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Event Trading Thread


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LF Diancie, with some nature


Funk Volume
LF Diancie with a good nature.

I have lots of events for trade. Pm me.

Hopefully your trading Legit Events this time and not hacked shinies :p


Funk Volume
LF: Daisuke GTS EVENTS as files

Temp V1

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Looking for a legit English Arceus, not concerned about nature or IVs

For trade I have a variety of HA Pokemon and all attainable in game legendaries.


PM if theres something you're interested in, or would like further information on, IE what HA Pokemon I have.


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All only in legit and Untouched

Pokesuma Cubchoo [JAP]
P2ラボ (P2-Labor) Genesect [JAP]
えいがかん (Eigakan) Meloetta [JAP]
Year of the Dragon S-Deino,S-Bagon,S-Swablu and S-Trapinch [KOR]
Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon(RUBY)
Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon(SAPHIRE)
Nagashima Spa Land Events [JAP]
Korean Pokemon Peer Charmander [JAP]
Baba's Flygon [JAP]
Akiyama's Slaking [JAP]
Iris Events [JAP]
Dr. Okidos Rotom [JAP]
Troys Metagross [JAP]
Lauros Volcarona [JAP]
Pokémon Video Game Championships 2012 Shiny Volcarona [KOR]

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im offering my JPN pre-movie diance with adamant nature

LF: LV50 SPR2013 Meloetta with a neutral nature. i don't care for iv's tho as long as its not bad
If it has drain punch ill throw in a shiny cresselia too

PM me if interested


Where's Wally?
Other 6th gen events I don't have (please provide date met of any event offered, no Powersaves events)

FT: {All trades received before Powersave update(s)}
Timid Wi-fi Torchic (UT- date met: 10/14/2013)
Naughty PC Tokyo Bay Inkay (UT- date met: 1/3/2014)
Adamant CoroCoro Garchomp (UT- date met: 11/15/2013)
Jolly Winter 2013 Garchomp (UT- date met: 5/24/2014)
Impish Wonderland Movie 14 Darkrai (UT- date met: 4/19/2014)
Timid Christmas Gengar (UT- date met: 12/21/2013)
Adamant Christmas Scizor (UT- date met: 12/21/2013)
Hasty Birthday Pikachu (UT- date met: 1/30/2014)
Bold Birthday Vaporeon (UT- date met: 1/30/2014)
Rash Birthday Jolteon (UT- date met: 1/14/2014)
Jolly Birthday Flareon (UT- date met: 11/29/2013)
Sassy Birthday Umbreon (UT- date met: 10/31/2013)
Docile Birthday Leafeon (UT- date met: 1/26/2013)
Careful Birthday Glaceon (UT- date met: 11/22/2013)
Lax Birthday Sylveon (UT- date met: 1/3/2014)
Modest Eevee House Sylveon (UT- date met 1/12/2014)
Adamant CoroCoro Charizard (X build) (UT- date met 3/17/2014)
Modest CoroCoro Charizard (Y build) (UT- date met 3/15/2014)
Adamant VGC Arash's Mamoswine (UT date met: 5/3/2014)
Jolly Pokémon Center Mega Evolution Distribution Scizor (UT- date met: 5/19/2014)
Impish Pokémon Center Mega Evolution Distribution Gyarados (UT- date met: 5/11/2014)
Adamant Pokémon Center Mega Evolution Distribution Kangaskhan (UT- date met: 5/26/2014)
Modest Pokémon Center Mega Evolution Distribution Gengar (UT- date met: 6/2/2014)
Jolly Pokémon Center Mega Evolution Distribution Tyranitar (UT- date met 6/14/2014)
Bold Pokémon Center Mega Evolution Distribution Mawile (UT- date met 6/19/2014)
Adamant Pokémon Center Mega Evolution Distribution Mawile (UT- date met 6/16/2014)
Gentle Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Docile Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Naughty Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Quirky Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Naive Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Calm Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Bold Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Brave Pokéball Vivillion (UT- date met: 4/6/2014)
Jolly Pokémon Get☆TV Distribution Pikachu (Mega Kick Pikachu) (UT- date met: 6/15/2014)
Lonely Pokémon Day Italy Jessie's Wobbuffet (UT- date met: 6/22/2014)


Hunter Of Sparkles
LF: legit Darkrai (IVS, etc don't matter)
FT: Numerous Shiny Pokes (will bundle up to 5-8)
If anyone has a spare one they're not using or something, PM me. Thank you in advance X3


LF: The one in bold is the event at the top of my seeking list~ !!
/LEGIT/ UT JAP Shiny Jirachi from the event that will go live in japan on the first of august. I am looking for more than one of these~ !!
Pikachu Outbreakchu - Minato Mirai Event
Other legit 6th gen events.

UT JAP Decolora Adventure Jirachi's. (Of every nature, all were picked up by myself and are un-cloned)
UT JAP Pokesmash Mewtwo's. (All were picked up by myself and are un-cloned as well, they also have the exclusive ''Electro Ball'' move)
JAP Shiny Faraway Island Mew's. (These were not picked up by myself. They have cured Pokerus, different moveset and are Mild nature, I assume that they were cloned but since they went through Pokemon Bank with no problem I am quite certain that they are legit)
UT JAP Shiny Nobunaga Rayquaza's. (Picked up by myself and are un-cloned they have a Naughty and Hasty nature)
UT JAP Genesect's. (Picked up by myself and are un-cloned they have a Adamant and Hasty nature)
UT JAP Sing Pikachu. (Female with hidden ability not received by me)
UT Fancy Vivillon's. (Of multiple nationalities, un-cloned and picked up by myself)
UT Pre-release Diancie. (Adamant natured not received by me, most certainly cloned)
(I can give Enigma Berries to each of these events)

That's about it for my list of events that are currently up for trade~ !! Feel free to send me a PM If you wish to trade. I thank you all very much in advance for your time~ !! Hopefully we can work out a trade. :3


New Member
I've been dormant on the forms for a while but have came back in search of a specific event!!
I'm very interested in a

Legit shiny PC event kyogre.

I have events such as meloneta, kalos movie darkrai, both pre and post movie release diance, corocoro charazard, event mewtwo, an more!
I also have some kalos breed shinys too. Some of those are blastoise with 5 IVs and hidden ability and . Rain dish, lvl 1 flawless frokie,/ lvl flawless eevee, and more. I can go more into detail when contacted!
Willing to offer multiple for it!
All legit too.

Also looking for jap event torterra.

Thanks and happy hunting!


little crumb :3
Events, especially older events.

JAP Mega Kick Pikachu – modest – 15.06.2014
JAP Mega Kick Pikachu – bashful – 15.06.2014
JAP Birthday Pikachu – timid – 21.01.2014
JAP Birthday Eevee – naïve – 22.11.2013
JAP Birthday Flareon – hasty – 26.11.2013
JAP Birthday Jolteon – rash – 14.01.2014
JAP Birthday Vaporeon – mild – 22.11.2013
JAP Birthday Espeon – gentle– 3.1.2014
JAP Birthday Umbreon – sassy – 31.10.2013
JAP Birthday Leafeon – docile – 26.11.2013
JAP Birthday Glaceon – impish – 12.10.2013
JAP Birthday Sylveon – lax – 3.1.2014
ITA Jessies Wobbuffet – jolly – 22.6.2014
JAP Tretta Wobbuffet – adamant – 21.1.2014
JAP Christmas Gengar – timid – 21.12.2013
FRA Pokéball Vivillon – timid – 4.6.2014
FRA Pokéball Vivillon – gentle – 4.6.2014
GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – sassy – 8.7.2014
GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – relaxed – 8.7.2014
GER Fany Pattern Vivillon – adamant – 7.7.2014
GER Fancy Pattern Vivillon – serious – 7.7.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Mawile – adamant – 16.6.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Tyranitar – timid – 10.6.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Kangashkan – hardy – 1.6.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Scizor – bold – 21.5.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Gyrados – gentle – 12.5.2014
JAP Pokémon Center Battle Champions Gengar – naïve – 2.6.2014
KOR VGC14 Garchomp – adamant – 13.4.2014
JAP XY Garchomp – timid – 16.1.2014
GER Pokémon Bank Celebi – quiet – 4.2.2014
JAP CoroCoro Charizard X – adamant – 17.3.2014
JAP CoroCoro Charizard Y – modest – 15.3.2014
KOR 0lleh TV Charizard X – quirky – 19.4.2014
KOR 0lleh TV Charizard Y – naughty – 30.4.2014
GER GAME 2014 Charizard Y – gentle – 14.7.2014
GER GAME 2014 Charizard X – careful – 14.7.2014
GER GAME 2014 Charizard X – gentle – 15.7.2014
GER VGC14 Shiny Mamoswine – adamant - 3.5.2014
ENG Winter2013 Scizor – impish – 27.1.2014
ENG Winter2013 Garchomp – mild – 29.12.2013
JAP Film 17 Darkrai – impish – 19.4.2014
JAP Film 17 Darkrai – rash – 1.6.2014
GER XY Torchic – relaxed – 13.10.2013
KOR WCS14K Tyranitar – jolly – 5.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Manectric – timid – 5.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Houndoom – timid – 6.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Aggron – brave – 6.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Pinsir – jolly – 5.7.2014
KOR WCS14K Heracross – adamant – 6.7.2014
JAP Movie Diancie – modest – 19.7.2014
JAP Pre-release Diancie – adamant – 6.7.2014

please note: I'll clone my events, so I accept clones, too. If you want, I can also clone your offer, if you can't.


Shiny Dialga 6IV, Adamant
Shiny Mew 6IV, Sassy nature
Shiny Giratina 6IV, Lonely nature
Shiny Deoxys 6IV, Sassy nature
Shiny Darkrai 6IV, Serious nature
Shiny Lugia 6IV, Docile nature
I'm pretty sure none of those could actually be 6IV due to only a few natures being capable of that pre-Gen 4 when RNGing a capture.


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I'm looking for a legit movie Diancie. Nature, IV, it doesn't matter as long as it is not a hack, pre-release or a clone. I have the following shinies: spinda, vivillon, entei, suicune, raikou; I can give two out of five if asked. Or I might throw in some evo stones or some items if I have them. PM me if interested.

Note: evo stones, not mega evo stones just to be clear
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Trading unredeemed codes for the Magmar/Electibuzz events, I have 3 if anyone is interested
I am looking ONLY for 6th Gen events, Pm me if you want one


Hiding in the grass
Have a spare Meloetta (Gen V event) for trade, looking for Blazikenite.

EDIT: Trade done.
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It is now August!Woot!

Hi guys!I'm looking for Gen 6 events I don't have,but I'm mainly looking for: (Bolded ones are high priority)

Shiny Jirachi and Japanese Poke Ball Vivillon
Hong Kong Charizard CODE

Hong Kong Charizards
New Olleh TV Charizards
KOR,SPA,ITA,GER Poke Bank Celebi
KOR,SPA,ITA Paris(Not the Japanese one) Poke Ball Vivillon

And uncloned events,either past generation or Gen 6 ones(codes are also highly appreciated).

I can offer these:

Past Generation Events:

NZ Manaphy
Shin Se Gae Manaphy
1 0 t h Deoxys(Movie10)
Nobunaga's Dark Rayquaza***(touched)
Pokemon Center Tohoku Snivy
10th Anniversary Kyogre
Flying Pikachu
Pokesuma Cubchoo
10 ANIV Espeon
10 ANIV Articuno
Saikyou Salamence
Saikyou Dragonite
Saikyou Milotic
Cynthia's Spiritomb
Recital Piplup
Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon(RUBY)
Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon(SAPHIRE)
Spite Absol(Only for rare trades,must be kept NFT if traded.)
Nagashima Spa Land Omanyte
Team Rocket Meowth
ROCKS Metang
Baba's Flygon
Akiyama's Slaking
Wish Bagon
Stamp Pichu
Stamp Absol
Dream Radar Giratina
Dream Radar Lugia
Tri-Attack Togepi
SPRING2012 Zekrom
Movie 14 Victini
Japanese Guidebook Porygon
Halloween Bannette
Target Lucario
Popularity Poll Arceus
FEB2012 Mewtwo
Birthday Togekiss
Befriend a Pokemon Flareon
Korean Pokemon Peer Charmander
Milo's Island Thundurus(UNCLONED w/o proof)

Gen 6 Events:

XY Torchic*(New)
[ENG]Lv. 10 Impish Male Torchic(Sturdy body),11/1/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Docile Male Torchic(Likes to thrash about),12/18/2013
[KOR]Lv. 10 Serious Male Torchic(Good perseverance),11/7/2013

Poke Bank Celebi*(New)
[ENG]Lv. 10 Bashful Celebi(Takes plenty of siestas),4/2/2014
[ENG]Lv. 10 Rash Celebi(Mischievous),2/9/2014
[ENG]Lv. 10 Gentle Celebi(Somewhat vain),4/21/2014
[FRE]Lv. 10 Brave Celebi(Capable of taking hits),2/28/2014*(New)
[ENG]Lv. 10 Calm Celebi(Somewhat vain),2/5/2014(UNCLONED)

WINTER2013 Pokemon
[ENG]Lv. 50 Naive Male Garchomp(Highly curious),12/30/2013
[ENG]Lv. 50 Serious Male Garchomp(Highly curious),12/15/2013
[ENG]Lv. 50 Sassy Male Garchomp(Loves to eat),12/28/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Timid Male Garchomp(Likes to run),1/8/2015
[ENG]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Garchomp(Alert to sounds),12/7/2013
[KOR]Lv. 50 Rash Male Garchomp(Capable of taking hits),6/15/2014*(New)(Rare trades only)
[FRE]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Garchomp(Highly curious),12/5/2013*(New)(Rare trades only)
[SPA]Lv. 50 Sassy Male Garchomp(Impetuous and silly),6/15/2014*(New)(Rare trades only)
[ENG]Lv. 50 Naive Male Scizor(Likes to relax),5/13/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Sassy Male Scizor(Thoroughly cunning),12/16/2013
[ENG]Lv. 50 Modest Male Scizor(Mischievous),1/18/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Relaxed Male Scizor(Likes to fight),12/24/2013*(New)

SPRING 2014 Pokemon
[ENG]Lv 30 Rash Male Electabuzz(Likes to relax),4/14/2014
[ENG]Lv. 30 Hardy Male Electabuzz(Takes plenty of siestas),4/5/2014
[SPA]Lv. 30 Modest Male Electabuzz(Quick tempered),4/16/2014
[SPA]Lv. 30 Hardy Male Magmar(Likes to run),4/14/2014
[GER]Lv. 30 Adamant Male Magmar(Somewhat vain),5/2/2014
[FRE]Lv. 30 Modest Male Magmar(Likes to fight),5/7/2014(UNCLONED)
[GER]Lv. 30 Modest Male Magmar(Likes to run),6/25/2014(UNCLONED)

Christmas Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 25 Timid Female Gengar(Likes to thrash about),12/21/2013
[JPN]Lv. 25 Adamant Female Scizor(Alert to sounds),12/21/2013

Pokemon Center Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 25 Lonely Female Gengar(Likes to relax),2/1/2014
[KOR]Lv. 25 Lonely Female Gengar(A little quick tempered),2/22/2014
[JPN]Lv. 25 Adamant Male Scizor(Highly persistent),2/1/2014

Birthday Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 10 Hasty Female Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),1/30/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Calm Male Eevee(Loves to eat),11/21/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Bold Male Eevee(Mischievous),1/30/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Rash Male Vaporeon(Sturdy body),1/17/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Bold Male Flareon(Mischievous),1/30/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Jolly Male Flareon(Strongly defiant),11/29/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Rash Male Jolteon(Likes to thrash about),1/14/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Gentle Male Espeon(Good endurance),1/3/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Brave Female Espeon(Thoroughly cunning),2/23/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Quirky Male Umbreon(Takes plenty of siestas),11/26/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Timid Male Umbreon(Quick to flee),1/28/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Hardy Male Glaceon(Likes to relax),11/29/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Docile Male Leafeon(Alert to sounds),11/26/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Sassy Male Leafeon(Somewhat vain),1/26/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Lax Male Sylveon(Capable of taking hits),1/3/2014***(touched)
[JPN]Lv. 10 Bold Male Sylveon(Alert to sounds),1/16/2014

Movie17 Darkrai
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Darkrai(Alert to sounds),4/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Darkrai(Takes plenty of siestas),4/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Darkrai(Likes to thrash about),4/19/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Naughty Darkrai(Capable of taking hits),4/23/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Adamant Darkrai(Somewhat vain),4/19/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Calm Darkrai(Somewhat vain),4/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Bold Darkrai(Likes to thrash about),4/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Modest Darkrai(Somewhat vain),5/16/2014

Nuketta Wobbuffet
[JPN]Lv. 10 Adamant Male Wobbuffet(Somewhat of a clown),1/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Timid Male Wobbuffet(Thoroughly cunning),1/24/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Hasty Male Wobbuffet(Somewhat vain),12/23/2014

PCTB Inkay
[JPN]Lv. 10 Brave Female Inkay(Capable of taking hits),11/30/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Adamant Male Inkay(Sturdy body),11/30/2013
[JPN]Lv. 10 Serious Female Inkay(Sturdy body),12/26/2013
[GER]Lv. 10 Rash Female Inkay(Nods off a lot),11/22/2013

CoroCoro Charizard
[JPN]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Very finicky),3/15/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[JPN]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Very finicky),3/15/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[JPN]Lv. 36 Careful Male Charizard(Mischievous),3/21/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[JPN]Lv. 36 Brave Male Charizard(Somewhat vain),3/31/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Often lost in thought),3/15/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)

CoroCoro Garchomp
[JPN]Lv. 48 Adamant Male Garchomp(Strongly defiant),11/15/2013
[JPN]Lv. 48 Calm Male Garchomp(Nods off a lot).12/8/2013

XY Taiwan/Hong Kong Pokemon
[JPN]Lv. 10 Bashful Female Sylveon(Somewhat stubborn),1/18/2014
[ENG]Lv. 10 Lonely Female Sylveon(Somewhat of a clown),1/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 13 Relaxed Female Sylveon(Likes to fight),1/4/2014***(touched)
[ENG]Lv. 48 Serious Male Garchomp(Somewhat vain),2/22/2014
[ENG]Lv. 48 Bold Male Garchomp(Highly curious),1/27/2014

Eevee House Sylveon
[KOR]Lv. 10 Naughty Female Sylveon(Nods off a lot),1/8/2014
[KOR]Lv. 10 Modest Female Sylveon(Likes to run),1/11/2014
[KOR]Lv. 10 Brave Female Sylveon(Nods off a lot),12/21/2013
[KOR]Lv. 10 Bold Female Sylveon(Strong willed),1/8/2014
[KOR]Lv. 10 Hardy Female Sylveon(Likes to run),1/12/2014
[JPN]Lv. 10 Quirky Female Sylveon(Likes to thrash about),1/12/2014*(New)(Rare trades only)

VGC Korea Garchomp
[KOR]Lv. 48 Adamant Male Garchomp(Alert to sounds),4/13/2014
[KOR]Lv. 48 Mild Male Garchomp(Nods off a lot),4/13/2014
[ENG]Lv. 48 Bashful Male Garchomp(Somewhat of a clown),4/13/2014
[JPN]Lv. 48 Jolly Male Garchomp(Often lost in thought),4/19/2014*(New)(Rare trades only)

Greetings for the New Year Pokemon
[KOR]Lv. 25 Adamant Male Scizor(Somewhat vain),1/23/2014
[KOR]Lv. 25 Timid Female Gengar(Capable of taking hits),1/23/2014

Olleh TV Charizard
[KOR]Lv. 36 Quirky Male Charizard(Loves to eat),4/19/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Naughty Male Charizard(Loves to eat),4/30/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Naive Male Charizard(Quick tempered),4/25/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Hasty Male Charizard(Alert to sounds)4/18/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Relaxed Male Charizard(Proud of its power),5/10/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Strong willed),4/14/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Docile Male Charizard(Quick to flee),4/17/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Brave Male Charizard(Likes to thrash about),5/2/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Quirky Male Charizard(Highly curious),4/21/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Brave Male Charizard(Likes to fight),4/18/2013(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[KOR]Lv. 36 Jolly Male Charizard(Scatters things often),4/14/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Gyarados
[JPN]Lv. 50 Gentle Male Gyarados(Scatters things often),5/12/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Female Gyarados(Good endurance),5/13/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Male Gyarados(Good perseverance),5/11/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Male Gyarados(Often lost in thought),5/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Careful Female Gyarados(Loves to eat),5/13/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Gyarados(Hates to lose),5/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Mild Female Gyarados(Likes to relax),5/14/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lax Female Gyarados(Very finicky),5/16/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Serious Female Gyarados(Scatters things often),5/10/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Hasty Female Gyarados(Mischievous),5/15/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Bold Male Gyarados(A little quick tempered),5/10/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Quiet Female Gyarados(Alert to sounds),5/16/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Quirky Female Gyarados(Loves to eat),5/15/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Bashful Female Gyarados(Scatters things often),5/15/2014

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Scizor
[JPN]Lv. 50 Serious Female Scizor(Somewhat stubborn),5/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hardy Male Scizor(Somewhat vain),5/25/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Female Scizor(Sturdy body),5/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lonely Male Scizor(Impetuous and silly),5/23/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Female Scizor(Somewhat vain),5/22/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quiet Male Scizor(Likes to thrash about),5/18/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Lax Male Scizor(Alert to sounds),5/18/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Impish Male Scizor(Good perseverance),5/24/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Relaxed Female Scizor(Highly curious),5/19/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Gentle Female Scizor(Good endurance),5/24/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Docile Male Scizor(Somewhat of a clown),5/18/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Quiet Male Scizor(Likes to thrash about),5/19/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Brave Male Scizor(Takes plenty of siestas),5/24/2014

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Kangaskhan
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quiet Female Kangaskhan(Proud of its power),5/27/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Brave Female Kangaskhan(Highly curious),5/30/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hasty Female Kangaskhan(Quick to flee),5/26/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naughty Female Kangaskhan(Impetuous and silly),5/28/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Female Kangaskhan(Somewhat stubborn),5/31/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hardy Female Kangaskhan(Somewhat of a clown),6/1/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Kangaskhan(Often lost in thought),5/26/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Female Kangaskhan(Nods off a lot),5/29/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lonely Female Kangaskhan(Good perseverance),5/29/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Female Kangaskhan(Likes to thrash about),5/29/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Docile Female Kangaskhan(Highly curious),5/26/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Relaxed Female Kangaskhan(Likes to thrash about),5/27/2014(Only for other uncommon natures or other languages of PCBC events)
[KOR]Lv. 50 Brave Female Kangaskhan(A little quick tempered),5/26/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Quiet Female Kangaskhan(Highly curious),5/26/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Quirky Female Kangaskhan(Likes to thrash about),5/26/2014

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Gengar
[JPN]Lv. 50 Bold Female Gengar(Alert to sounds),6/8/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Gengar(Strong willed),6/8/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Modest Female Gengar(Strong willed),6/3/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Gengar(Somewhat vain),6/2/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Gengar(Likes to relax),6/2/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Relaxed Male Gengar(Sturdy body),6/2/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Serious Male Gengar(Proud of its power),6/2/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Gengar(Mischievous),6/2/2014

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Tyranitar
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hardy Female Tyranitar(Likes to run),6/9/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Careful Female Tyranitar(Highly curious),6/10/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Mild Male Tyranitar(Thoroughly cunning),6/10/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Male Tyranitar(Takes plenty of siestas),6/10/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Tyranitar(Hates to lose),6/14/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Timid Female Tyranitar(Strong willed),6/9/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Quiet Female Tyranitar(Somewhat vain),6/9/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Tyranitar(Impetuous and silly),6/9/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Serious Male Tyranitar(Alert to sounds),6/9/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Tyranitar(Somewhat vain),6/9/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Tyranitar(Likes to fight),6/10/2014(UNCLONED)

Pokemon Center:Battle Championships-Mawile
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Mawile(Mischievous),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quirky Male Mawile(Nods off a lot),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Female Mawile(Good perseverance),6/17/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Brave Female Mawile(Likes to thrash about),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Male Mawile(Likes to relax),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Mawile(Nods off a lot),6/16/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Female Mawile(Mischievous),6/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hasty Female Mawile(A little quick tempered),6/21/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Calm Female Mawile(Good endurance),6/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Male Mawile(Highly persistent),6/18/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Rash Female Mawile(Very finicky),6/17/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Relaxed Female Mawile(Alert to sounds),6/18/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Jolly Female Mawile(Alert to sounds),6/21/2014*(New)
[ENG]Lv. 50 Impish Male Mawile(Somewhat vain),6/21/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Bashful Male Mawile(Mischievous),6/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Naughty Female Mawile(Quick tempered),6/16/2014*(New)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Male Mawile(Sturdy body),6/18/2014(UNCLONED)

Arash Ommati's Mamoswine
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Likes to fight),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Good endurance),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Alert to sounds),5/5/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Somewhat stubborn),5/4/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Thoroughly cunning),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Good perseverance),5/3/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Scatters things often),5/3/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Capable of taking hits),5/4/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Highly persistent),5/3/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Takes plenty of siestas),5/3/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Likes to relax),5/25/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(A little quick tempered),5/24/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Likes to run),6/1/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Throughly cunning),7/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Quick tempered),7/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Strong willed),7/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Scatters things often),7/7/2005*(New)
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Highly curious),7/14/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Mamoswine(Loves to eat),7/13/2014

Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon(Paris)
[FRE]Lv. 12 Gentle Male Vivillon(Good endurance),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Docile Male Vivillon(Capable of taking hits),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Quiet Male Vivillon(Quick to flee),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Serious Male Vivillon(Capable of taking hits),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Calm Male Vivillon(Strong willed),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Bold Male Vivillon(Alert to sounds),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Timid Male Vivillon(Somewhat of a clown),6/5/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Modest Male Vivillon(Alert to sounds),6/4/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Sassy Male Vivillon(Highly curious),6/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 12 Lax Male Vivillon(Strongly defiant),6/5/2014
[JPN]Lv. 12 Relaxed Male Vivillon(Likes to run),6/10/2014
[KOR]Lv. 12 Relaxed Male Vivillon(Proud of its power),6/9/2014*(New)
[SPA]Lv. 12 Gentle Male Vivillon(Often lost in thought),6/4/2014*(New)
[ITA]Lv. 12 Relaxed Male Vivillon(Proud of its power),6/9/2014*(New)
[GER]Lv. 12 Jolly Male Vivillon(Likes to run),6/10/2014

Atsuto Uchida Pikachu(Mega Kick)
[JPN]Lv. 22 Bashful Male Pikachu(Highly curious),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Jolly Male Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Modest Male Pikachu(Very finicky),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Calm Male Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Brave Male Pikachu(Somewhat stubborn),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Lonely Male Pikachu(Takes plenty of siestas),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Quirky Male Pikachu(Loves to eat),6/15/2014
[KOR]Lv. 22 Quirky Male Pikachu(Alert to sounds),6/15/2014
[JPN]Lv. 22 Jolly Male Pikachu(Mischievous),6/15/2014(UNCLONED)
[JPN]Lv. 22 Adamant Male Pikachu(Likes to thrash about),6/15/2014(UNCLONED)

Jessie's Wobbuffet
[ITA]Lv. 15 Lonely Male Wobbuffet(Somewhat vain),6/22/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Relaxed Male Wobbuffet(Strong willed),6/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Jolly Male Wobbuffet(Likes to run),6/22/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Quiet Male Wobbuffet(Likes to relax),6/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Adamant Male Wobbuffet(Likes to relax),7/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Impish Male Wobbuffet(A little quick tempered),6/24/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Hasty Male Wobbuffet(Alert to sounds),6/21/2014
[ITA]Lv. 15 Brave Male Wobbuffet(Likes to fight),6/21/2014

Fancy Pattern Vivillon
[ENG]Lv. 12 Naughty Male Vivillon(Likes to thrash about),7/10/2014
[ENG]Lv. 12 Timid Female Vivillon(Highly persistent),7/7/2014
[ENG]Lv. 12 Docile Male Vivillon(Hates to lose),7/7/2014
[ENG]Lv. 12 Modest Female Vivillon(Likes to relax),7/7/2014
[JPN]Lv. 12 Mild Male Vivillon(Likes to relax),7/8/2014
[JPN]Lv. 12 Brave Female Vivillon(Mischievous),7/7/2014
[JPN]Lv. 12 Lonely Female Vivillon(Proud of its power),7/11/2014
[FRE]Lv. 12 Docile Male Vivillon(Strongly defiant),7/7/2014
[ENG]Lv. 12 Timid Female Vivillon(Proud of its power),7/7/2014(UNCLONED)
[JPN]Lv. 12 Calm Female Vivillon(Likes to run),7/8/2014(UNCLONED)
[KOR]Lv. 12 Modest Female Vivillon(Often lost in thought),7/12/2014(UNCLONED)
[KOR]Lv. 12 Adamant Male Vivillon(Scatters things often),7/9/2014(UNCLONED)
[FRE]Lv. 12 Quirky Male Vivillon(Takes plenty of siestas),7/12/2014(UNCLONED)
[FRE]Lv. 12 Timid Male Vivillon(Highly curious),7/10/2014(UNCLONED)
[GER]Lv. 12 Naughty Female Vivillon(Scatters things often),7/11/2014(UNCLONED)
[GER]Lv. 12 Brave Female Vivillon(Likes to relax),7/10/2014(UNCLONED)
[SPA]Lv. 12 Careful Female Vivillon(Likes to run),7/12/2014(UNCLONED)
[SPA]Lv. 12 Mild Male Vivillon(Capable of taking hits),7/10/2014(UNCLONED)
[ITA]Lv. 12 Modest Female Vivillon(Good perseverance),7/12/2014(UNCLONED)
[ITA]Lv. 12 Relaxed Male Vivillon(Likes to fight),7/10/2014(UNCLONED)

2014 Korean World Championship Series Pokémon(WCS14K event)
[KOR]Lv. 50 Timid Female Manectric(Nods off a lot),7/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Timid Female Manectric(Often lost in thought),7/5/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Timid Female Manectric(Proud of its power),7/5/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Tyranitar(Capable of taking hits),7/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Tyranitar(Strongly defiant),7/5/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Jolly Male Tyranitar(Nods off a lot),7/5/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Jolly Female Pinsir(Thoroughly cunning),7/5/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Jolly Female Pinsir(Loves to eat),7/5/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Adamant Male Heracross(Quick tempered),7/6/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Heracross(Loves to eat),7/6/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Adamant Female Heracross(Likes to relax),7/6/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Timid Female Houndoom(Very finicky),7/6/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Timid Female Houndoom(Somewhat stubborn),7/6/2014
[KOR]Lv. 50 Brave Female Aggron(Very finicky),7/6/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Brave Female Aggron(Takes plenty of siestas),7/6/2014

Movie17 Diancie(If anyone knows the official name on this one,kindly inform me please.)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Adamant Diancie(Mischievous),7/6/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Mild Diancie(Takes plenty of siestas),7/6/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lonely Diancie(Capable of taking hits),7/13/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Modest Diancie(Likes to thrash about),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Careful Diancie(Alert to sounds),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Relaxed Diancie(Takes plenty of siestas),7/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Lax Diancie(Alert to sounds),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Hasty Diancie(Capable of taking hits),7/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quiet Diancie(Somewhat vain),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Brave Diancie(Mischievous),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Rash Diancie(Capable of taking hits).7/19/2014
[JPN[Lv. 50 Hardy Diancie(Takes plenty of siestas,7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Quirky Diancie(Mischievous),7/24/2014
[JPN[Lv. 50 Docile Diancie(Capable of taking hits),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Bold Diancie(Capable of taking hits),7/24/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Impish Diancie(Capable of taking hits),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Serious Diancie(Alert to sounds),7/20/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Sassy Diancie(Mischievous),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Calm Diancie(Likes to thrash about),8/10/2014*(New)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naive Diancie(Mischievous),8/9/2014*(New)
[JPN]Lv. 50 Naughty Diancie(Alert to sounds),7/24/2014*(New)
[KOR]Lv. 50 Naughty Diancie(Somewhat vain),7/25/2014
[ENG]Lv. 50 Timid Diancie(Mischievous),7/19/2014
[GER]Lv. 50 Calm Diancie(Takes plenty of siestas),7/19/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Bashful Diancie(Takes plenty of siestas),7/19/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Jolly Diancie(Takes plenty of siestas),7/20/2014
[ITA]Lv. 50 Naive Diancie(Alert to sounds),12/25/2014
[SPA]Lv. 50 Quirky Diancie(Somewhat vain),7/19/2014
[FRE]Lv. 50 Modest Diancie(Somewhat vain),7/19/2014
[JPN]Lv. 50 Gentle Diancie(Mischievous),7/20/2014(UNCLONED,but not sure if save state abused)

UK GAME Charizard
[ENG]Lv. 36 Serious Male Charizard(Impetuous and silly),7/10/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Timid Male Charizard(Likes to relax),7/11/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Jolly Male Charizard(Likes to thrash about),7/11/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Timid Male Charizard(Sturdy body),7/11/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Naughty Male Charizard(Somewhat vain),7/11/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Mild Male Charizard(Loves to eat),7/11/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Bold Male Charizard(Capable of taking hits),7/11/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Lax Male Charizard(Somewhat of a clown),7/12/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Naive Male Charizard(Hates to lose),7/13/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Quirky Male Charizard(Sturdy body),7/13/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)*(New)
[GER]Lv. 36 Mild Male Charizard(Sturdy body),7/14/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[GER]Lv. 36 Mild Male Charizard(Capable of taking hits),7/14/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[SPA]Lv. 36 Bold Male Charizard(Strongly defiant),7/14/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)*(New)
[JPN]Lv.36 Gentle Male Charizard(Somewhat of a clown),7/15/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)*(New)

Olleh TV Charizard(2nd distribution)*(New)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Serious Male Charizard(A little quick tempered),7/26/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Modest Male Charizard(Mischievous),7/26/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)
[ENG]Lv. 36 Impish Male Charizard(Hates to lose),7/27/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)

Hong Kong and Taiwan Charizard*(New)
[JPN]Lv. 36 Timid Male Charizard(Somewhat vain),7/29/2014(X version,Flame Burst and Inferno)
[JPN]Lv. 36 Jolly Male Charizard(Capable of taking hits),7/31/2014(Y version,Dragon Rage and Dragon Claw)

Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon(Japan)*(New)
[JPN]Lv. 12 Mild Female Vivillon(Highly curious),8/1/2014

I also might get some new Gen 6 event,so keep an eye on the spoilers :)

EDIT 1:Updated my Gen 6 events,including a complete language set of Paris Poke Ball Vivillon,new Olleh TV Charizards,HK Charizafds,and a new Japan Poke Ball Vivillon,and etc.

I can also offer some competitive KB shinies( I almost got all base forms of all the shinies),Battle Ready Pokemon,Legendary,and some items.

Please PM me if you have anything that I'm looking for! ^^

Thanks for reading,and happy trading everyone!
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Dragon Tamer
Looking for:
Legit Movie Diancie
Legit Shiny Jitachi Event

Have all the following for trade, please PM me for more details:



Regular Legendaries:

Breedable HA Pokemon:

Adamant American Ditto ;132;, 31/31/31/X/31/31
Modest Japanese Ditto ;132;, 31/31/31/31/31/31

Enigma Berry
Starf Berry
Lansat Berry

I also consider myself to be an extremely good breeder and can breed any Pokemon with the Nature, Ability, Egg moves, Gender and IVs that you desire within a fairly shot amount of time. However, I do not breed for HP types as it they take forever sometimes.
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