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Every type of eevee evolution?

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Do you think that eevee will have a evolution for every type? I mean i think a flying type would be cool. Eevee fly me to the moon. lol


Yes maybe in more two generation they will invent more Eeveevolutions. I would like to see Ground/Poison type. Rock/Fighting/Bug/Dragon can't be in my opinion.

Venia Silente

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????eon would be nice to have.

But, seriously, All Types Eeveelutions would be overdoing too much. In particular I do not see how a Poison or Flying tyype Eeveelution would turn out. Dragon-type Eeveelution, on the other hand, would be totally awesome.

Then maybe somehow Eevee evolves into Arceus...


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I don't know if we're going to see much for Eevee beyond a dragon type. Every other Eeveelution has been a type formerly governed by the Special stat and dragon is the only one that hasn't been covered.


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I don't know if we're going to see much for Eevee beyond a dragon type. Every other Eeveelution has been a type formerly governed by the Special stat and dragon is the only one that hasn't been covered.

This is the most accurate interpretation of the eeveelution. And though a flying type would be awesome, i doubt they would break the trend of flying/normal types by making a pure flying eevee.


Eye of the Storm
Vaporeon: Water
Jolteon: Electricity
Flareon: Fire
Espeon: Psychic
Umbreon: Dark
Glaceon: Ice
Leafeon: Grass

Yet to make:
Bug, Dragon, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Rock, Ground, Fighting, Steel

I'd love to see a Fighting eeveelution. I think it would be cool


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As Fataal and Skaisdead said, I'm under the assumption that if we get any other Eeveelutions, it'll have to be of the Dragon type.

Of course, if they are ever running out of ideas, we may see the Physical types, and possibly even type combinations as well.


Eye of the Storm
I don't think there will be type combinations but it's always possible. Like I said, I think it would be cool if they made a Fighting eeveelution. It could be standing like Lucario or something


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nah that would be too hard to incoperate in every game. think glaceon and leafeon cant be evolved in hg/ss. so other types might be gen exclusive :(


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I have always wanted this, no matter how many bash the idea. It would be easy to do. I hope for a Bug and Flying evolution. Wondering though what would a Normal evolution look like?


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They wouldn't make a normal evo because eevee is normal.

Steel and ghost would be awesome.

And as soon as they make a flying eevee I will make a team consisting of only eevee evos.

(flying eevee)
(fighting eevee)


Lolipop Girl
Augh, I think they do not need any more Eeveeloutions. I love Eevee and it's loutions, don't get me wrong, but it seems like nowadays they're just getting overdone. I've always seen Leafeon and Glaceon as something that came from the creators going "AHHH WE NEED MORE POKEMON QUICK COME UP WITH SOME GENERIC EVOLUTION THAT WE CAN SLAP ON EEVEE" it's like... augh. And Eevee is totally losing it's coolness with all the pokemon that have multiple evolutions and Eevee is just a Pokemon for the purpose of slapping more evolutions on BECAUSE WE CAN HURR HURR.

I liked it so much better when Eevee was considered awesome for having 3 evolutions, and having 5 evolutions made her amazing :/ now its like... mleh. Another one. Woohoo.



Although, it would be funny if there was a Ghost Eeveeloution that evolved from fainting it too much XDD *shot by eevee lovers*
Hm, while I do love all of the eevee evolutions, having one of every type would be a bit of overkill. But who knows, each generation they keep on adding new types. A flying evo would be interesting, but all flying pokemon have bird like bodies, and since the eevee evolutions have been consistant in body shape I don't think there will be a flying type evolution. And a lot of fighting types stand on two legs in order to do the kicking and punching, and being four legged I dont see that working out very well.


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Posion type eeveelution seems the most probable one to me.

Eevee fell into the poison! Eevee evolved into Miasmeon!


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It'd be cool if they made an Eevee that could evolve with a moon stone.

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I think there will eventually be an Eevee evolution for every type. I see maybe a Flying and a Steel Type for the 5th Gen.


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I would like just a pure Normal eeveelution. And maybe have it evolve 2 times. Like make how eevee is supposed to evolve but its (just an idea)genetic makeup makes it unable to evolve normally.
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