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Ev's.Help!! Im desperate!


i read the ev guide on serebii.net about 10 times already and i dont seem to get it.I learnt that you can have a max. overall of 510 ev's and 255 ev's max per stat.So suppose i have a pokemon which i want to ev train. can i give it ev's like these??

Sp def : 130
Sp attack : 120
Attack :10
Defense : 90

Note: these are all random ev's but they equal to 510. am i doing something wrong?? If yes please tell me what.And plz reply as soon as possible..Thanks!


Well-Known Member
Some of your EVs have gone waste. You know:
4 EVs = 1 stat point.
None of your EV spreads are divisible by 4, except for SAtt.


Oh! So that’s what it meant…thanks!! So as long as my stats are divisible by 4 and and are equal to or less than 255 its all right,right?