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Event Trading Thread


New Member
Hey there,

I'm offering a Japanese movie 14 Darkria. It's timid nature with 31 iv In hp, special attack, and special defense.
I'm looking for competitive 6iv kalos born pokemon with a benefical nature. Pm me with offers.


New Member
Want Shiny Adamant Entei 5IV 31/31/31/*/31/31 with Extremespeed.

I can trade for any Legendary or IV bred Kalos competitive mons.


New Member
I am looking for a Darkrai. I don't care if it is cloned or which event it is from. I have a few shinies and legendaries to trade for it. Feel free to PM me if you are interested.


Event Collector
pokemon center megaevolution events
natures of gen 6 events i don't have
korean x/y torchic with date other that 10/12/2013

I will not be accepting Gen 6 events with these dates unless provided with proof:
02/13/2014 Birthday Pikachu
01/05/2014 Birthday Espeon
12/26/2013 Birthday Umbreon
10/27/2013 Birthday Glaceon
10/20/2013 Birthday Sylveon
11/16/2013 CoroCoro Garchomp
01/05/2014 PCTB Inkay
10/12/2013 x/y torchic
12/15/2013 Nuketta Wobbuffet
12/29/2013 Walmart Garchomp
12/05/2013 Walmart Garchomp
01/27/2014 Walmart Scizor
02/01/2014 PC Gengar
02/01/2014 PC Scizor
03/28/2014 CoroCoro Charizard Y/X
04/18/2014 GAME Electabuzz
04/18/2014 GAME Magmar
4/21/2014 Movie Darkrai

Taiwan / Hong Kong

naive 1-19-2014 Quick tempered ♀ [ENG]
bashful 1-18-2014 Somewhat stubborn ♀ [JAP]
serious 4-13-2013 Highly persistent ♀ [JAP]
lax 1-19-2014 Very finicky ♀ [ENG]

brave 1-27-2014 vhighly curious [ENG]
modest 1-18-2014 strongly defiant [JAP] touched
timid 1-16-2014 Proud of its power ♂ [JAP]
bold 1-27-2014 Highly curious ♂ [ENG]
quiet 1-26-2014 good perseverance ♂ [ENG]


impish 2-8-2014 Quick to flee ♂ [JAP] *touched a little bit of experience
impish 2-18-2014 Somewhat of a clown ♂ [ENG]


Wal Mart (WINTER13/11153)
garchomp adamant 1-3-2014 hates to lose
garchomp brave 1-6-2014 loves to eat
garchomp jolly 12-20-2013 good perseverance
garchomp naive 12-30-2013 highly curious
garchomp timid 1-18-2015 likes to run
scizor adamant 12-18-2013 mischievous
scizor gentle 2-25-2014 quick tempered
scizor naive 2-20-2014 sturdy body
scizor relaxed 12-24-2013 likes to fight

Pokemon Bank
celebi kevin modest 2-6-2014 capable of taking hits

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic adamant 1-2-2014 very finicky
torchic docile 1-15-2014 scatters things often

Spring 2014/04014
electabuzz hardy 4-15-2014 takes plenty of siestas
electabuzz jolly 4-4-2014 nods off alot
electabuzz rash 4-6-2014 hates to lose
electabuzz relaxed 4-5-2014 often lost in thought
magmar bold 4-5-2014 hates to lose
magmar brave 4-4-2014 somewhat stubborn
magmar calm 4-5-2014 takes plenty of siestas
magmar hardy 4-8-2014 nods off alot
magmar naughty 4-8-2014 mischievous
magmar timid 4-4-2014 a little quick tempered
magmar timid 4-7-2014 mischievous


Happy Hour Inkay (PCTB/11223)
rash nft
adamant 12-5-2013 takes plenty of siestas ♀ [SPA]
bold 11-22-2013 Mischievous ♀ [ITA]
brave 11-30-2013 capable of taking hits
careful 1-6-2014 takes plenty of siestas ♀ [ENG]
modest 1-13-2014 a little quick tempered [ENG]
naive 1-20-2014 mischievous [FRA]
naughty 1-3-2014 somewhat of a clown
quiet 12-24-2013 thoroughly cunning [FRA]
quirky 1-9-2014 good endurance
quirky 11-22-2013 Likes to fight ♂ [KOR]
rash 11-22-2013 nods off alot ♀ [GER]

Birthday Pokemon (ポケセン♪/10123)
Espeon gentle 1-3-2014 Good endurance ♂ [JAP]
Espeon timid 1-29-2014 Often lost in thought ♂ [JAP]
Vaporeon mild 11-22-2013 Somewhat vain ♀ [JAP]
Vaporeon rash 1-17-2014 Sturdy body ♂ [JAP]
Jolteon hardy 11-22-2014 Highly persistent ♀ [JAP]
jolteon naughty 1-26-2014 scatters things often
Jolteon rash 1-14-2014 Likes to thrash about ♂ [JAP]
Sylveon adamant 12-20-2013 Quick tempered ♂ [JAP]
sylveon bold 1-16-2014 alert to sounds
Sylveon lax 1-3-2014 Capable of taking hits ♂ [JAP]
sylveon modest 1-8-2014 somewhat stubborn
Pikachu hasty 1-30-2014 Likes to thrash about ♀ [JAP]
pikachu jolly 3-6-2014 alert to sounds
Pikachu timid 1-21-2014 Likes to run ♂ [JAP]
Glaceon careful 11-22-2013 Strong willed ♂ [JAP]
glaceon hardy 1-24-2014 somewhat vain
Glaceon impish 12-10-2013 Proud of its power ♂ [JAP]
glaceon mild 1-29-2014 quick to flee
Glaceon naughty 2-2-2014 Often lost in thought ♂ [JAP]
leafeon bold 1-29-2014 often lost in thought
Leafeon docile 11-26-2013 Alert to sounds ♂ [JAP]
Leafeon jolly 2-2-2014 Likes to fight ♂ [JAP]
Leafeon rash 12-10-2013 Quick tempered ♂ [JAP]
Leafeon sassy 1-26-2014 Somewhat vain ♂ [JAP]
flareon bold 1-24-2014 capable of taking hits
Flareon hasty 11-26-2013 Likes to thrash about ♂ [JAP]
Flareon jolly 11-29-2013 strongly defiant
eevee bashful 12-22-2013 strongly defiant
Eevee bold 1-30-2014 Mischievous ♂ [JAP]
Eevee calm 11-21-2013 Loves to eat ♂ [JAP]
Eevee mild 12-24-2013 Quick to flee ♀ [JAP]
Eevee modest 1-21-2014 Takes plenty of siestas ♂ [JAP]
eevee naive 11-22-2013 capable of taking hits
Umbreon hardy 12-14-2013 Likes to run ♂ [JAP]
umbreon naive 1-4-2014 alert to sounds
Umbreon quirky 11-26-2013 takes plenty of siestas
umbreon sassy 10-31-2013 mischievous
umbreon timid 1-28-2014 quick to flee

Coro Coro Garchomp (コロコロ/11153)
adamant 11-15-2013 high curious
bashful 11-16-2013 good perseverance
bold 11-17-2013 proud of its power
calm 11-15-2013 somewhat vain
careful 11-16-2013 somewhat vain
hasty 12-7-2013 Impetuous and silly ♂ [JAP]
impish 11-17-2013 thoroughly cunning
jolly 12-25-2013 Often lost in thought ♂ [JAP]
relaxed 11-17-2013 somewhat stubborn
sassy 11-15-2013 Nods off a lot ♂ [JAP]
serious 11-18-2013 likes to relax

Nuketta Wobbuffet (ヌケッタ/12063)
adamant 1-20-2014 Somewhat of a clown♂ [JAP]
bold 2-14-2014 Likes to relax ♂ [JAP]
careful 2-1-2014 Likes to fight ♂ [JAP]
gentle 2-2-2014 strongly defiant
Hasty 12-23-2013 Somewhat vain ♂ [JAP]
jolly 1-21-2014 sturdy body
modest 1-21-2014 sturdy body
naughty 2-1-2014 Sturdy body ♂ [JAP]
relaxed 2-2-2014 Somewhat stubborn ♂ [JAP]
timid 1-24-2014 Thoroughly cunning ♂ [JAP]

Christmas Trade (クリスマス/12213)
Gengar timid 12-21-2013 Alert to sounds ♂ [JAP]
Scizor Adamant 12-21-2013 Takes plenty of siestas ♀ [JAP]

Gengar & Scizor Pokemon Center (ポケセン/02014)
Gengar bold 2-1-2014 Nods off a lot ♂ [FRA]
gengar naive 2-2-2014somewhat vain [ENG]
gengar naughty 2-23-2014 often lost in thought
gengar timid 2-4-2014 capable of taking hits
scizor adamant 2-20-2014 likes to thrash about
Scizor quirky 2-2-2014 Strongly defiant ♀ [ENG]
Scizor rash 2-1-2014 Scatters things often ♀ [FRA]

Coro Coro Charizard(コロコロ/03154)
Charizard (X) Adamant 2-7-2014 somewhat vain
Charizard (X) bashful 3-15-2014 very finicky [ENG]
Charizard (X) brave 3-15-2014 Scatters things often ♂ [JAP]
Charizard (X) naive 3-15-2014 Impetuous and silly ♂ [JAP]
Charizard (Y) careful 3-21-2014 mischievous
Charizard (Y) jolly 3-15-2014 Good perseverance ♂ [JAP]
Charizard (Y) lonely 3-16-2014 often lost in thought [ENG]
Charizard (Y) Modest 3-15-2014 often lost in thought [ENG]
charizard (Y) timid 3-15-2014 scatters things often

Movie Darkrai(ふしぎのくに/04194)
darkrai adamant 4-19-2014 takes plenty of siestas
darkrai adamant 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [KOR]
darkrai bashful 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai bold 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about [ENG]
darkrai bold 4-19-2014 somewhat vain
darkrai brave 4-19-2014 mischievous
darkrai calm 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai calm 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [FRE]
darkrai careful 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai docile 4-19-2014 alert to sounds proof available
darkrai gentle 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai hardy 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai hasty 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai impish 4-19-2014 alert to sounds
darkrai lonely 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai lonely 4-19-2014 mischievous [GER]
darkrai mild 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [SPA]
darkrai modest 4-19-2014 mischievous
darkrai naughty 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai quiet 4-19-2014 capable of taking hits
darkrai quirky 4-19-2014 somewhat vain [ITA]
darkrai quirky 4-20-2014 somewhat vain
darkrai rash 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai sassy 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about
darkrai serious 4-19-2014 takes plenty of siestas
darkrai timid 4-19-2014 likes to thrash about

Pokemon Bank
celebi naive ゆうと 62637 12-25-2013 capable of taking hits
celebi sassy 1-14-2014 alert to sounds (OT:Japanese/18606) [JAP]

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic bold 12-1-2013 highly curious
torchic relaxed 12-25-2013 mischievous


Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic mild 10-22-2013 loves to eat
torchic naive 10-17-2013 mischievous

Pokemon Bank
celebi adamant Serena 13930 2-22-2014 likes to thrash about
Celebi OT EMIR 00366 Jolly 2-11-2014 mischievous

FRÜHL. 2014/04014
electabuzz calm 4-16-2014 mischievous
electabuzz gentle 4-14-2014 good endurance
electabuzz jolly 4-15-2014 alert to sounds
electabuzz naughty 6-17-2014 hates to lose
electabuzz relaxed 4-21-2014 often lost in thought
magmar bashful 4-15-2014 takes plenty of siestas
magmar bold 4-16-2014 capable of taking hits
magmar impish 4-15-2014 likes to thrash about
magmar modest 4-16-2014 very finicky
magmar naive 4-14-2014 highly curious
magmar rash 4-15-2014 strongly defiant
magmar timid 4-16-2014 highly persistent


Pokemon Bank
celebi bold 정두영 64643 1-30-2014 takes plenty of siestas
celebi docile 12-26-2013 likes to thrash about (Kor/61403) [KOR] touched

Movie Sylveon(이브이하우스/12013)
Sylveon brave 12-21-2013 Nods off a lot ♀ [KOR]
Sylveon modest 1-11-2014 Likes to run ♀ [KOR]
Sylveon naughty 1-8-2014 Nods off a lot ♀ [KOR]

Nationals Garchomp(스프링카니발/04124)
garchomp adamant 4-13-2014 alert to sounds
garchomp mild 4-13-2014 nods off alot

Olleh-TV Charizard(올레 tv /04114)
charizard (x) brave 4-18-2014 likes to fight
charizard (y) naughty 4-30-2014 loves to eat
charizard (y) quirky 4-19-2014 loves to eat

emart scizor/gengar(새해복맞이/02014).
gengar timid 1-23-2014 capable of taking hits
scizor adamant 1-23-2014 somewhat vain

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic gentle 10-12-2013


PRINT. 2014/04014
electabuzz naughty 4-14-2014 good endurance
electabuzz quiet 4-17-2014 alert to sounds
magmar bashful 4-16-2014 proud of its power
magmar modest 4-15-2014 thoroughly cunning

pokemon bank
celebi rash Lumia 08338 2-4-2014 alert to sounds
celebi rond quiet 2-4-2014 likes to thrash about

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic hasty 12-27-2013 highly persistent
torchic timid 10-15-2013 hates to lose


pokemon bank
celebi Jayp7 25650 adamant 2-22-2014 likes to thrash about
celebi serious Stefano 45014 2-4-2014 mischievous

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic sassy 10-12-2013 somewhat vain

ekectabuzz careful 4-18-2014 very finicky
electabuzz docile 4-16-2014 somewhat stubborn
electabuzz lonely 4-17-2014 good endurance
magmar bold 4-19-2014 quick tempered
magmar careful 4-14-2014 mischievous
magmar hardy 4-22-2014 likes to run
magmar lonely 4-18-2014 alert to sounds


electabuzz lonely 4-18-2014 mischievous
electabuzz sassy 4-16-2014 very finicky
magmar careful 4-25-2014 impetuous and silly
magmar impish 4-22-2014 likes to relax
magmar mild 4-16-2014 alert to sounds
magmar rash 4-18-2014 likes to run

pokemon bank
celebi PILO jolly 2-7-2014 alert to sounds

Torchic (XY/10123)
torchic naughty 11-26-2013 highly curious


New Member
Sableye 5iv (-sp atk) careful prankster (sucker punch, recover)
Bunnelby 5iv (-sp atk) jolly huge power (spikes)
Buneary 5iv (-sp atk) jolly klutz (switcheroo, ice, fire, thunder punch)
Espurr M 5iv (-atk) bold own tempo (assist, yawn, barrier, trick)
Joltik 5iv (-atk) timid compound eyes (spider web, disable, cross poison, pin missle)
Munchlax 5iv (-sp atk) adamant thick fat
(Curse, zen headbutt, self-destruct, whirlwind)
Frillish 5iv (-atk) bold water absorb (recover)
Ryhorn 5iv (-sp atk) careful rock head (crunch, thunder, ice, fire fang)
Klefki 5iv (-atk) bold prankster
Treecko 5iv (-atk) timid overgrow (leech seed, endeavor, dragons breath, synthesis)
Corpish 5iv (-sp atk) adamant adaptability
(Dragon dance, superpower, aqua jet)
Yanmask 5iv (-atk) bold mummy (toxic spikes)
Clauncher 5iv (-atk) modest mega launcher (aqua jet, crabhammer)
Gligar 5iv (-sp atk) adamant immunity
Spiritomb 5iv (-sp atk) adamant infiltrator (pain split)
Scrafty 6iv jolly moxie (dragon dance, ice punch, drain punch)
Aurorus 6iv modest refrigerate (ancient power, nature power)
Blaziken 5iv (-atk) adamant speed boost
Furfou 6iv impish fur coat
Gastrodon 5iv (-atk) bold sticky hold (clear smog, yawn, mirror coat)
Manetric 4iv (-atk,-def) timid lightning rod (hidden power ice)
Absol 6iv lonely super luck (play rough, sucker punch)
Greninja 5iv (-atk) timid protean
Florges 5iv (-atk) calm flower veil (yellow)
Mandibuzz 5iv (-sp atk) bold overcoat
(Foul play, roost, defog)
Weezing 5iv (-atk) bold levitate
(Explosion, pain split)
Electivire 6iv adamant motor drive
(Thunder, fire, ice punch, cross chop)
Keckleon 5iv (- sp atk) adamant protean
( sucker punch, recover)
Carbink 6iv impish sturdy
Omastar 5iv (-atk) modest shell armor
(Toxic spikes, shell smash)

LF: LEGIT event pokemon (2:1)

Happy hour inkay
Surf pikachu
Kalos event darkrai
10aniv pokemon
Space C deoxys
Vgc12 larvitar
Goons scizor
Tolers ludiculo
Corocoro garchomp
Corocoro charizard
Sleeping pikachu
Celebrate pokemon
Oak rotom
Christmas scizor
Christmas gengar
Iris' haxorous
Cynthia's spiritomb
Wallace's milotic
Stevens Metagross
Blues pidgeot
Cilans pansage
Iris' axew

Please please please tell me the OT and iD with offers. also I am aware that a few of these can be hacked now and I will refuse these. (I can tell)


New Member

Blue's Pigeot
ANA Pikachu(Has Pokerus)
Ash's Pikachu
Singing Pikachu
FAL2010 Mew
VGC2010 Eevee
Plasma Genesect
TRU Shaymin
SPR2010 Pichu
Team Rocket's Meowth
Gamestop Jirachi
PELI14 Victini(Has Pokerus)
Bank Celebi
Juanita's Golurk
Prof Oak's Rotom
7-11 Pikachu
Gamestop Shiny Suicune
Gamestop Shiny Entei
Gamestop Shiny Raikou
Mattle Ho-Oh
Gametop Deoxys
Movie14 Victini
Tanabata Jirachi
Mystery Mew
Hadou Mew
TRU Arceus
TRU Shaymin
10ANIV Typhlosion
Event11 Zoroark
Cynthia's Spiritomb
Hayley Combee
SOM2013 Shiny Giratona
Poketopia Pikachu
SPR2013 Meloetta
TRU Regigigas
10ANIV Kyogre

Looking For UT events I dont have

6th Gen FT

Movie14 Darkrai- Impish-4/19
Spring2014 Magmar-Modest-4/14
Spring2014 Electabuzz-Rash-4/14
VGC Mamoswine-Adamant-German
PC Gyarados-Gentle
Birthday Leafeon
House Sylveon-Naughty-Korean

Only looking for 6th gen events for my 6th gen events


Dragon Trainer
I currently only have SMR2012 UT Keldeo clones I can offer, but I will soon have clones of many more of my event database. I am looking for just about any event I dont have, 5/6IV Competitive Pokemon(Shiny/Non-Shiny), or Shiny Kalos only Pokemon I dont currently have. I will also settle for someone who can teach my Shiny Smeargle Celebrate AND Happy Hour.


Shiny Seeker
I have a level 100 shiny event Darkrai for trade, PM me with offers.


Det. John Kimble
Looking for Shaymin and Jarachi, any event will do.

Have Multiple events and shiny pokemon for you to choose from.

PM me


New Member
FT: Legit Spring Event Magmar (Lonley Nature) Date 5/3/2014 and and Electabuzz (Sassy Nature) Date 4/17/2014
LF: PCTB Happy Hour Inkay or Celebration Sylveon/Pikahu
PM for trade


Well-Known Member
I'm trading a touched genesect looking for a meleotta or a shiny


Well-Known Member
Looking for these events that were given out at Pokemon Centers

From May 10th to May 18th, a Gyarados with Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance and holding Gyaradosite - In a cherish ball

and (when the time comes)

From May 19th to May 25th, a Scizor with Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, Roost, U-Turn and holding Scizorite - in cherish ball

MUST BE FEMALE (they can be either gender from the event.)


Well-Known Member

SPRING 2014 Electabuzz
SPRING 2014 Magmar
SING Pikachu
ALAMOS Darkrai
NAGOYA Magikarp
B/W first anniversary Mewtwo
BOX Celebi
RUBY Zigzagoon
SAPHIRE Zigzagoon
XY Blaziken + Blazikenite
Plasma Deoxys
SMR2010 Jirachi
SUM2013 Dialga
SUM2013 Giratina
TRU Arceus
Movie event Genesect (red)
SMR2012 Keldeo
SPR2013 Meloetta
FAL2010 Mew
Movie14 Victini
Team Rocket’s Meowth
Faraway island Mew
ASH’s Pikachu
WIN2011 Celebi
Sum2013 Palkia
ELT Pikuachu
NWS Manaphy
Ash’s Scraggy
SMR2010 Jirachi
ポケスマ WiFi Cubchoo

Looking for everything i don't have at the moment!

Feel free to PM me :)
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Dragon Keeper
Shiny nicknameable vullaby

Shiny japanese ditto
Shiny magnezone
Shiny volcarona
Shiny ninjask
Shiny kecleon
Shiny torkoal
Shiny kabuto
Shiny mienshao
Shiny wailord
Shiny vileplume
Shiny graveler
Shiny shellder
Shiny swalot
Shiny samurott
Shiny hippowdon
Shiny zangoose
Shiny seismitoad
Shiny lucario
Shiny toxicroak
Shiny winter sawsbuck
Shiny reuniclus
Shiny oxtillery
Shiny bronzong
Shiny zebstrika
Shiny rotom
Shiny beheeyem
Shiny zigzagoon
Shiny snorlax
Shiny metagross
Shiny tangrowth
Shiny pidgeotto
Shiny dragonite
Shiny slurpuff
Shiny galvantula
Shiny leafeon
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I am looking for any pokemon that knows the move Celebrate. I can offer a meloetta or keldeo. Send me a message if you want to trade!

Miss Alexis

Event Collector :)
Hello all I am looking for any LEGIT event pokemon I do not have :) Clones are acceptable!


FAL2010 Mew :: Lv5 ut :: Gentle :: Pound
Hadou Mew :: Lv10 ut :: Hasty :: Pound, Transform
MYSTRY Mew :: Lv10 ut :: Rash :: Pound, Transform
Hayley's Mew :: Lv50 ut :: Brave :: Synthesis, Return, Hypnosis, Teleport
Pokepark Mew :: Lv30 ut :: Brave :: Pound, Transform, Mega Punch, Metronome
Nintendo of Korea Mew :: Lv50 ut :: Careful :: Metronome, Psychic, Teleport, Aura Sphere

Pokesmash Mewtwo :: Lv70 ut :: Hasty :: Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, Electro Ball

TRU Dragonite :: Lv50 ut :: Mild :: Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Outrage, Dragon Dance

VGC10 Shiny Eevee :: Lv50 ut :: Hardy :: Iron Tail, Trump Card, Flail, Quick Attack

;125; ;126;
SPRING 2014 Electabuzz :: Lv30 ut :: Quirky :: Low Kick, Shock Wave, Light Screen, Thunder Punch
SPRING 2014 Magmar :: Lv30 ut :: Serious :: Smoke Screen, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Fire Punch

Pokemon Center Gengar :: Lv25 ut :: Impish :: Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Sucker Punch, Shadow Punch

Korean Battle Series 2009 Arcanine :: Lv50 ut :: Quirky :: Flare Blitz, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Extreme Speed

PKTOPIA Pikachu :: Lv10 ut :: Hardy :: Volt Tackle, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave
ANA Pikachu :: Lv50 ut :: Adamant :: Fly, Iron Tail, Electro Ball, Quick Attack
TCGWC Pikachu :: Lv50 ut :: Hardy :: Volt Tackle, Light Screen, Quick Attack
SKE48 Pikachu :: Lv30 ut :: Careful :: Sing, Teeter Dance, Encore, Electro Ball
Ash Pikachu :: Lv50 ut :: Naughty :: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunder Bolt
Nzone Pikachu :: Lv20 ut :: Bashful :: Present, Quick Attack, ThunderShock, Tail Whip
McDonald's Pikachu :: Lv20 ut :: Bashful :: Quick Attack, Thunder Shock, Tail Whip, Present
Korean Ash's Pikachu :: Lv50 ut :: Naughty :: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt
Celebrate Pikachu :: Lv10 ut :: Lonely :: Celebrate, Play Nice, Thunder Shock, Quick Attack

CoroCoro Charizard X :: Lv36 ut :: Adamant :: Dragon Rage, Fire Fang, Air Slash, Dragon Claw
CoroCoro Charizard Y :: Lv36 ut :: Relaxed :: Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Air Slash, Inferno

AGETO Celebi :: Lv10 ut :: Timid :: Confusion, Recover, Heal Bell, Safeguard
WIN2011 Celebi :: Lv50 ut :: Bashful :: Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, Healing Wish
Pokebank Celebi :: Lv10 ut :: Calm :: Recover, Heal Bell, Safeguard, Hold Back
Jungle Tours Celebi :: Lv10 ut :: Modest :: Leech Seed, Recover, Heal Bell, Safeguard
Japanese Movie Celebi :: Lv50 ut :: Quirky :: Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, Healing Wish

;243; ;244; ;245;
GAMESTP Shiny Raikou :: Lv30 ut :: Rash :: Zap Cannon, Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed, Weather Ball
GAMESTP Shiny Entei :: Lv30 ut :: Adamant :: Flare Blitz, Howl, Extreme Speed, Crush Claw
GAMESTP Shiny Suicune :: Lv30 ut :: Relaxed :: Sheer Cold, Air Slash, Extreme Speed, Aqua Ring
WIN2011 Shiny Raikou :: Lv30 ut :: Rash :: Zap Cannon, Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed, Weather Ball
WIN2011 Shiny Entei :: Lv30 ut :: Adamant :: Flare Blitz, Howl, Extreme Speed, Crush Claw
WIN2011 Shiny Suicune :: Lv30 ut :: Sheer Cold, Air Slash, Extreme Speed, Aqua Ring

Goon's Scizor :: Lv50 ut :: Adamant :: X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, Agility
Korean Goon's Scizor :: Lv50 ut :: Adamant :: X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, Agility
Walmart Scizor :: Lv10 ut :: X-Scissor, Night Slash, Double Hit, Iron Head
Pokemon Center Scizor :: Lv25 ut :: Careful :: False Swipe, Agility, Metal Claw, Fury Cutter

Nuketta Wobbuffet :: Lv10 ut :: Hasty :: Counter

;196; ;197;
Celebrate Espeon :: Lv10 ut :: Naughty :: Celebrate, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Confusion
Celebrate Umbreon :: Lv10 ut :: Quirky :: Celebrate, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Pursuit

GAMESTP Shiny Pichu :: Lv30 ut :: Jolly :: Charge, Volt Tackle, Endreavor, Endure
SPR2010 Shiny Pichu :: Lv30 ut :: Jolly :: Charge, Volt Tackle, Endreavor, Endure
Korean Mikena Shiny Pichu :: Lv30 ut :: Jolly :: Charge, Volt Tackle, Endreavor, Endure

WORLD10 Crobat :: Lv30 ut :: Timid :: Heat Wave, Air Slash, Super Fang, Sludge Bomb

Birth Island Deoxys :: Lv30 ut :: Timid :: Taunt, Pursuit, Psychic, Superpower
DOEL Deoxys :: Lv70 ut :: Hasty :: Cosmic Power, Recover, Psycho Boost, Hyper Beam
Oblivia Deoxys :: Lv50 ut :: Lax :: Psycho Boost, Meteor Mash, Super Power, Hyper Beam
Plasma Deoxys :: Lv100 ut :: Docile :: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Recover, Psycho Boost
Gamestp Deoxys :: Lv50 ut :: Brave :: Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, Iron Defense, Extreme Speed
Nintendo of Korea Deoxys :: Lv50 ut :: Modest :: Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, Iron Defense, Extreme Speed

WISHMKR Jirachi :: Lv5 ut :: Quiet :: Wish, Confusion, Rest
CHANNEL Jirachi :: Lv5 ut :: Adamant :: Wish, Confusion, Rest
Daisuki Club Jirachi :: Lv 5 ut :: Adamant :: Wish, Confusion, Rest
Pokepark Jirachi :: Lv30 ut :: Jolly :: Psychic, Helping Hand, Rest, Refresh
GAMESTP Jirachi :: Lv5 ut :: Hasty :: Wish, Confusion, Rest, Draco Meteor
SMR2010 Jirachi :: Lv5 ut :: Modest :: Wish, Confusion, Rest, Draco Meteor
Nintendo of Korea Jirachi :: Lv5 ut :: Timid :: Wish. Confusion, Rest

;380; ;381;
Hoenn Latias :: Lv40 ut :: Relaxed :: Water Sport, Refresh, Mist Ball, Wish
Enigma Stone Latias :: Lv40 ut :: Modest :: Water Sport, Refresh, Mist Ball, Zen Headbutt
Eon Ticket Latias :: Lv50 ut :: Impish :: Mist Ball, Psychic, Recover, Charm
Eon Ticket Latios :: Lv50 ut :: Lax :: Luster Purge, Psychic, Recover, Dragon Dance

;377; ;378; ;379;
Hadou Regirock :: Lv40 ut :: Hasty :: Curse, Superpower, Ancient Power, Hyper Beam
Hadou Regice :: Lv40 ut :: Naive :: Curse, Superpower, Ancient Power, Hyper Beam
Hadou Registeel :: Lv40 ut ::Rash :: Curse, Superpower, Ancient Power, Hyper Beam

;349; ;350;
Nintendo of Korea Feebas :: Lv5 ut :: Calm :: Splash, Mirror Coat
VGC09 Shiny Milotic :: Lv50 ut :: Timid :: Rain Dance, Recover, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind
Korean Summer Festival Shiny Milotic :: Lv50 ut :: Timid :: Rain Dance, Revocer, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind

XY Torchic Lv10 ut :: Mild :: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember

TRU Arceus :: Lv100 ut :: Naive :: Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force
MICHINA Arceus :: Lv100 ut :: Calm :: Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force
Korean Movie Arceus :: Lv100 ut :: Jolly :: Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force

TRU Shaymin :: Lv50 ut :: Mild :: Seed Falre, Aromatherapy, Substitute, Energy Ball
Oblivia Shaymin :: Lv30 ut :: Modest :: Growth, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, Synthesis
Korean Time Square Shaymin :: Lv30 ut :: Adamant :: Growth, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, Return
Korean Character Fair Shaymin :: Lv50 ut :: Mild :: Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute, Energy Ball

ANA Darkrai :: Lv50 ut :: Naive :: Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Faint Attack, Nightmare
ALAMOS Darkrai :: Lv50 ut :: Modest :: Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Nightmare, Hypnosis
New Moon Darkrai :: Lv50 ut :: Jolly :: Hypnosis, Faint Attack, Nightmare, Double Team
Movie 14 Darkrai :: Lv50 ut :: Careful :: Dark Void, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, Phantom Force

;489; ;490;
Hayley's Phione :: Lv50 ut :: Lonely :: Grass Knot, Rain Dance, Rest, Surf
TRU Manaphy :: Lv50 ut :: Mild :: Heart Swap, Water Pulse, Whirlpool, Acid Armor
JBHF Manaphy :: Lv50 ut :: Lonely :: Heart Swap, Whirlpool, Water Pulse, Acid Armor
E4ALL Manaphy :: Lv50 ut :: Mild :: Heart Swap, Water Pulse, Whirlpool, Acid Armor
World Hobby Fair Manaphy :: Lv5 ut :: Adamant :: Tail Glow, Bubble, Water Sport

TRU Regigigas :: Lv100 ut :: Impish :: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Crush Grip
EUSMR09 Regigigas :: Lv100 ut :: Quirky :: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Crush Grip
Japanese Movie Regigigas :: Lv100 ut :: Impish :: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Crush Grip
Nintendo of Korea Regigigas :: Lv100 ut :: Naughty :: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Crush Grip

;483; ;484; ;487;
Sinjoh Ruins Palkia :: Lv1 ut :: Lax :: DragonBreath, Scary Face
Sinjoh Ruins Dialga :: Lv1 ut :: Hasty :: DragonBreath, Scary Face
Sinjoh Ruins Shiny Giratina :: Lv1 ut :: Relaxed :: DragonBreath, Scary Face
SUM2013 Shiny Dialga :: Lv100 ut :: Calm :: Roar of Time, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere
SUM2013 Shiny Palkia :: Lv100 ut :: Gentle :: Aura Sphere, Spacial Rend, Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor
SUM2013 Shiny Giratina :: Lv100 ut :: Docile :: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Aura Sphere, Shadow Force

Oblivia Heatran :: Lv50 ut :: Quiet :: Eruption, Magma Storm, Earth Power, Ancient Power

Celebrate Glaceon :: Naive Nature :: Celebrate, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Icy Wind

;466; ;467;
PKTOPIA Magmortar :: Lv50 ut :: Modest :: Flamethrower, Psychic, Hyper Beam, SolarBeam
PKTOPIA Electrivire :: Lv50 ut :: Adamant :: Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, Earthquake

WORLD09 Weavile :: Lv30 ut :: Jolly :: Fake Out, Ice Shard, Night Slash, Brick Break

WORLD08 Lucario :: Lv30 ut :: Adamant :: Force Palm, Bone Rush, Sunny Day, Blaze Kick

Walmart Garchomp :: Lv50 ut :: Careful :: Slash, Dragon Claw, Dig, Crunch
CoroCoro Garchomp :: Lv48 ut ::Timid :: Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dig, Crunch

Plasma Shiny Genesect :: Lv100 ut :: Hasty :: Extreme Speed, Techno Blast, Blaze Kick, Shift Gear

SPR2013 Meloetta :: Lv50 ut :: Gentle :: Relic Song, Teeter Dance, Psychic, Close Combat
Movie Giveaway Meloetta :: Lv15 ut :: Quiet :: Round, Quick Attack, Confusion, Relic Song

SMR2012 Keldeo :: Lv50 ut :: Adamant :: Aqua Jet, Secret Sword, Sword Dance, Sacred Sword
WIN2013 Keldeo :: Lv50 ut :: Modest :: Secret Sword, Sword Dance, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet

:643: :644:
Movie11 Reshiram :: Lv100 ut :: Docile :: Blue Flare, Fusion Flare, Mist, Draco Meteor
Movie11 Zekrom :: Lv100 ut :: Mild :: Bolt Strike, Fusion Bolt, Haze, Outrage

:623: :635:
Movie11 Shiny Golurk :: Lv70 ut :: Impish :: Shadow Punch, Hyper Beam, Gyro Ball, Hammer Arm
Movie11 Shiny Hydreigon :: Lv70 ut :: Quiet :: Hyper Voice, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, Focus Blast

Pokesmash Cubchoo :: Lv15 ut :: Adamant :: Powder Snow, Growl, Bide, Icy Wind

Searcher Axew :: Lv10 ut :: Hardy :: Dragon Rage, Return, Endure, Dragon Claw

Satoshi's Scraggy :: Lv1 ut :: Adamant :: Headbutt, Leer, Hi Jump Kick, Low Kick

:511: :519: :610:
Ash's Pidove :: Lv1 ut :: Hardy :: Gust, Quick Attack, Air Cutter
Cilan's Pansage :: Lv1 ut :: Brave :: Bullet Seed, Bite, SolarBeam, Dig
Iris's Axew :: Lv1 ut :: Naive :: Scratch, Dragon Rage

EVENT11 Zoroark :: Lv50 ut :: Quirky :: Agility, Embargo, Punishment, Snarl
Korean Station Zoroark :: Lv50 ut :: Quirky :: Agility, Embargo, Punishment, Snarl

WORLD11 Scrafty :: Lv50 ut :: Brave :: Fire Punch, Payback, Drain Punch, Substitute

Liberty Pass Victini :: Lv15 ut :: Modest :: Incinerate, Confusion, Quick Attack, Endure
Movie14 Victini :: Lv50 ut :: Modest :: V-Create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Searing Shot
MOVIE11 Victini :: Lv50 ut :: Adamant :: V-Create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Searing Shot

Happy Hour Inkay :: Lv10 ut :: Quirky :: Happy Hour, Foul Play, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy
Celebrate Sylveon :: Lv10 ut :: Sassy :: Celebrate, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Fairy Wind

Pokemon Center Events
PC Birthday Charmander :: Lv40 ut :: Naughty :: Return, Hidden Power, Quick Attack, Howl
PC Birthday Pikachu :: Lv40 ut :: Mild :: Thunder, Protect
PC Birthday Meowth :: Lv10 ut :: Jolly :: Fake Out, Pay Day, Assist, Scratch
PC Birthday Chimchar :: Lv40 ut :: Mild :: Flamethrower, Thunder Punch, Grass Knot, Helping Hand
PC Birthday Audino :: Lv30 ut :: Calm :: Heal Pulse, Helping Hand, Refresh, Double Slap
TPC Victini :: Lv100 ut :: Jolly :: V-Create, U-Turn, Bolt Strike, Zen Headbutt

Christmas (PCNYd) Seviper :: Lv30 ut :: Quiet :: Poison Tail, Screech, Glare, Crunch
Christmas (PCNYd) Milotic :: Lv35 ut :: Quiet :: Water Pulse, Twister, Recover, Rain Dance
Dragon Week (PCNYd) Altaria :: Lv 45 ut :: Hasty :: Aerial Ace, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Flamethrower
Dragon Week (PCNYd) Salamence :: Lv50 ut :: Sassy :: Protect, Dragon Breath, Scary Face, Fly
Dragon Week (PCNYd) Seadra :: Lv45 ut :: Bashful :: Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump, Twister, Ice Beam


10 ANIV Bulbasaur :: Lv70 ut :: Rash :: Sweet Scent, Growth, Synthesis, Solar Beam
10 ANIV Charizard :: Lv70 ut :: Timid :: Wing Attack, Slash, Dragon Rage, Fire Spin
10 ANIV Blastoise :: Lv70 ut :: Hardy :: Protect, Rain Dance, Skull Bash, Hydro Pump
10 ANIV Pikachu :: Lv70 ut :: Quiet :: Thunderbolt, Agility, Thunder, Light Screen
10 ANIV Alakazam :: Lv70 ut :: Rash :: Future Sight, Calm Mind, Psychic, Trick
10 ANIV Articuno :: Lv70 ut :: Lax :: Agility, Mind Reader, Ice Beam, Reflect
10 ANIV Zapdos :: Lv70 ut :: Naughty :: Agility, Detect, Drill Peck, Charge
10 ANIV Moltres :: Lv70 ut :: Hasty :: Agility, Endure, Flamethrower, Safeguard
10 ANIV Dragonite :: Lv70 ut :: Impish :: Agility, Safeguard, Wing Attack, Outrage
10 ANIV Typhlosion :: Lv70 ut :: Serious :: Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Swift, Flamethrower
10 ANIV Espeon :: Lv70 ut :: Quiet :: Psybeam, Psych Up, Psychic, Morning Sun
10 ANIV Umbreon :: Lv70 ut :: Quirky :: Faint Attack, Mean Look, Screech, Moonlight
10 ANIV Raikou :: Lv70 ut :: Hardy :: Quick Attack, Spark, Reflect, Crunch
10 ANIV Entei :: Lv70 ut :: Naughty :: Fire Spin, Stomp, Flamethrower, Swagger
10 ANIV Suicune :: Lv70 ut :: Lax :: Gust, Aurora Beam, Mist, Mirror Coat
10 ANIV Tyranitar :: Lv70 ut :: Naive :: Thrash, Scary Face, Crunch, Earthquake
10ANNIV Lugia :: Lv70 ut :: Naive :: Recover, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Swift
10ANNIV Ho-oh :: Lv70 ut :: Bold :: Recover, Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Swift
10 ANIV Celebi :: Lv70 ut :: Lax :: Ancient Power, Future Sight, Baton Pass, Perish Song
10 ANIV Blaziken :: Lv70 ut :: Naive :: Blaze Kick, Slash, Mirror Move, Sky Uppercut
10 ANIV Absol :: Lv70 ut :: Hasty :: Double Team, Slash, Future Sight, Perish Song
10 ANIV Latias :: Lv70 ut :: Jolly :: Mist Ball, Psychic, Recover, Charm
10 ANIV Latios :: Lv70 ut :: Gentle :: Luster Purge, Psychic, Recover, Dragon Dance

Saikyou Events
Saikyou Salamence :: Lv50 ut :: Naughty :: Hydro Pump, Stone Edge, Fire Blast, Dragon Claw
Saikyou Magmortar :: Lv50 ut :: Hardy :: Confuse Ray, Fire Punch, Laval Plume, Flamethrower
Saikyou Electrivire :: Lv50 ut :: Serious :: Light Screen, Thunder Punch, Discharge, Thunderbolt

Jeremy Events
Jeremy's Ekans :: Lv14 ut :: Docile :: Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting, Bite
Jeremy's Vulpix :: Lv18 ut :: Quirky :: Tail Whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Will-O-Wisp
Jeremy's Growlithe :: Lv32 ut :: Quiet :: Leer, Odor Sleuth, Take Down, Flame Wheel
Jeremy's Machamp :: Lv38 ut :: Quiet :: Seismic Toss, Foresight, Revenge, Vital Throw
Jeremy's Slowpoke :: Lv31 ut :: Naive :: Water Gun, Confusion, Disable, Growl
Jeremy's Shellder :: Lv24 ut :: Brave :: Withdraw, Icicle Spear, Supersonic, Aurora Beam
Jeremy's Haunter :: Lv23 ut :: Timid :: Spite, Curse, Night Shade, Confuse Ray
Jeremy's Gengar :: Lv23 ut :: Hardy :: Spite, Curse, Night Shade, Confuse Ray
Jeremy's Staryu :: Lv18 ut :: Timid :: Harden, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover

Trade for Evolution!
Tfe! Scyther :: Lv30 ut :: Timid :: Agility, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter, Slash
Tfe! Haunter :: Lv30 ut :: Jolly :: Confuse Ray, Sucker Punch, Shadow Punch, Payback
Tfe! Machoke :: Lv30 ut :: Serious :: Low Sweep, Foresight, Seismic Toss, Revenge
Tfe! Electabuzz :: Lv30 ut :: Rash :: Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Light Screen
Tfe! Magmar :: Lv30 ut :: Lonely :: SmokeScreen, Faint Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray
Tfe! Karrablast :: Lv30 ut :: Lax :: Fury Attack, Headbutt, False Swipe, Bug Buzz
Tfe! Shelmet :: Lv30 ut :: Hardy :: Struggle Bug, Mega Drain, Yawn, Protect


I have pretty much every English and Japanese event from 4th and 5th gen, a few 3rd gen ones, as well as the following 6th gen events for trade:

CoroCoro Charizard with X stone (x2)
XY Torchic with Mega Stone
Birthday Pikachu, with Celebrate
UK Spring 2014 Electabuzz
UK Spring 2014 Magmar
Trained level 85 Walmart Scizors

Gyarados Pokémon Center - Mega Evolution Distribution
Mamoswine Pokémon VGC Nationals

Please dont offer me any previous gen events.

PM for details