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Excadrill or Gigalith?

Which do you prefer: Excadrill or Gigalith?

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Ditto B1tch

Well-Known Member
They're similar in very aspects, so I think this thread will end up in a good discussion.

1. Both tend to be trained to become physical sweepers.
2. Excadrill's base stat total is 508 and Gigalith's is 505.
3. They both have 135 of base stat on Attack.

I prefer Excadrill because of movepool and type. Post your choice!


Forever now
Obviously Excadrill. Super fast. Unless I go for shiny form. Gigalith lights up the world more.


Bad Taste Everywhere
In a Nuzlocke I would prefer Gigalith, Dat sturdy~

But in competitive I would rather use Excadrill

Savanny Killersaurus

In Another Castle
I prefer Gigalith's design over Excadrill's. Excadrill is better in battle, however.
But Gigalith's shiny form is gorgeous.


So long
I used Excadrill in my White team, and it worked well. I haven't used Gigalith, so I don't know how it is, but I'll go with Excadrill anyway.


Shadow of nothing
Excadrill no contest. The mole is just stupid powerful....and the rock bug thing....is just eh.


Well-Known Member
Excadrill. It is really fast and can learn some great moves.

clicks excadrill


Pokemon Video Maker
While Excadrill may be better in competitive usage, in-game I definitely prefer Gigalith due to Sturdy, and it is actually a rock type with very strong physical attack and defense.

I was a lot better at controlling a Gigalith on my in-game team while my Excadrill seemed to need a good deal of leveling before it could really show its Uber power.


Fluffy Pokemon Trainer
definately Excadrill! I got mine as a tiny Drillbur and evolved and trained him into Excadrill!


Reputable Trader
Excadrill for power and Gigalith for Sturdy and shiny forme plus atone edge


Excadrill is the Gurren Lagann of pokemon; there really is no contest between these two . . .
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