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Evergreen [KissShipping, PG-13, OneShot]


Hello! My name is shadow_shipper, and I believe most of you don’t know me here (and I, sadly, don’t know many of the faces here :/). If you are wondering why, you can check my “Join Date” and see that I’m an old timer ^^

I present to you a request! An friend of mine once asked me to take his request for a KissShipping fic (Ash x Melody).

I had completely forgotten about it, as I’ve quit these forums since entering College, but he reminded me of it and brought me out of retirement. I still hope I have the touch :p

Warning : This fic is rated PG-13 for indications of sexuality and some use of strong language, according to the New Shipping Fic Rules.

Without further ado, I bring to you something Evergreen ;)



In a second, they were gone.
Seconds later, in a flash of multicoloured light, the chromatism of which was created from a white silhouette, they appeared again.


Popping out of the water, the trainer looked for the psychic pokémon.

“Gardevoir, remember what we learned. Picture the solid ground, and visualise where you are going, all right? Just like you saw what the entrance would look like…”

The Embrace pokemon bashfully nodded in response, blushing slightly, effortlessly hovering over the crystalline lake she had just made her trainer dive into.

Her trainer and his ever-faithful Pikachu.

Efficient teleport training was something of a new challenge for our young protagonist, as even though he had always been close to his pokémon and understood them pretty well, in this case he actually needed to see through their eyes to know what his Gardevoir could see. It was fun and painful, but he was making progress. Of course he still travelled by foot with his companions when exploring new regions, but he noticed that it could always be nice to visit friends of old once in a while at the speed of light. And unless he could befriend a Mew, who is a natural at that kind of thing, training and more hard-work is the only answer Ash knows. It is no different with Gardevoir.

Pikachu had already swum back to rejoin the lanky green pokémon.

For a moment, instead of promptly swimming for the shore, Ash indulged himself in the refreshing aura that the water provided him, especially considering the blistering heat in the air around him and his two pokémon.

He lay there floating, his arms spread wide, the sound of Gardevoir and Pikachu scampering around, his old red and white Pokémon League Expo hat drifting around him, the leaves bristling as the wind caressed the trees that held them, the whole scenery itself bathing in the radiant sunlight piercing through this natural green roof with some wild pokémon running around in the tall grass; Ash thought they had landed in some sort of forest more than a swamp.


The adrenaline from teleporting and the instant good feeling of the water made him forget temporarily that they were nearing Snowpoint City in his travels. Yet the hot temperature and humidity around his party now suggested that they were in fact far away from their original point, or his intended target for that matter.

”Where the hell are we? This is definitely not the cave…”

He began to twist and turn, diving to reach his sinking cap, and swim for land. While in apnea under water, his blurry vision could still observe some of the majestic fish and water pokémon dwelling beneath him. Some Goldeen and Seaking, a couple of Corphish or Krabby at the bottom, he couldn’t tell. But what caught his sight the most was the long, serpentine figure that was slithering through the water, its scales edging forwards and the small wings on either side of his horned head letting him steer at will. He was in presence of a rare Dragonair.

”It’s truly beautiful…I must catch it.”

They say old habits never die. Ash was experiencing it now. But just as he reached for the pokéball containing his Feraligatr, he remembered that he had broken the cardinal rule of all pokémon trainers ; he had no empty pokéball with him.

He cursed mentally, looked at the majestic creature once more which stared back into his own eyes, and went up for air.

As he climbed the shore, he saw Gardevoir and Pikachu still looking at him, wondering what would come next. The ink-haired trainer dried off his long sleeved black shirt and red sleeveless vest, taking off his blue weathered jeans and white running shoes.

“Ok guys, time for a rest, then we’ll try to figure out where we are and if there is anyone else around, how does that sound?”

Both pokémon expressed their agreement, and quickly proceeded to explore their surroundings, while Ash stripped to his underwear, laying his clothes on the ground, and laid himself in the golden rays of the warm sun.

Focusing on his breathing and the sound of the pokémon around him, he closed his eyes and started to think. His mind was soothed serenely by the sounds surrounding him. Bristling grass and leaves, undulations on the lake’s surface, the sensations and smells were amazingly assuasive, as he had completely forgotten that he had no idea where he was. Yet, the ambient aroma must have somehow made him think faster. Though at sometimes, just thinking would have been enough.

Shuffling through his pokéballs and seizing the one he desired, he calmly opened it to reveal the noble bird pokémon that resided within.

Different shades of gray coloured this rather medium sized creature, with a yellow beak and a heart-shaped pattern around its face. Stripes and waves were layered on its wings and tail, with a brown underbelly leading to grey feet.

The Unfezant spread its wings with glee, happy to be out.

“Right. I need you to gain some altitude above the forest and the trees, come back to me and tell me if it’s somewhere we’ve been. Otherwise, get as much as you can of the sights, and we’ll tell Gardevoir to try to locate us. Go on, have fun!”

The pokémon needn’t be told twice to fly away. And within a few flaps of her wings, she was gone towards the sun.

It could only hear the faint sound of her trainer letting a sigh as she flew away, determined to carry out the mission she had been entrusted with.
Soon enough, as she gained enough height and visibility, she started to look around, trying to find a landmark or a sight which she and her own party had already visited, but it truly seemed that Gardevoir had taken them into uncharted lands.
Equally soon enough, the feathered pokémon felt a glow inside and outside of her.

The sun was coating her with energy and warmth, as at the same time, she thought back on how she was blessed with the gift of flight.

The game bird stretched her wings as much as she could, feeling the breeze caress her belly and face, the cool air blending in a pleasureful mix with the sun. She started to appreciate the blue sky and white clouds, shaped and scattered in various ways.

Bliss had taken over her, but she soon remembered that she needed to return to her trainer, the saddened messenger that they were all, in fact, lost.
Yet, as soon as the thought had crept into her mind, something snapped her out of her envisioned action.


She could hear music.

Now, as she had glided over another of the various lakes and streams, she started to dive closer to the source of the sounds. They were enchanting. As she was descending, she could notice a large number of wild pokémon amassed around what seemed to be a single person. Intrigued, she let herself nosedive straight towards the humanoid figure. Indeed, that human, a female as she noticed her long maroon hair and delicate face, was playing an instrument which captivated every living thing that heard the music. As soon as she had approached her, she realised she had underestimated this human ; she was playing extremely well.

The wild pokémon had gathered around this woman in a circle, some feet away from her as to fully savour the sounds of her songs. She was sitting on a large, dark, weathered rock by a lake very similar to the one our Unfezant had left minutes ago. The bird simply landed between her and the pokémon, proudly looking at her with a mixed look of curiosity, admiration and intrigue.

The woman was playing an ocarina. The instrument appeared to be made out of sea stone, it was various shades of orange and appeared to be tailor-made for the young woman’s gentle hands.

As the pokémon set foot between the ring of spectators and Melody, nothing changed for several more minutes until she had finished playing. The pokémon were as much in a trance as she was. She then opened her eyes, only to notice the crowd that had gathered, and the one pokémon, rebellious, not wanting to stay in line with the others.

Melody was slightly taken aback by the sheer number of pokémon around her, but she quickly shifted her attention to the Unfezant fidgeting around, as if it wanted her to understand that all the pokémon craved more of her divine music.

“You’re not very common around these parts, are you…” She spoke matter-of-factly.

“And you seem to be trained and groomed.” She was now shifting her weight around the rock, observing the beautiful colours and patterns of the pokémon’s plumage.

“Is your trainer around?” She finally asked, to which the pokémon gave a visible and sudden expression of shock. Unfezant had completely forgotten about her mission.

The bird pokémon started flapping her wings and lifted itself off the grass, briefly sped off towards the direction it came from and returned to the young woman’s feet, hoping the she understood her master was nearby.

“I see…you mustn’t be far from where you came from then.” Melody stood up slowly and, seeing as the pokémon around had started to disperse, started taking off her red top.

She casually removed her espadrilles, began unbuttoning her deep-blue jeans until she was left with nothing but her underwear on.

By now, she realised that she was alone with this one pokémon.

“Well it seems you’re not going anywhere just yet, are you?” she asked it while stripping naked, and receiving a nod from the Unfezant. “Ok, I’ll play some more for you, after I finish what I came here for…” She didn’t wait for a reply this time, as she jumped headfirst into the mirroring lake.

”I feel reborn each time I come here…” Melody thought as she swam around the pellucid water.

By the time the girl was completely immersed, the pokémon heard a voice.

“Why are you not coming back? Ash seems impatient…”

It was Gardevoir. Unfezant had no idea how long it had been absent, but she could sense in her own thoughts that Gardevoir and their trainer were unpleased and slightly worried.

“We’re in a completely unknown place, but I’ve found another human who seems to be from around these parts” Unfezant called back to Gardevoir while looking at the nude figure of the young woman swimming through the lake as if it were the fountain of eternal youth. “You can teleport back to me, we can ask her for help.”

The issue with Gardevoir’s teleporting was that it needed to know the location it wanted to travel to. As to why they couldn’t simply go back, it’s because the teleporting pokémon needs to also know precisely where it stands in the world. Something that the small group simply did not know now. To travel short lengths, in unknown places, you need to be able to sense a person, a pokémon, or an object to teleport close to. But on the brief journey and long distance they had just covered, bringing them to that lake, Ash had simply wanted to explore if Gardevoir could find locations it had never visited.
More precisely, seen only in pictures. For Ash’s goal was to have Gardevoir bring him to places no other has been to. Places to track rare and legendary pokémon, because Ash, some time ago, has had his flame for capturing pokémon rekindled.

And he could not fathom waiting anymore. He needed to get where he wanted, and fast.

“Ok, just focus on me. Can you sense the pokémon and the human in the lake near me? Focus on me…” Unfezant thought, conversing with Gardevoir.

Melody, floating on the surface, dived gracefully under water. And as the ripples began to disappear, a flash of light appeared next to the bird pokémon, taking the form of a hovering silver and emerald pokémon with her weathered-looking raven-haired trainer.

“What was that about Gardevoir?” Asked Ash, who was in the middle of putting his shirt and vest back on.

Under the water, Melody was swimming back to the top, having been surprised by that explosion.

“Did you see something Unfezant?” she asked, opening and wiping her eyes, searching for where her companion was standing, only to find a Gardevoir next to it and the figure of a man, his back turned to her, gathering his clothes from the ground.

She briefly felt uneasy, blushing at the thought that she was naked and that the water, besides the ripples she created, would not help her conceal her body.

“He looks…familiar…” Melody thought, as she looked at him. ”Oh screw it.”

“Do we know each other?” she cried out, surprising the trainer who sprung towards the lake, blushing in turn. He recognised her at once, pulling his hand towards his cheek, where he had been kissed.

“Melody?” he still could have been dreaming, or in an alternate dimension from the teleporting for all he knew.

“Oh, we do know each other” she called back “but I really don’t know who you are” she said in an apologetic tone.


Ash couldn’t believe it.

“I saved your Islands and the world from a meteorological threat caused by the rampage of four legendary pokémon and an eccentric collector, and I’m not etched in your mind for eternity? What more do I have to do!?” he spat, half angry, half jokingly, fully livid.

He had, after all, loved the girl since he had met her.

Melody’s blush extended to the whole of her beautiful face.

She remembered the boy that came to her, presented as the one chosen to be the hero of an ancient celebration, a ritual that had little meaning to the present days, and who had become the Chosen One, destined to save the world and harness Lugia’s power.

“Well this is awkward Ash…” she stood there, floating.

“Kind of…” he breathed back to her “…so, should I come in?”

“What?!” she began to panic “No! I am not letting you near me while I’m naked!”

“Oh, you’re naked? Sorry, didn’t see that…yeah…awkward…” he stood there, scratching his head, peaking to see if what she just said was true. He had forgotten about putting his shirt back on, and quite frankly, he wanted to take his pants off again and join her.

Love or lust, he had no idea what he was feeling. But he thought he knew how to make it disappear.

“I could throw you your underwear, or you could come out. I promise I won’t look. But we haven’t seen each other in a long time, so there’s no way I’m leaving here without sitting down and talking to you. Besides, I don’t really know where here is…”

She pondered his offer. Concisely.

“Throw me my underwear please.” She said, motioning towards her pile of clothes.

“Hm…” he’d have preferred the other option. Reluctantly, he approached her clothes, picked up the bra and panties that lay on top and, with a certain guilty pleasure, approached the lake where Melody waited, covering her breasts with one arm.

“Now what?” asked Ash “I can’t just give them to you, they’ll get wet.” He stood there, on the ledge, clutching her underwear with his fist in his extended right arm, looking down on the young woman. His breathing got heavier the more he observed her, as he could see her legs in motion, keeping her afloat.

“I’ll turn around and I promise I won’t peek.” He was not really letting her into the frame, which seemed to take Melody by surprise as she found herself simply complying with his suggestions.

He kept his word, as he turned around to face the trees, his back towards the lake and the girl he had not seen for so long. He had all but forgotten about her…

But not now. As he had various scenarios rushing through his brain, some too inappropriate to be narrated here, he was snapped out of it by the sound of a body jumping into the lake.

Turning abruptly, he found Melody to be back in the water, now with her underwear covering what needed not be seen, waving gently to him, asking him if he was coming. His reaction could not have been more rapid, removing whatever clothes he had left on him, his boxers the only thing left on him.

He approached the lake and turned his head to the side. Gardevoir, Unfezant and Pikachu were all feigning sleep by the threshold of the woods, all trying to observe from the corner of their eye what would happen between the two humans.

Sighing and smiling, he looked back at the young woman with auburn hair floating carelessly in the lake. She had not let him escape her sights.

“Get in.” She told him, in a mixture of defiance and excitement.

Ash lunged forward, headfirst, making contact with the surface, shattering the aquatic mirror; he opened his eyes under water and could see the silhouette of Melody’s legs. He swam towards it and resurfaced inches in front of her.

The kiss was as sudden as unexpected; but to them felt natural and belated.

The moment Ash appeared in front of her, there was nothing to talk about. There never was. The relationship they had and have was based on passion, belief, perseverance and impulse. Their eyes met, shining, and only an instant was needed for them to understand that while it could have been fate that had united them all those years ago; meeting again had to have a meaning.

They were enjoying the moment thoroughly, wrapping their arms around each other, feeling the skin they were caressing. And when they felt they had had enough, for now, they broke apart, swimming a few feet from one another, circling and observing.

“That felt good…” Melody uttered lustfully.

“Uh huh…” croaked Ash in return.

“I want more of it.”

He had a feeling that this could end better than any dream he had ever dreamed, so much so when he noticed the underwear he had handed her floating gently towards him on the surface of the water.
Ash felt a lump in his throat.

“…er, I’d rather we don’t go too far.” He told her.

“Like we’re going to ever see each other again…” she countered.

“Well what about now? We’ve found each other, why can’t it happen again?”

“Ash, I don’t know about you, but for my part, I’ve lived my life to the fullest. I’ve travelled the world, I’ve met extraordinary people as well as some true assholes, I’ve gotten involved romantically with some, I tried everything that I wanted to do once in my life, and I believe that some things never change while others stay set. We’ve met once in all our lives and have lived through something more powerful that your random first encounter. I want to live by my emotions Ash, and I feel you want to as well.”

She delivered her punch line with such a resolute tone…
Before she had even finished, Melody had begun to swim towards the Chosen One once more, taking each instant of silence as a tacit approval from him.

Ash felt as if he had to make a decision before she arrived close to him, mostly because he had his own envies. He was frustrated.
As much as he loved pokémon and pokémon loved him, as much as he enjoyed the life he was living, he needed love from a human. He had had it several times before, but he was always too busy to return it. He needed love, and this time, he had everything to fill his needs; to fulfil nature’s wishes.

After all, they were only human.

“Fuck it. Let’s live!”

He sprung towards her, catching her completely off guard, and proceeded pulling her underwater, all of which resulted in uncontrolled laughter from the two young humans.
They were thoroughly enjoying themselves, and after a while decided that they have had enough with the water.

They climbed out and laid themselves on the grass, the golden sunrays of the setting sun piercing through the leaves while the crimson and indigo sky was shifting and fading to a deep, dark blue.


Several feet away, Gardevoir, Pikachu and Unfezant had woken up, and could find nothing better to do than watch their trainer for the last few hours.

”What are they doing?” asked Gardevoir, slightly confused.

Unfezant shook her head, unable to answer, while Pikachu, in his wisdom, asked her sheepishly in return ”You’ve never been to Day Care, have you?...”

The End


Hope you liked it johnnyd2!
As well as all of you who have taken the time to read it :)

My view of leaving something behind and picking it up (and running with it) many years after…