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Event Trading Thread


Bank Ball Collector
Hi all!

GAMESTP Jirachi Nature: Brave
WIN2011 Celebi Nature: Quiet, Quirky

Oblivia or TRU Shaymin
Other offers.

All my events FT are legit, not cloned, and UT. I would like the same for the ones I am looking for.

PM offers! Thanks!
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Active Member
Looking for a good timid/modest pokeball vivilion have a lot to trade 5-6iv events with good natures and 60+kalos born shinys 5-6iv with the right nature and abilitys pm me for details only if you have the vivilion


New Member
Hello! I'm looking for all the gather more pokemon events from gen 3. There's over 50 of these events so please pm f you have even one :) I have to offer event pokemon in return :) here's my list

I'm also interested in gen 6 and other gen 3 events please pm with list :)

Ruby/Saphire Berry Fix Zigzagoon/ id 30317/ ot RUBY/SAPHIRE
Space Center Deoxys/ id 00010/ ot SPACE C
Toys r us Mew/ id 06930/ ot MYSTRY
Pokemon Rocks America Metang/ id 02005/ ot ROCKS
10th Anniversary Concert Chatot/ id 10286
PokeFesta Electabuzz/ id 11256
PokeFesta Magmar/ id 11256
World Hobby Fair 2nd anniversary Manaphy/ id 12226
Pokemon Battle Revolution Electivire / id:06257/ ot: PKTOPIA
Nintendo World Manaphy/ id:10017/ ot:NWS
E4all Conference Manaphy/ id 10187/ ot E4ALL
JB hi-fi Manaphy/ id 11077/ ot JBHF
Bonus Disc Jirachi/ id 20043/ ot WISHMKR
10th movie Deoxys/ id 07147
Strongest Pokemon 1st Electivire/ id 11157
Strongest Pokemon 2nd Magmortar/id 12017
Strongest Pokemon 3rd Milotic/ id 12157
Daisuki Club Jirachi/ id 07077
PokeFesta Palcity Lucario/ id 07157
Pokefesta Palcity Manaphy/ id 07157
Pokefesta Palcity Mew/ id 07157 (complete set)
Pokemon Sunday Octillery/ id 10147
Pokemon Sunday Tropius/ id 02027
Pokemon Sunday Whiscash/ id 03217
Pokemon Colleseum Ho-oh/ id 10048/ ot MATTLE
Toys R us Dragonite/id 11088/ ot TRU
Pokemon Daisuki Club Party Bidoof/ id 17336
Pokemon Center Birthday Charmander/ id 07208
Pokemon Ranger: Shadow of Almia Darkrai/ id 03208
Pokemon Ranger: Shadow of Almia Riolu/ id 03208
Strongest Pokemon 4th Dragonite/ id 01158
Strongest Pokemon 5th Salamence/ id 02158
Pokemon Center Sapporo Eevee/ id 12068
World Championship Milotic/ id 10128
Movie 08 Regigigas/ id 07198
Pokemon Daisuki Club Party Starly/ id 08311
Pokemon Daisuki Club Party Bidoof/ id 17336
Toys R us Shaymin/ id 02089/ ot TRU
Pokemon center Meowth/ id 03209
Pokemon Center Birthday Charmander/ id 07209
Movie 10 Shiny Suicune/id 06180
Movie 10 Shiny Entei/ id 06180
Movie10 Shiny Raikou/id 06180
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Speed, Attack, Defense, Normal Deoxys/ id 03060/ ot Oblivia
Pokemon ranger Guardian signs Heatran/ id 03060/ ot Oblivia
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Shaymin/ id 03060/ ot Oblivia
Wi-fi Mew/ id 10160/ ot FAL2010
Gamestop Pikachu colored Pichu/id 01300/ ot GAMESTP
Gamestop Jirachi/ id 02270/ot GAMESTP
Movie 10 Celebi/id 07100
Wi-fi Ashs Pikachu/ id 07150
Winter 2011 Celeb(pokemon blk and wht tour)/ id 02211/ot WIN2011
Winter 2011 Celeb(Gamestop)/ id 02211/ot WIN2011
Winter 2011 Celebi/ id 01211/ ot HVR2011
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Newb Shiny Hunter
Have a couple of Uncloned Keldeos I got from the event a few years back. Looking for Pokeball Vivillon. PM me if interested.
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New Member
really need Jirachi, Darkrai, keldeo, meloetta and genesect don't mind what language, nature or IVs

can offer

legendaries - moltres, zapdos, articuno, mewtwo, raikou, suicune, entei, lugia, ho-oh, regirock, regice, registeel, latias, latios, kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, uxie, mespirit, azelf, dialga, palkia, heatran, giratina, regigigas, cresselia, zekrom, reshiram ,Tornadus, cobalion, terrakion, virizion, kyurem, xerneas, zygarde

Shinies - raticate, golbat, gyarados (kalsos caught) basculin, alomomola

willing to trade 2 of my pokemon for any 1 that i need

Pm if intrested

FC 4828 4950 1923
in game name rob


Mr. Shadow
Pokemon is acquired and no longer chased. All legendaries aside from Manaphy and Diancie are in my grasp.
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Cyberspace Traveler
Hello Yello! :D

I'm currently looking for the recently released Korean Mega Evolution events,other natures of Jessie's Wobbuffet,Diancie(Not sure if this is released yet,NOT looking for a Powersave one),and uncloned UT events you got yourself :D

I can offer these in exchange

Past Generation Events:

NZ Manaphy
1 0 t h Deoxys(Movie10)
Nobunaga's Dark Rayquaza***(touched)
Pokemon Center Tohoku Snivy
10th Anniversary Kyogre
Flying Pikachu
Pokesuma Cubchoo
10 ANIV Espeon
10 ANIV Articuno
Saikyou Salamence
Saikyou Dragonite
Saikyou Milotic
Cynthia's Spiritomb
Recital Piplup
Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon(RUBY)
Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon(SAPHIRE)
Spite Absol(Only for rare trades,must be kept NFT if traded.)
Nagashima Spa Land Omanyte
Team Rocket Meowth
ROCKS Metang
Baba's Flygon
Akiyama's Slaking
Wish Bagon
Stamp Pichu
Dream Radar Giratina
Tri-Attack Togepi
SPRING2012 Zekrom

Gen 6 Events:

WINTER2013 Pokemon
[ENG]Lv. 50 Naive Male Garchomp(Highly curious),12/30/2013
[ENG]Lv. 50 Serious Male Garchomp(Highly curious),12/15/2013
[ENG]Lv. 50 Naive Male Scizor(Likes to relax),5/13/2014

SPRING 2014 Pokemon
[ENG]Lv 30 Rash Male Electabuzz(Likes to relax),4/14/2014
[ENG]Lv. 30 Hardy Male Electabuzz(Takes plenty of siestas),4/5/2014
[SPA]Lv. 30 Modest Male Electabuzz(Quick tempered),4/16/2014
[SPA]Lv. 30 Hardy Male Magmar(Likes to run),4/14/2014
[GER]Lv. 30 Adamant Male Magmar(Somewhat vain),5/2/2014
[FRE]Lv. 30 Modest Male Magmar(Likes to fight),5/7/2014(UNCLONED)
[GER]Lv. 30 Modest Male Magmar(Likes to run),6/25/2014(UNCLONED)

Christmas Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 25 Timid Female Gengar(Likes to thrash about),12/21/2013
[JPN]Lv. 25 Adamant Female Scizor(Alert to sounds),12/21/2013

Pokemon Center Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 25 Lonely Female Gengar(Likes to relax),2/1/2014
[JPN]Lv. 25 Adamant Male Scizor(Highly persistent),2/1/2014

Birthday Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 10 Hasty Female Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),1/30/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Calm Male Eevee(Loves to eat),11/21/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Rash Male Vaporeon(Sturdy body),1/17/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Bold Male Flareon(Mischievous),1/30/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Jolly Male Flareon(Strongly defiant),11/29/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Rash Male Jolteon(Likes to thrash about),1/14/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Gentle Male Espeon(Good endurance),1/3/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Quirky Male Umbreon(Takes plenty of siestas),11/26/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Timid Male Umbreon(Quick to flee),1/28/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Hardy Male Glaceon(Likes to relax),11/29/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Docile Male Leafeon(Alert to sounds),11/26/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Lax Male Sylveon(Capable of taking hits),1/3/2014***(touched)
[JPN]Lv. 10 Bold Male Sylveon(Alert to sounds),1/16/2014

Movie17 Darkrai
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Darkrai(Alert to sounds),4/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Darkrai(Takes plenty of siestas),4/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Darkrai(Likes to thrash about),4/19/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Naughty Darkrai(Capable of taking hits),4/23/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Adamant Darkrai(Somewhat vain),4/19/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Calm Darkrai(Somewhat vain),4/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Bold Darkrai(Likes to thrash about),4/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Modest Darkrai(Somewhat vain),5/16/2014

Nuketta Wobbuffet
[JPN]Lv. 10 Adamant Male Wobbuffet(Somewhat of a clown),1/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Timid Male Wobbuffet(Thoroughly cunning),1/24/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Hasty Male Wobbuffet(Somewhat vain),12/23/2014

PCTB Inkay
[JPN]Lv. 10 Brave Female Inkay(Capable of taking hits),11/30/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Adamant Male Inkay(Sturdy body),11/30/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Serious Female Inkay(Sturdy body),12/26/2013

CoroCoro Charizard
[JPN]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Very finicky),3/15/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[JPN]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Very finicky),3/15/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[JPN]Lv. 36 Careful Male Charizard(Mischievous),3/21/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Often lost in thought),3/15/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)

CoroCoro Garchomp
[JPN]Lv. 48 Adamant Male Garchomp(Strongly defiant),11/15/2013
[JPN]Lv. 48 Calm Male Garchomp(Nods off a lot).12/8/2013

XY Taiwan/Hong Kong Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 10 Bashful Female Sylveon(Somewhat stubborn),1/18/2014
[ENG]Lv. 10 Lonely Female Sylveon(Somewhat of a clown),1/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 13 Relaxed Female Sylveon(Likes to fight),1/4/2014***(touched)
[ENG]Lv. 48 Serious Male Garchomp(Somewhat vain),2/22/2014
[ENG]Lv. 48 Bold Male Garchomp(Highly curious),1/27/2014

Eevee House Sylveon
[KOR]Lv. 10 Naughty Female Sylveon(Nods off a lot),1/8/2014
[KOR]Lv. 10 Modest Female Sylveon(Likes to run),1/11/2014
[KOR]Lv. 10 Brave Female Sylveon(Nods off a lot),12/21/2013

VGC Korea Garchomp
[KOR]Lv. 48 Adamant Male Garchomp(Alert to sounds),4/13/2014
[KOR]Lv. 48 Mild Male Garchomp(Nods off a lot),4/13/2014
[ENG]Lv. 48 Bashful Male Garchop(Somewhat of a clown),4/13/2014

Greetings for the New Year Pokemon
[KOR]Lv. 25 Adamant Male Scizor(Somewhat vain),1/23/2014
[KOR]Lv. 25 Timid Female Gengar(Capable of taking hits),1/23/2014

Olleh TV Charizard
[KOR]Lv. 36 Quirky Male Charizard(Loves to eat),4/19/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Naughty Male Charizard(Loves to eat),4/30/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Naive Male Charizard(Quick tempered),4/25/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Hasty Male Charizard(Alert to sounds)4/18/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Brave Male Charizard(Likes to fight),4/18/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Gyarados
[JPN]Lv. 50 Gentle Male Gyarados(Scatters things often),5/12/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Female Gyarados(Good endurance),5/13/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Male Gyarados(Good perseverance),5/11/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Male Gyarados(Often lost in thought),5/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Careful Female Gyarados(Loves to eat),5/13/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Gyarados(Hates to lose),5/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Mild Female Gyarados(Likes to relax),5/14/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lax Female Gyarados(Very finicky),5/16/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Serious Female Gyarados(Scatters things often),5/10/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Hasty Female Gyarados(Mischievous),5/15/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Bold Male Gyarados(A little quick tempered),5/10/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Quiet Female Gyarados(Alert to sounds),5/16/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Quirky Female Gyarados(Loves to eat),5/15/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Bashful Female Gyarados(Scatters things often),5/15/2014

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Scizor
[JPN]Lv. 50 Serious Female Scizor(Somewhat stubborn),5/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hardy Male Scizor(Somewhat vain),5/25/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Female Scizor(Sturdy body),5/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lonely Male Scizor(Impetuous and silly),5/23/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Female Scizor(Somewhat vain),5/22/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quiet Male Scizor(Likes to thrash about),5/18/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Lax Male Scizor(Alert to sounds),5/18/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Impish Male Scizor(Good perseverance),5/24/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Relaxed Female Scizor(Highly curious),5/19/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Gentle Female Scizor(Good endurance),5/24/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Docile Male Scizor(Somewhat of a clown),5/18/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Quiet Male Scizor(Likes to thrash about),5/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Brave Male Scizor(Takes plenty of siestas),5/24/2014

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Kangaskhan
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quiet Female Kangaskhan(Proud of its power),5/27/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Brave Female Kangaskhan(Highly curious),5/30/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hasty Female Kangaskhan(Quick to flee),5/26/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naughty Female Kangaskhan(Impetuous and silly),5/28/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Female Kangaskhan(Somewhat stubborn),5/31/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hardy Female Kangaskhan(Somewhat of a clown),6/1/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Kangaskhan(Often lost in thought),5/26/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Female Kangaskhan(Nods off a lot),5/29/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lonely Female Kangaskhan(Good perseverance),5/29/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Female Kangaskhan(Likes to thrash about),5/29/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Docile Female Kangaskhan(Highly curious),5/26/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Relaxed Female Kangaskhan(Likes to thrash about),5/27/2014(Only for other uncommon natures or other languages of PCBC events)
[KOR]Lv. 50 Brave Female Kangaskhan(A little quick tempered),5/26/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Quiet Female Kangaskhan(Highly curious),5/26/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Quirky Female Kangaskhan(Likes to thrash about),5/26/2014

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Gengar
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Female Gengar(Takes plenty of siestas),6/2/2014 (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Bold Female Gengar(Alert to sounds),6/8/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Gengar(Strong willed),6/8/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Modest Female Gengar(Strong willed),6/3/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Female Gengar(Loves to eat),6/8/2014(UNCLONED)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Female Gengar(Likes to thrash about),6/8/2014(UNCLONED)

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Tyranitar
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hardy Female Tyranitar(Likes to run),6/9/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Careful Female Tyranitar(Highly curious),6/10/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Mild Male Tyranitar(Thoroughly cunning),6/10/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Male Tyranitar(Takes plenty of siestas),6/10/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Tyranitar(Very finicky),6/10/2014(UNCLONED)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Tyranitar(Likes to fight),6/10/2014(UNCLONED)

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Mawile
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Mawile(Mischievous),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quirky Male Mawile(Nods off a lot),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Female Mawile(Good perseverance),6/17/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Brave Female Mawile(Likes to thrash about),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Male Mawile(Likes to relax),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Mawile(Nods off a lot),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Female Mawile(Mischievous),6/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hasty Female Mawile(A little quick tempered),6/21/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Calm Female Mawile(Good endurance),6/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Male Mawile(Highly persistent),6/18/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Mawile(Mischievous),6/21/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Serious Male Mawile(Very finicky),6/18/2014(UNCLONED
[JPN]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Mawile(Good endurance),6/18/2014(UNCLONED)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Male Mawile(Sturdy body),6/18/2014(UNCLONED)

Arash Ommati's Mamoswine
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Likes to fight),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Good endurance),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Alert to sounds),5/5/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Somewhat stubborn),5/4/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Thoroughly cunning),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Good perseverance),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Scatters things often),5/3/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Capable of taking hits),5/4/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Highly persistent),5/3/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Takes plenty of siestas),5/3/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Likes to relax),5/25/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(A little quick tempered),5/24/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Likes to run),6/1/2014

Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon
[FRE]Lv. 12 Gentle Male Vivillon(Good endurance),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Docile Male Vivillon(Capable of taking hits),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Quiet Male Vivillon(Quick to flee),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Serious Male Vivillon(Capable of taking hits),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Calm Male Vivillon(Strong willed),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Bold Male Vivillon(Alert to sounds),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Timid Male Vivillon(Somewhat of a clown),6/5/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Modest Male Vivillon(Alert to sounds),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Sassy Male Vivillon(Highly curious),6/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 12 Lax Male Vivillon(Strongly defiant),6/5/2014
[JPN]Lv. 12 Relaxed Male Vivillon(Likes to run),6/10/2014
[GER]Lv. 12 Jolly Male Vivillon(Likes to run),6/10/2014

Atsuto Uchida Pikachu(Mega Kick)
[JPN]Lv. 22 Bashful Male Pikachu(Highly curious),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Jolly Male Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Modest Male Pikachu(Very finicky),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Calm Male Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Brave Male Pikachu(Somewhat stubborn),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Lonely Male Pikachu(Takes plenty of siestas),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Quirky Male Pikachu(Loves to eat),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Jolly Male Pikachu(Mischievous),6/15/2014(UNCLONED)
[JPN]Lv. 22 Adamant Male Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),6/15/2014(UNCLONED)

Jessie's Wobbuffet
[ITA]Lv. 15 Lonely Male Wobbuffet(Somewhat vain),6/22/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Relaxed Male Wobbuffet(Strong willed),6/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Jolly Male Wobbuffet(Likes to run),6/22/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Quiet Male Wobbuffet(Likes to relax),6/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Adamant Male Wobbuffet(Likes to relax),7/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Impish Male Wobbuffet(A little quick tempered),6/24/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Hasty Male Wobbuffet(Alert to sounds),6/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Brave Male Wobbuffet(Likes to fight),6/21/2014

Ratios can be discussed,just PM me if you're interested in anything in my list ^^

Thank you for looking at my list and happy trading everyone! \^o^/


New Member
hi folks, me again:

today i'm looking for the korean World Championships 2014 Qualification Tournament Pokémon (Pinsir, Tyranitar, Manectric, Heracross, Houndoom and Aggron) where distributed on July 5, 2014 and July 6, 2014

i have some of the spring magmar with and without ribbon(*) where you can choose one oder two (of course they're ut and uncloned, too):

Spring 2014 Magmar Male ♂ 30 Timid FRÜHL. 2014 Vital Spirit 4014 6/25/2014 GER Alret to sounds *
Spring 2014 Magmar Male ♂ 30 Brave FRÜHL. 2014 Vital Spirit 4014 6/5/2014 GER Likes to relax

please, pm me :)
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Pokémon Ranger
Looking for any Manaphy and/or Victini for trade.

Mewtwo Lv.91 Timid w/ X Mega Stone
Shiny Cresselia Lv.68 Calm
Shiny Uxie Lv.65 Quirky
Shiny Magikarp Lv.5 Careful
Shiny Whirlipede Lv.23 Adamant
Shiny Pinsir Lv.26 Jolly
Shiny Elgyem Lv.33 Jolly
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Shiny Hunter
I am looking for a legit pokéball patterned Vivillon.

I got 4 shiny Skarmory for trade, all hatched by me, so nicknameable.
They are all Impsih, and have EM: Brave Bird, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Drill Peck.

IV spreads:
Female 31/31/xx/31/31/31 (Keen Eye)
Female 31/31/xx/31/31/31 (Sturdy)
Female xx/31/31/31/31/31 (Keen Eye)
Male 31/31/31/31/31/xx (Sturdy)


Let's go to the beach, each.
SPR2012 Zekrom
SPR2012 Reshiram

FAL2010 Mew (Bold, Serious)
ALAMOS Darkrai (Modest, Mild)
SMR2012 Keldeo (Adamant, Calm, Bold)
TRU Shaymin (Calm)

PM me.

I love turtwig!!!

Shiny collector
Looking to trade my SPR2012 event Reshiram gentle natured for a SPR2012 event Reshiram adamant natured. Let me know by PM or VM if interested.


New Member
I'm looking for a shaymin victini manaphy and a deoxys. No specific nature on any of them. I have a
Shiny clefable
Level 83 rayquaza
Past this like are all 5 iv pokes
Gibble X2
Eevee X2
Durant X2
Esperr male
And minccino
Pm me if interested
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New Member
Offer: my female Fancy Pattern Compund Eyes Vivillon
LF: Male Shield Dust Fancy Pattern Vivillon


I really have no need for this fancy pattern vivillion and it will likely just be a trophy if I keep it so PM me if you want to trade for it it's timid. I like mainly shinys but interesting events may also work or maybe a pokeball vivillion. let me know what you have to offer thanks