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Will there be special events over wifi like the Tropious in a Precious ball?


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Perhaps Nintendo of America does something similar...

(being optimistic).


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Don't know, when.
Is there such event as that?
there was an event in Japan where people could go and download a tropius that came in a precious ball (a ball that is not available in game). it was not over wifi as i remember.
Yeah I think so.
There was a Magikarp event
thing in Japan also.
This was a club sponsered event, quite a bit different than an official nintendo event.


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everyone traded magikarps and the person who got a special nintendo (or something)owned magikarp got a special prize
It was not an official Nintendo event.....It was an event held by a nintendo pokemon fanclub in japan.
The Magikarp had a piece of mail holding it and whoever got one with the correct message, that the club owners had written on it, won a trip to one of the nintendo developers or something place... basically they won a trip.


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Probably more events of the like will happen in the future - very likely after Dimond and Pearl becomes worldwide


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Prolly something GTC related, something along the lines of Nintendo's ACWW freebies I hope.

BTW hi Bobandbill.


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EDIT:Never mind i just found it
We don't know but we are hopeful.


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I created a thread to organize holidays... based off the lucky magicarp event... It's sort of the same idea... not trips to be won though... I'd like to see some actural nintendo events...