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Evolving Strategy (600)


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Full Battle! Paul VS Ash!

The battle between Ash & Paul continues. With Paul sending out his newly evolved Magmortar against Pikachu, the battle is heating up. Feeling he has to win, Ash endeavours to defeat Paul and sends out Chimchar. However, will Chimchar be able to defeat the Pokémon of his former master?

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Pics from the episode,


Jarate?!? Nooooooo
No wonder Ash is depressed/upset in the next episode, after getting creamed so badly in this one.

Monferno didn't even beat Electabuzz when it evolved, even with Blaze active. Ursaring defeated 3 of Ash's pokemon in total(Buisel, Starraptor, Pikachu).


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Well we shouldnt really be upset by ash,s lost we got monferno and thats all we couldd ask for. And b the way so gliscor lost to torterra right and poor pikachu got pummeled


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I'm just going to copy and paste what I thought of the episode from another thread. Slightly edited for content.

And alas other trainers of course don't get to use Deus Ex Machina, as that only applies to the protagonists. So whatever.

I am not pleased with this battle, personally I think it's a bunch of bull, but no one would agree with me.

6-2 is just bull, even with Paul's reserves, Ursaring was caught at the start it was just ridiculous that it couldn't be knocked out. I mean dear god how many hits did it take before going down.

And Electabuzz, oh so what Dig isn't a ground type move, therefore super effective. The flame body and the thunderbolt/Electric Attack paralysis was way too convenient for Paul. I mean why don't they make more use of it, why just randomly put it in just because it could happen that way.

And even after Blaze, Monferno couldn't knock out Electabuzz.

Writers if you're going to portray someone as powerful, you better do it from the beginning, none of this pulling crap out of your hat just because its convenient for you.

And again of course it doesn't matter what I say, because nothing would come of it from complaining.

If I have to find anything good about this battle, it's the animation and Monferno vs Electabuzz (before Monferno lost). I was actually pretty pleased with the battle, until Monferno had to go and get knocked out.

Poor Ash, falls victim to the writers' schemes all the time.
Quite an awesome battle. Much better than last week - thanks to Takeshi/Reiji/Hikari shutting up this time. This resulted in 20 minutes non-stop Iwane battle action :D

Man, that Ringuma swept half of Satoshi's team. Not to mention Dodaitose's pwnage of Glion. One Frenzy Plant and it was gone, amusing.

And Electabuzz is such a cheat0r - not only has it Protect to spam every time Satoshi launches an attack, but Light Screen too which carries on to the next pokemon as well. OP? YES

Thanks music editors for ditching Symphonic Medley for "Stopping the Water" from M5 as the official comeback song.

Now I'm hoping the next Shinji ep is the ultimately desired Shinji vs Shigeru and it'd be perfect. ^^


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Did Ash ever lose that badly before?? he must evolve all of his pokemon or he better uses his reserve pokemon in the league.

Monferno has an awesome design.


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Man, that Ringuma swept half of Satoshi's team.

Yep; he showed us.

Really surprised by how much of a vital member Yogi's become to the Team. When he was first caught it seemed all but certain that he'd be dumped even before Paul's next appearance but he's sticking around for the long run for a previous inexplicable reason. Now and now we know why.

but Light Screen too which carries on to the next pokemon as well.

That's how Light Screen works. It protects the Team for a few turns (minutes), not just the user. Same with Barrier.
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Wow! And I thought Monferno was going to get glory!

At least my favorite two got wins but this is one embarrassing lost for Ash. I thought Monferno was going to be unstoppable.


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A loss this badly can only mean one thing. Ash is going to get some development that a lot of you serebiiers have cried for.

Oh my god! Light Screen does not protect the user or the rest of their team! It only raises defense!

What you are talking about is Reflect. Light Screen raises Special Defense
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Damn, that's steep. I at least thought from the preview Monferno would ice Electabuzz... I'm now more sure than before that he will indeed evolve again before the final battle between Ash and Paul


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Monferno looks pretty cool and powerful in this episode. I especially liked that Flame Wheel it performed on Electabuzz(First post, right collumn, 3rd from the top).

Looks like Ash will get some development time and possibly some hardcore pokemon training. Maybe this is where his pokemon will learn new moves, though it's just a random guess from me.

I hated how Flame Body and Paralysis activated to Paul's convinience though. That's just way too bias in favour of Paul. Well, at least Dawn and the idoits shutted up most of the time.


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Even though ash lost, he put up a great fight even when the odds were against him and for that he deserves some props. the episode was great, especially the part where monferno evolved and did that mach punch towards paul. I know ash team is improving but this episode just prove what a long way they still have to go. It'd be interesting to see how they develop his team and dawns in the limited amount of episodes we have left.


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I hated how Flame Body and Paralysis activated to Paul's convinience though. That's just way too bias in favour of Paul. Well, at least Dawn and the idoits shutted up most of the time.

Even Pikachu's static worked in favor of Paul (Ursaring's Guts). This was so stacked against Ash it wasn't funny. It's as if the writers couldn't come up with a real way for Ursaring/Magmortar (added because it limited Pikachu more than normal)/Electabuzz to beat Ash's Pokemon without using abilities/statuses.

And even still this battle was a bunch of bull also because now they're focusing on abilities/statuses. The last time Pikachu's static worked (as far as I know) was Roark. The last time Chimchar activated Blaze was before Crasher Wake. I wish they were consistent rather than some plot point so the match is favorable to one person over the other.

Because I could've see Magmortar/Ursaring/Electabuzz losing quite simply without some cheapness involved. Well okay the exception being Magmortar (the match with it was weird) but without Ursaring's Guts, Pikachu's Burn, Pikachu could've won that match easily. And if Monferno wasn't affected by paralysis, Monferno would've beaten Electabuzz.

Really stacked against Ash.


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It is true. Poor Ash, after putting a great fight. His Monferno got badly beaten. Now Ash lost three times to Paul. But this better be the last time. When Ash and Pikachu next him in the Sinnoh League, make sure Paul loses.


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To me this was a very CHEAP 2 part episode.
atleast make it Ash win like 3 of his pokemon


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To me this was a very CHEAP 2 part episode.
atleast make it Ash win like 3 of his pokemon

Tell me about it. This is like unaccpetable. It could have two trainers each have at least one pokemon remaining.