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Event Trading Thread


Event Collector
new gen 7 events with proof
other lang of gen 7 event with proof
gen 6 proofed events i don't have
other lang of gen 6 events with proof

ft proof events from shop


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I am looking for any currently active Generation 7 "Year of Legendary Pokemon" serial codes, as well as an unused shiny Tapu Lele serial code. In exchange, I can offer a variety of earlier event Pokemon, such as Bullseye Charizard, Mt. Tensei Marshadow, shiny Tapu Koko, and a few others. All are self-obtained and uncloned. Please feel free to contact me for further details.
I am looking for any currently active Generation 7 "Year of Legendary Pokemon" serial codes, as well as an unused shiny Tapu Lele serial code. In exchange, I can offer a variety of earlier event Pokemon, such as Bullseye Charizard, Mt. Tensei Marshadow, shiny Tapu Koko, and a few others. All are self-obtained and uncloned. Please feel free to contact me for further details.
I have Zeraora / Ho-Oh Lugia / Reshiram Zekrom NA codes to offer
I would like Bullseye Charizard, Mt. Tensei Marshadow and Shiny Tapu Koko in exchange


Omega Ruby Base on Route 118, Right Side Beach
I have a Apricot trade shop, recently configured if anyone is interested in Apricot Balled Pokemon. I also have a Zeroara and a shiny Puipole spare codes but, they say their expired, if you think they'd still work. Pm me


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Hello all im new to pokemon ultra moon. I know the game came out last year but due to crazy life im just now getting it. I would appreicate if anyone out there could help me get the special rockruff with own tempo so i can evolve it into dusk form ..thanks and any help would be amazing. Happy holidays


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Hi all,

Looking into completing the national dex on Bank while playing through Ultra Sun. Having problems figuring out how to obtain the mythical pokemon as I live in Australia and we hardly get any distribution events out here. I am looking for all mythicals excluding Celebi as I managed to obtain one of those through a link trade. Genesect, Meleotta and Darkrai would be my ideal few to start with. If anyone would be kind enough to help me finish my dex then feel free to drop me a pm and we can arrange something. Thanks!


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I'm looking for older events that I don't have. I have a few things I can offer. I'm not asking for proof as I know it's not easy to provide for older events, but I am asking DON'T trade me hacked Pokemon as I will not be offering hacked Pokemon either.


Magikarp - Pokémon Center Nagoya - Reopening Gift OT: ナゴヤ, ID: 03203, Classic Ribbon

Suicune - Gamestop Giveaway OT: GAMESTP, ID: 01311, Classic Ribbon

Raikou - Gamestop Giveaway OT: GAMESTP, ID: 01031, Classic Ribbon

Jirachi - Pokémon Center - Christmas Charity Wristband Promotion OT: ポケセン, ID: 12014, Classic Ribbon

Bulbasaur - Pokémon World Championships Distribution OT: WORLDS16, ID: 08196, Event ribbon

Charizard - GAME UK Distribution OT: SPRING 2015, ID: 04015, Classic Ribbon

Phione - Pokémon Ranch OT: Hayley, ID: 01000


Ho-Oh - 2018 Legends distribution OT: 2018 Legends, ID: 110218, Classic Ribbon

Reshiram - 2018 Legends distribution OT: 2018 Legends, ID: 100518, Classic Ribbon

Deoxys - TCG - Plasma Freeze - Tie in Distribution OT: Plasma, ID: 05083, Classic Ribbon

Yveltal - Pokémon XY & Z Tie-in Distribution OT: XY & Z, ID: 11055,Classic Ribbon

Arceus - Pokémon CoroCoro February 2017 Distribution OT: コロコロ, ID: 180115, Classic Ribbon

Shaymin - Oak's Letter event

Keldeo - Kyurem VS The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo Pre-order
OT: しょこたん, ID: 06232, Wishing Ribbon *Touched

Hoopa - Pokémon - Archjinni of the Rings Hoopa Prebooking Distribution, OT: えいがかん, ID: 07185, Wishing Ribbon *Touched
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*EDIT - Trade has been made*
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Golden Bottle Caps

Shiny Poipole Codes
Latias/Latios Codes
Tornadus/Thundurus Codes
Reshiram/Zekrom Codes
Ho-oh/Lugia Codes
Ash Hat Pikachu [Movie QR Code]
Ash Hat Pikachus(Regional Caps)
Celebi (Pokebank)
2018 Legends Raikou
2018 Legends Xerneas
2018 Legends Yveltal
2018 Legends Kyogre
2018 Legends Groudon
2018 Legends Tornadus
2018 Legends Zekrom
2018 Legends Reshiram
2018 Legends Ho-oh
2018 Legends Lugia
2018 Legends Shiny Zygarde
2018 Legends Shiny Zygarde(Gave it Power Construct)
Totem Gumshoos
Totem Marowak
Totem Lurantis
Totem Vikavolt
Totem Mimikyu
Totem Ribombee
Shiny Poipole
Shiny Mankey
Latios[Lvl. 30, Untouched, Timid nature, max ivs in: Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Defense, and Speed]
Zygarde(Has Power Construct)
Pokebank Incineroar
Pokebank Decidueye
Pokebank Primarina
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Looking for UT shiny gen 7 pokemon. I have a few NA Zeraora codes to trade.
Offering Different Cap Pikachus & Shinies are listed below are:
Original Cap Pikachu (Hardy Nature)
Hoenn Cap Pikachu (Hardy Nature)
Sinnoh Cap Pikachu (Hardy Nature)
Unova Cap Pikachu (Hardy Nature)
Kalos Cap Pikachu (Hardy Nature)
Alola Cap Pikachu (Hardy Nature)
Shiny Magikarp (Brave Nature)
Shiny Swanna (Impish Nature)
Shiny Chinchou (Jolly Nature)
Shiny Trubbish (Careful Nature)
Shiny Swellow (Hardy Nature)
Shiny Heliolisk (Timid Nature)
Shiny Altaria (Careful Nature)
Shiny Swellow (Impish Nature)
Shiny Lombre (Bashful Nature)
Shiny Seedot (Naive Nature)
Shiny Grumpig (Bold Nature)
Shiny Grumpig (Docile Nature)
Shiny Hippowdon (Lonely Nature)
Shiny Krokorok (Quirky Nature)
Shiny Dratini (Calm Nature)
Shiny Swellow (Relaxed Nature)
Pokemon I'm Looking For are listed Below are:
Jirachi of Any Nature
Darkrai of Any Nature
Arceus of Any Nature
Meloetta of Any Nature
Genesect of Any Nature
Diancie of Any Nature
Hoopa of Any Nature
Volcanion of Any Nature
Marshadow of Any Nature
All my Events and Shinies are absolutely Legit and I expect yours must be too!
New Nintendo 2DS XL FC: 2810-3871-6336
Pokemon Ultra Moon IGN: Mega Man X
Please Message me back and leave your Name and FC too so I can add
and Contact you back!


Psychic Master
Looking for events that I don't own, pm for offers

10 Aniv Bulbasaur
10 Aniv Articuno
Mystry Mew
Faraway Island Mew [JPN] (Half-Flawless) + (Shiny)
10 Aniv Suicune
10 Aniv Lugia
Colosseum Mt. Battle Ho-Oh
Colosseum Batoruyama Ho-Oh [JPN]
2003 Pokemon Colosseum Celebi [JPN]
Gather More Pokemon! Treecko [JPN] (Yokohama Pokemon Center)
Gather More Pokemon! Torchic [JPN] (Nagoya Pokemon Center)
Gather More Pokemon! Mudkip [JPN] (Yokohama Pokemon Center)
Berry Fix Zigzagoon [JPN] (Sapphire) + (Shiny)
Pokemon Box Skitty
DUKING's Plusle
Pokemon Box Swablu
PokePark Regirock [JPN]
PokePark Regice [JPN]
PokePark Registee [JPN]
10 Aniv Latios
Wish Maker Jirachi x2
Wish Maker Jirachi [Shiny]
Space C Deoxys
Birth Island Deoxys x2 (Shiny) (OT: Eippe LV.50 and OT:Kenny Lv.30)

Pokemon XD (Special Moves)

Mr. Mime
Zapdos (Touched)
Lugia (Touched)

Ash's Pikachu
VGC10 Eevee (Shiny)
Strongest Dragonite [JPN]
TRU Dragonite
FAL2010 Mew
Pal City Mew (Amnesia) [JPN]
SPR2010 Pichu (Touched) + (Shiny)
Win 2011 Entei x2 (Shiny)
Crown City Raikou [KOR] (Shiny)
Win 2011 Raikou x2 (Shiny)
Win 2011 Suicune (Shiny)
Win 2011 Celebi
Daisuki Club Slaking [JPN]
WCS Milotic [JPN] (Shiny)
Rayquaza x2 [KOR]
Daisuki Club Jirachi [JPN]
NZ Jirachi [JPN]
Movie Deoxys [JPN]
Deoxys [KOR]
Gamestp Deoxys x2
PokÈmon Ranger Riolu
World's Championships Lucario
PKTOPIA Magmortar
PKTOPIA Electivire x2
TRU Regigigas x2
Pokemon Ranger Manaphy x3
E4all Manaphy
Manaphy [KOR]
Movie 11 Shaymin
TRU Shaymin
Oblivia Shaymin
Almia Darkrai
Alamos Darkrai
Darkrai [KOR]
Newmoon Island Darkrai (Shiny) + (Flawless)
Movie 12 Arceus [JPN]
Michina Arceus

Flying Pikachu [JPN]
Singing Pikachu [JPN] (Dream World Ability)
ExtremeSpeed Pikachu [JPN] (Shiny)
PC Nintetales [JPN] (Near-Flawless)
Team Rockets Meowth [JPN]
FEB2012 Mewtwo (Flawless)
Strongest Return Mewtwo [KOR]
PC Scizor [JPN] (Flawless)
VGC2012 Larvitar (Shiny)
PC Tyranitar [JPN] (Flawless)
Kyushu Trains Blaziken [JPN] (Near-Flawless) + (Kokura) + (Shiny)
Kyushu Trains Swampert [JPN] (Flawless) + (Saga) + (Shiny)
Kyushu Trains Ludicolo x2 [JPN] (Near-Flawless) + (Saga) + (Shiny) & (Kokura) + (Shiny)
Kyushu Trains Gardevoir [JPN] (Near-Flawless) + (Kokura) + (Shiny)
YOTD Trapinch [JPN] (Shiny)
YOTD Swablu [JPN] (Shiny)
PC Metagross [JPN] (Flawless)
10 Aniv Kyogre [JPN]
10 Aniv Groudon [JPN]
PC Fukuoka Kyogre [JPN] (Near-Flawless) + (Shiny)
PC Fukuoka Groudon [JPN] (Near-Flawless) + (Shiny)
V-create Rayquaza [JPN]
Nobunaga's Rayquaza [JPN] (Touched) + (Flawless) + (Shiny)
Nobunaga's Rayquaza [JPN] (Shiny)
Decolora Adventures Jirachi [JPN]
Team Plasma Control Deoxys x3 [JPN]
BW Searcher Piplup 2012 [JPN] (Shiny)
PC Garchomp [JPN] (Flawless)
SUM2013 Dialga (Shiny)
SUM2013 Palkia (Shiny)
SUM2013 Girantia (Shiny)
2012MAY Darkrai
Movie 11 Victini [JPN] (Flawless)
Movie 14 Victini
Happy Christmas Victini [JPN]
Liberty Garden Victini
Pidove/Pansage/Axew [KOR]
PC Chandelure [JPN]
YOTD Druddigon [JPN] (Shiny)
Golurk Movie 11 [JPN] (Near-Flawless) + (Shiny)
Hydreigon Movie 11 [JPN] (Shiny)
Nationals 2012 Volcarona [KOR] (Half-Flawless) + (Shiny)
Milos Island Tornadus [JPN]
SPR2012 Reshiram
SPR2012 Zekrom
WIN2013 Keldeo
Movie 12 Keldeo [JPN] (Near-Flawless)
Movie 12 Meloetta [JPN]
Team Plasam Genesect x6
Genesect event [JPN]
Movie Genesect x2 [JPN][Shiny]

Olleh TV Website Charizard x2 [KOR]
CoroCoro March Charizard x2 [JPN]
Pokémon Center Birthday Pikachu [JPN]
Pokemon Bank Celebi x2
20th Anniversary Celebi
Mega Blaziken Event Torchic
CoroCoro December Garchomp
Serperior Distribution
Emboar Distribution
Pokemon Pattern Vivillon [FRE]
Pokémon World Championships 2014 Aegishlash
Movie 14 Diancie [JPN]
Diancie Distribution x2
Pokemon Bank Meganium
Pokemon Bank Typhlosion
Pokemon Bank Feraligatr

Bulbasaur [JPN]
Charmander [JPN] (Flawless)
Squirtle [KOR] (Flawless)
Befriend Jolteon [JPN]
Befriend Espeon [KOR]
Treecko [JPN]
Torchic [JPN](Flawless)
Mudkip [JPN]
Walmart Turtwig (Near-Flawless)
Walmart Chimchar (Flawless)
Chimchar [JPN] (Near-Flawless)
Walmart Piplup (Flawless)
Japanese Piplup
Pansage [JPN]
Pansear [JPN]
Panpour [JPN]

Dream Radar Legendaries (Lv.5)

Ho-oh x4
Palkia x7
Giratina x5
Tornadus x2
Thundurus x3
Landorus x3
Looking for a shiny Tapu Lele or code, I haven’t played in awhile and misses that, but I’ve got plenty of shinies I’ve bred personally or have traded for or soft reseted, it’s to many to list here so if interested lemme know what ur looking for


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N3DS FC: 2037-1386-8185
IGN: Jason
Time Zone: GMT/UTC

Looking For (as shown in the screenshots):
- 7-Eleven Pikachu - 08200, JPN
- Ario Pikachu - 11219, JPN
- 2010 Birthday Chimchar - 09120, JPN
- Anything else NOT on my Google Document including; Events, Shiny, In-Game Trades, events in other languages

For Trade:
- ANYTHING from my Google Document (linked at the bottom of this post) including...
- The Recently released PGL Shiny Tapu Lele
- 23 boxes (690+ Pokemon) of individual events from generations 3-7, most Untouched.
- 100+ Self-trained Battle Ready Pokemon (Most in Dream Balls)
- 260+ Shiny Pokemon (Page work in-progress)

Google Document link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t-U4OQidLAq2gsrH8OzHY3NcdCt1fRiwuRVhPNCsqmk/edit?usp=sharing

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
I have 3 Lugia/Ho-oh codes that expire today. I have used a Zeraora code but am looking for another Zeraora if someone is willing to part with one. I’m not looking for too much since they are about to expire, let me know (message or quote) if you need one and what you’ll part with.


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I managed to miss every event for Marshadow and Zeraora so I am looking for both of them, I have a few extra event legendary Pokemon from gens 6 and 7 to offer in return.

Gen 6 Events FT: Victini, Arceus, Meloetta and Genesect. Gen 7 Events FT: Latias, Regigigas and Zekrom.

If you are interested in any of these and have an extra Marshadow or Zeraora up for trade message me so we can trade. :)


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Looking for Zeraora (just the pokemon, no code).

Can offer the following event-mon:
Celebi, Mew, Jirachi, Darkrai, Shaymin, Victini, Keldeo, Diancie.

Pm me.


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Looking for Reshiram & Zekrom, specifically untouched, Lvl 60 ones from Sun/Moon. Can trade other event Legendaries and some shinies.

PM me


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Hi All,

I'm looking to trade for two pokemon specifically:
  • A Zeraora - because Australia always gets screwed over with distributions
  • A shiny Genesect
Have for trade:
  • Adament & Hardy Marshadow
  • Quirky Magearna
  • 2 Shiny Tapu Koko
  • Up to 5 Golden Bottle Caps
If your interested send me a pm and we can work a trade out.
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