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Event Trading Thread


New Member
FT: several EU Marshadow Codes.

Shiny Tapu Koko
Competitive shinies
Competitive toxapex
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Friendly Trainer
Looking for hoenn hat Pikachu. In return I can offer a sinnoh hat pikachu as I have one extra. I also have some IV bred Pokémon so ask for what you need I'll see if I can oblige. If interested you can Private message me and we can get a trade going!


Shiny Hunter
Offering 2 US marshadow codes for a shiny yvental. PM if interested.


New Member
Despite the long process of resetting a copy of Sun to get every hat Pikachu, apparently I messed up. I thought that Kalos Pikachu would still be available all day today, but of course, they already switched over to Alola Pikachu. So, if anyone wants to trade a spare Kalos Pikachu for an Alola Pikachu, I would be very grateful. PM me to set everything up please!


Shiny Pokémon Hunter
I’m looking for the US Event Shiny Silvally and Alola Cap Pikachu. Let me know if you have them and I will tell you what I have for trade thanks.


Shiny Hunter
UT NA Sinnoh Hat Pikachu
UT NA Alola Hat Pikachu
UT Magearna
Marshadow Code

-Arashi's Shiny Mamoswine
-Lance's Dragonite Pokémon ORAS - Kanto Classic Entry Distribution Gift
-BT Pidgeot Pokémon Game Show Blue's Pidgeot OT: グリーン ID: 2276 JPN
-Spiritomb Pokémon Game Show
-Milotic Pokémon Game Show
-Shiny Magicarp Pokémon Centre Nagoya - Reopening Gift
-Shiny Machamp Pokémon National Championships Distribution
-Shiny Eevee Pokescrap
-Shiny Beldum Steven's Pokémon ORAS - Early Purchaser Distribution
-Diancie OT えいがかん
-Shiny Darkrai membercard
-Shiny Shaymin Oak's letter
-Ash's Pikachu 01301
-Janta's Shiny Golurk BT
-VGC09 Milotic
-Shiny Jirachi Tanabata Event lv 10
- Shiny Suicune GAMESTOP / Relaxed
- Shiny Raikou GAMESTOP / Rash
- Shiny Entei GAMESTOP / Adamant
- Shiny Dialga SUM2013 / Adamant
- Shiny Giratina SUM2013/ Relaxed
- Shiny Palkia SUM2013 / Rash
-Shiny Arceus
- Shiny Rayquaza JAP OT: ノブナガ / Pokémon Nobunaga's ambition Tie in
- shiny ho-oh PC JAP
-Alder's Volcarona
-HA Aldora Articuno
-shiny groudon Kyushu event
-shiny kyogre Kyushu event
-XYZ Shiny Yveltal
-XYZ Shiny Xerneas
-Pokescrap Shiny Mewtwo
- shiny deoxys

pm me.
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Pokemon Breeder
Trade is done
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Shyo Dead

Golden Star
I have events available for trade, send me a message with what youre looking for

looking for shinies that I dont have also trading shinies for shinies, check sig for shinies for trade

Edit: also im giving away movie victinis
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mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
I now have 7 marshadow codes and am still looking for shiny suicune and entei if you have a shiny ho-oh or lugia also hit me up and any other offers you have, mostly looking for legendary shinnies though, but we can negotiate if you have something else.


Event Collector
LF 2x Unova hat Pikachu
Offer most events and any normal pokemon
I have gathered a few leftover Marshadow (US) codes. PM me.

Kamen S0ul DJ

New Member
Hey guys! Would like to surprise my friend with an Ash Cap set but I missed a few events. I have a few extra of Kanto and Hoenn if anyone is interested.
2x Ash Pikachu - Kanto (1x Pending A)
2x Ash Pikachu - Hoenn (1x Traded to roronyc19)

Ash Pikachu - Unova (Pending A)
Ash Pikachu - Sinnoh (Finished Trade-Thanks roronyc19)
Ash Pikachu - Kalos
Pm me for trade.
Edited with pending and finished trades: 10/30
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I have a ton of marshadow codes. Mostly looking for legit competitive shinies but also open to other offers.
Offering Pokemon:
Hoenn Hat Pikachu UT
GameStop Marshadow UT
Looking For:
20th Anniversary Mew
20th Anniversary Jirachi
20th Anniversary Manaphy
20th Anniversary Darkrai
20th Anniversary Arceus
20th Anniversary Keldeo
20th Anniversary Meloetta
Hope Diancie
Mac or Alaxander Hoopa
Gamestop Volcanion
Please PM before 9 p.m. tonight or through this week so please PM me back soon!
New Nintendo 3DSFC: 1607-7390-7753


New Member
I have an extra shiny Silvally code. I am looking for various event pokemon. I have missed a ton. Just PM me which one you have and I'll probably be interested.


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
I have 1 shiny US sylvally code for trade. Also 2 marshadow codes and several shiny gen 6 events.

Looking for:

20th anniversary meloetta
20th anniversary Keldeo
20th anniversary Genesect

Prefer good nature but any is fine. Pm offer thanks!