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Event Trading Thread

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. te0001lm

    te0001lm Well-Known Member

    Tried to PM you but there is no option to do so. Drop me a PM if you can please.
  2. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Event Collector

    new gen 7 events with proof
    other lang of gen 7 event with proof
    gen 6 proofed events i don't have
    other lang of gen 6 events with proof

    ft proof events from shop
  3. zolios

    zolios Member

    I have Sun/Moon untouched Zekrom up for trade. Do you have a Marshadow or a Zeraora?
  4. giorgos21

    giorgos21 event & shiny maniac

    Hello. I'm looking for a few event pokes:
    Fula City Zeraora
    Dragon majesty Shiny Poipole
    PGL shiny Tapu Lele
    PGL shiny Tapu Bulu

    I don't care if they are cloned, as long as they are legit. I also prefer them UT. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot to offer, as I have stayed away from playing for a few years. All I have is some events mainly from gen V and a few from gen IV and VI. I also have many shinies (uncloned, ut) that i caught in my black and white games. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  5. LilyStarflame

    LilyStarflame New Member

    Didnt have a chance to get Zeraora when it came out and would really like to have one,
    I'd love to trade someone one of these event pokemon for it:


    Shiny Xerneas
    Shiny Yveltal

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  6. cocas

    cocas New Member

    Hello!!! I' looking for a legit Zeraora. I can offer you some event pokemon. Send a PM if interested.
    Thanks :)
  7. EKZ1505

    EKZ1505 Well-Known Member

    FT: EDIT: all shiny Bulu codes claimed

    LF: Open to offers, but there is absolutely nothing I am after, so I am willing to give these away for free to anyone who does not already have a code.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  8. Silent_Jay

    Silent_Jay Well-Known Member

  9. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    LF the following:
    Shiny Celebi (clone is fine)
    Shiny Tapu Lele
    Shiny Tapu Bulu

    FT: -EDIT: List of FT events below. ALL are events, including second part of list.-
    First number: Number I have total of this Pokémon - Second number: Number of specific events I have of that Pokémon. Example: I have 5 total Celebi for trade, four from GF event and one from WIN2011 event.
    Event Only:
    Mew (x2)
    Celebi (x5 – 2)
    Jirachi (x4)
    Darkrai (x5 – 2)
    Shaymin - Shiny (x2)
    Arceus (x5 – 2)
    Victini (x5 – 2)
    Keldeo (x5 – 2)
    Meloetta (x5 – 2)
    Genesect (x4)
    Hoopa (x4 – 3)
    Volcanion (x2 – 2)
    Magearna (x2)
    Marshadow (x2 – 2)
    Zeraora (x2)

    Other (Legendary and Otherwise):
    Meganium (x2)
    Typhlosion (x2)
    Feraligatr (x2)
    Beldum - Shiny
    Rayquaza - Shiny
    Xerneas - Shiny (x4)
    Yveltal - Shiny (x4)
    Zygarde (x4)
    Rockruff (x2 – 2)
    Silvally - Shiny (x2 – 2)
    Tapu Koko - Shiny (x4 – 2)
    Poipole - Shiny (x2)
    PM me for details, including more information on the Pokémon on my lists of events and shinies.

    Thank you in advance.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  10. Ghost94

    Ghost94 Legend Collector

    FT: Events
    Fancy Vivillon
    Pokeball Vivillon
    SUM2014 Heracross
    SUM2014 Pinsir
    Spooky2014 Pumpkaboo
    XY Torchic
    Pokebank Feraligatr, Meganium, Typhlosion
    Pokebank Regirock, Registeel, Regice

    LF: Zeraora
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  11. Ironwaffles95

    Ironwaffles95 Member

    Keldeo (Timid Preferred)
    Meloetta (Timid Preferred)
    Hoopa (Timid Preferred)
    Volcanion (Timid or Modest Preferred)
    Magearna (Timid, Modest, or Sassy Preferred)
    Marshadow (Jolly or Naive Preferred)
    Zeraora (Jolly or Naive Preferred)
    (Competitive natures preferred incase I want to use them in the future, but I'm looking for these Pokemon to fill my live Dex)

    I have some shinies (both flawless and not flawless) I'm willing to trade.
    All of the following I have acquired on my own and are un-nicknamed unless stated otherwise:

    Flawless Shinies that are battle ready
    Dragonite - Nickname: Azure (Multiscale, RNGed in 5th gen, Adamant, Max EV's in Attack and Speed, flawless in every IV but Special Attack)
    Jolteon - Nickname: Zeus (RNGed in the 5th gen, Timid, max EV's in Special Attack and Speed, Flawless in every IV but Attack)
    Ferrothorn - (RNGed in the 5th gen, Relaxed, Max EV's in Defense and HP, Flawless in every stat but special attack and has zero for speed)
    Weezing (RNGed in the 5th gen, Bold, Max EV's in Defense and HP, flawless in every stat but attack)
    Togekiss - Nickname: Helios (RNGed in the 5th gen, Bold, Max EV's in Defense and HP, flawless in every stat but attack)
    Charizard (RNGed in the 5th gen, Timid, max special attack and speed Ev's, flawless in every stat but attack)

    Flawless shinies that aren't battle ready
    Yamask (level 19, modest, max special attack and HP Ev's, HP fire, flawless in every stat but attack RNGed in 5th gen)
    Togepi (level 1, untouched, calm, flawless in every stat but attack, RNGed in 5th gen)
    Dritini (level 16, untouched, careful, flawless in every stat, RNGed 5th gen)
    Emboar - Nickname: Pork Chops (level 39, EV's reset, flawless in every stat, RNGed in 5th gen)
    Simisage - Nickname: Pan (level 43, EV's reset, flawless in every stat, RNGed in 5th gen)
    Carracosta - Nickname: Franklin (level 43, EV's reset, flawless in every stat, RNGed in 5th gen)
    Cobalion (level 42, EV's in only max speed, flawless every stat, has Hidden Power Ice, RNGed 5th gen)
    Fraxure (level 41, EV's are maxed attack and speed, Adamant nature, RNGed in the 5th gen)

    Non Flawless Shinies
    Pawniard (Adamant, level 80, EV's untouched, just put him in pokepeligo to give him a bottle cap, bred in gen 6)
    Roggenrola (Sassy, level 50, EV's untouched, just put him in pokepeligo to give him a bottle cap, random encounter in gen 7)
    Growlithe (Careful, level 45, EV's untouched, just put him in pokepeligo to give him a bottle cap, SOS Chained in gen 7)
    Tentacruel (Lax, gen 4 random encounter)
    Golem (Adamant, gen 4 random encounter)
    Swirlix (bold, gen 6 random encounter)

    Flawless shines I acquired through trade
    Rotom-W (Modest, flawless in everything but attack, Max EV's in HP and Speical Attack has HP FIre, RNGed in the 5th gen)
    Scizor (adamant, flawless in everything but special attack, Max EV's in attack and HP, RNGed in the 4th gen)
    Areodactyl (Jolly, flawless in everything but special attack Max EV's in Attack and Speed, RNGed in the 5th gen)
    Uxie (Bold, Flawless in every stat, EV's in only max HP, RNGed in the 4th gen)
    Treeko (level 1, timid, leech seed as and egg move, flawless in every stat, max special attack and speed EV's, RNGed in the 5th gen)

    PM me if you have any offers :)
  12. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Trading a shiny Jolly tapu bulu OT: Ula'ula ID: 190222
    31IV in HP, sp.def and speed
    I'd need 2 clones of it

    Looking for shiny event Tapu Lele with timid, modest, bold or calm.
    And a virtual console shiny celebi, preferably timid but I'll look at any other nature as I don't have one.
    I have other things to offer like MYSTRY Mew so message me with your list and I'll see what else I have that may interest you.
  13. SketchFox7

    SketchFox7 Well-Known Member

    Still looking for a UT Lvl 60 Legendary 2018 Event Reshiram from Pokémon Moon. Can trade a bunch of different event Pokémon or a few shinies as well, all legit. Including Zeraora, Marshadow, Shiny Celebi (Gen 2 VC games), etc...

    Willing to clone and trade back as well, you’re welcome to keep whatever is traded to you, if anyone has an UT they wouldn’t mind borrowing.
  14. Shyo Dead

    Shyo Dead Golden Star

    I have old school rare arceus event for trade and some others, LF Zeraora and shinies I dont have
  15. Looking for Legit Events from the Past Gen Games I'll trade my spare Events and Shinies that I don't want so the Event Pokemon I'm looking for are:
    Gen III Events:
    Gen IV Events:
    Gen V Events:
    Gen VI Events:
    Gen VII:
    Here are the Events and Shinies listed
    below are:
    Special Cap Pikachu (Original Cap) UT
    Special Cap Pikachu (Hoenn Cap) UT
    Special Cap Pikachu (Sinnoh Cap) UT
    Special Cap Pikachu (Unova Cap) UT
    Special Cap Pikachu (Kalos Cap) UT
    Special Cap Pikachu (Alola Cap) UT
    Pokemon Bank Oranguru UT
    Pokemon Bank Passiman UT
    Shiny Magikarp UT
    Shiny Gyarados UT
    Shiny Chinchou UT
    Shiny Altaria UT
    Shiny Trubbish UT
    Shiny Feebas UT (With Prism Scale)
    x2 Shiny Swanna UT
    x2 Shiny Swallow UT
    Shiny Krokorok UT
    Shiny Bellossom UT
    x2 Shiny Grumpig UT
    Shiny Dratini UT
    Shiny Hippowdon UT
    Shiny Lombre UT
    Shiny Nuzleaf UT
    & Shiny Beldum
    All my Events and Shinies are Legit so
    Yours must be too!
    Name: Jacob
    FC: 2810-3871-6336
    IGN: Mega Man X
    Please PM me back if anyone is interested
    For my trades!
  16. dasaff

    dasaff New Member

    LF Phantom Force Darkrai
    FT name what you want i must have it!
  17. SamiKat

    SamiKat New Member

    LF: Zeraora, Pokéball Vivillon, and/or Hoenn-Cap Pikachu
    FT: Event Pokémon (listed below) or Gold Bottle Caps (one for one trade - one cap for one Pokémon)

    Event Pokémon I have and am willing to trade: (all UT)
    - Marshadow (OT: MT. Tensei)
    - Genesect (OT: GF)
    - Arceus (OT: GF)
    - Darkrai (OT: GF)
    - Keldeo (OT: GF)
    - Volcanion (OT: Helen)
    - Hoopa (OT: Alexander)
    - Shiny Xerneas (OT: XYZ)
    - Zygarde (OT: XYZ)
    - Shiny Yveltal (OT: XYZ)
    - Shiny Rayquaza (OT: Galileo)
    - Shiny Tapu Koko (OT: Melemele)
    - Shiny Zydarde (OT: 2018 Legends; Lv. 60)
    - Lycanroc - midnight form (OT: Rocky)
    - Salazzle (OT: Clovis)
    - Shiny Silvally (OT: Aether)

    *I also have multiple forms of Vivillon and multiple Pokémon in apricorn balls from HGSS)
  18. Kono

    Kono Aspiring philosopher

    • Asking for/offering forbidden/hacked Pokemon
    Looking for the following event pokemon (can be from any event)
    Arceus UT
    Shaymin UT
    Keldeo UT
    Meloetta UT

    Events I have:

    Charizard UT Bullseye event

    Marshadow UT Mt. Tensei event

    Ash hat pikachu event (Kalos and Alola) UT

    Magearna UT

    Dialga UT 2018 Legends event

    Decidueye UT Hidden ability event

    Incineroar UT Hidden ability event

    Primarina UT Hidden ability event

    Ho-Oh UT 2018 legends event

    Lugia UT 2018 legends event

    Groudon UT 2018 legends event

    Kyogre UT 2018 legends event

    Raikou UT 2018 legends event

    Entei UT 2018 legends event

    Shiny Poipole UT Ultra event

    Zeraora UT event

    Oranguru UT bank event

    Passimian UT bank event

    Japanese Jirachi UT event

    Genesect UT plasma event

    Darkrai UT GF event

    All will be cloned before trading!

    If I don't have an event you have that's not on my looking for list but are interested in one of mine let me know!
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
  19. ZiR

    ZiR Beginner Collector

    Looking for Pokémon Pass Shiny Pikachu/Eevee codes, not redeemed pokemons, just unused codes of these pokemons, not looking for anything else for now. Offering 3DS events such as: XY Torchic, SUM2014 Pinsir/Heracross, Steven Beldum, GTS (Fancy pattern) Vivillon, SUM2014 (Pokeball pattern) Vivillon, Pokebank (gift from 2014) Celebi. PM-me for offers. :)
  20. Silent_Jay

    Silent_Jay Well-Known Member

    N3DS FC: 2037-1386-8185
    US/UM IGN: Jason
    Time Zone: GMT/UTC

    Looking For:
    - 7-Eleven Pikachu - 08200, JPN
    - Japan Championships 2019 Nidoqueen - 190608, JPN
    - PGL Poni shiny Tapu Fini - 190419, JPN
    - PGL Poni shiny Tapu Fini - 190524, ENG
    - Ula-ula shiny Tapu Bulu - 190222, GER, FRE, SPA, KOR, CHT, CHS, JPN
    - Anything else NOT on my Google Document including; Events, Shiny, In-Game Trades and events in other languages

    For Trade: Anything off my Google Document

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