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Excadrill Discussion

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by lucario44444444, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. (Most of this clipped from smogon)

    I don't see why theres no thread for this RESPECTABLE HARD WORKING BLACK MAN so I decided to make one!!!!!!!!!!

    HP 110
    Attack 135
    Defense 60
    Special Attack 50
    Special Defense 65
    Speed 88

    Total: 508



    Excadrill is a legend amongst the Pokemon introduced in BW, and is infamous for its ideally distributed stats and unbelievable sweeping potential in a sandstorm. Hitting a raw Speed stat of 604 in a sandstorm with no setup whatsoever, Excadrill outspeeds Deoxys-S and even base 130 Speed Pokemon with a Choice Scarf. It's absurd to think that it gets even better than that, but for example, access to Rapid Spin makes Excadrill an even better offensive Rapid Spinner than Starmie ever was. You'd also think that such an offensive Pokemon would be very frail, but no; in fact, Excadrill has enough bulk to avoid being OHKOed by pretty much any neutral attack, and has a typing that affords it numerous resistances and key immunities to Thunder Wave and poison. After you look at all of Excadrill's seemingly boundless strengths, it's no wonder why it's atop everyone's threat list this generation.

    Excadrill is a phenomenal Pokemon, and the only reason it isn't banned is because it has weaknesses that can be exploited and there still exist Pokemon that can beat it. Powerful priority, such as Mach Punch from Conkeldurr or Aqua Jet from Azumarill, tears Excadrill down. Also, one of the biggest issues with Excadrill is that Drought Ninetales and Drizzle Politoed exist. If a sandstorm isn't raging, a huge list of Pokemon crop up as checks and counters to Excadrill. Furthermore, while Excadrill's type coverage is spectacular, its three move coverage almost always leaves it vulnerable to something, such as Bronzong when lacking X-Scissor. These things come together to make Excadrill more balanced than you might be led to believe, but nonetheless one of the most threatening Pokemon in existence.


    Swords Dance

    Excadrill @ Air Balloon / Life Orb
    Trait: Sand Rush
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Adamant / Jolly Nature
    - Swords Dance
    - Rock Slide
    - Earthquake
    - X-Scissor / Return / Rapid Spin

    Excadrill is an insanely powerful sweeper that can cleave teams in half if they lack one of the few adequate checks to him, and given proper support sometimes even if they do. Base 135 Attack coupled with base 88 Speed and Sand Rush, which doubles Speed in a sandstorm, makes Excadrill the monster we know him as. Swords Dance was made for a Pokemon like this, and after a single boost, Excadrill's Attack hits 810 or 738 with an Adamant or Jolly nature, respectively.

    The truth is that Excadrill's attacking movepool isn't overflowing with options, but has all of the right moves in all of the right places to get the job done. Earthquake is Excadrill's primary STAB attack, and it is so powerful after a boost that even Pokemon that resist it aren't completely safe. Rock Slide is used alongside Earthquake for great neutral coverage against myriad threats. In the last slot, Excadrill has a lot of very good options to choose from. Return is the most popular, as it hits Pokemon like Rotom-W, Gliscor, and Landorus the hardest of all available options. Rapid Spin is also a very effective tool for that last slot, however, if you're not looking for added coverage. It's no joke to claim that Excadrill is the best Rapid Spinner that exists, especially considering that no Ghost-type will switch in for fear of a powerful attack. Lastly, X-Scissor is a good choice for hitting Bronzong for neutral damage and annihilating Grass-, Psychic-, and Dark-types after a boost.

    The EV spread is standard for an offensive sweeper. Adamant is the preferred nature as it adds considerable punch to Excadrill's attacks, especially after a boost. Jolly is a very viable alternative, however, due to the fact that with it Excadrill can Speed tie opposing Excadrill. Regardless, Excadrill typically needs the extra power to break down its defensive checks, so Adamant is the best choice. Adamant is also the better nature when run with Air Balloon, since it prevents opposing Excadrill from hitting your's super effectively if kept intact. Speaking of Air Balloon, it's the primary option for Excadrill's item because many Pokemon cannot do significant damage to Excadrill without first popping it. Gliscor, for instance, risks being 2HKOed by a boosted Return if it first has to pop Excadrill's Air Balloon with a weak Ice Fang or other attack. Life Orb is still an exceptional item, however, as it allows Excadrill to annihilate Pokemon and sweep very easily with just one boost. Leftovers is also a useful item when running Rapid Spin to keep Excadrill around longer, though even in that case, Air Balloon tends to be more valuable. Chople Berry is a good item too, as many teams rely on Mach Punch from the likes of Conkeldurr to beat Excadrill. Lastly, despite hopefully being obvious, Sand Rush is the best ability on Excadrill. Sand Force is a great ability and all, but just doesn't make up for the fact that Excadrill really wants to outspeed nigh everything in the game.

    The first thing you should always bring in your team when using Excadrill is a Pokemon with Sand Stream. The best Pokemon for this job is Tyranitar, as it can be tailored to beat many Pokemon that would otherwise stop Excadrill, including Gliscor and Skarmory with Ice Beam and Fire Blast, respectively. Hippowdon is also a good choice, as it can tank physical hits extremely well and check opposing Excadrill. This also makes Adamant Excadrill more viable, since you have a solid check to opposing Excadrill where yours would lose the Speed tie. If running Rapid Spin, Excadrill partners particularly well with Pokemon such as Thundurus and Volcarona. Both of these Pokemon can switch into typical attacks aimed at Excadrill and annihilate its checks to allow for an eventual sweep. In general, it's also good to pair up Excadrill with another powerful physical sweeper like Landorus or Terrakion, as one of them can sufficiently weaken their mutual counters and enable an Excadrill sweep or vice versa.

    Choice Band

    Excadrill @ Choice Band
    Trait: Sand Rush
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Adamant / Jolly Nature
    - Return
    - Rock Slide
    - Earthquake
    - X-Scissor

    Sometimes, Excadrill doesn't get the opportunity to set up a Swords Dance, and so would much rather hit really hard off the bat instead. Choice Band gives Excadrill that power, and actually helps it so much that it can immediately threaten some Pokemon that might otherwise check it very effectively, such as Hippowdon. By giving up a setup move, Excadrill is able to run its optimal four move coverage in Earthquake, Rock Slide, Return, and X-Scissor. Nothing in the game resists all of these moves, and many Pokemon are outright 2HKOed with the appropriate one.

    There's never any reason for Excadrill to run any EV spread other than 252 Attack and 252 Speed. The negligible bulk given by investing slightly in HP and removing some from Speed is never worth the chance of losing a Speed tie to opposing similarly-natured Excadrill. With a Choice Band boosting Excadrill's Attack stat, Adamant is the way to go for the added damage. Jolly is a usable alternative to Speed tie with opposing Jolly Excadrill, though you're better off running a more reliable secondary check regardless. Sand Rush, unsurprisingly, is the ability of choice for the Speed boost. As appealing as Sand Force might be for the bonus damage, it's not as excellent as the raw Speed that Sand Rush offers.

    When running Choice Band Excadrill, it's imperative to run it alongside other similar-minded physical sweepers such as Landorus or Terrakion. One of the biggest lures of the immediate power of a Choice Band is to soften up Pokemon like Bronzong, Gliscor, Hippowdon, and Gyarados for one of your other sweepers to break through later. Also, when using Excadrill, don't forget to pack either Tyranitar or a Hippowdon of your own to set up a sandstorm. Choice Band Excadrill also appreciates Spikes and Stealth Rock a lot, since checks like Gyarados and Hippowdon will be easily 2HKOed with the appropriate move after they take enough residual damage. Skarmory is usually the better choice for setting up Spikes despite the fact that it doubles up on Excadrill's Fire-type weakness since it will also lure Electric-type attacks for Excadrill to switch in against.

    Other Options

    There's a good reason why Excadrill is forced to use moves like Return and X-Scissor for coverage, and that's because it has virtually no other attacking moves worth using over the listed options. Brick Break can be run as a coverage move to nail opposing Excadrill that are floating on an Air Balloon, but otherwise has basically no utility; practically every other Pokemon vulnerable to Brick Break, namely Tyranitar and Ferrothorn, is hit equally hard by Earthquake. Shadow Claw might sound nice to hit Ghost-types that are immune to Rapid Spin, but a neutral Earthquake hits all Ghost-type Pokemon in the game except for Rotom and Gengar for the same Base Power as Shadow Claw. Since both Rotom and Gengar are easily dispatched of with a boosted Rock Slide, Shadow Claw has no real value. Excadrill can run Hone Claws over Swords Dance for setting up so that Rock Slide will never miss, though this is always inferior to just chancing Rock Slide's accuracy with a Swords Dance boost.

    Checks and Counters

    Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, there is quite a substantial list of Pokemon that adequately check Excadrill. Bronzong and Skarmory are the best of the best, as none of Excadrill's typical tricks will seriously hurt them even after a Swords Dance boost. Skarmory can't really do anything back to Excadrill other than break its Air Balloon with Brave Bird and then Whirlwind it away, though, and Bronzong needs to be mindful of a boosted X-Scissor. Gliscor is another spectacular switch-in to Excadrill and can break Excadrill's Air Balloon with Ice Fang or Facade, though with Poison Heal, it lacks Roost and so can be worn down over a match if not careful. Hippowdon is another solid check, but it can be beaten by multiple boosted Earthquakes if Excadrill has its Air Balloon intact.

    Outside of the aforementioned bulky Ground- and Steel-types, Pokemon with an intact Air Balloon of their own and a resistance to Excadrill's typical coverage moves can beat it. A good example of this is Air Balloon Heatran, which can OHKO Excadrill with Fire Blast and survive a +2 Rock Slide. When nothing else works, an Excadrill of your own forces the opposing Excadrill into a Speed tie that can potentially save you the match. Super effective priority attacks bypass Excadrill's immense Speed stat and threaten it out. Mach Punch from Conkeldurr and Aqua Jet from Azumarill handle Excadrill very effectively, though these Pokemon should be wary of switching into repeated Earthquakes over the course of the match. Lastly, anything that changes weather away from sandstorm will nullify Excadrill's ability and make it much easier to check with faster Pokemon packing super effective moves.

    As a final note, it's worth having at least two reasonable checks to Excadrill on your team. It's relatively likely that Excadrill is paired up with fellow physical sweepers Landorus or Terrakion to beat through their mutual checks. If you only have one of these checks and Excadrill sufficiently weakens it, it's likely that you will be at risk of being swept by the second-string attacker.

    Jealous of my back?

  2. ultimatedarkrai

    ultimatedarkrai Forbidden Empire!

    brick break kills key counters other than opposing ballon excadrill, it also kills ballon heatran and ballon magnezone and other ballon pokemon. Anyway, excadrill i believe doesnt need to much discussion, its a one trick pony pretty much but its a d*mn good trick.
  3. 3.14kachu

    3.14kachu 2.72pic √(-1)nventor

    I personally feel like any pokemon that requires a specific check to beat deserves a place in Ubers. And it will feel very comfortable there next to its sandstorm partner, Garchomp.

    Nevertheless, I don't think this thread should degenerate into a subset of the tier discussion thread. Here is a moveset that you will never, ever see, but is fun to think about:

    Excadrill @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP

    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide
    - Return
    - Shadow Claw / X-Scissor

    This is the surprise Excadrill that is meant for a non-weather team. You might want it for the synergic benefit or simply for the satisfaction of hitting Rotoms and Bronzongs with Earthquake.
  4. CraZy RudOlF

    CraZy RudOlF 420hashtagswag

    aint Gliscor his best counter as it can easily kill it? standard tank bronzong dies if it switches in when it has a balloon [assuming it has x scissor]
  5. And Gliscor dies if it has Return, which is more popular
  6. CraZy RudOlF

    CraZy RudOlF 420hashtagswag

    46% - 54.2% it 2hk0's gliscor if if its not running protect,
    bronzong looses 47.9% - 56.2% to X-Scissor and does 59.8% - 70.9% back to it with EQ... and does Gyro Ball 31% - 36.6% so u wont always even kill it with a Gyro ball + EQ.
    [assuming its standard wall Zong]

    but w/e
  7. Barbeller

    Barbeller Scatter Brained

    Balloontran can counter it if it's balloon is intact...
  8. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    It doesn't 2HKO Bronzong if you aren't using the same stupid EV spread Smogon has been copy / pasting since early Diamond / Pearl. Know what those 84 Attack EVs are for? OHKOing Weavile and Scarf Gengar. Bronzong easily survives two X-Scissors with a more physically defensive spread which is should probably run if you're using it to counter Excadrill.
  9. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Excadrill: so easy a caveman could sweep with it.
  10. XD one of the mods did not approve of me writing niggga so they changed it to HARD WORKING BLACK MAN
  11. Eranu™

    Eranu™ Well-Known Member

    Excadrill @ Air Balloon
    Trait: Sand Rush
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Adamant / Jolly Nature
    - Swords Dance
    - Rock Slide
    - Earthquake
    - Rapid Spin/ Frustration

    Definetly the best set.
    If you want to sweep run Frustration for Gliscor.
    If you want it as a revenge killer run Rapid Spin.
  12. AudinoGlitch

    AudinoGlitch Weird Person

    This Pokemon will be debated for what tier it belongs in for all eternity.

    While it only has four hard counters (Bronzong, Conkuldur, Skarmory, and Gliscor) they are often used as defensive (or offensive in Conkuldur's case) Pokemon. It's also vulnerable to burns and it can have a hard time setting up. While it is devastating once setup, it can easily be destroyed by priority or forced out by a threatening figure.
  13. ultimatedarkrai

    ultimatedarkrai Forbidden Empire!

    there are some more then that, like technician breloom and azumarill always work for me.
  14. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    A max HP/Sp.Atk EV Eelektross could come in on an Earthquake or while he's setting up and potentially take him out with an Expert Belt-powered Flamethrower w/o crits. All you need to do is watch out for the Life Orb, and he'll be fine. Then again, not a lot of people use Eelektross, do they?
  15. Farfan


    Excadrill doesn't deserve a Discussion thread imo, his sets are pretty standard.
    We all know SD/EdgeQuake/Filler, with Air Balloon, Life Orb or Lefties.
    CB Excadrills? Meh, I don't see them a lot. But they all run the same set.
    We all know that Gliscors, Skarm, BallonTran, and even Rotom-Ws can wall Exca.

    You can't stop talking about your VCG teams and pokemons of it, like Elektross.
    There is something called teammates, you know..?
    You switch in Elelektross! Exca used EQ!
    Exca, come back! Go Blissey/Latias/Heatran/almost everything that can kill Eelektross!
    Blissey used Toxic! gg.

    if Exca is +2, it's a OHKO (+2 Jolly, Return vs Max HP Eel =88.42 - 104.18%)
  16. Guildenstarn

    Guildenstarn That Guy

    In others news, I hate this thing. Compleatly stops and HO team. Isnt even KO'd by Concks Mach Punch. Only way to stop it is with another weather of with a balloon poke.

    And on the topic of items and filler move: Return is the best fourth move
    when you're running the Balloon, It hits Gliscor harder, allowing for a 2hko after a SD. Rock Slide and X-scissor comparativly cant do anything to it. With the Orb though I think you can OHKO Reuniclus at +2 with X-scissor before it can slap on a trick room. Rapid spin is also a mediocre choice, since its better for Drill to do what he does best.
  17. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    ^And even then, Exca could flinch you with Rock Slide and KO with EQ.

    In other words, once you remove Skarm and Gliscor (SubSmack Landorus, Excadrill's little bro, can accomplish this) Excadrill will likely perform a clean sweep. And teammates like Rotom-W deal with BalloonTran, and Ferrothorn deals with Rotom-W, two common pokemon in Sand.
  18. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    Funny enough, I wasn't talking about doubles this time, but you also have to consider the possibility of it having X-Scissor or Brick Break, and if you happen to use protect on that turn (which rarely happens anyway), you know his moveset completely, and if he switches out after screwing up w/ EQ and doesn't use SD, he's either packing a Choice Band or he's not confident about taking Eelektross out before he gets blasted to death by Flamethrower. Excadrill is going to outrun you anyway once Sandstorm is up, so why not send out a slow pokemon that can at least take one or two hits from it and hit back with a super-effective attack, like Conkeldurr, for example?

    Honestly, you can get a good idea of what he's using just by looking at the team built around him. He'll need to come out after Tyranitar, so Conkelldurr is a good counter and check that keeps Excadrill from arriving thanks to his Drain/Mach punch combo. I know I'm not too good w/ singles, but I know how to play mind games.
  19. playplayj

    playplayj Blaziken = GG :-)

    I love me some Excadrill! Just curios did you copy and paste everything you wrote off smogon? Because this is the exact same post.
  20. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    Serebii POTW named the sets well. They were called "The set you will just about always see" and "a set you might sometimes see", IIRC.

    It will probably be hard to discuss.

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