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Event Trading Thread


I went into my local game store (UK) to get 2x
Marshadow codes but they said they stopped doing them although there is still like a week left on the event. If anyone has 2 spare Marshadow I can trade for shiny silvally or any other events.


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have up to trade a ONE UK MARSHADOW EVENT CODE the event ends today had 3 used 2 in my games so got one left that i cant use

looking to get a UNTOUCHED pikachu cap from the dates 24 of october 2017 till 30 of october 2017 level 19 TRAINER NUMBER 120516
the reason why i didnt get my own is didnt remember the event was on so never got that pikachu its the ALOLA cap one hit me up with a VM then i'll give you my fc and take yours

Shyo Dead

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I have two different movie Ash's Pikachus to trade when ultra comes out if anyone wants one ^^v

just went to go see the movie last night and they still had cards woot!

mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
5 Marshadow codes (US) for trade looking for shinies, particularly Ho-oh, Lugia, Rehirham, Zekrom, any gen 1,2,4,5,6,7 starters(Got lucky and breed all three for gen 3 just before oras xD) or offer me whatever shiny you can trade


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Seeking a Marshadow, not fussed about stats etc. I can offer the current event Shiny lvl 100 Silvally in exchange.


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Looking for:

Kanto Cap Pikachu

Alola Cap Pikachu

For Trade:

20th anniv. Celebi
20th Anniv. Jirachi
20th Anniv. Manaphy
20th Anniv. Genesect
20th Anniv. Meloetta

PM me if you're interested
LF: Any ash pikachu don't mind clone and marshadow from event
FT: Shiny suicune, raikou and entei (event) , Shiny Silvally
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Event Collector
gen 6 event i don't have with proof
other lang of gen 6 event with proof
gen 7 event i don't have with proof
other lang of gen 7 event with proof

ft many proofed events including
usum partner cap pika lang set
dusk rockruff lang set
chs korean verity piplup(for other lang)
chs scrap set(for other lang)
korean sorrel lucario lang set
line rotom lang set
pokemon store glaceon,vaporeon vrto or other korean eeveelutions
fre,kor korean kiawe turtonator vrto or other lang
NA shiny silvally lang set
korean silvally eng vrto or other lang
ita autumn korean league shiny mimkyu vrto or other lang
cht,eng,jpn carnival set wc
korean steenee lang set
pal marshadow lang set
target charizard lang set
western release kanto,hoenn,sinnoh,unova,kalos,alola cap lang sets
pc shiny mimikyu lang set (ita and kor nft for now)
chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,jpn,ita,spa gs celebi
new aether silvally all lang
championship arcanine(chs,eng,fre) and exeggutor(eng,chs,fre,kor)
all lang of kor lillie vulpix
chs,jpn and fre yokohama outbreak pikachu
eng,chs,cht,ger,ita,jpn,kor tanabata 2017 jirachi
all lang of the 7-11 movie event pokemon and 7-11 mew
and many more
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Hey all LF a Shiny Larvitar, Ivs and Nature don't matter for my Ultra Moon team Offering a Unscratched/Unused Shiny Silvally code NA region, if you're interested I can pm you proof
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Unova Cap Pikachu
Alolan Marowak (Totem-sized)
Lurantis (Totem-sized)
Vikavolt (Totem-sized)
Gumshoos (Totem-sized)
Ribombee (Totem-sized)

NA - Marshadow Code Or Untouched Marshadow Pokemon - Multiple Available
NA - Shiny Silvally Code Or Untouched Shiny Silvally Pokemon - Multiple Available
NA - Kartana - Beast Ball - Untouched X2
Fre - Kartana - Beast Ball - Untouched X1
NA - Pheromosa - Luxury Ball - Untouched X2
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FT: 1 PAL Shiny Silvally code and 1 PAL Marshadow Code.

LF: A Shiny Silvally event Pokemon and a Marshadow pokemon.

I don't care if you offer me the Pokemon for these codes or if you offer me event versions from another region.

I do not accept hacks or clones, so please do not trade me either of these.

[EDIT]Traded the Marshadow Code for a Shiny Silvally with Minigoth. Awaiting a trade on a different forum for the Shiny Silvally PAL Code.
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hadou regi

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Stopped collecting around the release of Sun and Moon because of job, hoping to do a little catching up. Also looking for some in-game trades
6th gen:
025 2016 Birthday Pikachu ポケセン♪ 10016 Lvl 10 JAP
080 Mega Campaign Slowbro ポケセン 01096 Lvl 100 JAP
302 Mega Campaign Sableye ポケセン 01236 Lvl 100 JAP
302 Mega Campaign Sableye ポケセン 01016 Lvl 100 JAP
302 Mega Campaign Sableye ポケセン 01096 Lvl 100 JAP
334 Mega Campaign Altaria ポケセン 01236 Lvl 100 JAP
448 Mega Campaign Lucario ポケセン 01016 Lvl 100 JAP
448 Mega Campaign Lucario ポケセン 01096 Lvl 100 JAP
448 Mega Campaign Lucario ポケセン 01236 Lvl 100 JAP
531 Mega Campaign Audino ポケセン 01096 Lvl 100 JAP
555 N's Darmanitan N 00002 Lvl 25 JPN
721 Nebel Volcanion Nebel 11036 Lvl 70 ENG

7th gen:
006 Target serial code Charizard Bullseye 100117 Lvl 50 ENG
025 Tohoku Pikachu トウホク 201703 Lvl 10 JPN
025 Ash's Pikachu(Original Cap) サトシ 970401 Lvl 1 JPN
025 Ash's Pikachu(Original Cap) Sacha 090898 Lvl 1 FRE
025 Ash's Pikachu(Hoenn Cap) サトシ 021121 Lvl 6 JPN
025 Ash's Pikachu(Hoenn Cap) Ash 091303 Lvl 6 ENG
025 Ash's Pikachu(Hoenn Cap) Sacha 091303 Lvl 6 FRE
025 Ash's Pikachu(Sinnoh Cap) サトシ 060928 Lvl 10 JPN
025 Ash's Pikachu(Sinnoh Cap) Ash 060407 Lvl 9 ENG
025 Ash's Pikachu(Sinnoh Cap) Sacha 060407 Lvl 9 FRE
025 Ash's Pikachu(Unova Cap) サトシ 100923 Lvl 14 JPN
025 Ash's Pikachu(Unova Cap) Sacha 021211 Lvl 13 FRE
025 Ash's Pikachu(Kalos Cap) サトシ 131017 Lvl 17 JPN
025 Ash's Pikachu(Kalos Cap) Ash 011814 Lvl 17 ENG
025 Ash's Pikachu(Kalos Cap) Sacha 011814 Lvl 17 FRE
025 Ash's Pikachu(Alola Cap) サトシ 161117 Lvl 20 JPN
025 Ash's Pikachu(Alola Cap) Ash 120516 Lvl 19 ENG
025 Ash's Pikachu(Alola Cap) Sacha 120516 Lvl 19 FRE
025 Taiwanese Ash's Pikachu Satoshi 970401 Lvl 1
027 Korean Alolan Sandshrew 썬문 170502 Lvl 10 KOR
037 Korean Alolan Vulpix 썬문 170502 Lvl 10 KOR
037 Lillie's Alolan Vulpix(하양이) 릴리에 170822 Lvl 10 KOR
050 Korean Alolan Diglett 썬문 170502 Lvl 10 KOR
059 North American International Championships 2017 Arcanine NA Champs 17 063017 Lvl 50 ENG
088 Korean Alolan Grimer 썬문 170502 Lvl 10 KOR
134 Pokémon Center Vaporeon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
135 Pokémon Center Jolteon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
136 Pokémon Center Flareon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
196 Pokémon Center Espeon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
197 Pokémon Center Umbreon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
251 GS Virtual Console Celebi ウバメ 112199 Lvl 30 JPN
251 GS Virtual Console Celebi Ilex 040601 Lvl 30 PAL
251 GS Virtual Console Celebi 너도밤나무 042402 Lvl 30 KOR
337 Sakuji's Mystery Files Lunatone サクジ 170726 Lvl 30 JPN
338 Sakuji's Mystery Files Solrock サクジ 170726 Lvl 30 JPN
385 2017 Tanabata Jirachi たなばた 170806 Lvl 15 JPN
393 Pokémon Festa Verity's Piplup 다연 171104 Lvl 30 KOR
470 Pokémon Center Leafeon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
471 Pokémon Center Glaceon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
479 LINE Rotom ククイ 171117 Lvl 10 JPN
700 Pokémon Center Sylveon ポケセン 170513 Lvl 50 JPN
758 Clovis Salazzle Clovis 080817 Lvl 50 ENG
762 Mallow's Steenee 마오 170919 Lvl 20 KOR
773 Aether Silvally エーテル 170922 Lvl 100 JPN
773 Aether Silvally Aether 102317 Lvl 100 ENG
773 Aether Silvally Æther 102317 Lvl 100 FRE or SPA
773 Aether Silvally 에테르 171014 Lvl 100 KOR
776 Kiawe's Turtonator 키아웨 170812 Lvl 30 KOR
778 Pokémon Center Mimikyu ポケセン 170922 Lvl 10 JPN
778 Autumn Korean League Mimikyu 포켓몬스토어 171007 Lvl 10 KOR
802 Mount Tensei Marshadow MT. Tensei 100917 Lvl 50 ENG
802 Mount Tensei Marshadow Mt Tensei 100917 Lvl 50 FRE
802 Mount Tensei Marshadow Mt. Tensei 100917 Lvl 50 SPA
802 Mount Tensei Marshadow M. del Passo 100917 Lvl 50 ITA
My list is now in my signature since the character limit has been exceeded
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Fast Balls
Treecko, Froakie, or Kanto Starters in Fast Balls/Beast Balls
Happy Hour Greninja with HP Fire and Naive nature
Shiny Timid PC Tokyo Charizard

All obtained by me unless stated otherwise.

Gen 4
Gamestop Jirachi (Jolly 31,31,31,x,31,31) (Trained, Lv 50, EVs HP 252, Speed 252, 4 ATK) (Nickname: Oathkeeper) (No longer has event move Draco Meteor)
TRU Shaymin (Modest 22-23, 14-15, 12-13, 31, 6-7,30)
Gamestop Deoxys (Hasty 24-25, 22-23, 8-9, 31, 6-7, 30)
TRU Arceus (Hardy 29, 24, 3, 23, 11, 17)
Custom lv 1 Sinjoh Ruins Dragons (Shinies are possible. Give me some time and I can do custom ID/OT also. I have the Arceus for proof.)

Gen 5

SPR2012 Zekrom (Calm 15, 27, 8, 26, 29, 25)
May2012 Darkrai (Timid 31,x,31,31,31,31) Trained lv 100. 4 def, 252 spatk, 252 speed
Plasma Genesect (Naive 6 IV) Trained Lv 100. 4 def, 252 spatk, 252 speed
Win2013 Keldeo (Timid HP Ghost 31,22,31,31,30,31) 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 SpDef
Win2013 Keldeo (Timid HP Electric 31,19,31,30,31,31) 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 SpDef
Sum2013 Shiny Dialga (Modest 31,x,31,31,31,31)
Sum2013 Shiny Palkia (Naïve 6 IV)
Sum2013 Shiny Giratina (Impish 31,31,31,x,31,31)
SPR2013 Meloetta (Timid 31,x,31,31,31,31)
Entrée Forest Arceus (Jolly 31,31,31,x,31,31 Premier Ball, EVs 252 ATK, 252 Speed, 4 DEF) (Nicknamed G.O.A.T) (OT: Light ID: 45267)
Most of the US Gen 6 events (Haven’t redeemed any of them yet)
All of the 20 Annivs
Hold Back Beldum
XY Torchic
Pokeball Viivillon
Fancy Vivillon
XYZ Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal, Zugarde
HA Legendary Birds
Hope Diancie
Sly Zoroark
Mac Hoopa
Spooky Pumpkaboo
Play! Mewtwo
Galileo Rayquaza
HA Gen 5 Starters
Bank HA Regis (redeemed) OT: May ID: 09118
HK Shiny Jirachi Adamant nature
PC Shiny Diancie Naive nature
Worlds2016 Bulbasaur Modest Nature
Gen 4/5 RNG and Apricorn Ball Requests
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Golden Bottle Caps
Battle Tree Mega Stones(The ones you have to buy with Battle Points)

Shiny Tapu Koko event
Meloetta GF Event
Keldeo GF Event
Victini GF Event
Celebi GF Event
Jirachi GF Event
Manaphy GF Event
Shaymin GF Event
Arceus GF Event
Hoopa Event(Mac)
Hoopa Event(Alexander)
Zygarde XYZ Event
Shiny Xerneas XYZ Event
Marshadow Code(US)
Shiny Beldum
Shiny Mankey
Shiny Bagon


Looking for:

- Hoenn Cap Pikachu UT
- Sinnoh Cap Pikachu UT
- Unova Cap Pikachu UT
- Kalos Cap Pikachu UT

(clones are fine)

For trade:

- Alola Cap Pikachu UT
- Battle-ready HT Naive Pheromosa (nicknameable)
- Marshadow UT
- I can breed for some Ball/Egg Move/HA combinations and 5IV, ask if I have anything and I will see what I can do
- Items:
Black Belt
Black Glasses
Black Sludge
Bottle Cap
Comet Shard
Dawn Stone
Dusk Stone
Fire Stone
Friend Ball
Heavy Ball
Ice Stone
Leaf Stone
Metal Coat
Moon Stone
Prism Scale
Shiny Stone
Silk Scarf
Sun Stone
Thunder Stone
Water Stone
Razor Fang
every Berry (except for the rarer ones from Battle Tree)[/spoil]

I'm willing to trade more than 1 thing for 1 Cap Pikachu. Every Pokemon offered is cloned.
If you have questions or want to trade, please leave me a PM/VM. Thanks. :)