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Event Trading Thread


The Lost one.
I have GameStop Marshadow code for trade.
Lv 50
Ability: Technician
Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, and Shadow ball
Will also be given Marshadium Z

Looking for 2017 event Shiny Silvally, Ho-Oh, or Lycanroc.


#1 Lanturn Owner
PM me for details on trading. If anything is incorrect regarding my For Trade listing, feel free to let me know.

For Trade:
If the OT is Japanese, I will try to specify event - All Pokémon (regardless of country) are UT unless specified

Magearna (x2) - OT: Oarfish (self-collected) - Nature: Gentle or Bold
Shiny Tapu Koko (Japanese) (x2) - OT: Japanese event - Nature: Timid
Shiny Tapu Koko (English) (x2) - OT: Melemele - Nature: Timid
Keldeo (Japanese) - OT: Japanese event - Nature: Naughty
Keldeo (English) (x4) - OT: GF - Nature: Adamant, Bashful, Docile, or Hasty
Hoopa (Japanese) - OT: Japanese event - Nature: Rash
Meloetta (Japanese) - OT: Japanese event - Nature: Hasty
Glalie (ORAS demo) - OT: Orlando - Nature: Naughty
Mewtwo - OT: FEB2012 - Nature: Impish
Palkia (Dreamworld / Dreamball) - OT: Kenny - Nature: Naïve - Nicknamed "Fenriel"
Volcanion (Japanese) - OT: Japanese event - Nature: Modest
Hidden Ability Regis (all three available) - OT: Oarfish (self-collected) - Natures: Regirock (Modest) Regice (Sassy) Registeel (Lonely)
Zoroark - OT: Sly - Nature: Mild
Zygarde (x4) - OT: XYZ - Natures: Lonely, Calm, Mild, or Timid
Serperior - OT: Present - Nature: Relaxed - Has gained one level (is level 51) through day care
Samurott - OT: Present - Nature: Impish
Emboar - OT: Present - Nature: Calm
Shiny Beldum - OT: Steven - Nature: Bold
Pokeball Vivilion - OT: SUM2014 - Nature: Careful
GTS Vivilion - OT: GTS - Nature: Quiet
Articuno - OT: Aldora - Nature: Docile
Moltres - OT: Aldora - Nature: Timid
Zapdos - OT: Aldora - Nature: Impish
Deoxys - OT: Plasma - Nature: Adamant
Hidden Ability Feraligatr (x2) - OT: Oarfish (self-collected) - Natures: Bold (UT) or Serious (level 52 through day care)
Hidden Ability Typhlosion (x2) - OT: Oarfish (self-collected) - Natures: Bashful or Calm
Hidden Ability Meganium (x2) - OT: Oarfish (self-collected) - Natures: Serious or Modest
Victini (x4) - OT: GF - Natures: Adamant, Lonely, or Hardy (x2)
Darkrai (x4) - OT: GF - Natures: Bashful, Hasty, or Hardy (x2)
Hoopa (x3) - OT: Alexander - Natures: Modest (x2) or Adamant
Arceus (x3) - OT: GF - Natures: Gentle, Careful, or Bold
Meloetta (x4) - OT: GF - Natures: Gentle (x2), Sassy, or Quiet
Genesect (x4) - OT: GF - Natures: Brave, Calm, Naïve, or Careful
Celebi - OT: WIN2011 - Nature: Mild
Celebi (x4) - OT: GF - Natures: Hardy, Lonely, Modest, or Timid
Jirachi (x4) - OT: GF - Natures: Rash, Lonely, or Naughty (x2)
Mew (x2) - OT: GF - Natures: Careful or Quiet
Arceus (Dreamworld / Dreamball) (x2) - OT: OARFISH (self-collected) and 2rsa - Natures: Naïve or Brave
Volcanion - OT: Helen - Nature: Modest
Shiny Xerneas (x4) - OT: XYZ - Natures: Timid, Relaxed, Naïve, or Brave
Shiny Yveltal (x4) - OT: XYZ - Natures: Hasty, Brave, Serious, or Naïve
Hoopa - OT: Harry - Nature: Careful
Victini - OT: OARFISH (self-obtained from generation V) - Nature: Bold
Shiny Ranger Manaphy - OT: HUNTER - Nature: Hardy
Shiny Arceus - OT: Japanese event - Nature: Serious
Shiny Genesect - OT: Japanese event - Nature: Hasty
Shiny Shaymin - OT: Lance - Nature: Timid

Looking For:
Willing to look at all offers, but the ones below are what I am looking for specifically.

I am now looking for essentially any offers, but nothing in particular. Feel free to continue PM'ing me for offers.

Japanese shiny Silvally Event
Japanese Marshadow event

The following Ash-hat Pikachu's (any language):
Kalos (in negotiations for this)
Alola (in negotiations for this)
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I have 55 charizard codes I can trade for stuff let me know pm me :)


Shiny Hunter
Have 10 extra US marshadow codes. Willing to trade for shinies. Pm me if interested.
Edit: Specifically looking for shiny shaymin and shiny yvental.
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New Member
I have GameStop Marshadow code for trade.
Lv 50
Ability: Technician
Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, and Shadow ball
Will also be given Marshadium Z

Looking for 2017 event Shiny Silvally, Ho-Oh, or Lycanroc.

I just signed up for this... because i’m looking for some specific pokemon to trade... and Marshadow is one of them!
How does it work, and what pokemon do you want?

I guess you can Dm me... thanks


New Member
Hey! I have extra Ash Hat Pikachu of every US version so far, and will get extra of the upcoming ones as well. I also have multiple of the 20th Anniversary Event Pokemon available. I am looking for all of the event pokemon listed below I was unable to obtain, please let me know if you want to trade! Thanks!

Shiny Ranger Manaphy - OT: HUNTER
Shiny Arceus - OT: Japanese event
Shiny Genesect - OT: Japanese event
Shiny Shaymin - OT: Lance
Shiny Rayquaza - OT: Galileo
Shiny Beldum - OT: Steven
Diancie - OT: Hope
Shiny Diancie Japanese Event
Shiny Silvally Japanese Event


Shiny Hunter
Looking for US Mashadow code. Offering a shiny Type null or a shiny battle ready Scizor. DM me if you're interested~ ^^


New Member

I wasn't following event details since around August and therefore missed the 'Ash's Hat Pikachu' distribution, at least the first three versions. I don't really have all that much to offer right now, I have not been intensively playing the games for a couple years now and therefore don't have any specially trained and bred Pokemon, nor have I spent much time (or had much luck) shiny hunting so I don't have any of those. However I would really love if someone would be willing to discuss possible trades with me... I am perfectly 100% happy with a cloned Pokemon, and don't expect anything else.

Looking For:
I am more than happy with clones!

Original (Kanto/Johto) Hat Pikachu
Hoenn Hat Pikachu
Sinnoh Hat Pikachu


...Eternal gratitude?

I don't have much to offer, but here are a few things I could:
Cloned Events of my own
Pokemon from other Gens (after November 1st)
Maybe some Art? (Quality/Skill is... meh Dx)

I would be so grateful if someone has these Pikachu and could offer me some clones. This was an event I was really wanting and... Please?


Event Collector
other lang of gen 7 event with proof
gen 7 event with proof i don't have yet
gen 6 with proof i don't have yet and other lang with proof

ft many proofed events including
korean silvally eng vrto or other lang
ita autumn korean league shiny mimkyu vrto or other lang
cht,eng,jpn carnival set wc
korean steenee lang set
pal marshadow lang set
target charizard lang set
western release kanto,hoenn,sinnoh,unova,kalos cap lang sets
chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,jpn,spa pc shiny mimikyu
chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,jpn,ita,spa gs celebi
new aether silvally all lang
championship arcanine(eng,fre) and exeggutor(eng,chs,fre,kor)
all lang of kor lillie vulpix
chs,jpn and fre yokohama outbreak pikachu
eng,chs,cht,ger,ita,jpn,kor tanabata 2017 jirachi
all lang of the 7-11 movie event pokemon and 7-11 mew
and many more
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Well-Known Member
Play! 2016 Shiny Mewtwo(Modest Nature with Max IVs in Special Attack)

Celebii Code(Gold and Silver)
Shiny Tapu Koko event
Meloetta GF Event
Keldeo GF Event
Victini GF Event
Celebi GF Event
Jirachi GF Event
Manaphy GF Event
Shaymin GF Event
Hoopa Event
Zygarde XYZ Event
Shiny Yveltal XYZ Event
Shiny Xerneas XYZ Event
Marshadow Code(US)
Ash Hat Pikachu(Unova)
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Well-Known Member
I am looking for lots of Marshadow codes (I'd like to put together a language set of it).

Please PM me with what you're looking for, and I'd be happy to let you know if I have it.


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
Hi there people of serebii! It's been a while! <3. Due to inactivity I have missed the shiny tapu koko event. I am seeking any type of this event. For people who can't clone I can offer shiny vgc machamp OT screenpeekaz or Japanese tourney qualifiers landorus I think it's also called hylian landorus. For those willing to clone my trade and give it back to me please check my trade list from my gen 6 events here. All my events should be legit as I check all the dates for power saves. Thanks!
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New Member
hey, looking for events i don’t have.

For trade:
Events 2015
Rayquaza OT:Galileo ID:08055
Diancie OT:Hope ID:07245
Serperior OT:present ID:01225
Emboar OT:present ID:01295
Samurott OT:present ID:02105
Hoopa OT:Harry ID:10235
Hoopa OT:Mac ID:11275
Dragonite OT:JUN2015 ID:06225

Events 2015(JP)
Hoopa OT:えいがかん ID:07185
Diancie OT:ポケセン ID:12125
Arceus OT:デセルシテイ ID:03075
Lugia OT:7 SPOT ID:00711
Yveltal OT:XY&Z ID:11055
Xeneas OT:XY&Z ID:10295

Events 2016
Megearna OT:Ember ID:872677
Articono OT:Aldora ID:03116
Zapdos OT:Aldora ID:03116
Moltres OT:Aldora ID:03116
Mew OT:GF ID:22796 (gba)
Mew OT:GF ID:02016
Celebi OT:GF ID:03016
Jirachi OT:GF ID:04016
Darkrai OT:GF ID:05016
Manaphy OT:GF ID:06016
Shaymin OT:GF ID:07016
Arceus OT:GF ID:08016
Victini OT:GF ID:09016
Keldeo OT:GF ID:10016
Genesect OT:GF ID:11016
Meloetta OT:GF ID:12016
Munchlax OT:Ember ID:872677
Meowth OT:Happy ID:08196
Mewtwo OT:play!2016 ID:07266
Mewtwo OT:Nintendo HK ID:06096
Volcanion OT:Helen ID:10016
Machamp OT:Screenpeekaz ID:05146
Yveltal OT:Descartes ID:05026
Xerneas OT:Descartes ID:05026
Zygarde OT:Descartes ID:05026

Event 2016(JP)
Hydreigon OT:ゲーチス ID:06232
Volcanion OT:ネーベル ID:04166
Pikachu OT:オンライン ID:02056
Vulpix OT:サツポロ ID:161201
Zapdos OT:pスクラップ ID:03016
Sharpedo OT:アオギリ ID:11214
Nidoqueen OT:サカキ ID:01294
Weavile OT:アカギ ID:09138
Camerupt OT:マッブサ ID:11214
Pyroar OT:フラダリ ID:10123
Audino OT:ポケセン ID:01016

Event 2016(other)
Espeon OT: 포켓몬스토어 ID:170715
Pikachu OT: P-Cafe ID:05276

Event 2017
Pikachu OT:Ash ID:091303
Pikachu OT:Ash ID:060407
Charizard OT:Bullseye ID:100117
Lycanroc OT:Rocky ID:051517
Salazzle OT:Clovis ID:080817
Tapu Koko OT:Melemele ID:170714
Celebi OT:Ilex ID:040601
Magikarp OT:Lunar ID:170128
Exeggutor OT:Worlds17 ID:081817

Event 2017(JP)
Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:970401
Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:021121
Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:060928
Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:100923
Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:131017
Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:161117
Silvally OT:エーテル ID:170922
Marshadow OT:テンセイざん ID:170715
Pikachu OT:カー二バル ID:170809
Mimikyu OT:ポケセン ID:170922
Mimikyu OT:カー二バル ID:170814
Ditto OT:カー二バル ID:170814
Solrock OT:サクジ ID:170726
Lunatone OT:サクジ ID:170726
Vulpix OT:リーリエ ID:170705
Ho-Oh OT:テンセイざん ID:170715
Jolteon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
Flareon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
Vamporeon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
Umbreon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
Glaceon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
Leafeon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
Sylveon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
Turtonator OT: カキ ID:170626


Well-Known Member
I was given 2 Marshadow codes but only need 1. Anyone need one that doesn't have?


Code was given out. I will try to get more.
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New Member
I have 7 more Target Charizard event cards that were just put out. Will give out for free or if you’d like to trade something in return I’ll accept whatever.


Shiny Hunter
I'm looking for a shiny yvental. I can offer 2 marshadow codes in return. I can also offer previous events if you missed them. Pm if interested.