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Everything in Transit (PG-14)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by scarecrow62, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. scarecrow62

    scarecrow62 Pokemon Researcher

    Hey Everybody!
    I know that not too long ago, I started writing another contestshipping fic, but this one is new, and better, and is a part of a simultaneous trilogy.

    Now, to explain…..
    This is the first of three separate stories, about three different shipping pairs. The first one is obviously Contestshipping. All of these stories will happen along the same timeline, and will connect at some points, but not too often. Then after those three stories have finished, there will be a fourth that… well…. I’ll just save that for later…… now back to my usual introduction.

    So….. To the formal title block.

    TITLE: Everything in Transit
    SHIPPING PAIR: Contestshipping (DrewXMay)
    STATUS: Chaptered
    RATING: PG-14 (Or something like that, it’s because Drew gets a little Mouthy)

    Alrighty, down to business, it begins….

    Without further ado…… I present……..

    CHAPTER 1: Rolling Stones and Moss… and things of that sort

    DrRose42: Listen, may…. If I would have told you the real reason why I gave you all of those roses, that I actually had an attraction to you. God forbid if I told you that I ‘Loved’ You. Would it have made a difference? That was two years ago, and I don’t know how you feel, but I know the recent events have hardened me a little. My heart did get colder, I’ll be honest. But is it any different than I seemed then? Basically what I’m saying is, he gave you a seashell, from his hometown, he’s the new kid in town, and he was being nice. Don’t get your hormones in a rush. Look at things a little more realistically. Yes, back to the beginning, I DID ‘Love’ you, you were the one constant in my life. But you left after that spat in Johto. We may have made up, but after spring….. I wasn’t the same. But still, back to Cayden. He’s the NEW guy, and as you say yourself, a first impression means everything.

    “Hmmmmmmmm,” Drew looked over the paragraph he had just typed in the chat box, “Too long, a little too harsh, and man, way too revealing.”

    Drew highlighted and deleted the entire thing, and instead went with a simpler, less involved approach to May’s problem.

    DrRose42: It’s a shell for Pete’s sake May, let’s not jump the gun here. It’s not an engagement ring.

    With one click, Drew sent the shorter message, and completely forgot the prior thought, and blipped it into in the oblivion of his mind.

    xMaypleQueenx: Drew, you’re such a realist, but in this case I guess it’s a good thing I ran this by you first. I guess I do have a history of jumping to conclusions.

    Drew glanced over the message and chuckled to himself.

    DrRose42: No kidding, but I’m glad I can help I guess, you won’t be as fun to pick on if you create your own problems, that’s my department.

    xMaypleQueenx: ha ha, very funny, you’re so full of jokes tonight aren’t you?

    DrRose42: You mean this morning? It’s already 12:30.

    xMaypleQueenx: Oh wow! 12:30, getting tired? Seems as though someone can’t handle late nights. Poor little boy. T_T

    DrRose42: wow your dumb, hahahaha….. Jk but seriously, the sun Rises early in LaRousse, and I’m a light sleeper, either way, I want to get some sleep tonight, so I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

    xMaypleQueenx: Oh, fine party pooper, I guess I’ll find someone more fun to talk to, goodnight, Mr. Sleepypants!

    A large red exclamation point popped up on May’s screen, with a message that read:

    DrRose42 is now offline!

    She clicked the small red X in the corner of the window, and proceeded to shut down her computer.

    “Thanks Drew,” May mumbled to herself as she yawned and rubbed her eyes.

    Her room was dark, she had been sitting up in her bed, with her new Notebook Pc in her lap. It was a hot summer night in Petalburg City, and instead of her usual Orange Beautifly pajamas, May was wearing a white tank top shirt, and the bicycle shorts that she had had on all day, She was gonna be back at it the next day, but its summer, who cares about going to bed on time.

    She laid back on her bed and scooted down the mattress until she was lying flat on her back. She pulled her light blankets up to her waist, and put her hands on her stomach, she closed her eyes and began to think about all of the things she had done in the past week. She hadn’t done anything interesting though, as it was not enough to keep her entertained, she drifted off to sleep in the middle of a thought, and began to dream about what she wished she had done.

    Drew was sitting at his desk in his air conditioned room. He leaned back in his chair, and began to think about the times he shared with May. He became lost in his thoughts, and as one thought lead to another he came across his recent experiences. Although few, they were quite impacting. He leaned back on the rear two legs of the chair and began to think about his future. He began to search for the answers as to where he was going next. After he came from Johto, he hadn’t done much. Just a quiet life in the suburbs of LaRousse City. He hadn’t been hanging with his old childhood friends, participating in freelance contests, or anything like that. He just slept in late, and drifted through day after day.

    “I need to get a life,” Drew thought, “I can’t spend all my time like this.”

    He leaned his head back and sighed, and as he did the chair tipped backwards, and Drew came crashing to the floor. He scraped himself up from the hardwood and rubbed the back of his head. There was a knot.

    “Ugh, maybe I should get some sleep,” Drew chuckled at himself, “The more tired I get, the worse I end up hurting myself.”


    “May! Wake Up!”

    The voice of a small boy could be heard yelling from the lower level of the Maple family home.

    “Shut Up Max!” May shouted, “It’s too early!”

    “May,” Max reasoned, “It’s 11:30.”

    “Yeah!” May snapped back, “Like I said, TOO EARLY!”

    “WHATEVER!” Max proudly yelled, “You missed breakfast, and if you don’t get up, you’re gonna miss lunch too!”

    A rustling of bed sheets could be heard from May’s room, accompanied by the opening and slamming of drawers and the grumbling of a teenage girl.

    “Well,” Norman ponderously commented from behind his Sunday edition of the Petalburg Herald, “That got to her.”

    May rushed downstairs in her usual black bicycle shorts, with her bandanna tucked half in the elastic waistband so she could keep it with her until she wanted to tie it on. She had her new sky blue blouse unbuttoned and hanging off of her shoulders, showing her tight black undershirt.

    “May!” Max shrieked as he covered his eyes, “You could at least have the decency to come to the table fully dressed.”

    “What are you talking about?” May disgustedly replied, “I am dressed, my shirt is unbuttoned. Come on Max. Grow up!”

    “Now Kids,” Norman halfheartedly intervened, he was not about to lose his place in his news article, “The table is no place to argue about whether or not May is dressed. In fact, there isn’t really a good place for that, considering that it shouldn’t be an issue.”

    “But Dad!” May interjected, “I am dressed! Max is just a…”

    “Now May,” Norman cut her off, “I don’t care what Max is in your opinion, I just wanna know if you are, in fact, dressed. If you are, then okay, we can be civilized people. If not, then you need to go put clothes on, and then explain to me what you are on to think that it would be okay to do such a thing as to come down here without them on?”

    “Dad,” May grumbled, “I’m dressed.”

    “Good,” Norman nodded, eyes still glued to the paper, “Now let me finish reading.”


    “Drew? Honey?” Drew’s mother inquired by his bedside, “Are you going to wake up today?”

    “Huh?” Drew groggily responded through his pillow, “What do you mean?”

    “It’s almost noon honey,” She explained, “You need to eat sometime today.”

    “Mom,” Drew sat up in his bed, and scratched his shoulder that showed through his sleeveless shirt, “Why do you worry so much about me anymore?”

    “Well,” She began, “Just the way you were acting after…”

    Drew glanced at his mother as if she were a crazy person.

    “Never mind,” She continued after his glance cut her off, “I just love you honey.”

    “Thanks mom, Love you too” Drew smiled sweetly as he stood up beside his bed, “Now please get out of my room so I can get dressed, I’m going out for lunch today.”

    “Oooohhh,” Drew’s mother swooned, “With who?”

    “No one mom,” Drew gave her the same glance as before, “I need to get out of the house, so I’m going over to the Café. Ya know, see the world.”

    Drew’s mother left the room with a confused look on her face. She began to walk down the stairs as she thought to herself, “I wonder what’s gotten into him?”


    Tac tac tac…..

    May sat in front of her home computer entering her log-in information. She fired up her internet browser, and logged into PokeBook, her favorite, and only, social networking site. She scrolled through the various status updates of all of her friends, until she came across a recent one that sparked her interest.

    Drew Hayden: Mom worries too much about me, I’ll eat when I please, but I guess I’m thankful she woke me up, get to spend some time at the Vibrava Café.

    “Hmmmmmm,” May thought, “Sounds like Drew is having an eventful day.”

    May fired up the chat room and began to type to Drew.

    xMaypleQueenx: Hey drew! How’s lunch!

    May got no response from the computer screen.

    “Hmmmm,” May thought, “he must be busy eating.”

    May sat and thought about the last time she was at the Vibrava café. She was with Drew, and Max. She and Drew talked about the various things they would be doing during the contest offseason over some sort of coffee drink, while Max blew bubbles in his hot chocolate. She explained how she would be volunteering at the local Pokémon academy, helping teach contest strategies. Drew seemed to have some ambitions, he was going to take it easy, but also practice up for his next contest journey. He also mentioned something about getting a part time job at the Vibrava, but then just two weeks later….

    “MAY!” She was cut off in thought by the shrill voice of her younger brother, “You’re going to be late for your shift! Let’s go!”

    “Coming Max!” May shut down her computer, fastened her belt, and took off down the stairs to meet her brother.


    Drew was sitting on the patio of the Vibrava, sipping a coffee, and clicking through the pages of super sales on Pokezon.com, he seemed to be doing this a lot since he was bored a lot.

    After he had finished his drink, and taken a minute to observe the Swellow who had been flying about in the various evergreen trees that lie just beyond the short back wall of the patio, he walked up to the front register to pay. He tossed his loose coins in the tip jar and turned to walk out. He made it through the door, stretched his arms out wide and sighed. It was late in the afternoon, he had spent almost the whole day there. The sun indicated that it was roughly 3PM. He stepped off of the front stoop, and climbed on his bike, he didn’t live far away, so it wasn’t a hard ride.

    He enjoyed spending long days such as this one at the café. He felt at peace while he was there, unlike most other times anymore. He just wasn’t very happy very often. He wished he could change it, but he couldn’t, not that easily, and for sure not by himself. He felt alone often, and other times he felt crowded. He found it harder to talk to other people, but then sometimes he couldn’t stop talking. He was impulsive, strange, emotional. And the worst part of it all, he didn’t know why. Maybe he’d been spending too much time in LaRousse, maybe he needed another adventure. Or maybe, just maybe, it was in the major part, caused by…..


    Drew swerved his bike onto the sidewalk, quickly.

    “Whoa,” He gasped for his own breath, “That was close.”

    He had drifted not only into a deep thought, but into the other lane of the road.

    “I gotta get home before I get myself killed,” Drew thought, “ill at least be safe there.”

    Drew chuckled under his breath as he pedaled hard to get home, to relax in his nice, air conditioned room.


    “Whew!” May threw her blue and gold tennis shoes off to the side of the door, “that had to be the hardest day I’ve ever experienced with those kids.”

    “You mean they have never given you trouble before?” May’s mother asked.

    “Not like this,” May shook her head, wide eyed and exhausted, “They were wired today, some kind of sugar rush or something.”

    “Well the good news is that dinner is almost ready,” Her mother said as she stirred a black plastic mixing spoon around in a large pot.

    “Oh,” May blatantly replied, “I already had dinner. I stopped on the way home and got something.”

    “OH,” Caroline said surprised, “But I can still count on Max to eat some of it, right?”

    “Nope!” Max piped up, “May got food for the both of us.”

    “Oh, well,” Their mother seemed disappointed, but smiled anyway, “Well that sure was nice of her, but I guess that means we will be having leftovers for the next few nights then.”

    “Okay then!” Max simply replied as he hurried up the stairs to his room.

    “Yeah, that’s cool Mom,” May mumbled as she too walked to her room.

    “Well Norman,” Caroline smiled as her husband sat, a bit surprised by the recent series of events, but hungry none the less, at the dinner table, “I guess it’s a date for us!”

    Norman smiled back at her, just glad to finally be eating.


    Once in her room, and changed into a more comfortable pair of black athletic shorts and loose tee shirt, May fired up her Laptop again. She waited for it to boot up, and opened up her web browser. She typed the address into the address bar, and logged in to PokeBook, yet again. She scrolled through the recent status updates, to find nothing interesting to her. So she opened up a new chat box, and hoped that Drew would be on the other end to respond.

    xMaypleQueenx: Hello there Mister! How was your day?

    DrRose42: It was great, finally got out of the house, I went to the Vibrava.

    xMaypleQueenx: I saw your status, I bet that was nice.

    DrRose42: Oh, you know it. I love that place… easily my favorite place in the world.

    xMaypleQueenx: I believe you have said that to me before.

    DrRose42: More than likely, haha so how was your day?

    xMaypleQueenx: It was alright, got a late start, but its summer, so who cares? Then I went and did my shift at the academy, and those crazy kids about killed me, they were insane today! And now I’m here.

    DrRose42: sounds relatively eventful, speaking of getting killed, I almost did that to myself today.

    There was a long pause on May’s end of the chat, Drew sat patiently and waited for his lashing.

    xMaypleQueenx: Andrew Nathaniel Hayden!!!! What have I told you about looking out for yourself, you have to be careful, but no, you’re just too cool, and too reckless too be careful, it’s just not your style, well quit it, it’s not cool. And it sure won’t be cool when you’re dead now will it? Huh? NO!

    Drew sat a moment and laughed at what she had said, she was so motherly, but she was also irrational. He knew he had to calm her down, so he got to it.

    DrRose42: May, wow….. First, my name is Drew, not Andrew…. Check my birth certificate… second I wasn’t trying to be cool, or reckless, I was lost in thought while biking home from the café….. So there.

    xMaypleQueenx: What could you have been thinking about that kept your mind off the road? Huh? What was soooooo important?

    There was another long pause, but this time from Drew’s end. He slowly began to type after a while.

    DrRose42: Well, I was thinking about…… well… you know….

    xMaypleQueenx: Oh… Drew…. I’m so sorry…. I didn’t mean it….

    DrRose42: It’s okay, don’t worry….. Let’s just not talk about it….

    xMaypleQueenx: No problem….

    Drew cut the depressing thoughts from his mind, and decided to change the subject, and he did, he turned it right around on May.

    DrRose42: So what’s up with Cayden?

    xMaypleQueenx: I haven’t seen him since yesterday, its kinda weird, after he did that, I expected him to be around me a whole lot, but I guess not.

    DrRose42: C’mon May, it’s been a day…. You’re jumping the gun again, he was probably unpacking all day, after all he just moved there.

    xMaypleQueenx: Yeah I suppose.

    DrRose42: Not to mention the fact that you weren’t home all day, cause you slept until lunch and then went to work, when could he have seen you.

    xMaypleQueenx: Okay okay okay….. leave it Drew, you’ve pointed out enough of my flaws…. Leave me be.

    DrRose42: Fine, I was about to go anyway, and I had to leave on a high note, haha, just kidding. But really I gotta go help my mom move some furniture, she’s in a cleaning mood again… ugh….. I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow kid!

    xMaypleQueenx: Okay Drew, I’ll see ya tomorrow!

    The same red exclamation mark as before appeared on her screen with the same note as before that read:

    DrRose42 is now offline!

    “Ugh!” May grumbled, “He Always does that! I never actually get to say goodbye, because he’s gone before the message is sent!”

    May laid back on her bed again, and relaxed, the first time she had really relaxed all day. It felt nice. She thought again about how many times Drew has helped her with her problems and chuckled at how he does it so reluctantly, but willingly at the same time. He was always there to help her, but he never fully opened up to her.

    “What a strange character,” May thought out loud, “Well, goodnight Drew.”

    May whispered those words as she pulled her blankets tight to her chest and rolled onto her side to go to sleep. An early night in would be good for her.


    Drew switched off his computer, and stood up, pushed his chair under his desk, and left his room. As he walked down the hallway, he began to think again, but cut himself off short. With one last final thought he rounded the corner to the living room

    “When will this stop plaguing me?


    Well, there it is, the first chapter, I hope it satisfies your needs for now, because chapter two won’t be out for a while, I plan on posting the other two stories first. I explain the situation more in the greeting of my second story, so keep an eye on that so you understand the situation.

    Be sure to tell me what you think about this so far, I love comments regardless.

    Until next time…..
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  2. Wuster

    Wuster Amour/ADV shipper!

    I dislike ContestShipping, but good writing! Can you make an Advanceshippy fic please? It's also nice to see you kept up with writing my friend ;)
  3. scarecrow62

    scarecrow62 Pokemon Researcher

    Advance shipping, thats tough, not a huge fan of it. I dont think i could write a full chaptered fic about it, but i could maybe write a oneshot, ill see what i can do. i also hope that your dislike for contestshipping doesnt stop you from reading this fic.
  4. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member


    Wow, this is one of the best shipping fic I've ever read... So what's happened to Drew that he didn't want to talk about? I don't understand =| Anyway, still, I give it 10/10!

    Ignore the fact that I shouldn't be reading this =P
  5. Wuster

    Wuster Amour/ADV shipper!

    No, your my friend and I owe that to you ;) An FlameMistress, fellow advanceshipper :p
  6. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    ^ Is that sarcasm... Or is it a mistake?

    I'm quite rubbish at interpreting sarcasm =P
  7. scarecrow62

    scarecrow62 Pokemon Researcher

    Ummm regardles of whether or not you should be reading this or not, i am thnkful that you are both of you. And Flame Mistress, all things will come in time, including those details that haunt Drew.
  8. Wuster

    Wuster Amour/ADV shipper!

    No, I am an advanceshipper as well!
  9. scarecrow62

    scarecrow62 Pokemon Researcher

    Well Hello there! Its me again, took a while to get around to writing this chapter. I’m sorry for that, I’ve had a whole ton going on recently, and it’s been a little strange getting around to writing, with school and what not, I’m sorry that this took absolutely forever, I’ll be more timely with the next one, I hope.

    Well, that’s all I got, so without further ado…
    I present….


    CHAPTER 2 – Holding On

    Drew walked down the concrete sidewalk in front of a large institution that had many large panes of glass covering its exterior. There were three towers, one in the center with clear panes, about 5 stories high, and two at its sides with black tinted panes so as to not be able to see in them from the outside. These side towers were roughly 4 and a half stories high. Drew looked skyward up the front of the central tower, dazed by its size compared to himself. He entered the large rotating door, and came out into a large elegantly tiled lobby. With brilliant waterfall off to the right side of the front desk, to the left was a lounge area, and on the second level was a café. He turned to the right, past the waterfall and to the elevators as his mother had instructed him. Once in the elevator, he pushed the large silver button marked with a three, and the doors preceded to close. As the elevator went up, Drew thought about the circumstances as to why he was here, and then all of a sudden, a terrible fear came over him.

    The elevator doors opened, and as he exited them he found himself at the end of a terribly long, dimly lit, hospital hallway. As he walked down the hall, he noticed that all of the doors were closed, and there were no nurses at the nurse’s station, this place was completely empty.

    A light flickered overhead, and Drew shuddered, this place was freaking him out.

    All of the sudden, a loud siren played over the loud speaker, and a voice announced, “We have an emergency in room 399, Code Blue.”

    Drew panicked, he thought to himself, “But that room is…”

    He wanted to finish that statement verbally, but he was unable to speak. Suddenly a few doctors came sprinting down the hallway, and Drew sprinted right behind them, he was running as fast as he could, but he never seemed to reach the end of the hallway. He continued to try and yell for help, but he still could make no noise.

    He finally reached the room, and as he opened the door, he fell through, into a deep, black, never ending, abyss.

    “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Drew shot up out of bed screaming at the top of his lungs.

    He was drenched in his own sweat and sitting straight up in his bed, his skin was pale, his eyes open wide, and his hands were shaking. He looked down at them, and brought them up to his face. He rubbed his eyes, and then wiped his hands down over the rest of his face. His green hair was a mess, a sign that he had been tossing over in his bed all night. Drew looked over to his digital alarm clock. It was 3:30 AM.

    Suddenly, his mom burst through the door, terrified, and pleaded, “Drew! Honey! Are you alright?”

    “Yeah, Mom,” Drew sighed in reply, “I just had another hospital dream.”

    “Oh,” Drew’s mother replied almost relieved, but still with a certain worry to her voice, “Will you be okay?”

    “Yeah,” Drew murmured as he rubbed the back of his neck, it was still sweaty, “I’m just gonna go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water.”

    “Okay Honey,” Drew’s mom worriedly looked her son over, he had been like this for too long now, “Want me to sit up with you?”

    “No, Mom,” Drew blatantly replied, “Just go back to bed, I’ll be fine.”

    Drew walked out of his room and down the hallway into the living room of his home, he took a right turn into the kitchen, grabbed a glass out of the cupboard, and filled it with water. He went over and sat down at the island in the middle of the kitchen, and threw his palm to his face. He rested his elbow on the counter, and ran his fingers through his green hair.

    “Why does this keep happening?” Drew asked himself wearily, “It’s been so long, and I keep having these dreams, these thoughts, these problems? It’s almost as if I’m willing to let go, but I can’t. Strange.”

    Drew drank the majority of his water, and then turned to look out the window to the bleak, black, night that engulfed the suburbs of LaRousse.

    “This place is gonna be the end of me,” Drew pessimistically thought, he was feeling more alone than ever.

    He finished off the glass of water, and went and laid down on the brown couch in the living room, he was still jittery from the dream.

    “Okay Drew,” He began to console himself, “Happy thoughts now, happy thoughts.”

    He began to think of a pleasant meadow, full of beautiful flowers, he couldn’t help but feel calm with its familiarity. A serene clear stream flowed to the west edge of the field, and there were buildings in the distance to the east. He began to unwillingly smile, this wasn’t a normal vision, this was a memory. It all became clear as he noticed the town to the east coming into view, Petalburg. He began to remember it all, and then she came into view, she was graceful, she was sweet, she was beautiful, she was running? From what? Then he came into view as well, Drew recognized himself in his own memory, they were running together, from something. He was trying to figure it out, but he couldn’t yet see it. He could hear it, but not see it, it was a throbbing buzz, off and on, and then, it was just coming into view, he could see something, here it was……


    “The doorbell?” Drew groggily questioned, “We were being chased by the doorbell?”

    Drew shuffled his hand through his hair, and then wiped his hands over his face, he stretched and rubbed his eyes, and stood up, when he finally came to realize what was happening.

    “The doorbell!” Drew shouted, as he took off for the front door. He reached its pearly white surface, grabbed its smudged gold handle, and threw it open to reveal, “Aaron!?!?”

    “Yeah, Drew,” The young, tall, red haired, man was surprised at Drew’s response, “The guy from the Café, the one you gave your application to, me. Aaron.”

    “Yeah,” Drew understandingly calmed himself, “I just didn’t expect you to come to my house, you kinda scared me.”

    “Yeah, well, I guess that happens,” Aaron laughed, “May I come in? I gotta talk to you.”

    “Yeah, Sure, no problem,” Drew lead him inside, to the couch that he had just woken up off of, and then proceeded himself, to sit on the couch opposite the coffee table, “So what’s the deal?”

    “Well,” Aaron began with a slightly distressed look on his face, “We looked over your resume, well I did.”

    “And?” Drew impatiently asked, not even concerned by Aaron’s facial expression, “What’s that mean?”

    “I was most impressed by your experiences section,” Aaron beamed at Drew now, Drew made no notice of the change, “To do so much when you are so young,” Aaron began flipping through the pages of the resume, “I mean, To travel the Hoenn region, and become the runner up in the grand festival, and then the Kanto region, and top eight, wow.”

    “Yeah,” Drew was humbled by what Aaron was saying about him, “I guess those were some accomplishments.”

    “No kidding!” Aaron replied excitedly, “And then you went to Johto, and won the thing, so impressive!”

    “Thanks,” Drew nodded.

    “But,” Aaron began, much to Drew’s surprise, his expression noticeably changed, it was almost regretful, “There is the problem, with that experiences section.”

    “Wha….,” Drew was shocked, “What do you mean?”

    “You’ve done so much Drew,” Aaron began, “There’s no way we would let a job interfere with that.”

    Drew was baffled, he didn’t understand what exactly was happening to him at this moment. He was perfect for this job, he was a regular at the Vibrava, and he pretty much knew everything he needed to in order to work there, they wouldn’t have to train him. How could his travels be a problem?

    “Drew,” Aaron began, trying to reason, “We won’t let our establishment get in the way of your dreams, it’s only a matter of time before you figure out your next contest path, and when you do, you will have to leave, and we can’t handle hiring a worker ad then losing him. It’s in your best interest, Drew, to figure out your future, and not worry about a job.”

    Drew nodded his head, he had never seen it that way before, his dream, how could he forget, it wasn’t over, he still had so much to look forward to.

    “Thank you Aaron,” Drew smiled, “I’m glad that you decided this way, you helped me realize what I needed to do with my future.”

    “Glad I could help,” Aaron smiled back, “But back to the past, what ever happened to that May girl that you beat in the Johto final? She was cute, and you two seemed to be pretty good friends, you still in contact.”

    Drew’s face changed completely, he was thinking now, thinking about the past, thinking about May, about Johto.

    “Yeah,” Drew blatantly replied, “We still talk.”


    “Nothing like the park, Eh Beautifly?” May was sitting on her favorite park bench in the Petalburg Community Park and Gardens. She had her hair down, no bandana today.

    It was a beautiful day in Petalburg, the sun was shining bright, and the breeze was pleasant, a perfect day to be outside.

    May pulled out her Phone, and checked her messages, nothing. She opened up a new message, and began typing.

    Hey! I’m soooo bored right now, the most perfect day in Petalburg, and look at me, no one to talk to, nothing to do, and no one to keep me company. Looks like it’s gonna be a long day. Hopefully you will actually respond to my message this time, so it can be a little less sucky. I need someone to talk to, kay? So be a dear and talk to me.

    She smiled at the message she had just typed, and then sent it.

    “Well,” She thought, “He’s either gonna text back to make fun of me, or he’s going to be super annoyed, and never talk to me again. Only time will tell I guess.”


    “Where are you going?” Drew yelled across the parking lot, “Don’t walk away from me, we have something to talk about!”

    “I told you!” May screamed back, “I’m going home! Away from you!”

    “What did I do?!” Drew shouted back, “It’s not like I knew those people or anything!”

    “That doesn’t matter!” May was furious, “I told you that I hated it when a loss gets rubbed in my face, and you went right ahead and did it anyway!”

    “I did not!” Drew exploded, her angry accusations only made him angrier, “Those people wanted to interview me! I wasn’t the one who rubbed it in your face, they did!”

    “Well you played right along!” May was crying by this point, “They made fun of me! And you did nothing to stop them! You were the jerk who laughed and played along! I was standing right there!”

    “MAY!” Drew was still yelling, but was trying to reason with her, “Its television, they don’t put me on if I don’t play along!”

    “Exactly!” May was bawling, she could hardly get her words out between her tears, “You let your ego come before our friendship! Or should I say lack of friendship, because it doesn’t seem that we were friends considering you sold me out to get yourself on T.V.!”

    Drew stopped, stunned, he couldn’t think of anything to say, she was right, that’s exactly what he had done.

    May walked to the sidewalk, and got on a bus to the airport, she was going back home, and so was Drew, Johto had nothing to offer them anymore.


    Drew was awakened from his daydream by the buzzing of his cell phone. It was from May.

    Hey! I’m soooo bored right now, the most perfect day in Petalburg, and look at me, no one to talk to, nothing to do, and no one to keep me company. Looks like it’s gonna be a long day. Hopefully you will actually respond to my message this time, so it can be a little less sucky. I need someone to talk to, kay? So be a dear and talk to me.

    “Hm,” Drew chuckled to himself, “I’m glad that we ended getting all that Johto stuff figured out, or else she wouldn’t have anyone at all to talk to.”

    Drew opened up his phone to his keyboard, and began to reply to May’s message.

    Well doesn’t that suck, it’s actually kinda rainy here in LaRousse, but I suppose weather is weather. But guess what I was thinking about today, I was thinking about Johto, and that stupid fight we got into, I’m so glad we got through that, otherwise, I would be out a truly great friend, and I mean that.

    Drew waited a few moments after sending his message in anticipation for May’s reply. It was strange of him to be thinking so much about the past recently, he wasn’t usually that kind of person, but I guess he was just emotionally vulnerable, after the fight between him and may, and then only being home a week to find out that….


    Drew opened up the buzzing contraption, and read the message it held inside of it.

    Wow, look at you, being all heartfelt and sentimental, what’s up with that? It’s nice though, I enjoy your company as well Drew.

    Suddenly, an idea popped in Drew’s head, if she enjoyed his company so much, why hadn’t they been together in so long. He had a plan, and money saved, enough for a plane ticket, and a destination in mind. He began to type back to May.

    Hey, I just remembered, I have a surprise for you, I’m gonna send it out tomorrow, it should arrive the day after, I’m sending it by plane, and I know you’re gonna love it!

    Immediately after, Drew rushed up the stairs to his bedroom, he started tearing through his closet in search of his suitcase, until he finally found it.

    “Hmmmm,” Drew thought, “I remember it being much bigger than this, must be because I haven’t used it in forever.”

    That was the truth, Drew never packed a bag for any of his travels, he took with him a pack full of supplies and maybe two changes of clothes, and that was it, but this was different, he needed to pack a little more than that, so he needed that old duffel bag.

    He threw it on his bed, and began to rip through his drawers, pulling out several pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts of various colors, and other necessary garments. He grabbed the bag and took it down to the living room, and set it beside the door. He went back to his room and grabbed his supply pack, and filled it with the various supplies he would need to take care of himself and his Pokémon, he would never leave them behind on a trip like this, they had always liked May.

    He brought that bag down stairs and set it on top of the other one, then he went up and grabbed his purple jacket. The same old, short sleeved, tattered jacket that he had always worn. He brought it down and set it with the two bags.

    Just then there was a sharp sound that broke the silence, the door opening, revealing Drew’s mother with several brown, paper, grocery bags.

    “Hello, Honey,” Drew’s mom beamed as she entered the house, “I bought your favorite snacks!”

    “Hey mom,” Drew said as he rushed through the house, and back into his room to grab something else he had forgotten.

    His mother walked into the kitchen and set the bags down on the counter, before noticing the bags that Drew had packed and setting by the door.

    “What’s going on, Drew?” She was surprised at first, and then understood, this was her son, and she was used to it, “Should I pack the snacks I bought you?”

    “Yeah, Mom,” Drew was delighted at his mother’s ability to let him go without question, “That would be great.”

    “So Where is it this time?” Drew’s mom asked as she began filling a small plastic bag with the snacks that she had just bought for her son.

    “Going to Petalburg,” Drew smiled as he walked into a closet like room down the hallway.

    “I see,” His mother swooned, as her voice began to change, she was attempting to embarrass her son, “To see a girl?”

    “Yes,” Drew mimicked his mother as he set a belt with three Pokeballs down on the stack of bags by the door, “Guess who.”

    “Oh, I know who,” His mother replied, smiling brightly, “So when are you leaving?”

    “Tomorrow morning,” Drew responded as he sat down at the counter opposite his mother.

    “Okay then,” His mother replied, “I’ll be sure to get you up.”

    “Thanks mom,” Drew got up from the counter, and went to his room, he fired up his computer, and began searching for plane tickets.


    “Well good morning, Sunshine?” Norman sputtered through his sleepy eyes at the incredible sight of his daughter awake before himself.

    “Hey Dad,” May yawned, she didn’t seem to be fully awake, “What’s up?”

    “I was gonna ask you the same thing,” Norman asked May as he shuffled down the hall towards the bathroom, “Why are you up?”

    “The same reason you are,” May groggily responded as she pointed an arm towards the bathroom door, “Too much to drink at dinner.”

    “Well,” Norman scratched the top of his head, as he blatantly replied, “I told your mother not to put those peppers in the noodles, but she said they weren’t spicy.”

    “Well they were,” May mumbled in a snarky, sleepy, tone, “Did you ask her what kind they were?”

    “Yeah,” Norman said in a flat tone, as if he were in disbelief of what he heard earlier, “She said they were habaneros.”

    May sweat dropped, and then shuffled back to her room without another word to her father.

    May entered her room, and flopped down on her bed, and was instantly asleep, she was gone.


    Drew stared out the airplane window, it was dark. He saw the white reflection of the moon off of the ocean so many feet below, looked back inward into the plane aisle, he seemed to be the only one awake on board, he thought it was kind of strange, but thought quickly and dismissed any reluctant concerns, he wasn’t dreaming, this wasn’t a nightmare, it was 2 am on a flight to Petalburg City. He was nervous, excited, scared, he had no idea what to think about going to see May, it had been so long. Hopefully she missed him, because he sure missed her. It was strange, the feelings he had for her, he couldn’t decipher them, they were coy, playful, they came and went as they pleased, just as every other emotion had been for the last month, he was holding on to something that was obviously making him this way, the only problem was, it had nothing to do with May, she was out of contact with him when that happened, but for some reason after he had put himself back together, he needed her, and he didn’t know why, maybe that missing piece In his life was her place to fill, he didn’t know.

    All of a sudden, as if the door of a dark room was just cracked open to reveal the light of the hallway outside, Drew was struck by the sun on the horizon, he hadn’t slept all night. He was simply an hour away from the contact with his long lost friend that he desired so much, this was it, the time was now.

    The captain came over the speaker and announced the decent into central Petalburg, signaling the passengers to fasten their seat belts, and in no time, they were tapping the pavement with their landing gear, the squeal of the rubber signaling a safe landing.

    Drew carried on through the airport without a sound, he grabbed his single bag that he checked, threw his backpack around his shoulders, and headed out the door.

    He walked through the city, looking at every building that was so new, yet so familiar. He had been here before, but it was so very long ago, it seemed as if he was visiting somewhere he had only been as a child, seeing landmarks that stuck out to him, but he didn’t know why. He walked past the park, the very same one that May had texted him from the day before, he remembers the night that they ran through it in the pouring rain, searching for a dry spot just as ants search for any form of shelter when their hill is stepped on. He remembered the days from the summer before when they would sit under the big oak tree on the forested edge of the park, specifically the day she fell asleep on his shoulder, and awoke awkwardly, causing Drew to burst into laughter, and May to become angry and storm off home.

    Drew chuckled to himself at the thought of those memories, before he knew it, he was beside the gym, not to many memories there, the only thing that the gym meant was….

    Her house was around the corner.

    He walked up the front steps, stepped up to the door, and took a deep breath.

    “Here we go Drew,” He mumbled with a long sigh, releasing all the air he had just taken so long to inhale, “She’s right on the other side of this door, the apparent solution to all of your emotional problems.”

    Drew lifted his hand, and moved it to a position in line with the doorbell, he slowly moved his hand in towards the button, its large black face, growing larger as he came within inches to push it.

    “Here we go,” Drew closed his eyes, and breathed deeply once more.

    DING – DONG!


    Well, there it is, chapter two, im pretty sure, if my planning follows, there should be for or five.

    hopefully those that are reading this still read it, and those who reply and comment continue to comment, and those who dont reply, choose to do so.

    also, of anyone is interested in being PMed upon completion of each chapter, ill take those requests as well.


    until next time.....
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    This is awesome. Even though I'm not supposed to be reading it xD Could you VM/PM me whenever a new chapter is out?
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    yeah no probs
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    The story is great i can't wait for the next update! =) I really want to know more about Drew's hospital dream and why his mom is so overprotective
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    YEah ive been really busy lately, but ive done alot of planning, and should be ready to get the ball rolling on this fic, the two others that are timelined with it, and then the finale fic following those, as well as a small oneshot to act as a funny sidestory to these, and a caouple holiday oneshots. i have a busy schedule....=)
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    Considering I've only read the first chapter so far, I'm gonna say it has caught my attention! I like the idea of May and Drew communicating through the internet... Pokebook = genius. I think this is the first CS fic I've read that has something like that, which is refreshing... too many "Drew+May traveling together = love" fanfiction.

    I don't think I saw any grammar or spelling errors.. I really like it so far. ^^

    Shiny Clefairy
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    Whoa... Nice, another contestshippy fic. Well, this is a fabulous story, with a hidden plot.. Uh yeah, who doesn't like secretive plots? haha :D
    As for the mistakes, I'm not too sensitive of grammar mistakes but I spotted some spelling mistakes. Let's see...


    Did you mean 'weird'?

    And I also saw some mistakes on the chat part such as "you're" being replaced by "your" and "it's" being written as "its", etc. Ex:
    Like that example above. I assume that's a chat part and people usually don't use full grammar and spelling in chats, so I won't pursue more of this. :D

    Capitalize the M of May. It seems better.. lol
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    Ooh, finally a new contestshipping fic! You're lucky you have readers, but I guess that's because you're awesome! ;) Sorry for not reviewing the first chapter. I've been so busy! Okay, here we go.

    The plot is great! I love the descriptions, though a little more wouldn't hurt. The dreams can be a little confusing, but after I reread through it, I think I understand. UPDATE SOON ^.^
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    Going to read chapter 2 and can't wait for chapter 3 :D
    scarecrow62, you are awesome and a talented writer ;)
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    Wow! im really glad that you guys love this, i never officially gave up on it, and im glad i didnt, and im really sorry that its been months since ive been back here, but do not worry... i plan on coming back to this thing very soon, you all deserve it! =)

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