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Event Trading Thread

Shyo Dead

Golden Star
I have Ash's Pikachu 2017 Movie Edition for anyone that needs one, send me a message


The I choose you pikachu qr code is one per save file but the qr code is reusable here are two for both the UK and USA/Japan


Also looking for event hat pikachu if anyone can help me out ;)


Well-Known Member
I have a shiny Silvally (can still be reset for nature) and a Kanto Ash Pikachu for trade, I'm looking for the following:

- Ash Pikachu (Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola)
- Japanese Pokemon Hills Mewtwo that still knows Hurricane
- Modest Mew
- Modest Celebi
- Modest Deoxys
- Modest Manaphy
- Modest Shaymin
- Modest Victini
- Modest Meloetta
- Modest Keldeo
- Modest Genesect
- Modest Diancie

PM me if you're interested in trading.
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Questing Beast
I have an unused code for Marshadow for Pokemon Sun/Moon.

Also have a few Moon Ball Own Tempo Rockruffs available if any are interested. All female to ease with breeding, figured I'd offer them up rather than release.

EDIT: Marshadow code has been given away
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Australian Trades

In need of a few events for my collection of all events available in Australia since Gen VI. Will only take English events. I can trade in clones or legitimate Pokémon with proof available for the most of them. I will accept clones. I will trade 2 events for 1 Pokémon but at least one must be a clone. Will only take and give untrained events.

Original Cap Pikachu - Current Priority

Gen VI
Discount Coupon
SPRING 2014 Magmar
NOV2014 Diancie (and no I do not mean OCT2014 Diancie)
PGL Delibird (relic gold not required)
Play! 2016 Shiny Mewtwo

Every other single event that has been distributed in Australia since the release of X and Y. (PM for full list.)
Gen VII events include:
- Demo Ash Greninja
- SM Release Munchlax
- All Megastones
- Rocky Lycanroc
- Clovis Salazzle
- Ilex Celebi
- Mt. Tensei Marshadow
- All other capped Pikachus
- Aether Shiny Silvally
- UM Release Rockruff (US coming soon)
- ONE PAL code left for Aether Shiny Silvally for SM
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New Member
171101 Birthday Eevee with or without proof
B2W2 Funfest Mission Find Pokemon Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon

Anything in here: https://goo.gl/tk7seY
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Hey I have some marshadow and shiny silvally codes. Looking for other Shiny celesteela or other shinies. However message me for more details if you have an offer in mind.


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
Please check my sig for full collection. First sheet is special ball breeding and the other sheets in the same document link have all my shinies and events.

Looking for dream ball Pokémon, rotom prize money items, moonballs, heavy balls , lure balls, friend balls, love balls, level balls, etc. all apricot balls.

Also accepting Island Scan Pokémon in moonballs not in my collection.
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Well-Known Member
I have 16 LEGIT UT Marshadow from the Gamestop cards, as well as a bunch of cap-Pikachus (Kanto/Sinnoh/Unova/Kalos caps) from all the resetting I did for the Marshadows.

LF: 20th Anniversary Manaphy, Meloetta, and Genesect. One of each in both a Gen6 game, as well as a Gen7 game. For Living PokeDexes.

PM if interested. I have a bunch of other 20th Anniversary Pokemon (4 each, one from each version) in my Gen6 games that I can transfer up to Gen7.
I have a shiny Palkia from the SUM2013 event (completely legit, got it directly from the event myself), and a japaneese shiny Genesect which I got in a trade (I´m positive that it is legit). I am looking for a legit english Keldeo (clone is okay). Doesn´t need to be untouched. Both the Palkia and the Genesect has some EVs, but I can remove if them if asked. If anyone is interested, you can PM!

EDIT: I should probably add that both has had Pokerus.


New Member
Hi I'm Erik and I'm looking for People to help me. I want to compleet The pokedex know i untherstand i dont get any pokemon for nothing so I can trade Just add me *** a friend or send me a pm so I can help you also with something mabey you want the same as me or you Just want a really strong team. Curently I am playing ultra sun before that i had moon and still do but all my pokemon are at ultra sun
My friend code is: 375512090097

Cool Rafe

Cold & Anti-social
LF> Volcanion
FT> Marshadow from Mt. Tensei

I also have a ton of bred shinies.. Mostly with useful egg moves such as Riolu with Meteor Mash. Hit me up if you have a legit Volcanion for trade. I do not mind if it is cloned.
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Offering: Spare Charizard and Salazzle code

Not particularly looking for anything specific. Just PM if you're interested :)


Gym Leader
I have an event Rockruff that evolves in Dusk Lycanroc (jolly nature) that I want to trade for any Pokemon from Gold or Silver that appeared last Fall;
I don't care what Pokemon it is, it can be a Sentret, Caterpie or any other easy to get Pokemon, no specific nature or gender required, as long as it's from the virtual console Gold & Silver;
I want to get the set of Apricorn Balls in the GAME FREAK building in Heahea City and I haven't got those games;

Hope someone can help!


legi event Celebi with move Nasty Plot and Timid nature (clones are ok), preferably UT

UT Jirachi with Draco Meteor
some shinies (you have to PM me for specific one)
any pokemon bar mythicals with nature of your choice


Event Collector
gen 6 event i don't have with proof
other lang of gen 6 event with proof
gen 7 event i don't have with proof
other lang of gen 7 event with proof

ft many proofed events including
eng,ger,jpn bday comefy (ger for other bdays)
jpn,spa bday pika
cht,jpn bday eevee
usum partner cap pika lang set
dusk rockruff lang set
chs korean verity piplup(for other lang)
chs,cht,fre,jpn,spa scrap set(chs for other lang)
korean sorrel lucario lang set
line rotom lang set
pokemon store glaceon,vaporeon vrto or other korean eeveelutions
fre,kor korean kiawe turtonator vrto or other lang
NA shiny silvally lang set
korean silvally eng vrto or other lang
ita,kor autumn korean league shiny mimkyu vrto or other lang
cht,eng,jpn carnival set wc
korean steenee lang set
pal marshadow lang set
target charizard lang set
western release kanto,hoenn,sinnoh,unova,kalos,alola cap lang sets
pc shiny mimikyu lang set (ita and kor nft for now)
chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,jpn,ita,spa gs celebi
new aether silvally all lang
championship arcanine(chs,eng,fre) and exeggutor(eng,chs,fre,kor)
all lang of kor lillie vulpix
chs,jpn and fre yokohama outbreak pikachu
eng,chs,cht,ger,ita,jpn,kor tanabata 2017 jirachi
all lang of the 7-11 movie event pokemon and 7-11 mew
and many more
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Active Member

Looking for a Diancie.

I've got to trade:

Victini Lv 100 x 2
Keldeo Lv 100 x 2
Darkrai Lv 100 x 2
Arceus Lv 100 x 2
Meloetta Lv 100 x2
Shiny Tapu Koko Lv 50
Shiny Silvally Lv 100

All from event giveaways.