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Ever had a dream involving Pokemon?


Eh, ragazzo!
I've had dreams recently where I reboot the game, and it goes on a further back saved place.


Cynder Kiryah
Had another dream involving pokemon I thought was fairly interesting
I was guy used Celebi and I was Ninetales instead of attacking me with Celebi he had Celebi sent me 200 years into the future then was going to alter events of the past so that future would cease to exist along with everything in it.
Having thought about it I did get sent to a desolated island similar to the one in another dream I had I was Dialga in and protected it from being destroyed by Palkia.
Don't think that guy that sent me into the future to try to get rid of me was aware I could become Dialga as well so I would just be able to negate that future's destruction by controlling time probably.
As for Celebi that other dream I had involving Celebi, Azelf attempted to use Celebi to create time distortions so I would become Primal Dialga and use the power I had as Dialga to cross over into this reality.
Pretty sure Time Travel is never a good idea anyway.
That never would've thought of sending someone into the future and changing the past to get rid of them anyway.
I'm hoping Celebi isn't going to start to be a problem already holding a grudge against Moltres.