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ev's on vespiquen


Soul Reaper
ok so my moveset for vespiquen is this

attack order
heal order
defense order
power gem

now my problem is evs i dont get them at all i just read the info on them and still nuthin (yea i can be slow) i have two problems i cant figure out
1 where should i put the evs? attack and speed i have no clue
2 i dont no how to get them for example i was trainig an umbreon and i kept battling gastly which give 1 ev to sp.att and from wat i read i shouldve gotten like 24 evs but when he gained a lvl he only got 1 towards sp attk

so if anyone can explain this relly simple and give me evs for vespiquen id be relly happy


dragon tamer
for your umbreon, it might depend on what lvl they are on. it only gives +1 to a stat for every 4 EVs only if the pokemon is at lvl 100. (itll still get higher than normal but not 1 stat point for 4EV) or its Evs could be maxed out already


Well-Known Member
sorry if this doesnt help, but this is what i see. Somehow, that moveset looks awfully familiar. That's the Elite 4 Vespiquen's set!!! The bug guy!