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Every Event Pokemon!


New Member

Pokémon Journey Across America Tour
Shiny Celebi (OT 10 ANIV)
Celebi (OT 10 ANIV)
Latios w/ soul dew (OT 10 ANIV)
Latias w/ soul dew (OT 10 ANIV)
Zapdos (OT 10 ANIV)
Articuno (OT 10 ANIV)
Moltress (OT 10 ANIV)
Suicune (OT 10 ANIV)
Raikou (OT 10 ANIV)
Entei (OT 10 ANIV)
Pikachu (OT 10 ANIV)
Espeon (OT 10 ANIV)
Umbreon (OT 10 ANIV)
Typhlosion (OT 10 ANIV)
Tyranitar (OT 10 ANIV)
Dragonite (OT 10 ANIV)
Bulbasaur (OT 10 ANIV)
Charizard (OT 10 ANIV)
Blastoise (OT 10 ANIV)
Alakazam (OT 10 ANIV)
Blaziken (OT 10 ANIV)
Absol (OT 10 ANIV)

Misc. Pokémon Events (US)
Deoxys (OT SPACE C)
Jirachi (OT WISHMKR)
Jirachi (OT WISHMKR)
Shiny Mew (OT NYC)
Mew (OT NYC)
Metang (OT ROCKS)
Shiny Zigzagoon w/ liechi berry(OT RUBY)
Shiny Zigzagoon w/ liechi berry(OT SAPHIRE)

Pokémon 10th Anniversary Tour UK (Europe)
Lugia (OT 10ANNIV)
Ho-oh (OT 10ANNIV)
Latios w/ soul dew (OT 10ANNIV)
Latias w/ soul dew (OT 10ANNIV)
Suicune (OT 10ANNIV)
Raikou (OT 10ANNIV)
Entei (OT 10ANNIV)
Pikachu (OT 10anniv)
Charizard (OT 10ANNIV)
Articuno OT 10ANNIV)

Misc. Pokémon Events (UK)
Jirachi (OT CHANNEL)
Jirachi (OT CHANNEL)

Pokémon Day 2006 (Germany)
Ho-oh (OT 10JAHRE)
Lugia (OT 10JAHRE)
Latios w/ soul dew (OT 10JAHRE)
Latias w/ soul dew (OT 10JAHRE)
Entei (OT 10JAHRE)
Raikou (OT 10JAHRE)
Suicune (OT 10JAHRE)

Crawdaunt (OT PCNYc)
Seadra (OT PCNYd)
Kingdra (OT PCNYd)
Salamence (OT PCNYd)
Gardevoir (OT PCNYd)
Tropius (OT PCNYd)
Zangoose (OT PCNYd)
Zangoose (OT PCNYd)
Seviper (OT PCNYd)
Milotic (OT PCNYd)

Japanese Pokémon Movie Events
Hadou mew (ID# 50716)
Negai Boshi Jirachi w/ ganlon berry (ID# 30719)
Negai Boshi Jirachi w salac berry(ID# 30719)

Misc. Japanese Pokémon Events
Celebi (ID# 31121)
Manaphy (Tyoko fair) (ID# 12226)
Surf Pikachu w/ light ball (PBR)
Pikachu w/ light ball (Colo) (ID#31121)

Netherlands Event
Deoxys (OT DOEL)

Bryant park (ID# 06808)
Flying Pikachu (OT 10 ANIV)
Flying Pikachu (OT 10 ANIV)
Raikou (OT 10 ANIV)
Suicune (OT 10 ANIV)


Shiny tentacruel
shiny golbat



Old Coot
Flying Pikachu CANNOT be transfered to D/P. Neither can the GBA Surfing Pikachu. Unless you remove Fly/Surf, that is.


Old Coot
You can't put it back on. Move Relearner only teaches moves that are learned via LEVEL UP.