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Evolving Eevee - Query

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Marill, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    Ok here's the situation. My starter is Eevee, and eventually I want it to evolve into Espeon. In order for it to evolve you need to get the sun ribbon from Flying Dragon Hole, which looks to be one of the 30th Dungeons. I did notice later that it said that I need the Dragon Cave Friend Area to gain access to it, which you can get from optional missings. Trouble is I don't know you get it after one of the later dungeons, at the end of the game.. etc,

    My backup evolution is Vaporeon, which you can get the stone for in Dungeon 21. Two dungeons later there are Umbreon/Espeons within it anyway.. It did say somewhere that you cant expect to befriend Pokémon that are fully evolved, but I dont know for how long that's true. Besides I'm not as keen on Vaporeon as the other Eevee evolutions.. I'd rather it was Espeon/Umbreon (the latter isn't really needed, see below).

    So here's my question. What should I do with Eevee? My partner is Torchic, I have Absol and Electrike as other main team members. So my choices are limited to Espeon and Vaporean. I need to know if I can get to the Dragon Hole dungeon before I reach Dungeon 21 (North Wind Great Land). Would anyone know where the optional mission(s) are that triggers it? For all I know I just need to do a few more missions, or complete the first half of the game..

    Oh and I've just been confronted by Wynaut/Wobbuffet after doing optionals, so the next dungeon is 12.
  2. Caterpie Master

    Caterpie Master Oh My! Noodlesoup!

    The optional D missions are just Random.
    There is a long, white word at the place where the reward is.
    You just need some luck for them.
    Since you are just at dungeon 12, don't worry about it too much.
    When you reach North Wind Greatland, just get the stone and wait patiently for the sun Ribbon.
  3. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    Thanks for replying, I'll do that.

    I was only impatient to evolve Eevee as when it's normal it's movepool isn't great, but it's just recently learned quick attack which is more useful than I thought. I know the stats don't go up too much when they evolve so it's not really a big deal.
  4. undrhil

    undrhil Pokémon Game Addict

    Yeah, you might find that some movesets aren't so bad in the Mystery Dungeon games, especially since there are no "not effective" moves (ie. normal-type moves can hit a ghost-type Pokemon, only it's for half the damage, I think.)

  5. kinglax

    kinglax will give nethin 4it

    This si an interesting point. Can you try the quiz more than once, or do you get stuck w/ one pokemon? I played the demo (I was a winner who went to NY last month) and I got to retake it, but I'm not sure if its the same in the full vesion (only *counts fingers* 10 days, 2 hours and 2 minutes left!), does ne1 know?
  6. undrhil

    undrhil Pokémon Game Addict

    Um, I'm assuming that you can soft-reset this game just like all the other Pokemon games so you can make sure to get the starter you absolutely want to have. If soft-reset doesn't work, the good ol' power button works everytime. :)

  7. Arahabaki

    Arahabaki Come at me bro.

    why do you want espeon?!?!
  8. Sonozaki Maya

    Sonozaki Maya realized seraph

    Espeon still retains its high Special Attack and attacks like Psychic are ranged.

    As for fully evolved Pokemon, you can befriend Stage 1 pokemon that aren't fully evolved, so you can befriend Pokemon like Charizard and Shelgon, only you need to be at level 100 with Friend Ribbon, and at Lucario Rank. As for evolution, you're aspiring a bit too early. Eevee is perfectly fine, though lacking in a movepool, its states are pretty decent, higher than most other Pokemon, and evolving at a lower level is actually better than evolving at a higher level. :3
  9. Arahabaki

    Arahabaki Come at me bro.

    ehh.dont really like espeon
  10. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    Lol I'm not aspiring too early, I'm just looking/preparing ahead.
    I'm happy with the Eevee at the moment, it knocks almost everything out in the recent dungeon I'm in with a plain tackle attack.

    As we're kinda on the topic of friend areas, when does the one within the desert crop up :p

    Hmm that's an easy one

    1 ) I have the Eevee starter, and I already have a normal (Zigzagoon), fire (Torchic), dark (Absol/Poochyena) and electric (Electrike) chosen for my squad. As for water I'll probably get an Azurill and evolve it to Marill, Azumarill etc.. The only other psychic type I use in my teams is Gardevoir, I doubt I can get one of those for a while

    2 ) I actualy like Espeon, you don't seem to or you wouldn't of asked with numberous !? and you said so :p Apart from it's quite bad defence I really think it's a good Pokemon, which I admit did subsitute for Gardevoir in Colosseum but thats cos that particular Espeon would usually be knocked out before it got it's first move in

    3 ) I wanted Umbreon originally, then I befriended two dark types I really like as well.

    4 ) I hate Vaporean as I always took that in the old games. It and Espeon are my only options when it comes to type.
  11. C.J. Ray

    C.J. Ray I wanted Shaymin! :(

    I evolved Eevee to Espeon once. I hate it - its stand-still pose is fugly. :mad:

    (Of course, I'm cheating - I'm a guy. I'm glad that Eevee is not in my forte.)

    EDIT: I'm now at the Spikeshell Trainer stage!
  12. Arahabaki

    Arahabaki Come at me bro.

    you have good taste
  13. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    Riiiighhht, you are both very random. Thanks for your intelligent insight into the whole Eevee evolution topic ^_^

    Seriosuly I have always thought Espeon was girly, and felt sorry for any male ones I have.. which come to think of it all are, I have a female Umbreon (and the female Eevee in dungeon) but the rest of my Eevee's are male. However I still like it as I'm a big fan of the psychic type, too bad there's only a few I like: Gardevoir (another Pokemon that shouldnt be male), and Alakazam. But still you cannot use the whole "I'm a guy so thats why I dont like Eevee/Espeon" drill as I have a male friend who does like Espeon and Umbreon. I wonder what other intelligent insight you have to respond to that, that I'm not expecting anyway.
  14. Caterpie Master

    Caterpie Master Oh My! Noodlesoup!

    Well, Espeon rocks! and I am a guy(I think:/)
    Maybe I'll pick it too, since I want a Psychic type, and Espeon is kinda easy to get(for me).
  15. Roselia---Rozureido

    Roselia---Rozureido Finally mine

    I am a guy who likes Espeon too. I like the psychic type, and it's quite powerful. And soon... MY SHINY EEVEE WILL EVOLVE INTO A GREEN ESPEON! WAHAHAHAH! What? WHADDYA MEAN THERE'S NO TIME IN LEAFGREEN AND FIRERED??? Oh well. *clones and evolves clone to Jolteon*
  16. undrhil

    undrhil Pokémon Game Addict

    You could trade that shiny eevee over to Ruby/sapphire/emerald and let it evolve there...

  17. Avalanche.

    Avalanche. Grrrr...

    waybe he only has one GBA

    back on topic: Id evolve it into espeon
  18. C.J. Ray

    C.J. Ray I wanted Shaymin! :(

    I wasn't saying that Espeon itself was ugly, just the stand-still pose it did in the game. It just crouches like a panther. I like Espeon too. :)
  19. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    Obviously you mean the pose in Dungeon? Hmm.. anyway I was mainly commenting on the other guy with his pointless replies lol :p
  20. Marill

    Marill Boulder Trainer

    Oh well finally I got the Dragon Friend Area from an optional mission that was sent to my mailbox - thank you Nidoqueen ^_^ I still have the Rayqauza dungeon to do so at least now I know I can get these other missions before finishing the first half of the game.

    I forgot to check if there was an extra mission because of it, I was too busy thinking of befriending Bagon in an earlier cave. I get to the eighth cave, get up to the ninth floor.. I must of encountered about 10-12 Bagon's and none of them wanted to join my team. My rank is platinum, my lead Pokemon is 32 (partner is 32 as well, though the Electrike tagging along is 23).. I now have the Friend Area, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My luck's always been crap I suppose.

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