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Evolution Exchange Excitement! (724)


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Link Trade Evolution! Escavalier & Accelgor!!

Having met with Professor Juniper and Bianca in Chargstone Cave, Bianca takes up on an offer to trade her Shelmet for a Karrablast in order to evolve them. However, the Karrablast she receives ends up having a personality change upon evolution and quickly attacks Ash & Co. Bianca doesn't know what to do so Professor Juniper suggests a battle to prove her worth as a trainer. The battle is Ash & Cilan VS Juniper and Bianca. Who shall win and will Escavalier learn to obey its new trainer?

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The episode starts off with Juniper, her assistants and Ash and co. in a tent in a clearing in the middle of Chargestone Cave and Bianca is excited about the trade.

The battle of Shelmet and Karrablast begins.

Axew scares Shelmet for some reason.

Even Karrablast scares Shelmet.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Shelmet has Protect and something is going wrong with the trade machine I think. They go to find out the problem. Probably Klinklang.

Klink also debuts.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Everything is settled in the cave and now it is time for the trade and the trade has finished.

Shelmet evolved and then Karrablast evolved.
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Now Karrablast has evolved.


Shaving Sphinxes
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And once again, the anime ignores the game's Dex entries...

...I wanted to see a shell-less Shelmet.


It WAS Substitute, lol. :p


Can we please get the older, old forum back?

Episodes starts with the narrator and a view of the exterior of the cave.
- Ash is excited about the trade, not even his own trade..
- Lots of sugoi's..
- Juniper is telling Bianca to be come..
- Wow.. Bianca's really anxious to get this trade done, is she even thinking of Shelmet?
INTRODUCTION ALREADY! Means, that we'll probably get more time afterwards, right?
- Battle between Juniper and Bianca. Cilan is refereee.
- Ash dexes Shelmet.
- HAHAHAHAHAHA Axew scares Shelmet by roaring at it! xD
- Karrablast comes out, frightens Shelmet even more.
- Ash dexes Karrablast
- They want to start fighting, Shelmet refuses to listen.
- Karrablast uses impressive Horn Attack and a Charging Attack.
- Shelmet uses Protect.
- Karrabalst is somewhat tired.
- Something happens with the monitoring equipment.
- And the trading equipment is sparking out.
- Bianca is afraid that they'll won't be able to trade.
- Team Rocket is mentioned.
- They go inside the cave, trying to figure out where the anomaly activity is coming from.
- Lots of Klink!!! They look funny! *Haven't watched the movie :p
- The guy with the rod detects something else.
- Klinklang is stuck onto a rock and sparking.
- Sparks then fly at Ash.
- Klinklang just fell off its rock.
- Juniper is doing something weird with a microphone.
- Klinklang is okay! :S
- Seems like these critters cause the Electrical activity in the cave, and if something goes awry with them, then the currents the cave gives off go haywire.
- Return to outside the cave.
- Karrablast and Shelmet are being returned to their pokeballs, about to be traded.
- The trade starts.. I'm predicting a commercial break before it's over..
- Bianca's eyes starts to glow
- Darn, trade has finished, no commercial break yet. I was wrong.
- Return to outside.
- A new battle starts between Bianca and Juniper.
- Shelmet comes out, and evolves immediately.
- Bianca dexes it. (Well that's smart writers).
- Karrablast comes out, and evolves immediately.
- Ash dexes Escavalier.
- Escavalier is just floating, and now is glaring.
- Bianca annoyed it, and now it's chasing her down as in the preview.
- Juniper had its fill, and lets Accelgor attack Escavalier to distract it from Bianca.
- Juniper tells Bianca to return Escavalier to its pokeball.
- They're talking about ANOTHER BATTLE...
- Double battle vs. Ash and Cilan, movie preview music?
- COMMERCIAL BREAK! :O Who's that pokemon: Shelmet...
- Double battle starts: Boldore, Crustle, Accelgor, Escavalier.
- Rock Smash to both bugs.
- X-scissor from Crustle, but Accelgor attacks it first.
- Escavalier is randomly attacking Boldore and Crustle at the same time, not listening to Bianca at all.
- Escavalier glares at Bianca again.
- Crustle uses Rock Slide, Boldore uses Rock Blast, both on Escavalier.
- Accelgor does a lot of good fighting to protect Escavalier.
- Accelgor uses Rest?
- Escavalier is shutting down, it needs a talk in order to continue fighting along with Accelgor.
- Boldore starts to charge Flash Cannon.
- Escavalier blocks for Accelgor.
- Crustle uses Rock Slide.
- Escavalier use Iron Defence.
- Ow.. Accelgor probably used Rest at some point, he's awake now.
- Both bugs are fighting like crazy now. Boldore is knocked into Crustle.
- Crustle escapes a second double Hyper Beam, Shell Smashes, and uses Rock Wrecker twice, KO'ing both bugs.
- That was an intense battle.
- Bianca thanks Escavalier for its tough battle.
- Bianca takes Escavalier and leaves! :O She doesn't even take a second look at Accelgor! :O
- Such a horrible trainer!
- Cedric appears out of the cave!
- Extremely hurt, and KO'd on the floor!
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Really, did someone say Mikawari?

Anyway, Dare Da is Shelmet.

I hope Accelgor has Double Edge and not Quick Attack and it looks like the attack, whatever it is, will knock over Crustle.

Here is 2nd battle and Ash and Cilan bring out Boldore and Crustle.

Accelgor and Escavalier come out.

Accelgor has Quick Attack. Shame.

Yep, definitely Substitute.
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Really, did someone say Mikawari?
I think so. Besides, there were only two Accelgor upon the use of the move.

EDIT: Yes, I just heard her say that. XD
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
I think so. Besides, there were only two Accelgor upon the use of the move.

EDIT: Yes, I just heard her say that. XD
That didn't account for anything, but as I said before, yes, she said it.

Boldore used Flash Cannon and Crustle used Rock Slide.

Double Hyper Beam and Boldore is out.

Shell Smash with Rock Wrecker knocked out Accelgor and then Escavalier.

Bianca keeps Escvalier, what the hell?

What about Accelgor you betch!
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Let's see if I got this right.

They let all three of them lose so Dento can be glorified?



Sick of dealing with idiots.
So Bianca doesn't keep Accelgor, that biatch.

Here is Cedric Juniper and he is injured.

The fock?!


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I hate cliffhanger endings! Wonder what happened to poor Cedric Juniper.