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Exp. Boost after trading

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Lareon, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Lareon

    Lareon Well-Known Member

    I was thinking that, if i trade a Pokemon to my friend and trade it back to me again, would that Pokemon get a exp. boost after a battle?
    Please somebody help. And thanks in advance
  2. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    No, it doesn't work that way. If the OP/OT (original trainer) is different to your game information it'll gain boosted exp, but because it'll be the same OT then no it doesn't work that way.
  3. Lareon

    Lareon Well-Known Member

    Oh......... So it won't work. Is there a way to train my Pokemon faster?
    Anyway thanks for ur help.......
  4. God-Karp

    God-Karp Member

    You could always Exp. share farm victory road or the elite four. lol

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