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Ever found a trainer with your name?


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I remember I think in Emerald I found a ranger with my name(not too sure but I know I did find a trainer with my name) ^^ Funny, rangers are my favourite type of trainers.


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I found one with my name:

AceTrainer Dennis.

It was in D/P, not sure which route though.


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Yes, but I've forgotten where and who it is but vaguely I think it was a archaeologist or something. My name's Douglas.


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I dont remember who or where, but i believe i saw the name "Wayne" atleast once.

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Nah... I don't think Game Freak will ever consider an Arabic name..(not that I know of anyway)..and my name is (Salman) for their game, unless they want to! (lol)
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my name is Gary(yeah seriously thats my real name) so it isn't really hard to find that trainer with my name...


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Well, there's noone named Raka, i think..


I can't say that I've ever seen my name in the games. My name is Rudolph, so I think the closest that I have seen may have been Ricardo or Rudy.

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The closest i found is Kristie ( i think she was a swimmer in emerald), for those who want to know my real name it's kirsty.If they do put a Kirsty in the next game she should be a hiker or a pokefan with either a charmander/meleon/zard.


I am certain I have seen some guy with the name "Chip", I think it was in one of the GBA games, possibly on Fire red / Leaf green.


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I don't think gamefreak will put a Dutch name (Joris) in a pokémon game.


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In the games I'm not sure but they did run into someone on the show with my name. It was a different spelling though but still. Truth be told I was disappointed by her pokemon because all she had was two Igglybuff.