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Evolving Strategy (600)


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That's why he is a rival and not a supporting character.


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Its kinda disappointing that Ash lost this full battle against Paul, but this battle just sets the stage for their next battle which will most likely be at the Pokemon League. I hated how the writers made Ursaring too overpowered in this battle.


Cobalt Latios has it right there.. as we could all see, Paul had the upperhand the entire battle, and if he didn't, he switched to a better counter. So did Ash, but still made awefull decisions (Grotle vs Honchkrow, we know it wants to, but give it a rest), and that made him fail.
I think he wanted to give another chance for Grotle to beat Honchkrow (and to show that Grotle actually stronger than the last time). From then on he had failed almost in everything.
I'm sad that he lost the fulll battle. But that will be the last time that a sweeetheart like Ash lose to a big arrogant jerk. I mean, the guy who not only mistreat the pokemon, not only rudely insults Ash and pikachu, he also disrespected the Gym Leader such as Maylene. Even Jessie and Harley knows how to develop the relationship with pokemon.
Paul was better in this battle. His personality was not so good, but he was stronger.
In such battles 6 against 6 you should probably be a little more concentrated.


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Great battle. I'm suprised that Paul still had 4 Pokemon left though. And I'm glad to see Monferno, I like it better than Chimchar already.



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This was a great episode. I'm glad Chimchar evolved into Monferno and his speed was impressive. Paul's Ursaring gives me nightmares :(
Again, I'd have to watch the battle again to give a relatively specific review of this episode, so....

All that's important right now is that Ash get's his hind-quarters handed to him on a silver platter.... Royally!

Will Ash ever be the same?

Tune in next time for more on Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles!

Same Pokemon Time! Same Pokemon channel!

Edit: Shoot! How could i forget about little Chimchar evolving? Well..... yeah, he evolved! Yaaaaaayyyyyy!! <- don't worry that wasn't supposed to be sarcastic.
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Personally I think that the writers are a bit dumb because if Ash beat Brandon and Paul wasn't even close to getting there don't you think that Ash would of wiped the floors with Paul I mean I don't know if this exactly true but hasn't Paul beat Ash in every battle including their first one with his new pokemon elekid and Ash has had pikachu through Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoen, and the Battle Frontier and Ash still couldn't beat Paul as a brand new trainer I mean I don't know you but ash has encountered a few elekids at time to time and probably has learned their attacks and abilities and yet couldn't beat a new trainer with an new elekid with his first pokemon that he got all the way back in Kanto as his first so I don't know about you but I think think thats pretty messed up.
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Its kinda weird how Ash lost considering the fact that Ash has been in all the leagues and Paul has been in none.

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That was one of the best battles ever..... Ash did not switch his pokemon at the right time


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This episode was very cool. It was great to see the Burn effect for the 1st time in the Anime. Paul's Magmortar and Ursuring are really strong, taking out most of Ash's Pokemon. It was cool to finally see Ash's Chimchar evolve into Monferno. It was great to see Monferno learn Mach Punch immediately after it evolved. It was great to see Chimchar take down Ursuring. Too bad Monferno lost in the end to Electabuzz after putting up such a great battle. It was interesting to see how Flame Body and Guts abilities work.



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This episode like the last was excellent. Burn looks very weird in the anime,Pikachu catching fire every now and then. Ursaring proved to be a strong opponent. It was truley epic when Ash's Chimchar evolved into Monferno. When I saw the preview for this episode and saw Chimchar evolving I was so excited. Great to see Monferno beat Ursaring but sad to see it lose to Electabuzz.

chimchar->monferno @ L14.

lol 3/4 the season over and ash's chimchar is only L14.

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This episode was an awesome conclusion to Ash and Shinji's full battle.

Hikozaru evolving was the icing on the cake, it looked so cool and powerful, especially when his Mach punch send a vortex of wind flying at Shinji's head.

I find after this, he really came to regret releasing, and giving up on Hikozaru's potential.


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It would have been more balanced if Ash had brought some old Pokemon. For example: Charizard, Snorlax, Bulbasaur/Sceptile, Donphan, Squirtle.


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Great episode, I loved it!

Chimchar evolving into Monferno was the best part. Sad it lost to Electabuzz though.

Ursaring was so unstoppable with Guts, Magmortar's Flame Body too.


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I had watched this episode for the third time and I still think it's one of the best. I clapped two times when Monferno took out the Berenstine bear. I mean really. However, I had to skip pass alot of the crap Regi and Brock was saying. Took up most of the episode. But fantastic battle.10/10


Shame Ash only barely won at the league, its kind of sad how the writers are pretty much flat out saying paul's way>Ash's way all the way even at the end where it proved that it was barely equal without any status hax.

I think a better outcome would have been for chimchar to evolve earlier, have it evolve into infernape vs ursaring, and then have it shred paul's team down to only electabuzz and then have it faint to flare blitz recoil. That would also give an explanation for the massive team change during the sinnoh league because paul didn't want ash to sweep him with infernape again.