 Hardy Highly persistend 11/22/2013 [Jap]

Birthday Flareon 10123 Jolly Strong willed 1/22/2014 [Jap]
Birthday Flareon 10123 Mild Quick to flee 12/24/2013 [Jap]

Birthday Espeon 10123 Brave Thoroughly cunning 2/23/2014 [Jap]

Birthday Umbreon 10123 Sassy Mischievous 10/31/2013 [Jap]
Birthday Umbreon 10123 Quirky Takes plenty of siestas 11/26/2013 [Jap]

Birthday Leafeon 10123 Docile Alert to sounds 11/26/2013 [Jap]

Birthday Glaceon 10123 Careful Strong willed 11/22/2013 [Jap]

Birthday Sylveon 10123 Lax Capable taking hits 1/3/2014 [Jap]

Tretta Wobbuffet 12063 Timid Thoroughly cunning 1/24/2014 [Jap]

PCTB Inkay 11223 Adamant Sturdy body 11/30/2013 [Jap]
PCTB Inkay 11223 Naughty Somewhat of a clown 1/3/2014 [Jap]
PCTB Inkay 11223 Brave Capable of taking hits 11/30/2013 [Jap]
PCTB Inkay 11223 Rash Nods off a lot 11/22/2013 [Ger]
PCTB Inkay 11223 Bold Mischievous 11/22/2013 [Ita]

Coro Coro Charizard (Y) 03154 Adamant Capable of taking hits 3/17/2014 [Jap]
Coro Coro Charizard (Y) 03154 Brave Scatters things often 3/15/2014 [Jap]
Coro Coro Charizard (X) 03154 Naive Impetuous and silly 3/15/2014 [Jap]

Coro Coro Garchomp 11153 Calm Quick to flee 11/25/2013 [Jap]
Coro Coro Garchomp 11153 Naughty likes to fight 11/15/2013 [Eng]

WINTER2013 Garchomp 11153 Serious Highly curious 12/15/2013 [Eng]
WINTER2013 Garchomp 11153 Bashful Thoroughly cunning 12/30/2013 [Eng]

WINTER2013 Scizor 11153 Relaxed Likes to fight 12/24/2013 [Eng]

Christmas Scizor 12213 Adamant Takes plenty of siestas 12/21/2013 [Jap]

Christmas Gengar 12213 Timid Alert to sounds 12/21 2013 [Jap]

PC Scizor 02014 Adamant Likes to thrash about 2/2/2014 [Jap]
PC Scizor 02014 Jolly A little quick tempered 2/2/2014 [Eng]

PC Gengar 02014 Timid Capable of taking hits 2/4/2014 [Jap]

Hong Kong XY Sylveon 01044 Bashful Somewhat stubborn 1/18/2014 [Jap]
Hong Kong XY Sylveon 01044 Serious Highly persistent 4/13/2013 [Jap]
Hong Kong XY Sylveon 01044 Lonely Somewhat of a clown 1/19/2014 [Eng]
Hong Kong XY Sylveon 01044 Naive Quick tempered 1/19/2014 [Eng]

Singapore XY Garchomp 01244 Impish Somewhat of a clown 2/18/2014 [Eng]*only for KOR events

Taiwan XY Garchomp 01154 Bold Highly Curious 1/27/2014 [Eng]*only for KOR events
Taiwan XY Garchomp 01154 Brave Very finicky 1/16/2014 [Jap]*only for KOR events
Taiwan XY Garchomp 01154 Serious Often lost in thought 1/16/2014 [Jap]*only for KOR events
Taiwan XY Garchomp 01154 Quiet Good perserverance 1/26/2014 [Jap]*only for KOR events

Japanese Movie Darkrai 04194 Impish Alert to sounds 4/19/2014 [Jap]
Japanese Movie Darkrai 04194 Lonely Capable of taking hits 4/19/2014 [Jap]
Japanese Movie Darkrai 04194 Naive Capable of taking hits 4/20/2014 [Jap]
Japanese Movie Darkrai 04194 Quirky Somewhat vain 4/20/2014 [Jap]
Japanese Movie Darkrai 04194 Hasty Alert to sounds 4/20/2014 [Jap]
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Active Member
Looking for a wish Salamance lol I know that's kinda random but if anyone has one for trade pm me


*Edit* Got the Enigma. Thank you.

I'm actually looking for an Enigma berry, which is from some event pokemon.
I want to grow my own, cause I hate leveling.

Anyhow I have for trade:
Shines! (All gotten from others so if you want more info, ask)

Arbok - Jolly - Intimidate - Wrap/Leer/Poison Sting/Glare - lv 26
OT ??? (JPN) 29320 - Kanto Region

Roserade - Modest - Poison Point - Grassy Terrain/Stun Spore/Mega Drain/Leech Seed - lv 60
OT Hadley 10638 - Sinnoh Region

Starmie - Quiet - Natural Cure - Dazzling Gleam/Psychic/Thunderbolt/Surf - lv 100
OT NICK 01131 - Unova Region

I also have a large number of eevees with good IVs
I have Bold and Timid Eevees with all max IVs but Attack. Bold are all normal abilities but some of the Timid have the Hidden Ability.
I have two male eevees with 6 IV maxed, and one female with 6 IV maxed (normal ability).

All are available for trade for an Enigma berry, or even Lansat Berry & Starf Berry (Bedlum would need the rarer Starf)
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For Trade:
6IV modest shiny Articuno w/ Signal Beam
6IV Jolly Shiny mewtwo w/Ice/Thinder Punch Drain Punch
6IV calm Heatran
6IV relaxed shiny Suicune
6IV Rash shiny Raikou w/Aura Sphere/Extreme Speed/Weather Ball
6IV timid Shiny Latias
2IV Timid Keldeo w/HP Ghost
5IV jolly Terrakion
6IV Naive melloetta
5IV timid Victini
6IV timid Plasma Deoxys
6IV bold cresselia
6IV shiny calm uxie
3IV timid Kalos Moltres
6IV shiny timid Azelf w/ stealth rocks
4IV timid moltres HP ground
6IV shiny modest Heatran w/ stealth rocks
4IV shiny timid heatran HP ice
4IV shiny timid Landorus w/ HP ice
4IV timid zapdos HP ice w/ heat wave
5IV Manaphy
3IV pokebank celebi
5IV modest Celebi
5IV shiny modest Mew
6IV shiny bold mesprit
6IV shiny timid shaymin
5IV timid Kalos Mewtwo
6IV bold giratina w/ Earth Power/Dragon Dulse
6IV timid palkia
6IV modest Dialga w/ stealth rocks/Dragon Pulse
3IV timid Latios HP fire
6IV adamant japanese ditto
30/30/30/30/30/30 timid ditto

PM me with offers


Active Member
Hey guys, I'm looking for any of the following, not to keep, I'll trade then straight back. But any help to fill up my pokedex will be appreciated: Mew, Entei, Rikou, Rayquaza, Jirchi, Shaymin and Manaphy (possibly for a temporary lend to breed). Like I said not bothered about keeping them as they will just sit in my box but any help will be appreciated. My 3DS friend code is 165021568278 :)


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for any Shaymin or Darkrai, as long as it is legit (not hacked or cloned). Nature/IVs don't matter. I have the following to trade:


(3) Shiny Magikarp (Gentle, Sassy, Adamant) Lv. 15. All Kalos-caught.
Shiny Horsea (Careful) lv. 25. Kalos-caught.
(2) Shiny Spinda (Lax, Careful) Lv. 25. Both Kalos-caught.
Shiny Wartortle (Not sure about nature, IVs in HP and Def) Lv. 30. Kalos-caught.
Shiny Gyarados (Not sure about nature/IVs, can check) Lv. 56. Nicknamed, NOT Kalos-caught.
Shiny Garchomp (Timid) Lv. 100. NOT Kalos-caught.
Shiny Gyarados (Hasty) Lv. 100. Nicknamed, NOT Kalos-caught.
Shiny Haxorus (Naive) Lv. 100. Nicknamed, NOT Kalos-caught.


XY Event Blaziken (Calm) Lv. 76. Kalos.
XY Event Blaziken (Rash) Lv. 100. Kalos.
*Only one comes with Blazikenite

Non-shiny Legendary:

Heatran (Lonely) Lv. 100. Nicknamed, NOT Kalos-caught.
Terrakion (Bold) Lv. 100. Nicknamed, NOT Kalos-caught.


Japanese Ditto (Lax, IVs in Sp Atk & Sp Def) Lv. 30. Kalos-caught.
Frogadier (Calm, Protean, IVs in Sp Atk & Sp Def) Lv. 30 Kalos-caught.
Volcarona (Modest) Lv. 100. Nicknamed, NOT Kalos-caught.

I can bundle up to three from this list for each, so six for both.
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New Member
Hello there,

I'm offering a Japanese movie 14 Darkria that's timid nature.
I'm looking for two of the any mega evolution pokemkn(don't need megastone)
They must be competitive built with right natures and must be 5 or 6 Iv.

pm with offers.


Reputable Trader
Looking for a Kalos HP Ice Timid 4-5IV Zapdos
4-5IV competitive use kalos moltres

I can offer past gen events such as flying pikachu (adamant), shiny PC Fukuoka Groudon and Kyogre, Nobunaga shiny Rayquaza and many others if interested pm me thanks


Closed got my Magmar.
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Astral Shadow
I'm looking for Genesect, Keldeo, and Meloetta. I don't care if they're clones, just tell me if they are. I have for trade Birth Island Deoxys, Faraway Island Mew, and Naval Rock Ho-oh/Lugia. PM me if interested please.


Event Collector
pokemon center megaevolution events
natures of gen 6 events i don't have
korean x/y torchic with date other that 10/12/2013

I will not be accepting Gen 6 events with these dates unless provided with proof:
02/13/2014 Birthday Pikachu
01/05/2014 Birthday Espeon
12/26/2013 Birthday Umbreon
10/27/2013 Birthday Glaceon
10/20/2013 Birthday Sylveon
11/16/2013 CoroCoro Garchomp
01/05/2014 PCTB Inkay
10/12/2013 x/y torchic
12/15/2013 Nuketta Wobbuffet
12/29/2013 Walmart Garchomp
12/05/2013 Walmart Garchomp
01/27/2014 Walmart Scizor
02/01/2014 PC Gengar
02/01/2014 PC Scizor
03/28/2014 CoroCoro Charizard Y/X
04/18/2014 GAME Electabuzz
04/18/2014 GAME Magmar
4/21/2014 Movie Darkrai

Taiwan / Hong Kong

naive 1-19-2014 Quick tempered ♀ [ENG]
bashful 1-18-2014 Somewhat stubborn ♀ [JAP]
serious 4-13-2013 Highly persistent ♀ [JAP]
lax 1-19-2014 Very finicky ♀ [ENG]

brave 1-27-2014 vhighly curious [ENG]
modest 1-18-2014 strongly defiant [JAP] touched
timid 1-16-2014 Proud of its power ♂ [JAP]
bold 1-27-2014 Highly curious ♂ [ENG]
quiet 1-26-2014 good perseverance ♂ [ENG]


impish 2-8-2014 Quick to flee ♂ [JAP] *touched a little bit of experience
impish 2-18-2014 Somewhat of a clown ♂ [ENG]


Wal Mart (WINTER13/11153)
garchomp adamant 1-3-2014 hates to lose
garchomp brave 1-6-2014 loves to eat
garchomp jolly 12-20-2013 good perseverance
garchomp naive 12-30-2013 highly curious
garchomp timid 1-18-2015 likes to run
scizor adamant 12-18-2013 mischievous
scizor gentle 2-25-2014 quick tempered
scizor naive 2-20-2014 sturdy body
scizor relaxed 12-24-2013 likes to fight

Pokemon Bank
celebi kevin modest 2-6-2014 capable of taking hits

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic adamant 1-2-2014 very finicky
torchic docile 1-15-2014 scatters things often

Spring 2014/04014
electabuzz hardy 4-15-2014 takes plenty of siestas
electabuzz jolly 4-4-2014 nods off alot
electabuzz rash 4-6-2014 hates to lose
electabuzz relaxed 4-5-2014 often lost in thought
magmar bold 4-5-2014 hates to lose
magmar brave 4-4-2014 somewhat stubborn
magmar calm 4-5-2014 takes plenty of siestas
magmar hardy 4-8-2014 nods off alot
magmar naughty 4-8-2014 mischievous
magmar timid 4-4-2014 a little quick tempered
magmar timid 4-7-2014 mischievous


Happy Hour Inkay (PCTB/11223)
rash nft
adamant 12-5-2013 takes plenty of siestas ♀ [SPA]
bold 11-22-2013 Mischievous ♀ [ITA]
brave 11-30-2013 capable of taking hits
careful 1-6-2014 takes plenty of siestas ♀ [ENG]
modest 1-13-2014 a little quick tempered [ENG]
naive 1-20-2014 mischievous [FRA]
naughty 1-3-2014 somewhat of a clown
quiet 12-24-2013 thoroughly cunning [FRA]
quirky 1-9-2014 good endurance
quirky 11-22-2013 Likes to fight ♂ [KOR]
rash 11-22-2013 nods off alot ♀ [GER]

Birthday Pokemon (ポケセン♪/10123)
Espeon gentle 1-3-2014 Good endurance ♂ [JAP]
Espeon timid 1-29-2014 Often lost in thought ♂ [JAP]
Vaporeon mild 11-22-2013 Somewhat vain ♀ [JAP]
Vaporeon rash 1-17-2014 Sturdy body ♂ [JAP]
Jolteon hardy 11-22-2014 Highly persistent ♀ [JAP]
jolteon naughty 1-26-2014 scatters things often
Jolteon rash 1-14-2014 Likes to thrash about ♂ [JAP]
Sylveon adamant 12-20-2013 Quick tempered ♂ [JAP]
sylveon bold 1-16-2014 alert to sounds
Sylveon lax 1-3-2014 Capable of taking hits ♂ [JAP]
sylveon modest 1-8-2014 somewhat stubborn
Pikachu hasty 1-30-2014 Likes to thrash about ♀ [JAP]
pikachu jolly 3-6-2014 alert to sounds
Pikachu timid 1-21-2014 Likes to run ♂ [JAP]
Glaceon careful 11-22-2013 Strong willed ♂ [JAP]
glaceon hardy 1-24-2014 somewhat vain
Glaceon impish 12-10-2013 Proud of its power ♂ [JAP]
glaceon mild 1-29-2014 quick to flee
Glaceon naughty 2-2-2014 Often lost in thought ♂ [JAP]
leafeon bold 1-29-2014 often lost in thought
Leafeon docile 11-26-2013 Alert to sounds ♂ [JAP]
Leafeon jolly 2-2-2014 Likes to fight ♂ [JAP]
Leafeon rash 12-10-2013 Quick tempered ♂ [JAP]
Leafeon sassy 1-26-2014 Somewhat vain ♂ [JAP]
flareon bold 1-24-2014 capable of taking hits
Flareon hasty 11-26-2013 Likes to thrash about ♂ [JAP]
Flareon jolly 11-29-2013 strongly defiant
eevee bashful 12-22-2013 strongly defiant
Eevee bold 1-30-2014 Mischievous ♂ [JAP]
Eevee calm 11-21-2013 Loves to eat ♂ [JAP]
Eevee mild 12-24-2013 Quick to flee ♀ [JAP]
Eevee modest 1-21-2014 Takes plenty of siestas ♂ [JAP]
eevee naive 11-22-2013 capable of taking hits
Umbreon hardy 12-14-2013 Likes to run ♂ [JAP]
umbreon naive 1-4-2014 alert to sounds
Umbreon quirky 11-26-2013 takes plenty of siestas
umbreon sassy 10-31-2013 mischievous
umbreon timid 1-28-2014 quick to flee

Coro Coro Garchomp (コロコロ/11153)
adamant 11-15-2013 high curious
bashful 11-16-2013 good perseverance
bold 11-17-2013 proud of its power
calm 11-15-2013 somewhat vain
careful 11-16-2013 somewhat vain
hasty 12-7-2013 Impetuous and silly ♂ [JAP]
impish 11-17-2013 thoroughly cunning
jolly 12-25-2013 Often lost in thought ♂ [JAP]
relaxed 11-17-2013 somewhat stubborn
sassy 11-15-2013 Nods off a lot ♂ [JAP]
serious 11-18-2013 likes to relax

Nuketta Wobbuffet (ヌケッタ/12063)
adamant 1-20-2014 Somewhat of a clown♂ [JAP]
bold 2-14-2014 Likes to relax ♂ [JAP]
careful 2-1-2014 Likes to fight ♂ [JAP]
gentle 2-2-2014 strongly defiant
Hasty 12-23-2013 Somewhat vain ♂ [JAP]
jolly 1-21-2014 sturdy body
modest 1-21-2014 sturdy body
naughty 2-1-2014 Sturdy body ♂ [JAP]
relaxed 2-2-2014 Somewhat stubborn ♂ [JAP]
timid 1-24-2014 Thoroughly cunning ♂ [JAP]

Christmas Trade (クリスマス/12213)
Gengar timid 12-21-2013 Alert to sounds ♂ [JAP]
Scizor Adamant 12-21-2013 Takes plenty of siestas ♀ [JAP]

Gengar & Scizor Pokemon Center (ポケセン/02014)
Gengar bold 2-1-2014 Nods off a lot ♂ [FRA]
gengar naive 2-2-2014somewhat vain [ENG]
gengar naughty 2-23-2014 often lost in thought
gengar timid 2-4-2014 capable of taking hits
scizor adamant 2-20-2014 likes to thrash about
Scizor quirky 2-2-2014 Strongly defiant ♀ [ENG]
Scizor rash 2-1-2014 Scatters things often ♀ [FRA]

Coro Coro Charizard(コロコロ/03154)
Charizard (X) Adamant 2-7-2014 somewhat vain
Charizard (X) bashful 3-15-2014 very finicky [ENG]
Charizard (X) brave 3-15-2014 Scatters things often ♂ [JAP]
Charizard (X) naive 3-15-2014 Impetuous and silly ♂ [JAP]
Charizard (Y) careful 3-21-2014 mischievous
Charizard (Y) jolly 3-15-2014 Good perseverance ♂ [JAP]
Charizard (Y) lonely 3-16-2014 often lost in thought [ENG]
Charizard (Y) Modest 3-15-2014 often lost in thought [ENG]
charizard (Y) timid 3-15-2014 scatters things often

Movie Darkrai(ふしぎのくに/04194)
darkrai adamant 4-19-2014 takes plenty of siestas
darkrai adamant 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [KOR]
darkrai bashful 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai bold 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about [ENG]
darkrai bold 4-19-2014 somewhat vain
darkrai brave 4-19-2014 mischievous
darkrai calm 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai calm 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [FRE]
darkrai careful 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai docile 4-19-2014 alert to sounds proof available
darkrai gentle 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai hardy 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai hasty 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai impish 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai lonely 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai lonely 4-19-2014 mischievous [GER]
darkrai mild 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [SPA]
darkrai modest 4-19-2014 mischievous
darkrai naughty 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai quiet 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai quirky 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [ITA]
darkrai quirky 4-20-2014 somewhat vain
darkrai rash 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai sassy 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai serious 4-19-2014 takes plenty of siestas
darkrai timid 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about

Pokemon Bank
celebi naive ゆうと 62637 12-25-2013 capable of taking hits
celebi sassy 1-14-2014 alert to sounds (OT:Japanese/18606) [JAP]

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic bold 12-1-2013 highly curious
torchic relaxed 12-25-2013 mischievous


Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic mild 10-22-2013 loves to eat
torchic naive 10-17-2013 mischievous

Pokemon Bank
celebi adamant Serena 13930 2-22-2014 likes to thrash about
Celebi OT EMIR 00366 Jolly 2-11-2014 mischievous

FRÜHL. 2014/04014
electabuzz calm 4-16-2014 mischievous
electabuzz gentle 4-14-2014 good endurance
electabuzz jolly 4-15-2014 alert to sounds
electabuzz naughty 6-17-2014 hates to lose
electabuzz relaxed 4-21-2014 often lost in thought
magmar bashful 4-15-2014 takes plenty of siestas
magmar bold 4-16-2014 capable of taking hits
magmar impish 4-15-2014 likes to thrash about
magmar modest 4-16-2014 very finicky
magmar naive 4-14-2014 highly curious
magmar rash 4-15-2014 strongly defiant
magmar timid 4-16-2014 highly persistent


Pokemon Bank
celebi bold 정두영 64643 1-30-2014 takes plenty of siestas
celebi docile 12-26-2013 likes to thrash about (Kor/61403) [KOR] touched

Movie Sylveon(이브이하우스/12013)
Sylveon brave 12-21-2013 Nods off a lot ♀ [KOR]
Sylveon modest 1-11-2014 Likes to run ♀ [KOR]
Sylveon naughty 1-8-2014 Nods off a lot ♀ [KOR]

Nationals Garchomp(스프링카니발/04124)
garchomp adamant 4-13-2014 alert to sounds for other korean garchomps,other natures of 올레 tv charizard x/y or other emart events only
garchomp mild 4-13-2014 nods off alot for other korean garchomps,other natures of 올레 tv charizard x/y or other emart events only

Olleh-TV Charizard(올레 tv /04114)
charizard (x) brave 4-18-2014 likes to fight for other korean garchomps,other natures of 올레 tv charizard x/y or other emart events only
charizard (y) naughty 4-30-2014 loves to eatfor other korean garchomps,other natures of 올레 tv charizard x/y or other emart events only
charizard (y) quirky 4-19-2014 loves to eat for other korean garchomps,other natures of 올레 tv charizard x/y or other emart events only

emart scizor/gengar(새해복맞이/02014).
gengar timid 1-23-2014 capable of taking hits for other korean garchomps,other natures of 올레 tv charizard x/y or other emart events only
scizor adamant 1-23-2014 somewhat vain for other korean garchomps,other natures of 올레 tv charizard x/y or other emart events only

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic gentle 10-12-2013


PRINT. 2014/04014
electabuzz naughty 4-14-2014 good endurance
electabuzz quiet 4-17-2014 alert to sounds
magmar bashful 4-16-2014 proud of its power
magmar modest 4-15-2014 thoroughly cunning

pokemon bank
celebi rash Lumia 08338 2-4-2014 alert to sounds
celebi rond quiet 2-4-2014 likes to thrash about

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic hasty 12-27-2013 highly persistent
torchic timid 10-15-2013 hates to lose


pokemon bank
celebi Jayp7 25650 adamant 2-22-2014 likes to thrash about
celebi serious Stefano 45014 2-4-2014 mischievous

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic sassy 10-12-2013 somewhat vain

ekectabuzz careful 4-18-2014 very finicky
electabuzz docile 4-16-2014 somewhat stubborn
electabuzz lonely 4-17-2014 good endurance
magmar bold 4-19-2014 quick tempered
magmar careful 4-14-2014 mischievous
magmar hardy 4-22-2014 likes to run
magmar lonely 4-18-2014 alert to sounds


electabuzz lonely 4-18-2014 mischievous
electabuzz sassy 4-16-2014 very finicky
magmar careful 4-25-2014 impetuous and silly
magmar impish 4-22-2014 likes to relax
magmar mild 4-16-2014 alert to sounds
magmar rash 4-18-2014 likes to run

pokemon bank
celebi PILO jolly 2-7-2014 alert to sounds

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic naughty 11-26-2013 highly curious


LF: Any Smeargle w/ the move Celebrate.
FT: Enigma Berry


Active Member
Im trading event pokemons for shiny flawless max ev trained lvl 100 battle ready pokemons :) PM me if interested,


I have pretty much every English and Japanese event from 4th and 5th gen, a few 3rd gen ones, as well as the following 6th gen events for trade:

CoroCoro Charizard with X stone (x2)
XY Torchic with Mega Stone
Birthday Pikachu, with Celebrate
Birthday Sylveon, with Celebrate
UK Spring 2014 Electabuzz
UK Spring 2014 Magmar
Trained level 85 Walmart Scizors

2014 Jp Movie Darkrai

Please dont offer me any previous gen events.

PM for details
Still looking for 6 th gen events I have all the events 4 th through 5 th gen I only have scissor and garchomp and torchic USA events with proofs and different dates


Pokemon Collector
LF Speed Boost Torchic UT at Lvl. 10 (w/ Blazikenite).
MUST be from the XY Event! Don't care if cloned, just not hacked.

Have Gen 5 events (such as Victini, Zkerom, Reshiram, etc) with good IVs. Also have Shiny gen 5 Bulbasaur/Squirtle with egg moves!

ps. would prefer good nature


New Member
I offering a dark pulse event deoxys, lvl 100 modest nature, im looking for a event torchic with blazikenite.