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Expedition to Onix Island! (748)


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Survival on the Island of Onix!

While training for the World Tournament in Undella Town, Dawn suggests that Ash & Co. need to relax so they travel to a nearby island where many Onix dwell. However, as they explore the island, they inadvertantly anger the Onix that dwell there and the gang gets separated. As they try to find eachother, they keep getting attacked. Meloetta gets angry at Ash getting attacked and manages to change form. Will Meloetta help stop the Onix attack and will Ash & Co. find eachother?

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The episode starts off with a recap.

Now Ash is training with Oshawott. Yay!

Iris is training with Excadrill and Axew, by the two sort of battling each other.


Wicked Witch
Now it's time to see Ash not capture Onix.

Ash and co are training on the beach.
Dawn suggests that they go visit a nearby island.
Ash isn't interested until she mentions Onix are there.
Ash looks up Onix for the audience's benefit.
They're taking one of Cynthia's boats out.
Meloetta's going with them.
I always liked Staryu's cry. xD
Now a scene with Team Rocket in a helicopter.
The bulter drops them off unattended for a while. A clear setup for ADVENTURE.
We get a scan of Krabby and Kingler on the beach.
FUN MONTAGE, with more Oshawott / Piplup rivalry.
Lunch is ready - A Brock cameo!
Oshawott and Piplup both offer Meloetta lunch.
After Lunch it's time to go exploring.
Nothing can possibly go wrong in a dark cave.
I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. Onix starts chasing them.
More then one, actually. They're chased out and separated.
Dawn, Iris, and Axew are all together.
Looks like everyone else is with Ash and Cilian.
They go looking for the girls and ... A wild Onix appears!
Meloetta being frightened provokes Piplup and Oshawott into action.
Thier fighting promps her to hide.
Dare-da? Meloetta (Step Form)
More Onix show up. Ash commands both Oshawott and Piplup.
It doesn't work, so Meloetta steps it up with Relic Song.
Transformation Sequence Go.
Infight. Close Combat.
She beats them pretty easily and reverts.
More fanboying from the Penguin and Otter.
Now with Dawn and Iris, who are trying to make their way back.
Iris learns not to grab onto Pokemon she doesn't know (Magnemite).
Dawn apparently doesn't learn anything from Iris' mistake (Foongus).
Now time for some vine swinging ... until it snaps.
Iris lands like a boss. Dawn just lands.
Now it's time for them to be chased.
Back with the boys they provoke the wrong rock pile in a canyon.
At least they find the girls ... kind of.
Now they're surrounded.
Meloetta is scared again, so the Penguin / Otter get into action.
... why isn't Pansage helping?
They can't keep it up ... or can they?
Piplup used what looked like a new move. Oshawott Hydro Pump.
Ash asks Meloetta to try and sooth the Onix with song.
It almost works, but they try to charge them.
A shiny one wakes up on the hill.
The Shiny one tells the others to back off, surprisingly.
Now they're back on the boat.
Scene with some discussion of Meloetta's ability.
Team Rocket dropped something from their helicopter into the water.
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Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Assume that Meloetta is watching Ash unless stated...

- Ash is already training Pikachu and Oshawott!
- Iris and Cilan are too!
- Kibago vs. Doryuzu?
- Dawn comes with the idea of going to the Island of Onix.
- They agree.

Opening: To Be an Arrow. I still wonder if the pokemon there are any indication of the ones we will see: Dragonite, Wailord, etc.

- The group gets on a boat with Jeremy.
- Ash is excited, and Iris calls him a kid...
- Oshawott and Piplup rivalry acts up as Meloetta appears to show itself.
- They near the island, Staryu and Wailord appear. My first thought: MISTY!! T.T
- TR fly overhead in an helicopter.
- Ash and co arrive on the island.
- Axew falls as its getting on land, Meloetta picks it up rather cutely.
- Jeremy leaves with the boat.
- The scene from the previews with the Krabby happens..
- KINGLER!!! and Krabby chasing Piplup and Oshawott.. Fun, honestly :)
- Dawn dexes both the Kanto pokemon.
- Ash, is hungry...
- Cilan comes up with an idea to get some food.
- While we have watersports scenes: Surfing Pikachu, Diving Ash. Ash cooks.
- Meloetta looks over the ocean on a rock, Piplup and Oshawott are fighting at the base.
- Piplup and Oshawott rivalry while they're eating...
- Pikachu, Axew and Pansage break them up.
- How are Ash and Dawn not noticing this?
- They go exploring to the Onix-cave.
- Iris and Dawn call Ash a kid...
- Woobat appear as Ash tries to enter...
- Iris and Dawn call Ash a kid, AGAIN!!! As they enter unscathed.
- Ash and Cilan enter as well. (I bet this is where they get seperated.
- Onix appear!! :D
- Another Onix appears!! :D
- And guess what, yhey're seperated.. Heck, Piplup is seperated from Dawn as well!
- Hahaha! Iris and Dawn try to find Piplup and reenter the cave, just to have an Onix come out freak them.
- The girls are obviously upset.
- The rest of the group is intact... Ow, and Pipwott-rivalry continues.
- Did Ash just say something about 'blacky'(Umbreon?)
- As Ash and all others are travelling, an Onix emerges.
- Oshawott and Piplup instinctivily use Water Gun.
- Three Onix appear. And Ash's group poop their pants.

Dare Da: Meloetta - Pirouette Form.

- Water Gun and Bubble fail...
- Meloetta starts the sing, and change form. Lala, lala, lala, lalala...
- Super kicks and punches on the Onix everywhere!!!
- The groups's pokemon stand in awe!
- Piplup and Oshawott swoon
- Meloetta changes back to Aria Forme.
- Iris and Dawn scene, they can't get past a big cliff...
- Dawn points to a way, Iris doesn't agree.. They both don't agree...
- Magnemite appears, haha it zaps Iris.
- Foongus appears, haha it pollons Dawn.
- Iris suggests the vineswinging.
- We've seen this scene in the previews...
- And guess what, we get fanservice...
- They fall as the vines break.
- Dawn falls into the bushes while Iris lands on her feet.
- Onix appears and chases them, as in the preview.
- Ash and his group arrive at the major group of Onix.
- Pikachu disturbs one, and they rise up.
- And off they run.
- They meet Dawn and Iris who are also chased by the Onix.
- Now they're all chased by the Onix!!!
- And now they're stuck!!!
- Meloette is screaming!!!
- Water Gun!!!!! and Bubbles defend Meloetta!!!
- To no avail!!! Aqua Jet!!!!! Oshawott knocks itself out!!!!
- Headbutt from Piplup knocks itself out!!!!
- Meloetta screams again!!!!
- Oshawott and Piplup reawaken...
- Oshawott uses Hydro Pump!!!
- Piplup uses a big Aquatic Ball... No idea what it is...
- More Onix appear...
- Ash pleads to Meloetta to sing...
- Meloetta sings... Awakening a shiny Onix!!!!
- Epic music!!!!
- The Onix all leave Ash and co alone!!!
- The Shiny Onix leaves as well... T.T
- Iris and all others look up in awe thankful for their lives...
- And they leave the island with the boat.
- Hey, a Wailord...
- Hey, a rainbow...
- Hey, Oshalup trying to impress Meloetta....
- Hey, Meloetta singing...
- Hey, Jeremy having some explanation of her doing so...
- Hey, the episode ended...
- Or not!!! Here's Team Rocket again!!!
- They have a giant thing they shoot into ocean!!!
- OMG!!!! They have Meloetta on screen!!!
- James is such an evil smirker nowadays! :D

This was a good episode. Had me at the edge of my seat for most of it. Sure, no capture is no capture, but the episode had a sense of suspense with us not knowing when Onix would show up, and had Oshawott and Piplup initially fail quite surprisingly and then be reawakened by Meloetta's scream and come with good attacks.
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Ash dexter'd Onix before it appeared? o.o
He did that a lot of times.

Apparently Dawn interrupts the strict training regiment. And lures Ash in the name of Onix for an adventure

Aura Flare Riolu

Cutest Riolu around!
The last time when he used his PokeDex like that without the Pokemon being on screen at the time was in that episode when he got Tepig. He searched for Umbreon. At least what I can recall...

Hey a Staryu! And a Wailord!


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Dawn interupted the training, that...

Piplup and Oshawott fanboy over Meloetta again and get angry at each other.

For Iris which i think is atleast ok.
Not saying I have a problem with it, just saying what happened.

They arrive at Onix Island and there a Kingler and a Krabby.

Stop doing that to Oshawott Krabby.


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Krabby is colored like Kingler, but in the Pokedex it is colored like it should be...

It think that this theme that's playing is the battle theme from BW, which doesn't fit at all...


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Looks like the Kingler isn't Ash's for all those people who thought it might be.
Did you think it would be?

Now Iris and Dawn are playing in the ocean.

Pikachu surfs and Ash explores underwater.

Brock in a flashback!

Lucario At Service

Calm Trainer
Surfing Pikachu spotted.

Brock gets mentioned by Dawn.

Now Dawn has joined Iris part and both of them are doing a combo.
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Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Brock reference!!!! Hoooray!


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Iris and Dawn both say such a kid? I like it!

They now explore a cave.

They are surrounded by Onix until they find a way out into a forest, but Piplup isn't with Dawn and Iris.