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Ever ditch your starter?


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I tend to start ditching the starter a lot after the first few playthroughs. It's nice to diversify your Pokemon selection every once in a while.
On my first playthrough of the 5th gen games I kept my starter until I raised a team of competitive pokemon... on my black version however I started with a tepig and ditched it for a Darmanitan. The starters in gen 5 just seen a tad bland to me.

I have a team of eggs ready for my next play through... and that team has a snivy egg in it... but I'll probably use a Lilligant instead. For those curious I also have an Axew, a Timburr, and a Joltik egg ready.


I haven't, though I'm going to soon. I'm switching out Dewott for a Frillish on my White version. Not that there's anything wrong with Dewott, but Frillish will give me a secondary type, and, come on, the male version looks like the Pringles guy, and I'll still retain the water type.
I thought it look more like the monopoly guy. I ditched Sammurott. It just sucked, The Swellow that replaced it was Sooo much Better.


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In both Heartgold and Soulsilver, I ditched my starter the second after beating the game. I also stopped using my Swampert in Emerald but only for the purpose of keeping him at level 50 for the Battle Frontier.


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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................no, don't remember ever doing that. i bet if i did, I'd feel horrible forever after.


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On my first playthrough of a game I use it throughout the whole story, but on following playthroughs I ditch it for something else. :|


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Not really, but in generation four I did so once, and may do it many times in the future. Basically, I hate the gen four starters. There is much better Pokemon to get, especially in Platinum, with Leafeon, Roserade, Houndoom, Azumarill, Quagsire, Milotic, and beyond.
In Platinum I did it because it was a nuzlocke, and I thought, hey, Platinum is hard to nuzlocke, right? So I should do it without a starter! And traded myself a Shinx for a starter instead.

In my Sapphire nuzlocke, I had no choice but to ditch my starter, Link the Grovyle. He died against a exploding Voltorb (Wattson's), so I really had no choice but to do so! Fortunatly, I have a Breloom now, but still. Link. ;_;


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Normally, I always use my starter, but in my fourth Platinum, I ditched my Infernape for a Dusknoir (with fire punch)

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Rarely unless I am doing a special Challenge.


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I've never ditched my starter, I'm way too used to having my starter on my team since R/B/Y. It'll be strange if I don't see my starter in my party at all times.


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I have always used my starter when playing through the game, no exceptions yet.