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Ever enter a fandom because of a couple?

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Toran Frostbite, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Just like it says on the tin. Have you ever jumped into a fandom after discovering a pairing you (at the time) looking into on a whim, perhaps, or an interest with no real describable reason?

    I'll be frank with my own example: I owe my absolute love for the Sengoku Basara fandom to a BL doujinshi done by one of the more sexy-style doujinka (Kodaka Kazuma, I state for the record). I didn't know what the fandom was, who the characters were, or anything of the sort. And the next thing I know is I'm studying up on the warring states, learning that Mouri Motonari and Chosokabe Motochika's histories don't line up like they do in the series, and drooling over Date Masamune (he's got memetic Engrish, a horse with motorcycle parts attached, six swords, and a "battle butler" in his possession; how f***ing cool is that?) as a whole. Except that's not everything, and it /is/ everything that makes the series delightful (I popped into the fandom /just/ as the anime series was premiering; good timing, whut).

    Not that I'd trust Sengoku Basara's English counterpart Devil Kings (for the PS2). D8 I was sad to learn CAPCOM took everything out that make it Japanese and a mesh of historical peoples.

    Nevertheless, the series is great, and I'm so glad I found it. *_* Thank you, ChikaNari~
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2009
  2. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Yes, yes, shamefully so.

    I heard about Yuki and Zero, read some Vampire Knight, heard stuff about Tamaki and Haruhi, read Ouran, Kyo and Tohru, read Fruits Basket, the list just goes on and on. It's amazing how shipping can get you into a fandom. Oh, forgot my most notable.

    MARIK ISHTAR X YAMI BAKURA. It made me get into the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom and I'm currently stuck to it. God, I'm not overly knowledgeable of the show and have only watched 83 of 224 eps so far, but I'm a nutcase for that pairing. It's just... gah. <3333333333
  3. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    8D I'm trying to rightfully deny myself getting into 5Ds for Jack/Yuusei. So far, it is working (but that just means I've no idea about them outside the fanfic, and we alllll know how much we can trust those~).
  4. Obsolete

    Obsolete MondoTR (Dani)

    I like the song "Heaven is a Place on Earth" and I saw an AMV of the song to Belldandy/Keiichi clips from Ah! My Goddess. Never heard of the anime before then but looked it up because I thought the AMV was good. And now it's one of my favorite anime/manga. :D
  5. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Holy god yes.

    It's kinda late at night here, so the only example I can think off of the top of my head is the Loveless fandom. I stumbled across it on Wikipedia, and I was very curious about the Ritsuka/Soubi coupling. So after reading a bit more, then acquiring a couple of manga, I decided to stick with it. I'm now very devoted to this pairing, and I follow the series to see if they'll stay together.

    I'm sure I'll think of something extra later.
  6. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    I can say yes with my second favorite anime ever, Kyou Kara Maoh!. Back in the older Shipping Picture Thread, taitofan had posted some pictures of the two main characters, Yuri and Wolfram. They were absolutely adorable together and I did so many picture searches. Bad thing was, I didn't know anything about the show they were from or even anything about them. I just knew they were made for each other.

    A couple years have passed and I now own all 18 DVDs from the series available in the states and pray everyday that FUNimation will license season three and that some Japanese company will grab the rights to the non-existant season four. ;; Apparently there is not enough KKM in the world to grant another season...
  7. Looking through the Shipping Picture Thread a while ago, I noticed there was a lot of amazing fanart for Watanuki x Doumeki from xxxHolic...
    So I started watching the series on the Funimation channel and fell in love with it. ^_^;
  8. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    If you think the anime is good, the manga is even better with the DouWata. 8D No, seriously. Last couple of chapters? So DouWata.
  9. Yeah, I've only read the first couple chapters of the manga, but I need to get around to the rest. But I've heard about plenty of DouWata stuff, so all the more reason to read it. ^_^ ...And I need to read Tsubasa too, because of the crossover-ness, and the fact that I loved SakuraxSyaoran as a child. d:
  10. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Yes, but I only have one notable example - Eureka 7.
    During my trip to an anime convention (can't remember which one last year) a friend and I watched the AMV winners and one of them was an AMV from Eureka 7, and of course, all about Renton x Eureka. I knew it was Eureka 7 but had no idea the pairing was SO cute. My friend and I waited until this year to buy the DVDs and we're hooked! ^^ She just got box set 2 - I'll be able to watch in the winter. :D I can't wait!
  11. Kipcha

    Kipcha Well-Known Member

    *Sigh* Yes, admittedly. I saw an AMV on Romeo and Juliet, so I went and watched Romeo x Juliet, and also got into a few other series this way. Honestly, looking for popular pairings is usually the best way to find the best romance series since a lot of them are just ridiculous.
  12. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    Hmm, I don't recall entering into a fandom because of a couple, but rather because of a certain character. After getting into that fandom due to obsessing over that character, I'd find an OTP for that favorite character, and I suppose this tradition of mine hasn't changed since... xD;;

    I dunno if Initial D counts... cause like Takumi is so obsessed with that AE86 car that I wished he'd marry it... XD And possibly my reason for liking that fandom lolz.
  13. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    That's nice.

    I supported Yuki x Shuichi before I even read the manga and seen the anime. I did the same with Loveless. I looked up on it and decided both pairings would be good so I gave them both a watch.

    Gravitation is still of of my favorite mangas.
  14. Kenta99

    Kenta99 Orange Champion

    this happens to me all the time.

    if I pick up a random series or manga, I look for any pairings, and poof. Im hooked

    thats just me
  15. Durp

    Durp Well-Known Member

    Kodi/Kirby and Aleu/the fox from Balto got me to take a second look at the sequels. Or would that be more of "a couple made me not hate a fandom anymore" thing?
  16. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Well, that's not entirely it, but I suppose it works.

    Like, I didn't know anything about the Prince of Tennis fandom. An online acquaintance was trying to get me involved with a journel-rp game for it, by showing me the character I would most fall in love with (I did) and what other character he would be most compatible with.

    She won me over horribly with that couple into the fandom. Granted, I gained two more OTPs over time (so I technically 'ship within the TeniPuri fandom one popular couple, one rare-pair, and one crackship), but the rare-pair got me into it. Next thing I know, I'm watching the show and reading the fics.

    Otherwise, I never would have given it the time.
  17. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    i only watch bleach for rukia x ichigo, but then i stopped when she left. too bad the creators are focusing more on the orange hair girl, thanks for ruining the fun. </3
  18. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    But did you like Ichigo/Rukia before reading/watching Bleach or after you started?
  19. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    No but shipping can make it more fun particularly if its weird and makes for interesting fanfiction. I have left fandoms because of shipping, the strong hints of Miaka and Nuriko as a potential couple in Fushugi Yugi was the last straw and Keichi and Beldandy ruin Ah! My Goddess for me.
  20. Durp

    Durp Well-Known Member

    Crap, i forgot to mention that Fang/Vanille is what got me interested in Final Fantasy 13; despite the fact I don't even have the system to play it. XD *hopes it'll be on Youtube at least* >__>;;
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