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Evo Stones in the Underground.


I don't know if this is happening to everyone else, but i'm finding fire, thunder and sun stones in great abundance, while water stones, leaf stones and moon stones are rare to find at the underground, and as for dusk, dawn and shiny stones - never, ever found any of those. But it got me thinking:

Do these stones have a fixed percentage of chance of showing up at a given spot, or, does the exact location of where you're under have any influence of what you're going to find, i.e., I go underground at land, then when I go to a place where ''above surface" would be the sea, and at that part of the underground I would find water stones?


Back in the meantime
I'm not so sure about having a fixed percentage but I know that these evo stones are really rare. I know that it's quite rare for you to find them, it must mean you're really lucky with some stones. But I'm not sure, since it's been a while since I last played D/P/Pt.


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Exactly what the above poster said.

But yea, the best way is to keep on trying until you find some other stones.


I personally think that you can't find evo stones like dawn, dusk , or shiny. All there is is; Thunder,Water, and Fire
You're right about the former three, I somehow must have misread that there was a possibility of obtaining those three in the underground.


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Half the stones are more common in Pearl the other half are more common in Diamond, I don't know anything about Platinum