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Event Trading Thread

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Ultra Moon player, looking for Reshiram. Willing to trade the following.

Ilex Celebi

Please PM if interested.

EDIT: Trade fulfilled
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Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
LF: Diancie (need it for my living dex, just realized I don’t have one so any will do)

GF Celebi
GF Victini
Clovis Salazzle, timid
Aether Silvally, jolly
Original cap Pikachu
Calm Latios
Hasty Groudon (JPN)
5 IV HA timid Joltik, jolly Chimchar, timid Cottonee, adamant Tyrunt (sturdy, strong jaw), bold Bulbasaur, jolly Buneary
6 IV HA jolly Chimchar
I have for trade the following:

OCT2014 Diancie (Untouched)
GF Meloetta x2 (Both untouched)
McDonald's Hoopa (Untouched)
Helen Volcanion (Untouched)
OCT2014 Gengar (Untouched)
GF Jirachi x2 (Both untouched)
GF Manaphy x2 (Both untouched)
GF Darkrai x2 (Both untouched)
GF Shaymin x2 (Both untouched)
Sun & Moon Munchlax (Nicknamed, but otherwise untouched)
Spooky2014 Pumpkaboo (Untouched)
GF Keldeo x2 (Both Untouched)
XYZ Zygarde x2 (Untouched)
GF Genesect x2 (Untouched)
Aether Shiny Silvally (Untouched)
Melemele Shiny Tapu Koko (Untouched)
XY Torchic (Untouched)
Mt. Tensei Marshadow (Untouched)
GF Arceus x2 (Untouched)
GF Mew x2 (Untouched)
GF Celebi x2 (Untouched)
GF Victini x2 (Untouched)

In exchange, I want the new Ultra Beasts introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. (I have all the other 802 Pokémon, and so I didn't see a point in buying those games).

So, I want Poipole x2 (I have a reason for that!), Stakataka, Blacephalon, and Zeraora.

PM me for offers!
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Trade Complete!
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Eh, ragazzo!
I have two Marshadow codes left on my desk in case somebody can use one or both of them.

Edit: Closing this offer for right now. Don't necessarily expect me to re-open it.

I have sent one code. I might give another one to a friend.
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Loveable Scoundrel
Looking For
Alola Born 5IV
Pikachu (F), Timid, Lightningrod, (31/xx/31/31/31/31)
-Egg Move Fake Out
-Egg Move Encore
Cubone (F), Adamant, Battle Armor (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Drampa (F), Quiet, Berserk (31/31/31/31/31/xx)
Bruxish (F), Adamtn, Strong Jaw (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Jangmo-o (F), Modest, Overcoat (31/xx/31/31/31/31)
Dhelmise, Brave, Steelworker (31/31/31/31/31/xx)

For Trade:
aVulpix, Timid, Snow Warning, Male (31/xx/31/31/31/31)
aVulpix, Timid, Snow Warning, Female (31/xx/31/31/31/31)

Spearow, Adamant, Keen Eye, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x1
Shellder, Adamant, Skill Link, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x3
Ralts, Timid, Trace, Male (31/xx/31/31/31/31) x1
Mawile, Adamant, Intimidate, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Mawile, Adamant, Intimidate, Female (31/31/31/xx/31/31)x2
Electrike, Timid, Lightning Rod, Male (31/xx/31/31/31/31) x5
Duskull, Careful, Levitate, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x1
Croagunk, Adamant, Dry Skin, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31)x3
- Has Egg Move Drain Punch
Cottonee, Impish, Infiltrator, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31)x2
Cottonee, Impish, Infiltrator, Female (31/31/31/xx/31/31)x1
Pancham, Adamant, Mold Breaker, Female (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x1
Pancham, Adamant, Iron Fist, Female (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x2
Pancham, Adamant, Iron Fist, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x1
Honedge, Adamant, No Gaurd, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x4
Honedge, Adamant, No Gaurd, Female (31/31/31/xx/31/31) x1

Elecktrike, TImid, Lighning Rod, Female x1
Elecktrike, Timid, Lighning Rod, Male x2

Kangaskhan, Adamant, Early Bird, Female (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Tailow, Jolly, Guts, Female (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Slakoth, Jolly, Truant, Male (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Swablu, Bold, Natural Cure, Female (31/31/31/31/31/xx)

Event Pokemon
Raikou Lvl 30, Rash, Pressure, OT:GAMESTP (Shiny) x2
Rayquaza Lvl 70, Jolly, Air Lock, OT:Galileo (Shiny)
Dialga Lvl 100, Modest, Pressure, OT: SUM2013 (Shiny)
Palkia Lvl 100, Timid, Pressure, OT:SUM2013 (Shiny)
Xerneas Lvl 100, Timid, Fairy Aura, OT:XYZ (Shiny) x2
Yvatal, Lvl 100, Modest, Dark Aura, OT:XYZ
Dragonite (M) Lvl 50, Mild, Inner Focus, OT:TRU
Mew Lvl 100, Modest, Synchronize, OT:GF
Celebi Lvl 10, Rash, Natural Cure, Pokemon Bank
Celebi Lvl 100, Impish, Natural Cure, OT:GF x2
Deoxys Lvl 50, Adamant, Pressure, OT:Gamestp
Deoxys Lvl 50, Modest, Pressure, OT:Gamestp
Deoxys Lvl 50, Relaxed, Pressure, OT:Gamestp
Jirachi Lvl 5, Modest, Serene Grace, OT:GAMESTP x2
Jirachi Lvl 100, Jolly, Serene Grace, OT:GF
Manaphy, Lvl 100, Bold, Hydration, OTGF
Manaphy, Lvl 100, Timid, Hydration, OT:GF
Darkrai Lvl 100, Modest, Bad Dreams, OT:GF
Darkrai Lvl 100, TImid, Bad Dreams, OT:GF x2
Shaymin, Lvl 50, Modest, Natural Cure, OT:TRU
Shaymin, Lvl 100, Modest, Natural Cure, OT:GF
Arceus Lvl 100, Modest, Multitype, OT:TRU
Arceus Lvl 100, Mild, Multiype, OT:TRU
Arceus Lvl 100, Modest, Multitype, ID No.19167, from Unova
Arceus Lvl 100, Jolly, Multitype, OT:GF
Victin Lvl 50, Serious, Victroy Star, OT:Movie14
Victini, Lvl 100, Modest, Victory Star, OT:GF x2
Zoroark Lvl 50, Quirky, Illusion, OT:EVENT11
Keldeo Lvl 15, Bashful, Justified, OT:SMR2012
Keldeo Lvl 15, Mild, Justified, OT:SMR2012
Keldeo Lvl 100, Justified, Modest, OT:GF x2
Vivillon Lvl 12, Modest, Sheild Dust, OT:GTS
Vivillon Lvl 12, Modest, Sheild Dust, OT:SUM2014
Gourgeist Lvl 50, Impish, Insomnia, OT:Spooky2014
Zygarde Lvl 100, Adamant, Arua Break, OT:XYZ x3
Diancie Lvl 50, Naive, Clear Body, OT:OCT2014
Hoopa Lvl 50, Bashful, Magician, OT:Mac
Hoopa Lvl 50, Modest, Magician, OT:Mac
Volcanion Lvl 70, Modest, Water Absorb, OT:Helen
Volcanion Lvl 70, Timid, Water Absorb, OT:Helen

Articuno Lvl 50, Lax, Pressure, ID No.27380, from Johto
Zapdos Lvl 50, Mild, Pressure, ID No.27380, from Johto
Mewtwo Lvl 70, Bold, Pressire, ID No.27380, from Johto
Mewtwo Lvl 70, Timid, Pressure, ID No.46632, from Johto
Raikou Lvl 42, Hardy, Pressure, ID No.50739, from "a distant land" (GC)
Raikou Lvl 50, Timid, Pressure, ID No.40056, from Hoenn(6GEN)
Entei Lvl 50, Adamant, Pressure, ID No.40056, from Hoenn(6GEN)
Suicune Lvl 50, Adamant, Pressure, ID No.26270, from Kanto
Suicune Lvl 50, Bold, Pressure, ID No.40056, from Hoenn(6GEN)
Ho-Oh Lvl 40, Careful, Regenerator, ID No.16329, from Dream Radar
Ho-Oh Lvl 70, Modest, Pressure, ID No.27380, From Johto
Regiice Lvl 69, Mild, Clear Body, ID No.18498, from Hoenn(3GEN)
Regirock Lvl 30, Naughty, Clear Body, ID No.09954, from Sinnoh
Regirock Lvl 40. Calm, Clear Boody, ID No.18498. from Hoenn(3GEN)
Registeel Lvl 30, Hardy, Clear Body, ID No.09954, from Sinnoh
Latios Lvl 40, Jolly, Levitate, ID No.35419, from Hoenn(3GEN)
Groudon Lvl 70, Lonely, Drought, ID No.35419, from Hoenn(3GEN)
Azelf Lvl 65, Jolly, Levitate, ID No. 16329, from Unova
Uzie Lvl 50, Relaxed, Levitate, ID No.37475. from Sinnoh
Dialga Lvl 40, Hasty, Telepathy, ID No.16329, from Dream Radar
Palkia Lvl 47, Impish, Pressure, ID No.48945, from Sinnoh
Regigigas Lvl 70, Serious, Slow Start, ID No.37475, from Sinnoh
Giratina Lvl 47, Lax, Pressure, ID No.09954, from Sinnoh
Giratina Lvl 70, Lax, Pressure, ID No.37475, from Sinnoh
Reshiram Lvl 50, Impish. Turboblaze, ID No.19167, from Unova
Reshiram Lvl 70, Modest, Turboblaze, ID NO.16329, from Unova
Landorus T Lvl 40, Mild, Intimidate, ID No.16329, from Dream Radar
Kyurem Lvl 70, MOdest, Pressure, ID No. 16329, from Unova
Zygarde Lvl 70, Adamant, Aura Break, ID NO.04226, from Kalos

Legit Pokemon only! No Hacks or Clones!
Other ligitmate shiney, events, and 5/6IV trades are welcome. PMs only thank you.


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FT MArshadow and Shiny Silvally Codes .
LF People who want codes lol


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Golden Bottle Caps

Keldeo GF Event
Victini GF Event
Celebi GF Event
Jirachi GF Event
Manaphy GF Event
Shaymin GF Event
Hoopa Event(Mac)
Hoopa Event(Alexander)
Zygarde XYZ Event
Shiny Xerneas XYZ Event
Marshadow Code(US)
Shiny Beldum
Shiny Mankey
Shiny Bagon


Shiny Hunter
Hi all.

I'm looking for Pikachu in a cap:
- Unova Cap Pikachu
- Partner Cap Pikachu

I'm also looking for the totem pokémon:
- Raticate

I can offer:
- Manaphy (used)
- Plasma Genesect (used)
- FAL2010 Mew (used)
- Oblivia Shaymin (used)
- GAMESTP Jirachi (used)
- WIN2013 Keldeo (unused)
- FAL2010 Mew (unused)

All my Pokémon are Perfect 5IV bred. I expect you”re pokémon to be so too.
I can breed on request but they are limited to:
- My breedable list
- 5-6 IV
- Gender
- Ability

When you send me PM don"t forget to include the wanted ability/gender/special ball/... in you"re request.
6IV pokémon I have in stock can go for Perfect 5IV ones. 6IV & bad ratio gender requests ups the offer.
I am mainly looking for 5IV pokémon with HA and/or egg moves.

#374 Beldum: Clear Body
Adamant - xx/31/31/31/31/31

#374 Beldum: Clear Body
Adamant - 31/xx/31/31/31/31

#624 Pawniard: Inner Focus / Luxury Ball / Male / 31/31/xx/xx/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch, Mean Look

- #624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Female / xx/31/31/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Male / xx/31/31/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Female / 31/31/xx/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Female / 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Male / 31/31/xx/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#123 Scyther: Technician / Male / 31/31/xx/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Reversal, Counter, Endure, Night Slash

#001 Bulbasaur: Overgrow / Chlorophyll
Modest – EM: Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Petal Dance, Power Whip

#004 Charmander: Blaze / Solar Power
Jolly / Modest – EM: Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Flare Blitz

#007 Squirtle: Torrent / Rain Dish
Modest – EM: Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Water Spout, Yawn

#023 Ekans: Intimidate / Shed Skin / Unnerve (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Sucker Punch, Iron Tail, Switcheroo, Beat Up

#037 Vulpix: Flash Fire / Drought (Dusk Ball)
Timid - EM: Disable, Extrasensory, Heat Wave, Hypnosis

#041 Zubat: Inner Focus / Infiltrator (Luxury Ball)
Jolly – EM: Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Defog, Feint Attack

#043 Oddish: Chlorophyll / Run Away (Nest Ball)
Bold – EM: Charm, Tickle, Teeter Dance, Synthesis

#050 Diglett: Sand Veil / Arena Trap / Sand Force (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Reversal, Endure, Memento, Pursuit

#056 Mankey: Vital Spirit / Anger Point / Defiant (Premier Ball)
Jolly – EM: Close Combat, Reversal, Night Slash, Encore

#058 Growlithe: Flash Fire / Intimidate
Jolly – EM: Roar, Morning Sun, Close Combat, Flare Blitz

#063 Abra: Synchronize / Inner Focus / Magic Guard
Timid - EM: Encore, Guard Swap, Barrier, Ally Switch

#066 Machop: Guts / No Guard / Steadfast
Adamant – EM: Knock Off, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Bullet Punch

#072 Tentacool: Liquid Ooze / Clear Body
Calm – EM: Rapid Spin, Haze, Aqua Ring, Mirror Coat

#077 Ponyta: Flash Fire / Run Away / Flame Body
Jolly - EM: Morning Sun, Low Kick, Horn Drill, Hypnosis

#079 Slowpoke: Oblivious / Own Tempo / Regenerator
Bold – EM: Block, Belly Drum, Future Sight, Zen Headbutt

#083 Farfetch’d: Keen Eye / Inner Focus / Defiant (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Feather Dance, Leaf Blade, Revenge, Roost

#088 Grimer: Stench / Sticky Hold / Poison Touch (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Curse, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Stockpile

#092 Gastly: Levitate (Quick Ball)
Timid – EM: Clear Smog, Disable, Perish Song, Fire Punch

#095 Onix: Rock Head / Sturdy / Weak Armor (Dream Ball)
Impish – EM: Block, Rollout, Rock Blast, Heavy Slam

#109 Koffing: Levitate
Bold – EM: Toxic Spikes, Stockpile, Pain Split, Swallow

#111 Rhyhorn: Rock Head / Lightningrod
Adamant - EM: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Dragon Rush

#115 Kangaskhan: Early Bird / Scrappy/ Inner Focus (Dream Ball)
Jolly - EM: Disable, Counter, Hammer Arm, Double-Edge

#116 Horsea: Swift Swim / Sniper (Dive Ball) / Damp (Poké Ball)
Modest – EM: Outrage, Signal Beam, Muddy Water, Clear Smog

#123 Scyther: Technician / Swarm
Adamant – EM: Reversal, Endure, Night Slash, Defog

#123 Scyther: Technician / Swarm (Safari Ball)
Jolly – EM: Reversal, Quick Guard, Night Slash, Baton Pass

#127 Pinsir: Hyper Cutter / Mold Breaker / Moxie (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Bug Bite, Feint, Close Combat, Quick Attack

#129 Magikarp: Swift Swim / Rattled (Luxury Ball)

#137 Porygon: Trace / Download / Analytic
Modest – EM: Conversion, Conversion2, Tackle, Sharpen

#138 Omanyte: Shell Armor / Swift Swim
Bold – EM: Reflect Type, Toxic spikes, Bubble Beam, Spikes

#142 Aerodactyl: Rock Head / Pressure / Unnerve
Jolly – EM: Wide Guard, Tailwind, Pursuit, Assurance

#147 Dratini: Shed Skin / Marvel Scale (Ultra Ball)
Adamant – EM: Iron Tail, Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet, Extreme Speed

#155 Cyndaquil: Blaze
Timid – EM: Extrasensory, Flare Blitz, Crush Claw, Flame Burst

#158 Totodile: Torrent
Adamant – EM: Crunch, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance

#161 Sentret: Run Away / Keen Eye / Frisk
Jolly – EM: Iron Tail, Covet, Slash, Last Resort

#165 Ledyba: Swarm / Early Bird (Love Ball)
Jolly – EM: Knock Off, Bug Bite, Encore, Tailwind

#173 Cleffa: Magic Guard / Cute Charm (Moon Ball)
Modest – EM: Stored Power, Wish, Aromatherapy, Metronome

#175 Togepi: Serene Grace / Hustle
Modest – EM: Charm, Morning Sun, Extrasensory, Nasty Plot

#179 Mareep: Static (Quick Ball)
Modest – EM: Sand attack, Charge, Agility, Flatter

#183 Marill: Huge Power / Thick Fat (Ultra Ball)
Adamant - EM: Body Slam, Belly Drum, Water Sport, Aqua Jet

#194 Wooper: Damp / Water Absorb / Unaware
Relaxed – EM: Counter, Recover, Curse, Encore

#200 Misdreavus: Levitate
Timid – EM: Psywave, Curse, Memento, Nasty Plot

#204 Pineco: Sturdy (Heavy Ball)
Brave (0 Speed) – EM: Counter, Power Trick, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes

#207 Gligar: Hyper Cutter / Sand Veil / Immunity
Impish – EM: Baton Pass, Double Edge, Sand Tomb, Rock Tomb

#214 Heracross: Swarm / Guts / Moxie
Adamant / Jolly – EM: Double-Edge, Rock Blast, Megahorn, Harden

#215 Sneasel: Inner Focus / Keen Eye / Pickpocket (Dive Ball)
Jolly – EM: Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Fake Out, Ice Punch

#220 Swinub: Snow Cloak / Oblivious / Thick Fat (Repeat Ball)
Adamant – EM: Take Down, Freeze-Dry, Stealth Rock, Icicle Crash

#227 Skarmory: Keen Eye / Sturdy / Weak Armor
Impish – EM: Brave Bird, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Drill Peck

#228 Houndour: Flash Fire / Early Bird / Unnerve (Dream Ball)
Timid – EM: Counter, Destiny Bond, Nasty Plot, Sucker Punch

#231 Phanpy: Pickup
Adamant – EM: Defense Curl, Play Rough, Ice Shard, Head Smash

#235 Smeargle: Own Tempo / Technician / Moody (Dream Ball)
Timid – EM: Sketch

#239 Elekid: Static
Jolly – EM: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Hammer Arm, Cross Chop

#240 Magby: Flame Body / Vital Spirit
Modest – EM: Cross Chop, Belch, Flare Blitz, Mega Punch

#246 Larvitar: Guts
Adamant – EM: Iron Head, Pursuit, Outrage, Stealth Rock

#252 Treecko: Overgrow / Unburden
Timid - EM: Synthesis, Razor Wind, Dragon Breath, Leaf Storm

#255 Torchic: Blaze / Speed Boost
Jolly – EM: Baton Pass, Smelling Salts, Night Slash, Feather Dance

#258 Mudkip: Torrent
Careful – EM: Protect, Yawn, Avalanche, Curse

#276 Taillow: Guts (Premier Ball)
Adamant – EM: Brave Bird, Defog, Whirlwind, Boomburst

#280 Ralts: Trace / Synchronize
Timid – EM: Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Disable, Destiny Bond

#285 Shroomish: Effect Spore / Poison Heal / Quick Feet
Jolly – EM: Seed Bomb, Focus Punch, Bullet Seed, Drain Punch

#303 Mawile: Intimidate / Hyper Cutter / Sheer Force
Adamant – EM: Taunt, Fairy Wind, Astonish, Growl

#309 Electrike: Static / Lightningrod (Quick Ball)
Timid – EM: Discharge, Flame Burst, Eerie Impulse, Switcheroo

#311 Plusle: Plus / Lightningrod
Timid – EM: Play Nice, Wish, Sweet Kiss, Growl

#315 Roselia: Natural Cure / Poison Point (Safari Ball)
Timid – EM: Giga Drain, Spikes, Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder

#318 Carvanha: Rough Skin / Speed Boost (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Ancient Power, Destiny Bond, Double-Edge, Hydro Pump

#322 Numel: Simple / Oblivious
Modest – EM: Tackle, Stockpile, Iron Head, Ancient Power

#324 Torkoal: White Smoke / Shell Armor
Bold – EM: Superpower, Clear Smog, Eruption, Yawn

#335 Zangoose: Immunity / Toxic Boost
Jolly – EM: Disable, Quick Guard, Night Slash, Iron Tail

#339 Barboach: Oblivious / Anticipation / Hydration (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Dragon Dance, Thrash, Hydro Pump, Earth Power

#341 Corphish: Hyper Cutter / Shell Armor / Adaptability (Dive Ball)
Adamant – EM: Aqua Jet, Superpower, Knock Off, Dragon Dance

#347 Anorith: Battle Armor / Swift Swim
Adamant – EM: Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Cross Poison, Aqua Jet

#349 Feebas: Oblivious / Swift Swim / Adaptability (Dream Ball)
Bold – EM: Mirror Coat, Hypnosis, Dragon Pulse, Haze

#359 Absol: Super Luck / Pressure
Naïve – EM: Feint Attack, Sucker Punch, Play Rough, Megahorn

#361 Snorunt: Ice Body / Inner Focus / Moody (Dive Ball)
Timid – EM: Disable, Switcheroo, Spikes, Avalanche

#363 Spheal: Ice Body / Thick Fat (Dive Ball) / Oblivious (Poké Ball)
Bold – EM: Signal Beam, Aqua Ring, Curse, Fissure

#371 Bagon: Rock Head / Sheer Force
Naive – EM: Rage, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse

#374 Beldum: Clear Body

#387 Turtwig: Overgrow / Shell Armor
Adamant – EM: Tackle, Superpower, Amnesia, Seed Bomb

#390 Chimchar: Blaze / Iron Fist
Jolly – EM: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Fake Out

#393 Piplup Torrent / Defiant
Modest – EM: Feather Dance, Aqua Ring, Bide, Hydro Pump

#403 Shinx: Intimidate / Rivalry (Lure Ball)
Adamant – EM: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Howl

#417 Pachirisu: Run Away / Pickup / Volt absorb (Dream Ball)
Impish – EM: Covet, Charge, Follow Me, Ion Deluge

#420 Cherubi: Chlorophyll
Timid – EM: Aromatherapy, Flower Shield, Heal Pulse, Weather Ball

#442 Spiritomb: Pressure
Bold – EM: Spite, Shadow Sneak, Pain Split, Foul Play

#443 Gible: Sand Veil / Rough Skin
Jolly – EM: Sand Tomb, Iron Head, Outrage, Rock Climb

#447 Riolu: Inner Focus / Steadfast
Jolly – EM: Crunch, Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick

#449 Hippopotas: Sand Stream (Dream Ball)
Impish – EM: Body Slam, Curse, Slack Off, Whirlwind

#453 Croagunk: Dry Skin / Anticipation / Poison Touch (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Fake Out, Meditate

#455 Carnivine: Levitate (Nest Ball)
Adamant – EM: Slam, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed

#479 Rotom: Levitate
Modest / Timid – EM: Astonish, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Confuse Ray

#495 Snivy: Overgrow
Jolly – EM: Pursuit, Mirror Coat, Iron Tail, Glare

#498 Tepig: Blaze
Adamant- EM: Superpower, Curse, Body Slam, Sucker Punch

#501 Oshawott: Torrent
Modest - EM: Brine, Detect, Air Slash, Night Slash

#529 Drilbur: Sand Rush / Sand Force / Mold Breaker (Luxury Ball)
Adamant – EM: Crush Claw, Earth Power, Iron Defense, Rapid Spin

#543 Venipede: Poison Point / Swarm / Speed Boost (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Rollout, Rock Climb, Toxic Spikes, Spikes

#546 Cottonee: Prankster / Infiltrator (Nest Ball)
Impish – EM: Encore, Natural Gift, Memento, Switcheroo

#554 Darumaka: Hustle / Inner Focus
Adamant / Jolly – EM: Hammer Arm, Encore, Take Down, Focus Punch

#559 Scraggy: Shed Skin / Moxie / Intimidate
Jolly – EM: Dragon Dance, Fake Out, Drain Punch, Ice Punch

#561 Sigilyph: Magic Guard / Wonder Skin / Tinted Lens
Modest / Timid - EM: Miracle Eye, Roost, Psycho Shift, Stored Power

#562 Yamask: Mummy
Quiet – EM: Nasty Plot, Heal Block, Toxic Spikes, Memento

#564 Tirtouga: Solid Rock / Sturdy / Swift Swim
Adamant – EM: Water Pulse, Knock Off, Body Slam, Iron Defense

#588 Karrablast: Swarm / Shed Skin
Adamant – EM: Megahorn, Drill Run, Knock Off, Pursuit

#570 Zorua: Illusion
Timid – EM: Leer, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Extrasensory

#592 Frillish: Cursed Body / Water Absorb
Calm – EM: Water Sport, Recover, Confuse Ray, Bubble

#594 Alomomola: Healer / Hydration / Regenerator
Bold – EM: Mist, Pain Split, Mirror Coat, Refresh

#597 Ferroseed: Iron Barbs
Sassy – EM: Worry Seed, Leech Seed, Spikes, Stealth Rock

#607 Litwick: Flash Fire / Flame Body (Luxury Ball)
Timid – EM: Clear Smog, Haze, Heat Wave, Acid Armor

#610 Axew: Mold Breaker / Rivalry
Jolly – EM: Scratch, Razor Wind, Iron Tail, Dragon Pulse

#624 Pawniard: Inner Focus / Defiant / Pressure (Luxury Ball)
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch, Mean Look

#629 Vullaby: Overcoat / Big Pecks
Carefull – EM: Gust, Leer, Knock Off, Roost

#633 Deino: Hustle
Timid – EM: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Dark Pulse, Earth Power

#636 Larvesta: Flame Body (Quick Ball)
Modest – EM: Ember, String Shot, Morning Sun

#650 Chespin: Overgrow / Bulletproof
Impish – EM: Spikes, Curse, Synthesis, Quick Guard

#653 Fennekin: Blaze / Magician (Luxury Ball)
Modest – EM: Magic Coat, Hypnosis, Wish, Heat Wave

#656 Froakie: Torrent / Protean
Timid – EM: Mind Reader, Toxic Spikes, Mud Sport, Water Sport

#661 Fletchling: Big Pecks / Gale Wings (Luxury Ball)
Adamant – EM: Snatch, Growl, Quick Guard, Tailwind

#667 Litleo: Rivalry / Unnerve / Moxie (Premier Ball)
Timid – EM: Entrainment, Snatch, Fire Spin, Yawn

#674 Pancham: Iron Fist / Mold Breaker / Scrappy
Adamant – EM: Storm Throw, Me First, Quick Guard, Foul Play

#679 Honedge: No Guard (Luxury Ball)
Brave (0 Speed) – EM: Wide Guard, Metal Sound, Destiny Bond, Shadow Sneak

#682 Spritzee: Healer
Bold – EM: Sweet Scent, Fairy Wind

#690 Skrelp: Poison Point / Poison Touch / Adaptability
Modest – EM: Acid Armor, Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Haze

#696 Tyrunt: Strong Jaw
Jolly – EM: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Dragon Dance

#703 Carbink: Clear Body
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LF: Gf Arceus. Prefferably not shiny.

FT: 20th anniversary celebi, 20th anniversary hoopa, 20th anniversary Jirachi

Any one of those three i will trade for the Arceus.

when you are interested just let me know. My friend code is: 3497-2243-4847


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I'm looking for all of the following Pokemon:

- Adamant or Modest Deoxys (x2)
- Modest Diancie
- Modest Genesect (x2)
- Modest Keldeo
- Modest Manaphy
- Modest Meloetta
- Ash Pikachu (Kalos and Alola)
- Adamant or Modest Victini
- Modest Female Poke Ball Vivillon (preferably with Compound Eyes but I'll accept Shield Dust)
- Modest Volcanion

I'm only looking for ones in a Cherish Ball. For Pokemon like Deoxys and Victini that were in the wild, either a Cherish or Premier will do as long as the Premier is nicknameable. The Poke Ball Vivillon is fine in a regular Poke Ball since the only Cherish Ball distribution was in France and is male (but I'll still accept that event if you have it instead).

In exchange, I can offer the following:

- Shiny Heliolisk (Modest, Premier Ball, either ability, nicknameable) (x5)
- Shiny Hippowdon (Adamant, Premier Ball, Sand Stream, nicknameable, either gender) (x4)
- Ash Pikachu (Kanto and I Choose You)
- Shiny Silvally (can still be reset for nature)
- Custom-bred Ocean or Polar Vivillon (I'll offer both in exchange for each one event)

I can also offer custom-bred competitive Pokemon if you'd like. And finally, I have some old event Pokemon with natures I don't like, if you're interested please ask and I can check and see if I have it.

Let me know if you'd like to trade.
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Hello! Looking for a purified shadow marowak from xD adamant nature with the sing move! If you have one and want to trade pm/vm me!


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Hello I'm looking for a Diancie for my living Dex (nature, moves etc. don't matter). I can offer the following event pokemon in exchange:

pokebank Celebi
20th anniversary Celebi
event shiny tapu koko
Aldora Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres

pm me if you are interested


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In search of a speed-boosting nature Ash-Greninja other than Jolly. Preferrably Timid. If you have one, pm me with what you're looking for. I have a lot of IV-bred and ev-trained Pokemon, events, and some shinies.


Event Collector
new gen 7 events with proof
other lang of gen 7 event with proof
gen 6 proofed events i don't have
other lang of gen 6 events with proof

ft many proofed events including
lang set of moon and um dialga
lang set of sun and us palkia
eng,kor korean silvally
eng,fre,jpn,kor pc egg set
shiny ita pc mareanie
ger pc egg mareanie
spa pc egg orangaru
kor pci boss set vrto
ita pci nidoking,cofagrigus vrto
eng korean winter league groudon and kyogre vrto
fre korean ash cap pika set for other lang or other rare korean events
cht,eng,fre,ita,kor tw ash pikachu rto for eng,fre,ita,kor and vrto for cht
lang set of shiny kyogre event
lang set of shiny groudon event
lang set of hajime syacho corsola
corocoro arceus lang set
chs,spa korean ash charizard vvrto (chs for other lang)
korean marshadow lang set (ger nft)
all lang of scrap hoopa,manaphy,meloetta
chs,cht,eng,fre,kor world exeggutor
chs,eng,fre na champ arcanine
ita,kor korean autumn league mimikyu
eng,kor korean shiny silvally
chs,spa korean verity piplup for other piplups
all lang of korean sorrel lucario
korean store glaceon and vaporeon vrto
tanabata jirachi lang set
ger,kor korean champ mew
cht,jpn bday eevee
jpn,spa bday pika
eng,ger,jpn bday comefy (ger for other bdays only)
and more
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