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Event Trading Thread


Det. John Kimble
I have an extra code for the Pokemon with You Pikachu. Looking for a Coro Coro Charizard code, or any other new event.


New Member
Hello, I am looking for the 2 event Vivillon (Pokeball and Fancy), since I want to complete my set. I am willing to trade my Arceus, Darkrai, Hoopa, Meloetta, Keldeo, or Genesect for them. If interested, please PM me. Thanks!


New Member
I got the 2011 event entei (shiny with flare blitz and extremespeed adamant nature) and would like a timid shiny latias for it
it currently is on a 6th gen game but I'm willing to transfer it to 7th gen and trade it there

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
Have the shiny Tapu Koko event for trade. (Not UT though)
Looking for shines, other events or apricorn ball pokemon.


Autism Love

Win2011 gamestop celebii (timid flawless )
pokebank celebii (timid 3 IV )
korean chilseok jirachi (adamant flawless)
Japanese Pokémon Center Tohoku tanabata jirachi (careful flawless)
2016 20 year anniversary jirachi ( bold 3 IV )
junichi masuda deoxys ( timid flawless )
pokebank registeel (calm 4 IV)
pokebank regice (docile 3 IV)
pokebank regirock (calm 3 IV)
2016 20 year anniversary manaphy (modest 3 IV )
2016 20 year anniversary darkrai ( modest 3 IV )
Jap 2007 The Rise of Darkrai movie event darkrai (timid 5 IV )
2016 20 year anniversary shaymin (modest 3 IV )
2012 popularity poll dream ball arceus (timid 5 IV )
2009 TRU movie promo arceus ( naive 6 IV )
movie14 victini ( jolly 6 IV )
movie14 victini (adamant 6 IV )
2016 20 year anniversary victini ( jolly 3 IV )
SMR2012 event keldeo ( timid 5 IV )
2016 20 year anniversary keldeo (timid 3 IV )
spanish PRI2013 meloetta ( jolly 6 IV )
SPR2013 meloetta ( hasty 6 IV )
2016 20 year anniversary genesect (hasty 3 IV )
XYZ shiny xerneas ( timid 3 IV )
XYZ shiny yveltal ( modest 3 IV )
Ancient origins distribution shiny rayquaza ( sassy 5 IV )
2016 Alexander distribution code Hoopa ( modest 3 IV )
2016 Helen Gamestop volcanion ( modest 3 IV )


pokemon scrap 2016 campaign shiny eevee
Pokémon Centre Fukuoka Kyushu Event shiny Groudon
Pokémon Centre Fukuoka Kyushu Event shiny kyorge
Vgc2010 shiny eevee
Mewtwo awakens shiny event genesect (untouched)
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Shyo Dead

Golden Star
I am looking for shinies

check my sig for what I have for trade or send me a message with what youre looking for


Ghost Master
I've got all six Easter Egg Event Pokemon hatched as shinies.

Looking for events I don't have, but will trade half of them for either a legit Birthday Eevee or Pikachu ID: 161118.


New Member
I'm very interested In the following Kevin:
jp bday 2017 eevee with proof
spa bday 2017 pikachu with proof

I have recent got a complete legit 2015 Birthday Eevee/lution set. I could trade all of them if ya interested.


Event Collector
all hat pikachu forms with proof when out
pc bewear other lang with proof
kor tapu koko other lang beside kor with proof
other lang set of easter eggs with proof
other lang of corocoro charizard with proof
other 2015 bday with proof
2016 bdays with proof
other lang of bday comefy and lunar magikarp with proof
ger,spa sapporo vulpix with proof
other lang of charity pika with proof
bday eevee and pikachu other lang with proof

many proof events including
unhatched goomy,mareanie,oranguru,passimian egg [ENG] with proof rto
chs,jp pc bewear with proof
eng,fre,ger,ita,jp,kor ash pikachu kanto hat with proof
korean league tapu koko
all lang of korean alolan vulpix
unhatched jp,kor easter egg sets with proof
shiny easter egg set with reddit links showing shiny values being found and eggs being sent to person to be hatched
eng,jp gen 1 vc mew with proof
eng,fre,ger,jp,kor corocoro charizard with proof
spa bday 2017 pikachu wc proof with my name on paper
jp bday 2017 eevee wc proof with my name on paper
all lang of japan shiny tapu koko with proof
all lang of charity pikachu besides ita with proof
all lang of saori's machamp with proof
all lang of demo greninja with proof
all lang of lunar magikarp besides spa with proof
all lang of sapporo vulpix besides ger,spa with proof
jp bday comefy with proof
all lang of munchlax,magearna with proof
and many gen 6 event with proof
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New Member
2016 Pokemon Center Birthday Eevee/lutions
Spanish My Pokemon Ranch Eevee
Bebe's Eevee from Diamond/Pearl
Eevee from FireRed or LeafGreen
Someone with a TSV of 3885, need to hatch Gift Eevee Egg from Sun/Moon as shiny

FT: anything in my event list in my sig.

I have now obtained the Spanish My Pokemon Ranch Eevee, and the 2016 Birthday events!
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Ghost Master

I HAVE the new Ash Hat Pikachu.

Looking for other events I'm missing.
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Event Collector
LF: Ash Hat Pikachu (preferably untouched), PC Sapporo Alola Vulpix (ID 161201), Korean Alola Vulpix (ID 170404)

FT: 3 Gen events

-ANA Pikachu ID 41205 Untouched
-Wishing Star Jirachi ID 30719 Untouched
-DOEL Deoxys ID 28606 Touched (Has got EVs)
-SPACE C Deoxys ID 00010 Untouched
-10 ANIV Celebi ID 00010 Untouched
-MYSTRY Mew ID 06930 Untouched
-CHANNEL Jirachi ID 40122 Untouched
-Mitsurin Celebi ID 60720 Untouched? (It doesn't have IVs/EVs or more Exp, but was infected by Pokerus)
-Aura Spanish Mew ID 20078 Untouched
-10ANNIV Latios ID 28864 Untouched
-Hado Mew ID 50716 Untouched
-10 ANIV Dragonite ID 00010 Untouched
-Wish Chansey LV5 Untouched
-Wishmaker Jirachi ID 20043 Untouched
-Ageto Celebi ID 31121 Untouched
-2004 Tanabata Jirachi ID 40707 Untouched
-SAPHIRE Zigzagoon ID 30317 Untouched
-Japanese Wish Absol Untouched
-Japanese Wish Ralts ID 07580 Untouched
-10ANNIV Articuno ID 06227 Untouched
-10JAHRE Charizard ID 06227 Untouched
-10ANNI Pikachu ID 06227 Untouched
-10ANIV Lugia ID 06227 Untouched
-10ANNIV Ho-Oh ID 06227 Untouched
-10JAHRE Latias ID 06227 Untouched
-10JAHRE Latios ID 06227 Untouched
-10JAHRE Pikachu ID 06227 Untouched
-10ANNIV Entei ID 06227 Untouched
-10JAHRE Entei ID 06227 Untouched
-10 ANIV Raikou ID 00010 Untouched
-10ANNIV Suicine ID 06227 Untouched
-10JAHRE Suicine ID 06227 Untouched
-10ANNIV Latios ID 06227 Untouched
-Entei, Suicune and Raikou from Pokemon Colosseum

4Gen Events

-Japanese Pichu ID 06199 Untouched
-Almia Spanish Darkrai ID 03208 Untouched
-EUSMR09 Regigigas ID 07189 Untouched
-Japanese Celebi ID 07100 Untouched
-GAMESTP Jirachi ID 02270 Untouched
-Gamestp Deoxys ID 06218 Untouched
-Japanese Mew Hayley ID 01000 Untouched
-INV2011 Celebi ID 01211 Barely Touched (extra EXP)
-Eulalia Mew ID 01000 Untouched
-VGC10 Eevee ID 05080 Untouched
-10th Deoxys ID 07147 Untouched
-Nintendo of Korea Rayquaza ID 05318 Barely Touched
-ALAMOS Darkrai ID 05318 Untouched
-Another ALAMOS Darkrai ID 07038 Untouched
-Australian Michina Arceus ID 11059 Untouched
-European MICHINA Arceus ID 02010 Untouched
-PRI2010 Pichu ID 03050 Untouched
-PKLATAM Jirachi ID 03010 Untouched
-NZ Jirachi ID 06199 Untouched
-GAMESTP Shiny Suicune ID 01311 Untouched
-Hayley Mew ID 01000 Untouched
-Eulalia Mew ID 01000 Untouched
-European ALAMOS Darkrai ID 07038 Untouched
-Australian ALAMOS Darkrai ID 10308 Untouched
-Susumu Mew ID 11219 Untouched
-Japanese Hayley Phione ID 01000 Untouched
-PKTOPIA Pikachu ID 12077 Untouched

5Gen Events

-Peli11 Shaymin ID 04019 Barely Touched
-Dream Ball Japanese Palkia from Pokemon Radar Untouched
- VER2013 Shiny Dialga, Pakia and Giratina ID 08303 Untouched
-Japanese Shiny Magikarp ID 03203 Untouched
-Plasma Genesect ID 10072 Untouched
-Decolora Jirachi ID 07013 Untouched
-Nobunaga Rayquaza ID 03172 Untouched
-Singing Pikachu ID 07301 Untouched
-SPR2013 Meloetta ID 03013 Untouched
-Japanese Rayquaza with V-Create ID 02102 Untouched
-Japanese Meloetta ID 07142 Untouched
-Korean Recital Pinplup ID 12152 Untouched
-Japanese Genesect ID 07133 Untouched (with Pokerus treated)
-WORLD12 Pikachu with Surf ID 08122 Untouched
-Masuda Deoxys ID 12152 Untouched
-Korean Jirachi ID 08013 Untouched
-ANA Pikachu ID 07181 Untouched
-Japanese Recital Piplup ID 07202 Untouched
-Korean Year of the Dragon Bagon ID 08232 Untouched
-Korean Genesect ID 01193 Untouched
-All Japanese Pokémon Adventure Camp Fossils events (Aerodactyl, Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep, Anorith, Archen, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtouga) ID 07192 Untouched
-Japanese Team Rocket Meowth ID 12072 Untouched
-Japanese Oblivia Deoxys ID 03060 Untouched
-SMR2012 Keldeo ID 08272 Untouched
-Movie14 Victini ID 12031 Untouched
-PCN Infernape ID 06123 Untouched
-PC Sapporo Birthday 2012 Audino ID 11042 Untouched
-VGC12 Shiny Larvitar ID 03032 Untouched

6 Gen Events

-Japanese Fly and Surf Pikachu ID 02056 Untouched 18-2-2016
-20 Anniversary Darkrai ID 05016 Untouched (with proof) 3-5-2016
-Japanese Magikarp ID 06265 Untouched 7-8-2015
-Nintendo HK Jirachi ID 12015 Untouched 23-12-2015
-CoroCoro Rayquaza Shiny ID 03145 Barely Touched 27-3-2015
-Steven's Beldum ID 11214 Untouched 22-11-2014
-Lance's Dragonite ID 03046 Untouched 19-3-2016
-Game Freak's Mew ID 22796 Untouched 1-3-2016
-American Shiny Xerneas ID 05116 Untouched 11-5-2016
-WCSK16 Korean Mewtwo ID 05056 Untouched 6-5-2016
-Spanish Descartes Yveltal ID 05026 Untouched 8-5-2016
-French Poke Ball Vivillon ID 06014 Untouched 5-6-2014
-Japanese Birthday Flareon ID 10014 Untouched 2-1-2015
-McDonald's Hoopa ID 11275 Untouched 27-11-2014
-Korean Sylveon ID 12013 Untouched 8-1-2014
-SUM2014 Pokeball Vivillon ID 08064 Untouched Date: 10-8-2014
-English Shiny Eevee with japanese OT ID 03016 Untouched Date: 7-4-2016
-Japanese Pokeball Vivillon ID 08014 Untouched Date: 1-5-2016
-Japanese Shiny Ho-Oh ID 03166 Untouched Date: 20-3-2016
-Cartesio Xerneas ID 05026 Untouched Date 13-5-2016
-Descartes Xerneas ID 05026 Untouched Date 13-5-2016
-Shiny German Machamp ID 05146 Untouched Date: 21-5-2016
-P-Cafe Pikachu ID 05276 Untouched Date: 27-5-2016
-Japanese Giratina from Hoopa movie ID 06205 Untouched Date: 6-21-2015
-Kimia's Gardevoir Shiny ID 06176 Untouched Date: 6-20-2016
-Happy Meowth ID 08196 Untouched Date: 8-21-2016


New Member
I found out that a couple of my 2013 Birthday Eeveelutions were hacked, so I need replacements.

2013 Birthday Jolteon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon

Anything in my event list


Ghost Master
FT: PC Spring Bewear w/proof

LF: Older events I don't have